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SpaceX’s first astronaut launch is scrubbed due to weather – next attempt set for Saturday

SpaceX NASA Dragon7KTechCrunch / 10h
UPDATE: SpaceX and NASA made the call to scrub the launch today since there were a couple of weather issues that prevented the attempt from taking place. The next window for the launch is Saturday, May 30 at 3:22 PM EDT (12:22 PM PDT). SpaceX is set to mark a huge milestone in its own company history, with a first-ever crewed spaceflight set to take off from Cape Canaveral in Florida later today.

We got an inside look at how Delta is cleaning planes between every flight

1KThe Points Guy / 11h
Delta CEO Ed Bastian believes consumer’s perceptions of safety will drive travel demand more than anything else. Backing up his statement are the practices and procedures Delta continues to put in place to keep passengers safe, from the the time you check-in until you’re on your final walk out of the airport. We got an inside look at Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport (ATL) where De

How to Fight for Justice for George Floyd

1KLifehacker / 6h
On the evening of Monday, May 25, 2020, four Minneapolis police officers killed George Floyd when they handcuffed him and then pinned him to the ground as he repeatedly said “Please, I can’t breathe.” Floyd, 46, is the latest black man to die in police custody. Read more...

Made From 100 Recycled Plastic Bottles, Monarc's Settra Series Bags Take Sustainability on the Road

Lifehacker / 10min
Monarc Settra Series Duffel | $99 | InDemand

ViacomCBS is selling reusable Star Trek face masks for charity

SlashGear / 17min
ViacomCBS has announced that it is selling reusable cloth face masks with various designs inspired by its popular shows, including Star Trek. The masks will be made available through retailers around the world in addition to the websites dedicated to specific shows. Fans will be able to purchase the masks starting later this summer. Contrary to initial guidance in some … Continue reading

New Zealand Hospitals Discharged Their Only Remaining Covid-19 Patient

Gizmodo / 20min
New Zealand continues to be one of the few success stories during the covid-19 pandemic. On Wednesday, health officials announced that the country’s sole remaining patient hospitalized with covid-19 was discharged. The good news is more validation of the country’s aggressive strategy to try eliminating the disease… Read more...

Enough With the Ugly Apple Watch Bands

Gizmodo / 26min
If there’s one thing Apple prides itself on, it’s design. (The company even published a $300 coffee table book about how iconic its products look.) But while they certainly are distinctive, whether you like these designs is another matter. Generally speaking, Apple knows how to make pretty products, but there’s one… Read more...

Twitch adds a news and events channel just in time for Summer Game Fest

Engadget / 32min
Twitch has created a new home for gaming-related news. Dubbed Twitch Gaming , the company says the channel will feature game reveals, developer interviews and Twitch drops, with the platform's streamers presenting the content. One of the first things it will air is a Valorant tournament the weekend of the game's launch on June 2nd . Also planned is exclusive coverage related to the ongoing Summer

Taking Melatonin Isn't a Sleep Hack

28Lifehacker / 38min
Given we’re all likely suffering from an uptick in sleepless nights lately, you might be tempted to reach for a bottle of melatonin—nature’s sleep aid. Melatonin is natural! It’s available over the counter! But although melatonin has been shown to be safe and non-habit-forming, there are still side effects that come… Read more...

NVIDIA GeForce Now makes a major change to its streaming rules

SlashGear / 48min
Ever since launching earlier in the year, NVIDIA GeForce Now has seen a number of developers remove their games from the streaming service. GeForce Now isn’t like a traditional streaming service where users pay a monthly fee and then can stream any number of games available through GeForce Now as much as they want – instead, users need to already … Continue reading

How to Become an In-Demand Ethical Hacker in 2020

Futurism / 51min
In 2018, 14 million people were victims of identity fraud , and that’s just in the US. As our lives shift more online, identity theft, record breaches, and other crimes are becoming more commonplace. In turn, that means there’s a rising demand for white-hat hackers, the security experts and penetration testers dedicated to keeping cybercriminals at bay, and it’s never been easier to join their ra

How to watch Agents of SHIELD season 7 online from anywhere

28TechRadar - All the latest technology ne... / 54min
One of the best-loved Marvel shows of all-time is entering its final run this summer, having first hit TV screens all the way back in 2013. It's a pretty momentous television event for fans of comic book shows and the Marvel Cinematic Universe in particular, as it's the first-ever MCU spin-off series - so here's how to watch Agents of SHIELD season 7 online and stream the Marvel show from anywher

NYT: Let’s Accept Tracking Our Movements In Order To Improve Airline Marketing

View from the Wing / 1h
Ultimately "ask[ing] the Departments of Transportation and Homeland Security to come up with new protocols for security, boarding and other routines to minimize risk" will be health security theater, more designed to make people feel like the government is doing something to protect them than actually doing something to protect them, an airline marketing expense as it were. Continue reading ...

Here’s what points and miles promotions might look like after coronavirus

The Points Guy / 1h
The novel coronavirus has changed, and in many cases, permanently altered the travel industry. As things begin returning to normal, we’re starting to imagine what travel will look like after the pandemic . For more TPG news delivered each morning to your inbox, sign up for our daily newsletter . The travel industry will bounce back . But what will airlines, hotels and card issuers do to keep its

YouTube ducks questions about “error” that nixed anti-Beijing comments

YouTube Chinese China64Ars Technica / 1h
Enlarge / Google CEO Sundar Pichai speaks in Wuzhen, China, in 2017. (credit: Du Yang/China News Service/Visual China Group via Getty Images ) YouTube says it has "rolled out a fix" for an "error in our enforcement systems" that had led to the automatic deletion of comments that included two phrases critical of China's government. But in an email exchange and phone call with Ars Technica, a compa

Dinosaur-Killing Asteroid Struck Earth at ‘Deadliest Possible Angle,’ New Research Suggests

Gizmodo / 1h
When the asteroid that wiped out the dinosaurs hit Earth, it struck at an angle that maximized its destructive potential, according to new computer simulations of the catastrophic event. Read more...

NASA/SpaceX Crew launch scrubbed, rescheduled

SpaceX NASA DragonSlashGear / 1h
Today the SpaceX/NASA launch was scrubbed due to imperfect atmospheric conditions. This was expected partway through the day due to inclement weather – and the appearance of a tornado in the area. NASA reported that, had they been working with a slightly more open launch window, they might’ve been able to launch a little later T-0, but this was an … Continue reading

Why Delta’s return to China may include a stop in Seoul

The Points Guy / 1h
Delta Air Lines hopes to resume flights to China next month with plans to return to Shanghai. But the the airline is covering its bases and does not plan to offer a nonstop flight from the U.S., at least not initially. In the face of quarantines for passengers arriving in China, all of Delta’s flights to Shanghai Pudong (PVG) will stop at Seoul Incheon (ICN), according to Cirium schedules. That s

Quibi Cries Uncle, Lets You Stream Its Shows to Your TV

Quibi iPhone AirPlayGizmodo / 1h
Since the beginning, Quibi has been adamant that its streaming video service is a mobile-first endeavor. However, after launching right as The Pandemic was gaining steam—which made the idea of watching short videos on a phone or tablet during your daily commute seem like quaint nostalgia from a before time—today Quibi… Read more...

Why Your Positive Coronavirus Antibody Test Might Be Wrong

46Lifehacker / 1h
The CDC has released new guidelines on antibody testing that note it’s possible for a test that’s 90-95% accurate to deliver incorrect positive results more than half the time. That sounds shocking, but it can be true—and it’s important to understand why, if you’re considering getting tested or have already gotten a… Read more...

Instagram’s AR filters are getting more dynamic

Instagram IGTV YouTube100+TechCrunch / 1h
Augmented reality filters on Instagram are picking up some new tricks with the latest update to Facebook’s Spark AR platform. Spark AR has been making pretty consistent updates to the feature sets developers can play with in creating AR filters since it exited closed beta on Instagram last year. Today, Facebook added some new functionality to the platform on Instagram, allowing creators to build

Don't Update Your TI-83 or TI-84 Calculator's Firmware

32Lifehacker / 1h
It’s weird to think about using a calculator in 2020, when just about everyone has a smartphone or laptop within reach, but Texas Instruments’ calculators are still a popular (and often required) resource for students. The latest calculators are even capable of installing and running simple applications, which makes… Read more...

Get up to 30% back on your takeout and delivery orders with Seated

The Points Guy / 1h
One of my favorite dining rewards programs just got more rewarding. Restaurant rewards app Seated has announced that you can now earn up to 30% back on your food delivery and takeout orders. Previously, you could only earn rewards for making reservations through the app and dining in person. For more TPG news, deals and points and miles tips delivered each morning to your inbox, subscribe to our

SpaceX's first crewed mission to the ISS is scrubbed for today

SpaceX NASA Dragon200+Engadget / 1h
We came this close to ushering in a new era of American spaceflight, one that combines the experience and capabilities of both private and public aerospace programs. But the weather simply wouldn’t cooperate. At roughly T-16 minutes, NASA scrubbed Wednesday’s SpaceX Falcon 9 launch that would have carried veteran astronauts Robert Behnken and Douglas Hurley on a 19-hour trip to the International

Breaking: SpaceX Scrubs Historic Launch Due to Bad Weather

1KFuturism / 1h
SpaceX and NASA had to scrub their historic launch to the International Space Station this afternoon due to bad weather . Officials deemed the weather to be unsafe for liftoff with just 16 minutes left on the countdown. Standing down from launch today due to unfavorable weather in the flight path. Our next launch opportunity is Saturday, May 30 at 3:22 p.m. EDT, or 19:22 UTC — SpaceX (@SpaceX) Ma

Weather Delays the SpaceX Crew Dragon Launch

500+Wired / 1h
The historic launch planned for Wednesday gets pushed back due to stormy conditions, but the launch window remains open. SpaceX and NASA will try again Saturday.

What to Do If You See a 'COVID-19 Surcharge' on Your Receipt

80Lifehacker / 1h
If you’re beginning to venture back out into society to purchase any variety of goods and services, take a look at your receipts: You may see you’ve been hit with a surcharge related to the ongoing pandemic. Read more...

Amazon Studios plans original ‘Girl With the Dragon Tattoo’ series

SlashGear / 1h
Amazon Studios is developing a new show based on Lisbeth Salander, the main character in the novels by author Steig Larsson. The series is called Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, but won’t mirror the movies released over several years. According to a new report, Amazon’s take on the novel will include a modern setting and a new story, among other … Continue reading

You Should Make Sausage Ball Waffles

32Lifehacker / 1h
I have been doing two things during quarantine: making sausage and (less successfully) reorganizing my kitchen. The former has become an obsession—I’ve nearly perfected my breakfast sausage—but the latter led me to a forgotten collection of bright blue Jiffy boxes, including but not limited to a biscuit mix.… Read more...

HBO Max vs. HBO Go and HBO Now: What makes each service different

HBO Max Harry Potter60Mashable / 1h
There are now three streaming services with HBO's name on them. Wednesday marked the official launch of HBO Max, a hyped-up new streaming service that is entirely separate from HBO Go and HBO Now. You may or may not already have a functioning HBO Max account without even knowing it. No, seriously! All of this is a little strange and confusing, but bear with us here. Learning what makes HBO Max di

Before Subscribing to HBO Max, Nerds Might Want to Take a Closer Look

HBO Max Harry PotterGizmodo / 1h
HBO Max finally launched today. While it’s too early yet for a full review (stay tuned) it’s not hard to get a quick look at what’s on offer and make a decision or two if you have very specific streaming needs. What’s clear is that if you are a fan of the decades of content made from the DC Comics universe, you should… Read more...

