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Columbus Day Bad

Impeach THIS!
Dear Producer,
Today is actually the true Columbus Day when, in 1492, Columbus first saw land in the New world. In the USA it’s observed on Monday. This used to be a once highly celebrated day that has been brought into disrepute by the American left in particular. In most California public schools, the kids are taught that Columbus was an evil slave trader, rapist and murderer who should be condemned.

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Tomorrow’s show
The news feed is off the rails as the Canadian elections show a growing support over the overt Sikh Socialist Singh over Trudeau splitting the liberal vote. Canadian unemployment is at record lows and this always seems to invite the socialist philosophies to the fore. It’s a fascinating phenomenon that is worldwide. It will make the election interesting.

Meanwhile in the USA elections we have Kamala Harris now declaring her gender by announcing her pronouns. Is this because they are in doubt? Perhaps. In the process we learn that Chris Cuomo’s pronouns are she, her and hers. This is a shocker. You will hear the clip.
Elizabeth Warren, who seems to have no ideas that she has not stolen from someone else is now on board for letting prisoners self-identify their gender and be sent to that specific prison. So, any man self-identifying as a woman goes to a woman’s prison. She also thinks the state should pay for all gender medical procedures. It’s getting nuttier by the minute as Hillary will have to step in to quell the insanity.
Then we have the odd weirdness about the ouster/removal/replacement of the Ukraine Ambassador that you’d think was a normal process when a new President takes over. But with this woman it is somehow a scandal. This is difficult to dissect and deconstruct because it makes little sense.
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John C. Dvorak
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