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Wuhan lab getting Attention.

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Dear Producer,
Our contributions are back down to normal, this tells me our Corona coverage has finally saturated the audience. It’s all uphill/downhill (choose one) from here.

You should be reminded that No Agenda has covered the crises with more in-depth research than any of the mainstream outlets which concentrate mostly on finding new ways to point the finger (mostly at Trump) while never fessing up to false reporting during the entire duration of the pandemic. This made matters worse.

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screenshot of Fox news debate
There are two distinct sides to this lab debate. Fauci's connection to the lab is not helping.
Tomorrow’s show
How did doctor Fauci become the king of kings regarding all things Corona? It’s interesting as this has become politicized too. The Democrats love and worship Fauci, while the Republicans question him and his conflicts of interest.

This began right off the bat with Corona when Fauci seemingly spoke against a Trump policy (he didn’t) and had to clear up the matter which was then perceived by the M5M as Trump muzzling Fauci which also had to be denied. It’s actually quite amusing.
Cartoon mocks Imperial College inaccuracies.
Meanwhile,  the leeway which some of these governors have been given by the media is astonishing. Cuomo is the most extreme example. His talk of needing 40,000 ventilators (he did not need that many), his wanting the giant Army hospital ship (which eventually left because nobody showed up), the nursing home death camps, one thing after another. All foul ups.
Parody of Lord Kitchner poster
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John C. Dvorak
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Biden Knock Knock joke.
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