Samsung 2020 QLED TVs now have a health tracking app that can help get you in shape

41TechRadar - All the latest technology ne... / 1h
Samsung announced that it will be flipping the switch on its health tracking app on select 2020 QLED TVs starting today. The new Samsung Health app on Tizen will be able to sync all your data from your phone, wearable and now your Samsung Smart TV in one unified dashboard that shows key health metrics, and gives you access to both free workout classes and mindfulness sessions. In addition to the

Twitch teases ‘console announcements’ during Summer Game Fest streams

SlashGear / 2h
Earlier this month, Geoff Keighley announced a multi-month digital games festival of sorts called Summer Game Fest. Seemingly created to take the place of in-person shows that can’t be held because of the COVID-19 pandemic, Summer Game Fest promises announcements and digital events from May to August. Today Twitch confirmed that it’s getting in on the action with Summer Game … Continue reading

The best HSBC credit cards of 2020

The Points Guy / 2h
HSBC is one of the world’s largest banking and financial services institutions. Yet many U.S. consumers don’t think of the company when shopping for a new rewards credit card . HSBC currently only offers six credit cards to U.S. consumers, so let’s take a detailed look at these six cards and answer some common questions about them. New to The Points Guy? Sign up for our TPG daily newsletter and c

Watch NASA and SpaceX launch astronauts (updated)

SpaceX NASA Dragon69Engadget / 2h
This afternoon NASA astronauts will take off from US soil for the first time since NASA’s space shuttle program ended in 2011. The launch is historic for another reason too. It will be the first time NASA launches astronauts in a SpaceX spacecraft, and it marks the beginning of what could be many crewed missions NASA astronauts will complete via SpaceX. You can watch the launch via the NASA Live

Flaws lurking in open source code may lead to a new Heartbleed

32TechRadar - All the latest technology ne... / 2h
Application security testing provider Veracode has discovered that after an initial scan, seven in ten applications contain a security flaw in an open source library. The company's new research highlights how using open source can introduce flaws, increase risk and add to security debt. To compile its new State of Software Security (SOSS): Open Source Edition report, Veracode analyzed the compone

Ford Software Update Lets Cop Cars Bake Away Coronavirus

100+Futurism / 2h
Heat Soak Ford is trying something different to keep its lineup of Police Interceptor Utility vehicles sanitary in a global pandemic. A new software update, called “Interior Cabin Heat Soak,” allows the vehicles to heat their interior cabins to neutralize any infected surfaces, The Drive reports . Easy Bake The heating system on Ford vehicles isn’t powerful enough, so the system redirects hot coo

Meng Wanzhou: Huawei executive suffers US extradition blow

Canadian Huawei Meng500+BBC News - Technology / 2h
A Canadian court has ruled that the extradition hearing of Meng Wanzhou can continue.

Fraggle Rock to be revived by Apple TV+ after 33 years

Apple Fraggle Rock4KBBC News - Technology / 2h
Gobo, Red, Boober, Mokey, Wembley and Uncle Travelling Matt will have more songs and adventures.

Verizon CEO Hans Vestberg shares his COVID-19 strategy and tactics

100+TechCrunch / 2h
This week, Verizon Communications CEO Hans Vestberg joined us for an episode of Extra Crunch Live. Vestberg is leading the company through the midst of one its biggest rollouts to date with the push into 5G connectivity. In our discussion, he spoke about how he’s managing the organization during this global crisis, his thoughts on work from home and acquisition strategy, and the ways in which 5G

Rivian is building an in-house insurance agency

80TechCrunch / 2h
Rivian is hiring an insurance agency data manager, a job posting that suggests the all-electric automaker is planning to offer its own insurance to customers. The job was first posted by RivianForums , which also reached out to TechCrunch with the tip. Roadshow/CNET also reported about this new position. Rivian wouldn’t provide more details about its plans, but did confirm it has some job posting

The 12.9-Inch iPad Pro Makes a Great Workstation, and You Can Get It for $250 off Right Now

24Gizmodo / 2h
12.9-inch iPad Pro, 256 GB | $900 | B&H Photo Read more...

Grab a 480GB Kingston SSD for $54 and Watch Your PC Fly

32Lifehacker / 2h
Kingston 480GB SATA 3 2.5" SSD | $54 | Amazon Read more...

Watch new 'The Last of Us Part II' gameplay here at 4PM ET

27Engadget / 2h
We’re just a few weeks away from the official launch of The Last of Us Part II , and to get gamers appropriately hyped PlayStation’s next State of Play episode will feature 20 minutes of footage, including eight minutes of never-before-seen gameplay. That last bit is particularly important, since loads of spoiler-laden footage was leaked back in April. (On that note, beware the chat during State

This endless wave pool is actually a massive LED display — Future Blink

48Mashable / 2h
“Wave” is a free outdoor display in the Gangnum-Gu area of South Korea. Read more... More about Tech , Art , Mashable Video , Led Lights , and Future Blink

How to Unlock Hidden Browser Games in Edge, Firefox and Chrome

Surf Microsoft Edge75Gizmodo / 2h
Your web browser is full of secrets. I typically spend my time poring over new features I can unlock via pages like chrome://flags and about:config , but it’s also nice to take a little break and play the hidden games that come packed into the most popular browsers. Read more...

Does Teletherapy Work?

24Lifehacker / 2h
One of the most wide-reaching side effects of COVID-19 has been its impact on mental health . Understandably, a global pandemic has people dealing with more anxiety and depression than usual—not to mention the additional difficulties it’s causing for people with other conditions like obsessive compulsive disorder and… Read more...

South Africa Won’t Open To Tourists Until 2021

500+One Mile at a Time / 2h
South Africa is an incredible country to visit, from the amazing safaris, to Cape Town, to wine country. There’s so much to do there, and one of my most memorable trips ever was the South African safari we took my dad on last year. If you’re hoping to go to South Africa anytime soon, you may have to be patient. South Africa’s phased opening approach At this point we’re seeing countries take all k

Long live the Residence: Etihad will keep flying its Airbus A380s

The Points Guy / 2h
Good news for fans of the superjumbo and Etihad’s most premium product the Residence, as the airline confirmed that its A380s are here to stay. While all 10 of Etihad’s A380s are currently grounded due to the ongoing coronavirus crisis, on Wednesday, Etihad quashed rumours that it will stop flying the superjumbo. “The Airbus A380 remains an important part of the Etihad fleet and is well suited to

This Video of Mars’ Leaking Atmosphere Could Make Elon Musk Cry

300+Futurism / 2h
Blowing Away A new stunning set of NASA animations reveal how the Sun is slowly stripping away the Red Planet’s atmosphere. The animations, created from data gathered by NASA’s MAVEN spacecraft as it orbited Mars, show that Mars’ magnetosphere is too weak to protect the planet from harsh solar winds that have gradually blown away much of its atmosphere, Inverse reports . The new animation also pr

Ford roasts away COVID-19 in Police SUV mod

Ford 133 Degrees PIUSlashGear / 2h
Ford has cooked up a way to quite literally roast out COVID-19 from cars, developing the Police Interceptor version of an oven’s self-cleaning mode to decontaminate the cabin. The new system cranks up the HVAC to a temperature sufficient to kill off coronavirus, Ford says, with more efficiency – and fewer chemicals – than traditional disinfection processes. Research into how … Continue reading

Study warns it only takes a few months of vaping to ruin your mouth

SlashGear / 2h
A new study warns that it only takes a few months of vaping to pave the way for oral diseases and potentially even cancer. This effect was found in vapers who were otherwise young and healthy regardless of whether they vaped liquids with or without nicotine. Changes in bacteria in a vaper’s mouth were found to have occurred within months … Continue reading

American joins United in offering free changes ahead of full flights

The Points Guy / 2h
Alaska, Delta, JetBlue and Southwest continue to block middle seats (or their equivalent) from sale, limiting the number of passengers on each and every flight. While the practice is aimed at helping customers feel more comfortable when it comes time to return to the sky, it can also become incredibly costly, with — in many cases — at least 33% of seats held back from sale. While United Airlines

What to Watch Tonight, May 27, 2020

24Lifehacker / 3h
Looking for something fun to watch tonight? Every afternoon we’ve been rounding up some of the best streaming options we’ve found. Read more...

Crypto Startup School: Capturing value in crypto through network effects and mechanism design

100+TechCrunch / 3h
Zoran Basich Contributor Zoran Basich is the crypto editor for Andreessen Horowitz . More posts by this contributor Crypto Startup School: How to scale companies using crypto Crypto Startup School: A new type of computer drives waves of innovation Editor’s note: Andreessen Horowitz’s Crypto Startup School brought together 45 participants from around the U.S. and overseas in a seven-week course to

Just in time for the Cherry Blossoms: Fly business class for cheap to Tokyo or Seoul in 2021

The Points Guy / 3h
Editor’s note: At TPG, we paused traveling to help slow the spread of COVID-19. Local and national governments around the globe are now debating the appropriate levels of isolation and distancing. Before booking that next trip, we recommend you talk to your doctor, follow health officials’ guidance and research local travel restrictions. TPG is continuing to publish deals, reviews and general tra

Bankrupt OneWeb seeks license for 48,000 satellites, even more than SpaceX

53Ars Technica / 3h
Enlarge (credit: Getty Images | Shulz ) SpaceX and OneWeb have asked for US permission to launch tens of thousands of additional satellites into low Earth orbit. SpaceX's application to launch 30,000 satellites—in addition to the nearly 12,000 it already has permission for—is consistent with SpaceX's previously announced plans for Starlink. OneWeb's application to launch nearly 48,000 satellites

Ahsoka Tano's Star Wars Story (So Far)

43Gizmodo / 3h
First, there was Star Wars: The Clone Wars . Then there was Star Wars Rebels . Then, miraculously , there was Clone Wars again. The story of Ahsoka Tano has been closed and reopened many times over her growth into one of Star Wars ’ most beloved heroes. Her story is one that’s far from over, whether that’s in the upcoming… Read more...

Pablo Escobar’s brother is trying to sell refurbished iPhone 11 Pros for $499

100+Engadget / 3h
For months, we’ve been following the bizarre saga of Roberto Escobar (Pablo Escobar’s brother) trying to peddle Escobar-branded folding smartphones . At first, tech reviewers like Marques Brownlee pointed out that Escobar Inc was actually just repackaging the Samsung Galaxy Fold and that most orders were never delivered. Now Escobar Inc has a new offering -- refurbished iPhone 11 Pros for $499. T

Everything You Need to Know About Today's macOS 10.15.5 Update

32Lifehacker / 3h
The macOS 10.15.5 update is rolling out computers this week, bringing a handful of new features and settings with it—including a long-awaited feature that should help keep your MacBook’s battery healthier for longer. Read more...

The Last of Us Part II State of Play: How to watch today’s show

Sony 1 Camera RX100SlashGear / 3h
If you’re looking forward to The Last of Us Part II, then you’ll definitely want to catch Sony’s latest State of Play presentation. Earlier this week, Sony announced a new State of Play that’s centered entirely around The Last of Us Part II, even promising that we’ll see around 8 minutes of new footage from the game. The State of … Continue reading

Docker expands relationship with Microsoft to ease developer experience across platforms

Docker Microsoft Azure100+TechCrunch / 3h
When Docker sold off its enterprise division to Mirantis last fall, that didn’t mark the end of the company. In fact, Docker still exists and has refocused as a cloud-native developer tools vendor. Today it announced an expanded partnership with Microsoft around simplifying running Docker containers in Azure. As its new mission suggests, it involves tighter integration between Docker and a couple

Angling to be eyewear’s next big thing, Futuremood launches with mood-altering sunglasses

100+TechCrunch / 3h
Austin Soldner and Michael Schaecher, the co-founders of the new sunglasses brand Futuremood , met at the newly formed San Francisco research and development lab created by the high-end audio tech developer Bose. The two were tasked with working on Bose’s sunglasses wearable and bonded over a shared interest in sneakers and fashion. Over many conversations the two men realized there was an opport

Watch NASA's Launch to the International Space Station

200+Lifehacker / 3h
Update: The Crew Dragon launch has been delayed due to weather conditions. The next attempt will be on Saturday, May 30 at 3:32 pm Eastern with live coverage starting at 11 am. Read more...

This fully-rollable VR experience will have your head spinning — Future Blink

68Mashable / 3h
eight360's NOVA combines a spherical rotation device with the latest VR technology to create a thrilling experience. Read more... More about Tech , Mashable Video , Fun , Vr Experience , and Future Blink

Could this be the world's fastest VPN for Windows PCs?

40TechRadar - All the latest technology ne... / 3h
Firetrust has announced the launch of its new VPN service which the company claims is two to seven times faster than the competition based on its extensive VPN speed tests . HideAway improves upon standard VPN technology by adding flexible rules, faster speeds and an “Always-On” capability. Firetrust has tested its new VPN against the competition and the service was able to reach a top speed of 3

Disney World grand re-opening: Social distancing limits listed

Disney World Reopen JulySlashGear / 3h
Disney leadership seems to be chomping at the bit to get Disney properties back in running order as soon as possible. They’ve already reopened the Disney Springs at Walt Disney World Resort, as well as Shanghai Disney Resort, now they’ve sent a proposal for additional openings to the Orange County Economic Recovery Task Force in Florida. Their plans include a … Continue reading

Up close with the fresh new spacesuits astronauts will soon wear in orbit for the first time

SpaceX NASA Dragon300+TechCrunch / 3h
Inside the first American spacecraft to take humans to orbit since the Space Shuttle, launching today, are, well, humans. And those humans are wearing brand new spacesuits that are also making a historic debut. Ahead of today’s launch ( which you can watch here ), NASA and SpaceX gave a fresh look at the new suits, which we may be seeing much more of soon. The spacesuits were designed by SpaceX i

One Company Is Making Millions Booking Hotel Rooms For New York City’s Homeless

View from the Wing / 3h
A roundup of the most important stories of the day. I keep you up to date on the most interesting writings I find on other sites – the latest news and tips. Continue reading ...

