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The news is pretty edgy, although you would not know it from the mainstream media’s obsession with a Trump impeachment “inquiry” which is another word for stalling on an actual impeachment vote.

Eventually something real has to happen although it is quite possible that some other action by Trump will result in outrage and yet another round of fist-shaking and cries of “this one is the worst, impeach.” Invariably some Dem will then say, “Let’s impeach him by voting him out at the ballot box” in hopes to prevent his re-election, which at this point looks inevitable.
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Meanwhile we’ve documented serious unrest and rioting in France, Hong Kong, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Spain, Guinea, Ecuador, Holland, Venezuela, Brazil and elsewhere. All ignored or under-reported.

Only your No Agenda Show balances the news flow so it makes sense. At this point in history there is nothing that the professional corporate news organizations are doing that makes any sense. It’s as if the editors and newscasters are genuinely deluded.
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In California it is a relief to have these outrageous and destructive brush fires because they provide actual reporting and real information. The news people are actually doing their job. After the fires are quenched, we will get back to business as usual with global warming and even Trump being blamed. But at the moment it’s just real reporting. It’s fabulous.
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Your No Agenda Show will keep doing deep analysis and will continue to make sense of world events unlike any other show. You are reminded that this in only because of your sole support. This gives us the freedom to be objective and probing. Please continue your supportClick here and help.
John C. Dvorak & Adam Curry
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