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Tomorrow the show looks at the decidedly mediocre Democrat Party debate which was highlighted by Elizabeth Warren and Joe Biden bickering over who passed the Consumer Protection legislation which Warren takes full credit for as her top accomplishment.
Liz Warren
Stunned. She probably came out ahead on the debates.
We will highlight all the fascinating moments of the debates, but there are a lot of world events that are more important including the latest in the countdown to Brexit as well as the Canadian elections. And if you missed it, Canada had its Thanksgiving Day this past Monday coinciding with the American Columbus Day, which is slowly becoming “Indigenous People’s Day.”

In California the kids are taught that Columbus was a slaver, a grifter, a rapist and an all-around creep. Curiously if they are going to take that tact, you may as well follow the logic and blame the entire invasion by white Europeans into North America on open borders. This is what happens!
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John C. Dvorak & Adam Curry
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