Apple TV+ adds every episode of 'Fraggle Rock' ahead of reboot

Apple Fraggle Rock100+Engadget / 3h
Apple’s plans for Fraggle Rock extend well beyond the recent mini-series . Hot on the heels of Apple ordering a reboot of Jim Henson’s legendary kids’ series, 9to5Mac notes that Apple TV+ now offers the entire back catalog for the show. That’s a rare move for a company that has so far been reluctant to offer any material on TV+ that it didn’t produce itself. This isn’t just a completist streak on

The $450 TCL 10 Pro Is the Most Overlooked Deal in Phones

Gizmodo / 3h
TCL makes everything from air conditioners to soundbars to washing machines, but here in the U.S., unless people are talking about TCL’s cheap TVs , no one really cares. Look, I get it, TCL doesn’t have the same kind of draw or recognition as other electronics giants like Apple or Samsung. But at the same time, TCL… Read more...

How to Read J.K. Rowling's New Chapter Book for Free

55Lifehacker / 3h
J.K. Rowling pulled a literal box out of her literal attic a few weeks ago in order to literally dust off a draft of a book she wrote many years ago while still in the midst of writing the Harry Potter series. Now, as a coronavirus era gift to children (and adults) everywhere, she is releasing the book, called The … Read more...

Absent the Power Adapter, You Can Finally Buy the TurboGrafx-16 Mini

Gizmodo / 3h
TurboGrafx-16 Mini | $100 | Amazon

GeForce Now's new opt-in policy will likely mean a more stable library

57Engadget / 3h
When NVIDIA launched GeForce Now earlier this year , the streaming service ran into trouble with publishers like Activision Blizzard and Bethesda . A "misunderstanding" over what titles could stay on the platform after its beta led to some games leaving the service abruptly. Thanks to a policy change, those days are likely behind GeForce Now. Moving forward, NVIDIA says users will only be able to

Instead of Finding the Perfect Work Setup, Try Moving Around

24Lifehacker / 3h
Are you having a hard time getting comfortable in your impromptu home office? We’ve absorbed this idea that there is an ideal “ergonomic” setup, and that if everything is properly supportive and set to the right height, we’ll never be uncomfortable again. But what if sitting in the One Correct Position is actually not… Read more...

How to Unlock Hidden Browser Games in Edge, Firefox and Chrome

75Lifehacker / 3h
Your web browser is full of secrets. I typically spend my time poring over new features I can unlock via pages like chrome://flags and about:config , but it’s also nice to take a little break and play the hidden games that come packed into the most popular browsers. Read more...

Netflix vs HBO Max: why it's a closer fight than you think

HBO Max Harry Potter48TechRadar - All the latest technology ne... / 3h
HBO Max just became the latest streaming service to enter a very busy landscape, and its ambitions clearly go beyond just bringing HBO's high-end cable remit to a wider audience. Netflix is the competitor that HBO Max really has in its sights, and that's why it's making such a mass market play with this new streamer. Netflix has spent the last few years rolling out content that appeals to every d

Berlin Tegel Airport Closing On June 15, 2020

1KOne Mile at a Time / 3h
This sure is going to be a strange year for airports in Berlin, as Brandenburg Airport will finally open, while Tegel Airport will be closing early… Berlin Tegel Airport closing June 15, 2020 In late April it was first revealed that Berlin Tegel Airport will be “temporarily” closing early, though there’s now an update on that. The shareholders of the parent company of Tegel Airport Airport have n

Ben Schwartz picks his dream Space Force team

Netflix Space Force56Mashable / 3h
Ben Schwartz plays F. Tony Scarapiducci in the upcoming Netflix series, "Space Force," so we asked him to put together a dream team of astronauts from his favorite TV shows. Read more... More about Mashable Video , Steve Carell , Ben Schwartz , Tv Show , and Space Force

Study Finds Vaping Puts an ‘Incredible Amount of Stress’ on Mouth Bacteria

65Gizmodo / 3h
Vaping’s potential harms may extend beyond the lungs, a new study published on Wednesday in Science Advances suggests. Looking at the mouths of young healthy vapers, the study found evidence of drastic changes to the oral microbiome—changes that could raise their future risk of gum disease. Read more...

How Netflix’s Space Force Acts Like a Parallel Universe to Our Own

Netflix Space Force56Gizmodo / 3h
Fans looking to blame something or someone that the American version of The Office hasn’t returned need only look to the stars . In the seven years since that show’s end, its creator and executive producer Greg Daniels has been working almost solely on shows with space or sci-fi themes. His latest show, Netflix’s Space … Read more...

Samsung Money debit card to launch this summer

Samsung SoFi Debit Card68Mashable / 3h
Samsung unveiled Wednesday a new partnership with Mastercard and fintech company SoFi to offer a new "mobile-first money management experience" called Samsung Money . The experience consists of a Mastercard debit card managed with the aid of online personal finance company SoFi. Samsung is also touting a lack of account fees, rewards for saving money, and exclusive benefits linked to the company'

Whoooaaa Duuuuude: Why We Stretch Words in Tweets and Texts

100Wired / 4h
Notice you've been elongating your words lately? You're actually loading them with a whooooole lot of meaning.

Take a look inside Crew Dragon, SpaceX’s first human spacecraft, ahead of its historic launch

100+TechCrunch / 4h
SpaceX is in the process of preparing for its historic first astronaut launch, with a mission to demonstrate its human spaceflight capabilities by flying NASA astronauts Doug Hurley and Bob Behnken to the International Space Station. That flight is set to happen at 4:33 PM EDT (1:33 PM PDT), weather permitting, but meanwhile SpaceX has provided a closer look at Crew Dragon and what went into its

How to Jailbreak Your iOS 13.5 Device

98Gizmodo / 4h
Jailbreaking your iPhone was popular in the early days of iOS, but Apple got better at clamping down on the practice and the iOS jailbreaking scene went stagnant. Until now, that is. iOS 13.5 has been successfully jailbroken, meaning mods and customized themes can finally be installed on newer iPhones and iPads. We’ll… Read more...

Tesla cuts prices across EV lineup, ends free supercharging for Model S, Model X

Tesla Model North America92TechCrunch / 4h
Tesla slashed prices across its electric vehicle portfolio overnight as the automaker aims to boost sales in an economy beaten down by the COVID-19 pandemic. Reuters and Electrek were the first to report the changes. The base price of Model 3 standard range plus is now $37,990, a $2,000 reduction. But the biggest cuts were made to Tesla’s more expensive, luxury vehicles, the Model S sedan and the

Watch the Astronauts Give Their Kids Virtual Hugs Before Launch

1KFuturism / 4h
Virtual Hugs NASA astronauts Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley are officially on their way to Launch Complex 39A at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center. Their journey could become the first time astronauts have returned to the International Space Station from American soil since 2011. Their ride is a SpaceX Crew Dragon spacecraft that’s lifting off at 4:33 pm Eastern time — if everything goes according to plan

Is It Safe to Rent a Car Right Now?

44Lifehacker / 4h
Summer is traditionally the best time to take a long-distance drive—whether you’re visiting family and friends, heading to a theme park or just getting away from it all, there’s nothing like a road trip. Even this year, as the summer approaches and states are beginning to lift travel restrictions, you might be… Read more...

Reduce Your Risk of Coronavirus Exposure With a 'Contact Budget'

100+Lifehacker / 4h
Now that states are opening up again, and a lot of people are required to report back to work, many of us are being forced to navigate new sources of risk and uncertainty. With that in mind, one epidemiologist, Ellie Murray, has a suggestion for how to think about your overall level of risk: Make a contact budget. Read more...

Siren raises $11.8M for its limb-saving smart socks

400+TechCrunch / 4h
Can a pair of socks help those with diabetes avoid foot amputations? That’s one of the ideas behind Siren , a company that’s building smart, washable fabric wearables — the first of which is a pair of socks meant to help those with diabetes monitor their foot health and detect dangerous injuries early. They’ve just raised an $11.8 million Series B to help get it done. The round was led by Anathem

CryptoKitties developer launches NBA TopShot, a new blockchain-based collectible collab with the NBA

88TechCrunch / 4h
When Dapper Labs launched CryptoKitties back in November 2017, the company’s take on Tamagotchi was seen as the first popular use of blockchain-based applications. It was the first popular use case outside of Bitcoin as a speculative investment. Like all fads, CryptoKitties didn’t last, but the app proved that Dapper Labs could build a compelling collectible — and that brought the company the att

Millions of LiveJournal accounts leaked online

32TechRadar - All the latest technology ne... / 4h
Multiple hacking forums are currently sharing a database that contains over 26m unique LiveJournal user accounts as well as plain text passwords for free. Rumors have circulated for some time now that the once hugely popular blogging platform suffered a security breach back in 2014, during which time the account credentials for 33m users were stolen. Since the beginning of May, links to a data du

Project xCloud preview gets five big games today

SlashGear / 4h
If you’re participating in Microsoft’s Project xCloud preview, then here’s some good news: you’ve got five new games to check out today. The five games that Microsoft is adding to the preview cover a fairly wide range of genres, so there’s a bit of something for everyone in this mix. There’s even a recently released first-party Xbox One game that … Continue reading

Launch day deal sees HBO Max arrive on Xfinity

HBO Max Harry PotterSlashGear / 4h
Comcast and WarnerMedia have inked a last-minute deal to bring HBO Max to Xfinity customers on its launch day, an abrupt turnaround after all signs had pointed to disappointment for subscribers. Going live today, HBO Max replaces HBO NOW and promises 10,000 hours of TV and movie content, along with exclusives for which WarnerMedia is footing the bill. HBO subscribers … Continue reading

Gmail’s new feature makes it easier to personalize your inbox

Gmail Quick Settings100+TechCrunch / 4h
Google is introducing a new “quick settings” menu in Gmail aimed at helping users browse, discover and use different themes and settings to customize their Gmail experience. These options include the ability to change the density of text, select from different inbox types and add reading panes and options to theme your inbox. They are not new features, but before had been buried in Gmail’s settin

Keep Your Hands Off Your Retirement Savings for As Long As Possible

84Lifehacker / 5h
If you’re struggling through a tough financial phase, your retirement account may seem like a good spot to get some income quickly. And if you’ve been eyeing your own 401(k) or IRA during the coronavirus shutdown, you’re far from alone: a new Bankrate survey found that 27% of people have turned to their retirement… Read more...

The 12.9-Inch iPad Pro Makes a Great Workstation, and You Can Get It for $250 off Right Now

24Lifehacker / 5h
12.9-inch iPad Pro, 256 GB | $900 | B&H Photo Read more...

French contact-tracing app StopCovid passes first vote

84TechCrunch / 5h
Following a debate in the National Assembly, the lower house of the French parliament, deputies have voted in favor of the release of contact-tracing app StopCovid and the decree related to the app. While a vote in the parliament wasn’t a mandatory step, the government wants to rally as many people as possible around the contact-tracing app. At first, French President Emmanuel Macron said there w

Otrium raises $26 million to sell end-of-season fashion items

100+TechCrunch / 5h
Otrium has raised a $26 million Series B funding round (€24 million), with Eight Roads Ventures leading the round. Existing investors Index Ventures and Hans Veldhuizen also participated. Otrium works with clothing brands to help them sell items when they reach the end-of-season status. Due to fast fashion, you have to regularly clear some space in your stores and recover inventory from third-par

The best cooling mattress pads for sweaty sleepers — and their partners

Mashable / 5h
We’ve all been there: you wake up on a warm summer night, blanket long kicked off and you’re just drenched in sweat. Is it you or your mattress — or both? Who knows. All you know is that you’re miserable. You turn on the AC or fan, but just as you drift off to sleep, you hear your partner (who runs colder than you) switch it off and before you know it, you’re sweating all over again — and wide aw

Netflix update gets a much-needed download feature

SlashGear / 5h
The next version of Netflix was revealed today with a feature that’s been requested by fans for ages. The Netflix app for Android appeared with code that indicated the download feature would allow shows and movies to be played without a full download. The original launch of movie and show content downloads with Netflix took place all the way back … Continue reading

Pokémon Go Fest 2020 is a stay-at-home event starting July 25th

96Engadget / 5h
Each summer since 2017, app developer Niantic has hosted the Pokémon GO Fest in select cities across the globe. The event incorporates Pokémon-themed installations and activities in large parks, and helps thousands of players connect in real life. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, this year’s Fest obviously can’t be held outdoors. Instead, Niantic is turning it into a two-day, online event. The co

We throw away 80% of our content ideas, and you should too

100+TechCrunch / 5h
Amanda Milligan Contributor Amanda Milligan is the marketing director at Fractl , a prominent growth marketing agency that’s helped Fortune 500 companies and boutique businesses alike earn quality media coverage, backlinks, awareness and authority. More posts by this contributor What we’ve learned from building 40,000+ links for clients We’ve talked a bit publicly about our ideation process , but

Xbox's new family safety app is being previewed

100+BBC News - Technology / 5h
Newsbeat gets a first look at Xbox's latest safety innovation

Bertha Is the First Tropical Storm to Make Landfall This Year, and Hurricane Season Hasn’t Even Started Yet

100+Gizmodo / 5h
Well, that escalated quickly. In a bizarre turn of events, a tropical storm formed suddenly on Wednesday morning immediately prior to making landfall in South Carolina. Read more...

