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There is so much to discuss tomorrow 
including a review of the Senior Executive Services of the US Government. Another podcast cited heretheorizes that this is the real swamp and the deep-state incarnate. It’s a topic to discuss for sure.

This organization is designed to fill the holes of any administration and are probably more in play with Trump than any President in recent times. You will hear some important thoughtstomorrow.
Then there is the war on whitey. Despite the fact that the USA is around 77-percent white and 23-percent Asian, Black and non-white Hispanics, the white majority seems to be turning against themselves in very awkward ways

I find it particularly odd to watch on TV a white women or girl berating someone for “being white.” Look in the mirror toots. It’s freaky. So what’s behind it and what’s the point?

This is creeping in from the educational system where the notion of “white privilege” is promoted by teachers and promoters of so-called identity politics. The purpose of this is to undermine the culture on behalf of the globalists – and it is working.
So read this note from one of our producers who is a clinical psychologist.
I'm a counselor in private practice. I've noticed a handful of my young white millennial clients in the past few years have expressed something I've never heard before: they wish they had been born black.

It's my job to probe this, so I've asked why they feel this way. They've said they have been born with privilege as whites, and that they want to reject this privilege and instead live without it.

In most clients, this would concern me, because masochism (outside of the not-uncommon sexual masochism) usually stems from a belief that the person is bad and deserves punishment. No client should ordinarily want something that brings pain and provides no reward. Had my clients expressed that they admired the ethnic heritage or culture of African Americans, I would have no concerns, but they never have.

With my young millennials, I've just had to get used to it, because they seem unable to elaborate on why they would want something that is in opposition to their own interests and would benefit no one.

My working theory is that these young millennials feel that they are not allowed to express their negative emotions because they're fed with the notion that they are privileged. They feel that, because of their "invisible backpack of white privilege", they are ineligible to complain about the normal problems in their lives. I think they want to be able to express their own negative experiences, and they feel that they might have a stronger voice to do so if they were able to identify as a part of a victim group. As it is, they feel that they aren't a part of any minority, and therefore have no right to express their anger, depression, or anxiety.

Note: my average client is a product of liberal arts education, with a bachelor's degree, from a family of upper middle class suburban Protestants. Most are straight and cisgendered.

Lady Signaled Virtue

So what is the reason behind Rachel Dolezal turning herself into a black woman? She's white but self-identifies as black. This has all sorts of people from all races bent out of shape.
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