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By unique coincidence the 100th Anniversary of Armistice Day drops right on show day tomorrow. The day memorializes the millions who died in the moronic War to End all Wars, WWI.

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This Holiday is celebrated throughout Europe and the UK for what it was, with remembrances and a revisit to the stupidity of it all. But not in the USA.

In the USA Armistice Day was changed to Veterans Day in 1954 largely because of the politicking of Republican Ed Rees of Kansas, who was a law clerk during WWI and a Congressman during WWII never serving as a Veteran himself. Other, mostly WWII Vets, promoted the idea, thus watering down the holiday to the unfocused event it is today. Ask an American on the street what Armistice Day is and what it is about, and you are more likely to hear that it’s “Fred Amistice’s birthday
WWI is an embarrassment to the incompetent political and military leadership of all participants and the outcome of the event was: the emergence of Communist Russia, Woman’s suffrage, the failure of the League of Nations, the 1918 Influenza epidemic (50-100 million dead), the evolution of fascism as a form of governance, depression and the still discussed hyperinflation in Germany, Hitler, Stalin, Japanese militarism, and WWII.

Nothing good came of it except for woman’s suffrage which was globally underway before the war.
London Celebrating the End of WWI. The end of a nightmare.
Many of these after-war events must be attributed to the Armistice itself and the harsh treatment of Germany after the war ended. A lot could be attributed to the globalization that was part of international relations before and during the era. Only the USA was disinterested in the globalization phenomenon and this came to a head with the founding of the League of Nations as the USA refused to join despite the urging of then President Woodrow Wilson.
Wilson had a debilitating stroke while in office and might have gotten the US to join, but was out of commission as his wife was secretly acting as the President of the US,making her the first de facto, although unelected, woman President of the USA.
You should note that just before WWI broke out, there was the equivalence of this borderless Schengen Agreement EU with the assured passage from country to country without border checks or passport requirements.

This allowed crazed politicos tofreely roam and in 1914 one decided to shoot imperial douchebag, and elitist, Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria, triggering WWI through a cascade effect.
Armistice Day unfortunately overshadows the November 10th (1775) (today!) founding of the US Marine Corps.

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Dvorak Collection
Here are a few WWI related photos and posters.
Cats were found as mascots throughout WWI. Most naval vessels had cats on board to go after the rats and mice which plagued many ships. One WWII cat was given a medal for clearing an infested ship of mostly rats.
Cat on plane.
WWI may have continued indefinitely until this early tank was invented. It allowed troops to crush the barbed wire and drive into and over the trenches and was immune to machine gun fire..
The propaganda aimed at Americans for the USA to support the war was shameless. What grudge did the USA have with the Kaiser or anyone, for that matter? History books since the American Revolution and the War of 1812 always portrayed the British as our true enemy. Things changed after WWI in a big way as traditions and affiliations were altered by Wilsonian globalists by edict and propaganda.
This classic image came out of WWI. Compare to the English equivalent below.
The worst of the worst.Taking the idea of "othered" to an extreme.
Corn, WWI food. Only Americans eat so much of it
We love it.
Nowadays fish costs too much
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