Ford disinfects police cruisers by 'roasting' them

Ford 133 Degrees PIU300+Engadget / 5h
To help keep police safe from the coronavirus, Ford is introducing a new way to disinfect police cruisers. The company has developed software that cranks the heat in its Police Interceptor Utility vehicles until the temperature inside reaches 133 degrees Fahrenheit (56 degrees Celsius) for 15 minutes. Ford believes this can reduce the viral concentration by over 99 percent on interior surfaces an

Should You Job Hunt During a Furlough?

56Lifehacker / 5h
If you’ve been furloughed during the coronavirus pandemic, you might be asking yourself whether it’s better to wait it out or whether you need to start looking for another job. Read more...

RudderStack raises $5M seed round for its open-source Segment competitor

100+TechCrunch / 5h
RudderStack , a startup that offers an open-source alternative to customer data management platforms like Segment, today announced that it has raised a $5 million seed round led by S28 Capital. Salil Deshpande of Uncorrelated Ventures and Mesosphere/D2iQ co-founder Florian Leibert (through 468 Capital) also participated in this round. In addition, the company also today announced that it has acqu

Make Lazy Creamed Spinach With Processed Cheese

71Lifehacker / 5h
Steakhouses, with their prime cuts and endless side dishes, have always felt special to me. Choosing your sides and salad dressing can feel just as important as choosing your steak, and cultivating a steakhouse moment at home requires similar decisions. A baked potato is a given, but throwing together this quick,… Read more...

Tracing the trajectory of a 66 million-year-old asteroid impact

83Ars Technica / 5h
Enlarge / How to make a big hole fast. (credit: Collins et al./Nature Communications ) You know that scene in every forensic crime drama where someone works out the angle the bullet was fired from and points back to the source? In the case of the Chicxulub asteroid impact and the end-Cretaceous mass extinction 66 million years ago, there’s no mystery about the shooter. (Space did it.) But the tra

Facebook's latest experiment is a collaborative music video creation app

Facebook TikTok Collab53Engadget / 5h
Facebook is no stranger to releasing experimental apps, but Collab , the latest effort from its NPE team , may end up its most creative yet. The software allows you to create a clip of original music and then add up to two other community-created compositions to build a more complex arrangement. You can also mix and match videos exclusively created by other people. Whatever direction you take, th

There’s HBO Max bad news if you use Amazon Fire TV or Roku

HBO Max Apple Amazon41SlashGear / 5h
HBO Max may be launching today, but there’s bad news if you’re using two of the most popular platforms for streaming TV and movies at home. Those with an Amazon Fire TV device or TV, or a Roku device or TV, are discovering today that they’re not invited to the HBO Max party. Wait, what’s HBO Max?! Even if you’ve … Continue reading

Facebook Collab sign-ups released: A TikTok clone opportunity

Facebook TikTok CollabSlashGear / 5h
Today Facebook announced an app called Collab. This app will allow people to “make music together, while we’re apart.” Imagery for the app includes split-screen self-recorded videos of people playing music, inside a rectangle roughly the dimensions of your average smartphone. This app will be released in waves, with a sign-up sheet and a line out the door for invites. … Continue reading

Bang & Olufsen’s latest Beoplay E8 fully wireless earbuds offer top sound and comfort

100+TechCrunch / 5h
Bang & Olufsen has an excellent reputation in home audio, and its original Beoplay E8 fully wireless headphones were a category leader when there was barely a category to lead. The company recently launched the third version of the E8, a new generation of hardware that comes with a number of improvements for better audio quality and convenience, including wireless charging, up to seven hours of c

5G, AI, cybersecurity and renewable energy set for investment boost under EU coronavirus recovery plan

100+TechCrunch / 5h
The European Commission is proposing to direct billions of euros of financial relief into high tech and green investments to help the bloc recover from the coronavirus crisis. Technologies such as 5G, AI, cloud, cybersecurity, supercomputing and renewable energy look set to benefit from a €750BN pan-EU support package set out today — aligning with the Commission’s pre-existing policy priorities b

SpaceX Launch Live Updates: Weather Delays Mission

SpaceX NASA Dragon23KNYT > Technology / 5h
Follow SpaceX's launch of NASA astronauts aboard the Crew Dragon spacecraft.

Classic 'Fraggle Rock' Comes to Apple TV+, Along With a Full-Season Reboot

Apple Fraggle Rock34How-To Geek / 5h
After 33 years, Fraggle Rock is getting a full reboot on Apple TV+. The new season features all of the show’s classic characters and is produced by the Jim Henson Company. Apple hasn’t announced a release date for the new season of Fraggle Rock, but the original 96 episodes are available on TV+ starting today. Read This Article on Review Geek ›

Samsung copies the Apple Card, announces “Samsung Money”

Samsung SoFi Debit Card100+Ars Technica / 5h
The Samsung Money Card. Note the lack of numbers. You'll need to look them up in the app. [credit: Samsung ] The Apple Card debuted 14 months ago , and right on cue, Samsung is today announcing " Samsung Money, " a self-branded MasterCard debit card from SoFi. Unlike the Apple Card, which is a credit card, it sounds like Samsung Galaxy smartphone owners will be signing up for a money management a

Sony may reveal a first crop of PS5 games on June 3rd

Sony PlayStation 5200+Engadget / 5h
It appears Sony is preparing to offer its first proper look at PS5 games on June 3rd, according to Bloomberg . However, that date isn’t set in stone. Plans have reportedly “been in flux,” owing in part to the COVID-19 pandemic, so you might need to wait beyond next Wednesday to find out about some PS5 games. If the company does hold a game reveal stream next week, it probably won’t be too compreh

Stormy Weather May Delay SpaceX’s Historic Launch

1KFuturism / 5h
SpaceX and NASA may have to scrub their historic launch to the International Space Station this afternoon, not due to the pandemic — but because of bad weather. At 10 am, the Air Force’s 45th Weather Squadron, the unit in charge of monitoring the weather near NAS’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida, said that a low pressure system could “threaten the Space Coast with showers and thunderstorms this

AMD Ryzen 6000 might arrive in 2022 as the world's first 6nm desktop processor

AMD Ryzen Intel CPU43TechRadar - All the latest technology ne... / 5h
The AMD Ryzen 6000 series will arrive in 2022 as Team Red's first 6nm desktop APUs, according to a leaked product roadmap. Though we’re still awaiting the arrival of the AMD Ryzen 4000 desktop APUs, slides shared with Wccftech suggest that the firm's 6th-generation Ryzen CPUs will blow these incoming processors out of the water when it comes to notable upgrades. AMD Ryzen 6000 APUs, codenamed “Re

Fairmont’s Generous “Buy One Get One Free” Promo

200+One Mile at a Time / 5h
We’re increasingly seeing hotels offer promotions to incentivize future stays, and Fairmont has come out with a fantastic promotion for their North America properties. While I’ve written about this before, Fairmont has now added more properties to the list, so I wanted to provide an update. Fairmont’s “Stay Close” promo Fairmont is offering a great promotion whereby you can get a free night for e

New material releases hydrogen from water at near-perfect efficiency

200+Ars Technica / 5h
Enlarge (credit: NASA/Dimitri Gerondidakis ) Solar energy is currently dominated by photovoltaic devices, which have ridden massive economies of scale to price dominance. But these devices are not necessarily the best choice in all circumstances. Unless battery technology improves, it's quite expensive to add significant storage to solar production. And there are types of transportation—long-dist

Some genius figured out the exact chronological order of every Marvel movie scene

200+Mashable / 5h
There's a reason the MCU is called the Marvel Cinematic Universe — its timeline spans roughly a thousand years and exists in multiple, occasionally interconnecting dimensions. Far from being a straightforward chronological tale, the movies jump back and forth through time and space to create a complex web of befores, afters, and nevers that fascinates its many fans. One fan, Disney parks reviewer

Darkseid Is...Costing HBO Max a Lot

Harry Potter HBO Max1KGizmodo / 5h
The “Snyder Cut” is real? Well, sorta—the version of Zack Snyder’s vision for Justice League hitting HBO Max next year is not a fabled, long-awaited mythical cut fans believed sat untouched in a vault somewhere for years. The cut we’re getting has turned into an even grander project than even that, and it’s coming at… Read more...

Sony PlayStation 5 games showcase may be imminent

Sony PlayStation 5SlashGear / 5h
Throughout the first half of 2020, a lot of attention has been on the Xbox Series X as Microsoft has slowly but consistently been releasing new details about the console. Sony, by comparison, has been rather quiet about the PlayStation 5 – though we’ve seen a GDC deep dive on the console’s hardware and features from Mark Cerny and the … Continue reading

New American Airlines Change Fee Waiver Suggests Leisure Travel May Return Soon

View from the Wing / 6h
American Airlines is extending its change fee waiver for tickets purchased in June - but only for itineraries to travel by end of September. American seems to be saying that the lull in travel, while to some extent long lasting, is likely to bounce back. That's at least true for leisure travel, since business travel wouldn't be booking past September anyway. At a minimum there's some chance that

5 reasons one of TPG’s most-traveled writers is enjoying being stuck at home

48The Points Guy / 6h
A few weeks ago, I found myself marveling at the old cherry tree behind my house. Every inch of its umbrella-like canopy was covered in giant pink puffballs. About a week later, the apple tree on the other side of the yard erupted with blooms like white snow. Then came the azaleas and rhododendrons, popping with varying shades of pinks and purples. Over a period of just a few weeks, our little pl

Instagram to test new revenue streams, including badges and IGTV ads

Instagram IGTV YouTube100+TechCrunch / 6h
Instagram today is launching new tools that enable video creators to make money, including badges that viewers can purchase during Instagram Live videos and the introduction of IGTV ads. Both launches are considered a test, as the company is limiting the features’ availability during its experimentation phase, it says. Badges will give viewers a way to support their favorite creators while also s

Chan Zuckerberg Initiative drops $3.8M on 23 biomedical open-source projects

84TechCrunch / 6h
The philanthropic arm of the Zuckerberg fortune is infusing $3.8 million worth of grants into nearly two dozen open-source software projects in biomedical research. It’s the second such disbursement of funds, and a third will be open for applications next month. The grants range in size from $50,000 to $250,000, and any biomed-centric project with impact and room to grow is eligible to apply for

Lufthansa Miles & More Changes Postponed To 2022

200+One Mile at a Time / 6h
In November 2019 Lufthansa announced some massive changes to the Miles & More program. The changes were initially supposed to kick in as of 2021, though they have now been postponed to January 1, 2022. That means the current system will continue to apply through December 31, 2021. Below is the initial post about the changes from several months ago. We’ve seen frequent flyer programs globally make

Watch SpaceX Launch NASA Astronauts to Space Live Right Here [Updated]

SpaceX NASA Dragon6KGizmodo / 6h
The day has finally arrived. This afternoon, NASA astronauts Robert Behnken and Douglas Hurley are scheduled to launch aboard a SpaceX Crew Dragon and fly to the International Space Station. You can watch this historic launch live right here. Read more...

Onboarding employees and maintaining culture in a remote work environment

100+TechCrunch / 6h
Caryn Marooney Contributor Caryn Marooney is general partner at Coatue Management and sits on the boards of Zendesk and Elastic. In prior roles she oversaw communications for Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and Oculus and co-founded The OutCast Agency, which served clients like and Amazon. More posts by this contributor Traditional sales and marketing strategies won’t see you through

You can grow a garden even if you don't have outdoor space — here's how

24Mashable / 6h
TL;DR: As of May 27, you can save 20% on everything on the AeroGarden website by entering the code SUMMER20 during checkout. No porch? No balcony? No way of accessing green space this particular summer? No problem. Just in time for the summer growing season, AeroGarden is having a sitewide sale on all of its indoor gardens, seed pod kits, and accessories so you can grow herbs, veggies, and flower

Walt Disney World parks plan to re-open in July, with restrictions

Disney World Reopen July200+Mashable / 6h
Read more... More about Disney , Disney World , Entertainment , and Movies Tv Shows

This new Gmail quick settings menu is an inbox godsend

QS Google Gmail SettingsSlashGear / 6h
Gmail is launching a new quick settings pane, which will make it much easier to see how changes to your inbox will affect how you view your emails. While the existing full settings menu is still available, this new Gmail quick settings will change the layout of the inbox in real-time, so that users can see how each setting works. … Continue reading

'We Belong Here': Racist Central Park Video Shows Why We Need Diversity Outdoors

1KGizmodo / 6h
The outdoors were never made for people of color. Since the forced removal of indigenous people to create today’s national parks, white people have dominated outdoor activities in the U.S. While the racist history around who has access to parks and wilderness has contributed to the current lack of diversity in green… Read more...

How to Cancel Your HBO Max Subscription

HBO Max Harry Potter21How-To Geek / 6h
HBO Max is the latest streaming service to take on Netflix and Disney+. It includes content from HBO Go and HBO Now, WarnerMedia and Warner Bros TV shows and movies, and HBO Max originals all for $15 a month (after a seven-day free trial). If the streaming service isn’t for you, here’s how to cancel your HBO Max subscription. Read This Article on How-To Geek ›

Wemo Moves Its Smart Home Device Management to the Cloud

How-To Geek / 6h
Wemo, the maker of well known smart plugs, switches, and more, has a device management problem. Often, setting up multiple Wemo devices and getting them to work together is a difficult, arduous task. That was due to the local control method the company used. But it now it’s fixing that by moving to the cloud. Read This Article on Review Geek ›

Only One in Two Americans Say They’d Take a COVID-19 Vaccine

1KFuturism / 6h
Even when a vaccine for COVID-19 becomes available, many in the U.S. may decide not to take it. At least, that’s the result of a new poll of 1,056 Americans conducted by The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research. Its alarming conclusion: only 49 percent of American adults plan on getting vaccinated against the coronavirus, AP News reports . The results were divided by political

Poor weather scrubs SpaceX’s historic launch attempt [Updated]

SpaceX NASA Dragon1KArs Technica / 6h
Enlarge / Skies at 2pm ET Wednesday over the launch site were rather stormy. (credit: Trevor Mahlmann) 4:20pm ET Saturday : SpaceX scrubbed the launch of its Falcon 9 rocket and Crew Dragon spacecraft Wednesday a little less than 17 minutes before liftoff. Although weather conditions were improving at the launch site—thunderstorms rolled through earlier in the day, and a tornado warning was issue

'Crucible' Review: Amazon Magicks Gaming Cliches Into Something Fresh

100+Wired / 6h
The debut offering from Amazon Game Studios combines familiar elements into a surprisingly delightful concoction.

Hilarious meme demands to know what's preventing men from looking like this

300+Mashable / 6h
There's a new meme making the rounds on Twitter that asks a very important question: "Dear men, what is preventing you from looking like this?" To take part in the meme, you simply tweet the question alongside a photo of your dream man. Or a photo of anything, really. The funnier and more nonsensical the better. The trend was inspired by Twitter user @katiey_KE , who posted a photo of some tanned

Creating the first 3D map of the heart's 'brain'

200+Engadget / 6h
Our hearts are primarily controlled by the brain and autonomic nervous system, but we also have a backup. The heart has its own mini-brain called the intracardiac nervous system (ICN), which fine tunes external autonomic signals and keeps the heart pumping smoothly. Its proper function is essential for good health and disease protection, but the problem is that scientists have a poor understandin

Google rolls out a simplified Gmail settings menu

QS Google Gmail Settings100+Engadget / 6h
Gmail is a simple and relatively sleek email client. That doesn’t quite apply to its settings interface, though, which is a bit of a mess. A new quick settings menu should help to clean things up. When a user clicks the gear icon, they will be presented with both a sidebar that shows a variety of frequently adjusted options, as well as the user’s inbox . Any changes will be shown in real time, so

Texas Instruments Is Nerfing the Best Part About Graphing Calculators

53Gizmodo / 6h
In high school, I had an intense love affair with my graphing calculator, a silver transparent TI-83 Plus . Not only did it help me with my math homework, it was also a handy way to play classic games like Tetris and Snake during class and still look like I was paying attention. Now, it appears that Texas Instruments… Read more...

How to Mentally Prepare for Reopening

93Lifehacker / 6h
While many of us may have become comfortable with this “new normal” during the pandemic, it can seem overwhelming to head back outside with regions beginning to reopen. Read more...

Quibi inches toward usability by adding AirPlay streaming support

Quibi iPhone AirPlay100TechCrunch / 6h
When it launched in April, Quibi carried the express mission statement of offering short-form videos designed to watch on-the-fly. The service’s narrow focus rubbed a lot of potential subscribers the wrong way, with many requesting a more traditional method for watching the service’s series. Quibi founder Jeffrey Katzenberg blames coronavirus for the streaming app’s challenges Ultimately, Quibi’s

This sale on Ninja blenders will jump-start your summer smoothie routine

40Mashable / 6h
Read more... More about Mashable Shopping , Kitchen Tech , Blenders , Nutri Ninja , and Tech

How to Change Your Twitch Username

How-To Geek / 6h
Everyone has made an embarrassing username in their lifetime that they’ve ended up regretting. Whether you have an awkward username from 5 years ago or simply misspelled something, here’s how you can go back and change it on Twitch. Read This Article on How-To Geek ›

'Samurai Shodown: NeoGeo Collection' Includes Seven Games, And It's Free on Epic Next Month

How-To Geek / 6h
Fans of classic 2D fighters should keep an eye on the release charts. A new anthology of SNK classic Samurai Showdown Shodown titles from the NeoGeo arcade era is landing on a bunch of platforms. It’ll be $40 on the PS4 and Switch when it releases in July. You can get it on Steam on June 18th for the same price. Read This Article on Review Geek ›

End of an Era: The Original Google Home is No Longer Available

How-To Geek / 6h
The original Google Home was a game-changing product for the company. It introduced a new, standalone way to access Google Assistant by way of a smart speaker. It also dramatically shifted Google’s approach to smart home in a meaningful way. Read This Article on Review Geek ›

J.K. Rowling Releases New Book 'The Ikabog' Online for Free

J.K. Rowling Ickabog37How-To Geek / 6h
J.K. Rowling is publishing a new children’s book called The Ickabog online for free. The book, which is reminiscent of classic fairy tales (not Harry Potter), will release chapter-by-chapter over the next seven weeks—with “a chapter (or two, or three)” being published at a time. Read This Article on Review Geek ›

Facebook Launches a Pair of Apps to Help People Connect While Apart

How-To Geek / 6h
This morning, Facebook’s NPE team (New Products and Experiences) announced a pair of new apps to help users connect with each other even when they’re apart. Collab is all about making music together, while CatchUp is a group phone call app. Yeah. Read This Article on Review Geek ›

Amazon's Fire TV Cube drops to $100

100+Engadget / 6h
Amazon is discounting some of its streaming gear today, with price cuts on its Fire TV Cube, Fire TV Stick and Fire TV Stick 4K. These aren’t the lowest prices we’ve seen, but they are all good deals that don’t pop up too often. We probably won’t see these devices drop this low again until Amazon Prime Day, which has been delayed until September . The Fire TV Cube is on sale for $100. It’s normal

Samurai Shodown NEOGEO Collection will launch as a free Epic Store title

Samurai Shodown CollectionSlashGear / 6h
Fighting game fans will want to mark their calendars for June 11th, because that’s when SNK will launch its freshly-announced Samurai Shodown NEOGEO Collection. This new compilation will bundle a grand total of seven classic Samurai Shodown games together, including one that’s never previously been released. Those playing on PC will have an opportunity to get the compilation for free … Continue r

HBO Max goes live: Here’s how it works with HBO NOW and HBO GO

HBO Max Apple AmazonSlashGear / 6h
HBO Max is launching today, and if you’re feeling confused about how the new streaming service fits into what already seems like far too many on-demand options from HBO, you’re probably not alone. HBO Max effectively replaces HBO NOW, though whether you’ll automatically see that switch over depends on what platform you’re using and how you currently pay. If you’re … Continue reading

SpaceX NASA launch: How to watch live [UPDATE: Scrubbed]

SpaceX NASA Dragon25SlashGear / 6h
Today NASA’s Commercial Crew Program will launch NASA astronauts Robert Behnken and Douglas Hurley on a SpaceX Crew Dragon to the ISS. The International Space Station will receive the SpaceX Crew Dragon spacecraft after the 4:33 EDT launch today on Wednesday, May 27, 2020. To participate and watch live, you’ll want to take a few steps. UPDATE: This launch was … Continue reading

PS5 games reveal event could happen next week, says report

Sony PlayStation 550TechRadar - All the latest technology ne... / 6h
Sony is planning a PS5 games showcase event as soon as next week, according to a new report. Bloomberg says that this virtual reveal event by Sony could happen on Wednesday, June 3. The report caveats, though, that plans could change, given the current circumstances. This report is more believable than a lot of the PS5 rumors that have circled the internet in the past few months, given its source

Here's why you shouldn't customise your Android phone

51TechRadar - All the latest technology ne... / 6h
Android smartphones can fall vulnerable to a wide number of security threats due to customisations in the core operating system files made by handset manufacturers, a new study has warned. The research by security firm F-Secure reviewed several flagship smartphones, including the Samsung Galaxy S9, Huawei Mate 9 Pro and Xiaomi Mi 9, and found that the presence of pre-loaded applications in the cu

Instagram Wants Its Influencers to Make More Money

Instagram IGTV YouTube200+NYT > Technology / 6h
The platform announced updates aimed at helping creators monetize their audience.

10 old favorites to stream right now on HBO Max (including Harry Potter!)

HBO Max Harry Potter58Mashable / 6h
Read more... More about Entertainment , Harry Potter , Friends , Rick And Morty , and Hbo Max

7 Bluetooth speakers that are on sale and can go underwater

44Mashable / 6h
After months of social interactions basically being limited to Zoom calls and eye contact with masked strangers at the grocery store, hanging outdoors will have a whole new meeting this summer. When your outdoor gatherings are spread out and socially-distanced, you'll need a loud, outdoorsy Bluetooth speaker for that. Best Buy has a slew of waterproof Bluetooth speakers on sale from Ultimate Ears

Elon Musk: “It’s My Fault” If Launch Goes Wrong

3KFuturism / 6h
“It’s My Fault” SpaceX could be about to write US history as it attempts to launch two NASA astronauts into orbit today, the first time anyone has tried that feat since the retirement of the Space Shuttle program in 2011. It’s an exciting moment — but with human lives at stake. “I’m the chief engineer of the thing,” SpaceX CEO Elon Musk told CBS during a Tuesday interview. “So, I just like to say

Logitech's G915 TKL is a gaming keyboard you can get comfy with

70Engadget / 6h
I’ve been spending a lot of time working in soft chairs. Oh, I have a perfectly good desk with a perfectly good monitor and keyboard, but sometimes I just wanna get comfortable in my living room… or in bed. The problem is, this forces me to use the keyboard on my three-year-old MacBook Pro. Yes, the one with the infamous butterfly switches . It feels horrible and my ‘N’ key has a tendency to not

Instagram brings commercials to IGTV to lure influencers

Instagram IGTV YouTube50Engadget / 6h
Instagram is taking its most aggressive steps yet to challenge YouTube: the app is piloting a series of features that will allow influencers to make money off their videos. Instagram announced that it’s testing commercials in IGTV videos and the ability for creators to sell “badges” to fans during their live streams. Both features come long after YouTube has introduced similar monetization featur

GE switches off light bulb business after almost 130 years

500+Ars Technica / 6h
Enlarge / A good old-fashioned General Electric lightbulb, which not only is no longer incandescent but also no longer made by GE. (credit: Daniel Acker | Bloomberg | Getty Images ) General Electric has finally found a buyer for its lighting business and will be selling off its last consumer-facing business after more than 120 years of operation. Boston-based GE said today it would divest the lig

Instagram Will (Finally) Pay Influencers

200+Wired / 6h
The company is rolling out new ways for its creators to make money—and they might sound familiar.

How to Help Kids Get Better at Video Chatting

64Lifehacker / 7h
If there’s one thing parents have learned during the pandemic, it’s this: Little kids suck at video chatting. Maybe we already suspected this based on the occasional, disastrous FaceTime or Skype call with out-of-town family. But then we were thrust into this all-online-all-the-time reality, in which video chats feel… Read more...

Google says it plans to start reopening offices soon

Google Offices July 628TechRadar - All the latest technology ne... / 7h
Google has laid out its plans to begin reopening its office at various locations with a minimal 10 percent occupancy starting July 6. Google CEO Sundar Pichai further said that the company is looking to increase occupancy to 30 percent by September. The company will ask a limited number of employees to resume working from the office on a rotational basis, while ensuring security protocols like so

Rise Gardens raises seed funding for an indoor hydroponic gardening system

200+TechCrunch / 7h
You don’t need a green thumb and a big backyard to grow baskets of fresh produce. In fact, according to Chicago-based Rise Gardens , you probably just need a bookshelf’s worth of space in your living room and an app. Rise Gardens, an indoor hydroponic gardening system, has raised $2.6 million in seed funding for home-grown produce. The financing was led by True Ventures . Rise Gardens sells a har

Pokemon GO Fest 2020 event revealed: Ticket “steps” being taken

SlashGear / 7h
Today we’re taking a look at the next big Pokemon GO event, an event that would’ve been in-person if it hadn’t been for our current global pandemic with COVID-19. This event will be held on June 25 and June 26, and it’ll feature some of the world’s most beloved and popular Pokemon. Where the 2019 global event was held in … Continue reading

Wednesday's Best Deals: Kingston SSD, BBoutique Giveaway, Room Purifier, Sun Care Product Sale, Le Creuset Stockpot, and More

56Gizmodo / 7h
A Kingston 480 GB SSD , a BBoutique sex toy giveaway , a Le Creuset stockpot , a copy of Xenoblade Chronicles , and a large room air purifier lead Wednesday’s best deals. Read more...

Wednesday's Best Deals: Kingston SSD, BBoutique Giveaway, Room Purifier, Sun Care Product Sale, Le Creuset Stockpot, and More

56Lifehacker / 7h
A Kingston 480 GB SSD , a BBoutique sex toy giveaway , a Le Creuset stockpot , a copy of Xenoblade Chronicles , and a large room air purifier lead Wednesday’s best deals. Read more...

Drone drops off Isle of Mull coronavirus masks

100+BBC News - Technology / 7h
Trials of delivery by drone are taking place on the Isle of Mull on Scotland's west coast.

Uh Oh: Lufthansa Board Doesn’t Approve State Aid Package

100+One Mile at a Time / 7h
A couple of days ago it was revealed that the German government and Lufthansa Group had tentatively come to an agreement for up to €9 billion in aid . Well, that plan has hit a roadblock. Lufthansa board rejects bailout package During a meeting today, the Lufthansa Group Supervisory Board has discussed the package offered by the Economic Stabilization Fund (WSF) of the Federal Republic of Germany

Get a free photo book when you buy this Polaroid instant film camera

24Mashable / 7h
TL;DR: As of May 27, the stylish and intuitive Polaroid OneStep 2 instant film camera is on sale for $59.99, down from $89.99. It also comes with either a $25 Shutterfly credit or free photo book. Capturing memories might seem a little fruitless right now — I mean how many pictures can you take of you doing puzzles or going for socially distanced walks? But honestly, now is actually a really impo

Facebook launches Collab, a mix-and-match app for making collaborative music videos

Facebook TikTok Collab100+TechCrunch / 7h
Facebook’s internal R&D group, NPE Team, is rolling out yet another new app today called Collab after having just launched a new group audio calling app, CatchUp , on Tuesday. With Collab, the focus has now returned to video, and specifically, the concept of watching, mixing and matching original videos together, beginning with music. In Collab, creators can either record their own musical arrang

2021 BMW X2 xDrive25e crossover is a small PHEV with big ambitions

2021 BMW 5 4 SeriesSlashGear / 7h
BMW has added another plug-in hybrid to its range, with the new 2021 BMW X2 xDrive25e promising crossover style with electric all-wheel drive. It’s not BMW’s first attempt at an X Series plug-in hybrid: the automaker already has larger SUVs with battery-electric drive on the market, four of them in fact. However this is the smallest of the range, and … Continue reading

Turns Out That ‘Active’ Object in Jupiter’s Orbit Is a Comet in Disguise

100+Gizmodo / 7h
Astronomers were abuzz last week following the discovery of an active asteroid in Jupiter’s orbit, in what was thought to be a new type of celestial object. Follow-up investigations have revealed it to be a regular comet, albeit one in a misleading orbit. Read more...

Mission Control Is Socially Distancing During Today’s SpaceX Launch

300+Futurism / 7h
This morning’s NASA briefing , leading up to SpaceX’s historic Crew Dragon launch known as Demo-2, looked a little different. There were no crowds and no cheers; just a bare media room with NASA leaders spread six feet apart. If the launch is successful, the tireless workers who made it happen won’t even be able to embrace each other in Mission Control — a melancholy reflection of the global pand

For new parents, there's reason to relax about the pandemic's effect on a baby's development

24Mashable / 7h
This first year of parenthood is packed with milestones. But no parent imagined surviving a pandemic as part of their year of first smiles, teeth, steps, and words. Since the coronavirus spread across the global, triggering a monumental shift in how we live our lives, parents who recently brought a baby into the world might be more worried than usual about their child's development. Parents who'v

It's Time to Start a Puzzle Exchange

100+Lifehacker / 7h
America’s jigsaw puzzle consumption has increased wildly in the era of physical distancing. People stuck indoors with nothing to do have turned to tiny, brightly colored, irregularly shaped slices of cardboard to provide them with a sense of control over a chaotic world. For evidence, look to the ongoing Kickstarter … Read more...

HBO Max launches without 4K and HDR streams – but they're coming eventually

HBO Max Apple Amazon53TechRadar - All the latest technology ne... / 7h
New streaming service HBO Max has landed in the US, with international launches planned down the line. If you were hoping to start streaming movies and shows in 4K from today, though, bad news: the service doesn't currently support 4K streaming or High Dynamic Range (HDR) . "4K HDR will not be available at launch but we are looking to deliver it in the future," a HBO Max spokesperson confirms to

Grab a 480GB Kingston SSD for $54 and Watch Your PC Fly

32Gizmodo / 7h
Kingston 480GB SATA 3 2.5" SSD | $54 | Amazon Read more...

Smart home company Savant set to acquire GE Lighting

84TechCrunch / 7h
Massachusetts-based smart home company Savant Systems this morning announced a deal to require GE Lighting. The division has existed as part of General Electric since 1911, with its origins reaching back even further to Thomas Edison’s work in the space. Today’s GE Lighting portfolio still largely revolves around bulbs, with some push into more modern corners of the category, including LEDs. It’s

Quibi for iPhone can now use AirPlay to stream shows on big screens

Quibi iPhone AirPlay58Engadget / 7h
Quibi’s latest update for iPhones gives the app the capability to play its bite-sized shows on TVs: according to Chief Product Officer Tom Conrad, the application now supports Apple AirPlay. Users have been asking for the feature since the app launched in early April, so they can enjoy its short-form shows on bigger screens while sheltering-at-home due to the coronavirus pandemic. However, it’s t

How to Quickly Add Links, Photos, and Media to Apple Notes on iPhone and iPad

How-To Geek / 7h
Apple Notes is a great place to organize your thoughts and to collect your research. If you’re studying or researching online for a project, here’s how you can quickly add links, photos, and other media directly to Apple Notes. Read This Article on How-To Geek ›

Savant Systems Will Acquire GE Lighting, Including Its Smart Home Systems

How-To Geek / 7h
Savant Systems, a company that helps design high-end personal smart home systems, will buy GE Lighting, the wing of GE behind its smart home products like C by GE. The deal includes the GE Lighting branding and its 700 employees. Read This Article on Review Geek ›

HBO Max Uses Human Curation to Stand Out in a Sea of Auto-Suggested Streaming

How-To Geek / 7h
In streaming apps like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, et cetera, the first thing you see when you open the interface is a suggestion for new shows or movies. These suggestions are tailored by the platform, hoping to show you something you’ll want to watch, based on the stuff you’ve watched before. It’s an entertainment equivalent of Google’s personalized search algorithm. Read This Article on Revie

Skullcandy and Tile Team Up to Make True Wireless Earbuds You Won't Lose

Skullcandy Tile Earbuds20How-To Geek / 7h
One of the biggest arguments I hear against true wireless earbuds is that users are afraid they’ll lose them. It’s a valid point—they’re tiny objects, after all. But Skullcandy wants to negate that fear with its newest earbuds because they feature built-in Tile trackers. How cool is that? Read This Article on Review Geek ›

How to watch Legendary online: stream the new HBO Max show from anywhere

HBO Max Harry Potter50TechRadar - All the latest technology ne... / 7h
Shawam! HBO Max has arrived and one of its first original shows is bombastic reality TV show Legendary. The show looks set to have everyone talking about the underground ballroom scene this summer - so here's how to watch Legendary online and stream and the new show from anywhere in the world. The premise of the show is that eight voguing teams, or 'houses as they're called, compete for a $100,00

Tesla reduces price of nearly every car by $2,000 or more

Tesla Model North America100+Mashable / 7h
Tesla cars became cheaper overnight. The electric car company decided to give its prices a proper trim without much fanfare Electrek noticed price cuts ranging from $2,000 to $5,000, depending on the model. Tesla later confirmed the price cuts to CNBC . The cheapest listed Model 3 , for example, now costs $37,990, down from $39,990. The Model S starts at $74,990, which is a $5,000 reduction. And

Inside Indonesia's fight to save its most important soil

60Engadget / 7h
Scientists started raising alarm bells in early 2015. The signs were clear — the world was in for a large-scale El Niño event, as warm water began to settle in the central and east-central Pacific Ocean. For Southeast Asia and many equatorial regions, an El Niño could only mean one thing: dry conditions and an increased likelihood of fires. Indonesia, in particular, was a country of high concern,

Cyberattacks on collaboration tools see major increase

32TechRadar - All the latest technology ne... / 7h
Cyber attacks on enterprise cloud services have soared by a whopping 630 per cent during the lockdowns caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. A new study from McAfee found that the use of such cloud services grew by 50 per cent across all industries during the given period, but faced a huge increase in threats. However popular collaboration tools such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Skype were also hit by

Watch This Two-Armed Robot Carve Like a Renaissance Master

100+Gizmodo / 7h
Tabletop gamers often use hot wire cutters to turn chunks of foam into elaborate miniature landscapes, but this pair of robot arms turns hot wire carving into an intricate art form. By coordinating their movements, they can recreate even the most complex curves of a 3D model by bending and warping a flexible metal rod… Read more...

Here's how you can get a pre-owned PS4 controller for cheap

24Mashable / 7h
Read more... More about Playstation , Ps4 , Mashable Shopping , Gaming Consoles , and Gaming Controllers

HBO Max is available today -- here’s what you need to know

HBO Max Apple Amazon100+Engadget / 7h
After months of hype, WarnerMedia’s latest streaming service is here. HBO Max -- not to be confused with HBO Go or HBO Now -- is available today, and its debut brings a host of originals and exclusives to get you to sign up for yet another service. Max offers everything you’ll get from HBO, plus enough movies and shows to keep you busy streaming for a long, long time. What is it? Both HBO Go and

wehadfacesthen:Woman reading on the subway, photo by Inga...

Music, Arts & Literature / 7h
wehadfacesthen : Woman reading on the subway, photo by Inga Morath , New York, 1957

Google Chrome Is Getting a Bunch of New Privacy Features

300+Wired / 7h
The next version of the browser will be more secure than ever. Here’s what you need to know.

Astronomers have discovered a new class of cosmic explosion

SlashGear / 8h
Astronomers have found a pair of objects that have been added to a strange object discovered in 2018 that combined to constitute a new class of cosmic explosions. The new type of explosion shares some of the characteristics with supernova explosions of massive stars and with the explosions that generate gamma-ray bursts. Despite the similarities, the new class of explosion … Continue reading

New Bill Would Require The Federal Government To Overpay For Hotel Rooms

39View from the Wing / 8h
What Represenative Posey wants to do is require the federal government to overpay for lodging - not to reduce allowable hotel rates - even though market rates may be falling. The federal government spends billions on travel, and the hotel lobby shop AHLA thinks this will "allow hotels to be fairly compensated for the services they provide." In reality it's a backdoor subsidyto hotel chains and ow

I Miss Microsoft's Smartwatches That Were Too Smart for Their Time

80Gizmodo / 8h
Apple was the first company to make smartwatches a product consumers actually wanted, but there was a time, not too long ago, when Microsoft could have defined the future of wearables. The company’s SPOT platform took a deceptively simple but clever approach to wireless connectivity years before technologies like… Read more...

Big Stadia update brings 1440p support, two new games

Google Stadia 1440PSlashGear / 8h
Google has detailed a rather big update for Stadia that will see a number of new games added to the service, along with some new features for existing titles and new resolution options for those playing on Chrome. The games joining Stadia this week include Jotun: Valhalla Edition and Sundered: Eldritch Edition. While those will be added to Stadia’s store, … Continue reading

Lenovo Yoga Duet 7i and IdeaPad Duet 3i take on Surface with clever pens

Lenovo 7I USI IdeaPadSlashGear / 8h
Lenovo has revealed two new Windows 10 tablets with detachable keyboards, taking on Microsoft’s Surface and other slates and offering optional onboard LTE. The Lenovo Yoga Duet 7i and the Lenovo IdeaPad Duet 3i each come with a digital pen – one for art, note taking, and annotation, and the other with an innovative color-scanning sensor. Meanwhile, there’s an update … Continue reading

How to Identify and Clean 'AnarchyGrabber3' Discord Malware

100+Lifehacker / 8h
There’s a fairly new piece of malware making the rounds on Discord. Dubbed “AnarchyGrabber3,” the software logs you out of the app and captures your Discord credentials—email, login name, and password—when you try to log back in. To add insult to injury, it even disables your two-factor authentication, if you’ve… Read more...

Skullcandy packs Tile's location tech into its latest wireless earbuds

Skullcandy Tile Earbuds51Engadget / 8h
Tile’s finding technology has been a boon to the forgetful, helping users locate misplaced keys, wallets, bags and laptops . Now, for the first time, it’s arrived in wireless earbuds, thanks to a crossover with Skullcandy. While some brands of earbuds help you locate them by playing a sound (if they’re switched on) or by pinging their last known location to your phone (providing they were paired)

Intel Phantom Canyon NUC could be a tiny PC packing a speedy Tiger Lake CPU

32TechRadar - All the latest technology ne... / 8h
Intel’s NUC 11 has popped up in a leak which shows a compact PC box packing a quad-core Tiger Lake-U processor with an impressive boost speed, alongside a GTX 1660 Ti graphics card. NUC is short for Next Unit of Computing, and basically means a mini PC that can happily sit in your living room without looking like an eyesore. Intel’s Ghost Canyon has just emerged – see our full review here – and r

Extra Crunch Live: Join Initialized’s Alexis Ohanian and Garry Tan for a live Q&A on Tuesday at 2pm EDT/11am PDT

100+TechCrunch / 8h
Extra Crunch Live is on fire, and the hits keep rolling! Next week, we’ll sit down with Initialized’s Alexis Ohanian and Garry Tan. You can catch the chat live on Tuesday, June 2 at 2 p.m. EDT/11 a.m. PDT. Alexis Ohanian is the founder and former CEO of Reddit, and his investment portfolio includes Flexport, Ro and Papa. Garry Tan has invested in Instacart and Coinbase, to name a couple, and also

5 behind-the-scenes revelations from 'The Convention' episode of 'The Office'

79Mashable / 8h
Ain't no party like a Scranton party, cause a Scranton party don't stop. That motto certainly applies to so many episodes of The Office , but it rings especially true in Season 3, Episode 2, "The Convention." On the latest episode of the Office Ladies podcast , former co-stars Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey reminisced about filming "The Convention," and revealed a bunch of behind-the-scenes tidb

Ford Edge ST-Line keeps the style and ditches the extra power

SlashGear / 8h
Ford Edge buyers have been able to purchase the vehicle in ST trim with upgraded horsepower and style for a few model years. For those who want the style of the Ford Edge ST, but don’t care for the extra power can now save some money and get that style with the new Edge ST-Line. The ST has been very … Continue reading

iPhone 12 OLED displays - LG joins Samsung as suppliers to Apple

iPhone Samsung Apple28TechRadar - All the latest technology ne.../ 8h
Apple is serious about its decision to guard against monopolies around its supply chain involving the iPhone 12 . The company was more than willing to look beyond China as a production base during the Covid-19 pandemic. Now, it has decided not to risk having a single supplier for OLED displays and added LG to the existing Samsung. There were two reports doing the rounds about how displays for the

Samsung Money is a debit card tied to Samsung Pay

Samsung SoFi Debit Card100+Engadget / 8h
Samsung didn’t wait long to unveil its take on a debit card . The tech giant has introduced Samsung Money, a SoFi -powered “money management experience” that combines a Mastercard debit card (issued by Bancorp) with a cash management account. Not surprisingly, it integrates tightly with Samsung Pay . You get a virtual card in Pay as soon as you sign up, and can activate the physical card by tappi

Walmart partners with thredUP to offer new and pre-owned clothing

Walmart ThredUp M. Kors63Engadget / 8h
Walmart is no stranger to fashion retail, boasting as it does a wide range of celeb-backed lines and collections, as well as its own labels. Now it’s entering the preowned clothing space thanks to a partnership with online thrift store thredUP. Instead of simply connecting buyers and sellers, thredUP acts as an intermediary marketplace. Sellers send their stuff direct to thredUP, which then takes

Zipline drones deliver supplies and PPE to US hospitals

Zipline PPE US NC Drone300+BBC News - Technology / 8h
The US Federal Aviation Administration has waived its rules to allow medical deliveries.

Recap: 6 Opportunities To Buy Points

400+One Mile at a Time / 8h
Obviously for most people this isn’t the time to buy points speculatively. However, I’m continuing to cover good loyalty program promotions on purchasing points, because some people do find this valuable when planning travel. We frequently see loyalty programs sell points at a discount, and for many this is an opportunity to buy points at a cost that makes sense, especially for aspirational redem

macOS Catalina 10.15.5 has a great battery-saving feature for MacBooks – but there’s a catch

Apple macOS MacBook Pro60TechRadar - All the latest technology ne... / 8h
macOS Catalina 10.15.5 is now out, and the update comes with a new feature to help ensure that your MacBook’s battery remains in good health, and offers better longevity as it gets older. The idea is that the new battery health management feature reduces the rate that the battery chemically ages, and as Apple explains: “The feature does this by monitoring your battery’s temperature history and it

The original Google Home is 'no longer available' in the company's US store

38Engadget / 8h
Don’t expect to buy Google’s original Home speaker straight from the source. Android Police has noticed that the Google Store in the US lists the Home as “no longer available.” That’s also the case in Japan, while Canada’s store asks you to “join waiting list.” Other countries are still offering the Home, and you can find it through third-party retailers like Best Buy, but it’s unexpected given t

Toro snags $4M seed investment to monitor data quality

100+TechCrunch / 8h
Toro’s founders started at Uber helping monitor the data quality in the company’s vast data catalogs, and they wanted to put that experience to work for a more general audience. Today, the company announced a $4 million seed round. The round was co-led by Costanoa Ventures and Point72 Ventures with help from a number of individual investors. Company co-founder and CEO Kyle Kirwan says the startup

Samsung Money is a debit card for your Samsung Pay account

Samsung SoFi Debit CardSlashGear / 8h
Samsung has launched Samsung Money by SoFi, a mobile-linked debit card designed to work with Samsung Pay. The sleek new black card builds on the phone-based mobile payments Samsung Pay offers, and will come with finance management tools – including physical card control – and no monthly or annual account fee. Unlike Apple Pay, Samsung Money is a debit card, … Continue reading

Amazon's Scrapped Dark Tower Series Sounds Intriguing as Hell

500+Gizmodo / 8h
When The Dark Tower movie bombed , one could assume that it would’ve been the end of a Dark Tower television show based on Stephen King’s famous series. In reality, the failure of the film only strengthened the vision of the TV series. A series that, unfortunately, will now never see the light of day. Read more...

The Coronavirus Is Democratizing Knowledge

200+Wired / 8h
Despite toxic misinformation, the pandemic has empowered us to become co-creators, co-producers, and co-distributors of what we know.

Now Is the Best—and Worst—Time to Launch HBO Max

HBO Max Harry Potter72Wired / 8h
People are stuck at home looking for movies and TV shows to watch. But the people who make the movies and shows are too.

Father's Day is sorted with this innovative DNA test kit

20Mashable / 9h
TL;DR: The MyHeritage DNA test kit is on sale for £45 on Amazon through May 27, saving you 40% on list price. Father's Day is just around the corner, which is a problem, because finding gifts for those guys is seriously difficult. You could go with something cliché like a novelty mug or shirt, but you probably get that sort of thing every year. Yes, your dad probably likes it, but why don't you t

Why some people masturbate about people they hate

100+Mashable / 9h
May is National Masturbation Month, and we're celebrating with Feeling Yourself , a series exploring the finer points of self-pleasure. In public, he was rude to her. In private, she masturbated about him. That's a simplified version of a sexual fantasy described to me by Holly, who prefers to not reveal her real name. The longer version goes as follows: Holly had a temporary boss who was coverin

Bird’s electric scooters can now be unlocked with Bluetooth

42Engadget / 9h
Bird has introduced a new feature that will help scooter renters get off the blocks more quickly. Quick Start uses the Bird app and your smartphone’s Bluetooth to detect when a scooter is within range, then gives you the opportunity to unlock it with the tap of a button. That means you could theoretically walk up to a scooter and ride off with minimal fumbling and delay. According to Bird, its te

HBO Max launches today, here’s what you need to know

HBO Max Apple Amazon100+TechCrunch / 9h
HBO Max , the HBO -plus-other-stuff streaming service from WarnerMedia, is finally here. At $14.99 per month, the service — initially available to subscribers in the United States — is more expensive than competing offerings like Netflix and Disney+. But from another angle, it’s still a pretty sweet deal, since you’re getting HBO, plus a whole bunch of extra content, for the exact same price as a

Census raises $4.3M seed to put product info in cloud data warehouses to work

100+TechCrunch / 9h
Companies spend inordinate amounts of time and money building data warehouses and moving data from enterprise applications. But once they get the data in, how do they get specific information like product data back out and distribute it to business operations, who can use it to better understand customers? That’s where Census comes in. It builds a layer on top of the data warehouse that makes it

Kentik raises $23.5M for its network intelligence platform

100+TechCrunch / 9h
Kentik , the company once known as CloudHelix, today announced that it has raised a $23.5 million growth funding round led by Vistara Capital Partners, with existing investors August Capital, Third Point Ventures, DCVC, and Tahoma Ventures also participating. With this round, Kentik has now raised a total of $61.7 million. The company’s platform allows enterprises to monitor their networks, no ma

ICE used ‘stingray’ cell phone snooping tech hundreds of times since 2017

100+TechCrunch / 9h
Newly released documents show U.S. immigration authorities have used a secretive cell phone snooping technology hundreds of times across the U.S. in the past three years. The documents, obtained through a public records lawsuit by the American Civil Liberties Union and seen by TechCrunch, show that U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) deployed cell site simulators — known as stingrays —

Google expands tools to help businesses impacted by COVID-19

100+TechCrunch / 9h
Google is rolling out a series of updates aimed at helping local businesses adapt to the COVID-19 pandemic while continuing to serve their customers across Google Maps and Search. Since the outbreak, Google has made it possible for businesses to communicate to customers things like their revised operating hours or temporary closures, among other things. Now, it’s adding and expanding a set of fea

LeverEdge wants to get you and your friends a volume discount on student loans

100+TechCrunch / 9h
Student loans are both a trillion-dollar debt category and also one of the most popular mini-verticals out there in fintech startup investing right now. There are dozens if not hundreds of companies in the space, and they all mostly do one of two things: either they help students think through their student loan options before choosing one (acting as a financial advisor to avoid mistakes) or they

Samsung's Debit Card Will Reward You For Saving—But Only If You Have a Samsung Phone

Samsung SoFi Debit Card61Gizmodo / 9h
Earlier this month, Samsung cryptically announced that it would be launching a debit card this summer and that it was partnering with fintech startup SoFi to do it. Now, we have some more details about what this new debit card will look like—and how it’ll work. Read more...

How to Jailbreak Your iOS 13.5 Device

100+Lifehacker / 9h
Jailbreaking your iPhone was popular in the early days of iOS, but Apple got better at clamping down on the practice and the iOS jailbreaking scene went stagnant. Until now, that is. iOS 13.5 has been successfully jailbroken, meaning mods and customized themes can finally be installed on newer iPhones and iPads. We’ll… Read more...

How to Convert Google Slides to PowerPoint

60How-To Geek / 9h
If someone sent you a presentation on Google Slides, but you’d rather work on it in Microsoft PowerPoint, you can easily convert it to a .pptx file in just a few simple steps. Here’s how it’s done. Read This Article on How-To Geek ›

Bird lets you rent a scooter with a tap, no QR scan required

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Bird has a new, faster way to rent a scooter. Called Quick Start, the feature allows Bird riders to activate a nearby scooter by walking towards it and tapping a button. Bird says this is twice as fast as the typical method of unlocking, which requires users to scan a QR code located on the scooter. There might be another benefit. QR codes are sometimes unreadable, be it a result of age or vandal

Google Maps adds temporary closures, pandemic hours, and more to help small businesses

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California dreaming? 10 cool towns to visit in the Golden State

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California is so big, it could almost be a separate country from the rest of the U.S. And in fact, it once was, albeit briefly (for 25 days in 1846). The state flag still says “California Republic,” and there’s so much to see in this vast state beyond Los Angeles and San Francisco . Sure, they’re probably the most iconic cities in the state, but there’s a lot more behind the scenes, as it were. A

Tesla price cut hits most of Elon’s EVs

Tesla Model North AmericaSlashGear / 9h
Tesla has cut the price of almost its entire range of electric cars, slicing as much as $5,000 from certain EVs as it approaches the end of the financial quarter. The automaker has trimmed the price of new Model 3, Model S, and Model X cars, though the latest Model Y has proved exempt from the cuts. If you’re in … Continue reading

These Portable Wireless Speakers Are Only $7 and Need to Be in Your Backyard This Summer

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iJoy Wireless Portable Speakers | $7 | SideDeal

Babylon Health leads a $30M Series B in US health kiosk operator, Higi

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UK-based AI chatbot Babylon Health — which last year raised $550M at a $2BN+ valuation — has led a $30M Series B in US-based Higi , which owns and operates 10,000+ FDA-cleared health kiosks. Higi, which was founded back in 2012 per Crunchbase , has built out a nationwide network of “health stations” located at retail locations such as groceries and pharmacies within 5 miles of 73% of the US popul

Wuhan swabs 9 million people, tests 6.5 million for COVID-19 in 10 days

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Enlarge / WUHAN, May 15, 2020 - Residents take nucleic acid tests at a testing post set up at a primary school in Dongxihu District in Wuhan, central China's Hubei Province, May 15, 2020. Wuhan will arrange nucleic acid tests for all residents who have not been tested before, in order to better know the number of asymptomatic cases of the novel coronavirus. (credit: Getty | Xinhua News Agency ) W

Where to Find the Best Music to Tune Out to While You Work

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Having the right soundtrack is key to getting stuff done, but it can be tough to find the balance between jams that lull you to sleep and earworms that distract you with their catchy choruses. Read more...

Brave's browser now includes a privacy-focused video calling app

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If there’s one thing we’re all painfully familiar with these days it’s video calling. What was once an activity generally reserved for the occasional remote team get-together or long-distance family catch-up has become a daily occurrence for many, and companies in this area are thriving. Privacy-focused browser Brave, however, has spotted a gap in the market for a more secure offering, and is now

Apple begins offering Macs with custom configurations in India

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Apple is finally giving customers in India the ability to order customized versions of iMac, MacBook Air, Mac Mini and other Mac computers. The Cupertino-giant has started to offer a full-range of the Mac portfolio with configure-to-order (CTO) or build-to-order (BTO) option in India, allowing customers in the country to request specific custom needs such as additional memory, storage, or a more

American, Delta and United plan to fly these long-haul international routes in June

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U.S. airlines continue to add back long-haul international routes, albeit at a snails pace. June is typically a banner month for international travel as schools are out and people take off on summer holidays the world over. Not this year as mandatory quarantines and travel restrictions will keep most would-be travelers near home. While more routes will fly in June than in May , remembering what’s

Dinosaur killing asteroid hit the Earth at the “deadliest possible” angle

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New computer simulations from Imperial College London have looked at the asteroid that killed off the dinosaurs. The simulations reveal that the asteroid that struck the Earth hit at the “deadliest possible” angle. Scientists say that the new computer simulations show that the asteroid hit the Earth at an angle of about 60 degrees, maximizing the amount of climate-changing gases … Continue readin

Return to RAID: The Ars readers “What If?” edition

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Enlarge / I get anxious if I can't watch the blinkenlights in the big Terminal window in the background while the tests run. (credit: Jim Salter) In earlier coverage pitting ZFS against Linux kernel RAID, some readers had some concerns that we had missed some tricks for mdraid tuning. In particular, Louwrentius wanted us to retest mdadm with bitmaps disabled, and targetnovember thought that perha

Lowe's Memorial Day sale: up to 40% off home and garden deals - but ends today

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Lowe's Memorial Day sale is still running today, although you'll have to act quickly to bag yourself a great home, garden or appliance deal as many of these offers are expiring tonight. There are still hundreds of discounts available, so we've rounded up the best offers here on this page. Browse all Memorial Day offers at Lowe's Highlights include a huge 35% price cut on smart home and security d

Three hires Chief Network Officer to advance 5G rollout

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Three’s senior management restructure has continued with the appointment of Carlo Melis as Chief Network Officer. He joins from Italian operator Wind Tre, which is also owned by Three’s parent company CK Hutchison. Melis spent 14 years at Wind before it merged with Three Italia in 2016 and was responsible for the network integration between the two companies. While his immediate focus will be on

Microsoft accidentally revealed you can test out 2021’s major Windows 10 update next month

Microsoft Windows 1071TechRadar - All the latest technology ne... / 9h
Microsoft will start work proper on the Windows 10 21H1 update – due to land in the first half of 2021 – in June, when testers will begin evaluating preview builds. 21H1 will be the next major update for Windows 10, following the imminent May 2020 Update (20H1), because the next release for 2020, which is of course 20H2, is looking very much like it will only be a service pack-style affair with n

Samsung releases high-end variant of the Galaxy A51 in India

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Samsung India has announced a new variant of the Galaxy A51 today. If we recall, the device was launched in India back in January. The new variant of the Galaxy A51, will be priced at Rs 27,999. Samsung, through a press release, confirmed the existence of the new variant in all three existing colours- Prism Crush Black, Prism Crush White and Prism Crush Blue. It will be available across all e-com

Sky Q kicks off HDR support starting with on-demand nature shows

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The broadcaster’s new HDR experience will be available to Sky Q customers with certain set-top boxes.

Map of Detroit showing streets, Detroit River, Fort Detroit,...

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Map of Detroit showing streets, Detroit River, Fort Detroit, batteries and burial grounds. Label on front: “Summary. The city of Detroit, after having been occupied at a military post by the French, English, and Americans for the last 150 years, was abandoned as such on the 27th of May, and the troops stationed there were send on to Green Bay.” Courtesy of the Burton Historical Collection, Detroi

How to Create a Home Meditation Space

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You can't leave your house, so you may as well leave your body. At least for a while.

Shadowserver, an Internet Guardian, Finds a Lifeline

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Ten weeks ago, Shadowserver's main source of funding dried up. Now, it's back on level footing.

Scientists discover that four “blank” Dead Sea Scrolls actually have text

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Enlarge / Multispectral imaging has revealed hidden text on four Dead Sea Scroll fragments previously believed to be blank. (credit: University of Manchester) The 16 purported fragments of the Dead Sea Scrolls in the Museum of the Bible might be fakes , but at least four such fragments housed at the University of Manchester in the UK are the real deal . For decades, those fragments were presumed

The Boss Waza-Air is Packed Full of Killer Tone, Quirky Features

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Boss put years of pedal-making knowledge into its Katana amp lineup, and the result is fantastic. From there, it condensed this same tech down into a set of headphones with the Waza-Air—a set of over-ear cans that are effectively a guitar amp you wear on your head. But how good is it, really? Read This Article on Review Geek ›

How to Stop Your Mac from Overheating

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An overheating Mac is loud, hot to the touch, and often slow or unresponsive. Heat is notoriously bad for computer hardware, so keeping things cool might help prolong the life of your MacBook, iMac, or Mac Pro. Read This Article on How-To Geek ›

This critical Android bug allows malware to masquerade as legitimate apps

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Researchers have discovered a serious flaw in the ubiquitous Android operating system that allows malware to masquerade as legitimate applications and deceive users into divulging sensitive data. Identified by security firm Promon, the malware (dubbed Stranghogg 2.0) infects devices via an illegitimate download and, once onboard, can perform malicious activities via multiple genuine applications.

This leading password manager is now exceptionally cheap - and comes with 10GB cloud storage

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Now that many of us are working from home as a result of the pandemic - and some of us even on a permanent basis - it’s more important than ever to ensure both personal and corporate accounts remain secure. Thankfully, doing so isn’t rocket science! Using a high-quality password manager is a simple yet effective way to protect your online accounts, whether personal or professional. With Keeper Se

Police Stole $138,980 From A Passenger At Boston’s Logan Airport

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Over the weekend police stole $138,980 from a passenger departing from Boston’s Logan airport. The man had missed his flight and bought a new ticket. The cash was spotted as he went through the TSA checkpoint. And the cops took it. There's no insinuation he was involved in any crime. In fact, he was allowed to go on his way - just $140,000 lighter. Continue reading ...

An experience not to be repeated: Review of Royal Air Maroc in economy on the 787-8 from Casablanca to Washington

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During the COVID-19 crisis, our team has temporarily ceased taking review trips. However, we have resumed the publication of new flight , hotel and lounge reviews, from trips taken before the lockdown. We have also been publishing a selection of our most popular reviews from the past year. We hope this will help you choose once we’re all ready to start booking trips again. Royal Air Maroc flights

Virgin Orbit provides more details about what went right with its first launch demo

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Virgin Orbit performed a demonstration of its full launch system on Monday , and while it didn’t go quite as planned, with the mission cut short just a few seconds after Virgin’s LauncherOne separated from its Cosmic Girl carrier aircraft, the company says it still learned a lot – and a lot went right, too. Spaceflight is tough stuff, and it’s actually pretty common for a new spacecraft to not qu

This Poimo inflatable scooter fits neatly in your backpack

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You’re looking at the Poimo electric scooter. And believe it or not, it’s an inflatable scooter that fits neatly in your backpack. We’ve all seen electric scooters and electric skateboards, but none of it are as innovative and geekily fun as the Poimo. Developed by a team of smart blokes at the University of Tokyo, the Poimo is conceived to … Continue reading

Open banking investment higher in the UK than any other European country

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Open banking, which allows consumers and small to medium-sized businesses enjoy more financial freedom and get a better deal, is on the increase according to new data released today. Tink, the open banking platform, reveals that financial institutions in the UK are ramping up their investments in open banking. The move is aimed at giving customers greater flexibility when it comes to sharing thei

Fibre broadband deals: Virgin and Sky have significantly cut their prices

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Both Sky and Virgin are massive names in the world of broadband deals , rivalling BT for that coveted top spot of the UK's most popular provider. However, also like BT, neither Sky or Virgin come cheap. Luckily, if you were considering either of these brands, now is a great time to get in there and score a bargain. Both Sky and Virgin are offering some excellent fibre broadband deals making their

Nordic Choice Hotels Offers Unlimited Hotel Stays For A Fixed Price

100+One Mile at a Time / 10h
I first wrote about this deal yesterday, though it looks like there’s another package for sale that may be of more interest to some… Here’s a creative concept from one hotel group to fill rooms this summer. In the past we’ve seen some airlines offer “all you can fly” passes for a fixed cost over certain periods, and now a hotel group is introducing a similar concept for hotel stays. Nordic Choice

6 feet to eat: The extreme lengths people are going through to social distance

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We live in a weird new world, my friends. As stay-at-home orders begin to lift around the world , people are getting pretty crafty with how they manage to keep their distance in public places. As you likely know, experts say maintaining six feet of space from others when out in public can help stop the spread of the coronavirus. Visit TPG’s guide to all coronavirus news and updates But we have to

Xiaomi Mi TV stick is real - it looks sleeker than the Mi Box 4K

Xiaomi 5G 6G India36TechRadar - All the latest technology ne... / 10h
Two weeks ago, there were rumours of Xiaomi launching a new Mi TV Stick which could do exactly what the recently launched Mi Box 4K can. Now, it appears as if the new and slicker looking device does exist and should launch in the coming months. And credit for satiating our curiosity goes to the German division of Xiaomi that clarified its existence. A teaser released by them even showed us the ex

PSA: Missing Some Local TV Channels? Here's Why You Need to Rescan

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If you get some or all of your TV channels over the air and some of them have gone missing recently, here’s why (and what to do about it). Read This Article on LifeSavvy ›

How to Watch SpaceX's Historic First Crewed-Mission Launch Today

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Today, SpaceX will launch a rocket intended to dock with the International Space Station. And while that sounds old hat for the company at this point, this time is different. For the first time in almost a decade, astronauts will launch to orbit from the United States. And you can watch it on YouTube, the SpaceX site, or NASA’s website at 4 PM Eastern. Read This Article on Review Geek ›

Get the world's best business VPN from only $8 per month with this deal

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Until a couple of months ago, most small business owners probably hadn't even considered the benefits of setting up a VPN for their employees. But world events have made us all adapt, and it's no surprise that business VPNs in particular have rapidly grown in popularity. As well as giving remote workers more online security, the encrypted tunnels used by VPNs means that your sensitive business da

Choosing 2FA authenticator apps can be hard. Ars did it so you don’t have to

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Enlarge (credit: Aurich & Hannah Lawson) Last year, Sergio Caltagirone found himself in a tough spot. While traveling, his phone broke and stopped working completely. With no access to his Google and Microsoft authenticator apps, he lost access to two-factor authentication when he needed it most—when he was logging in from IP addresses not recognized by the 30 to 40 sites he had enrolled. “I had

EE 5G has early advantage over Vodafone

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EE’s 5G network is faster and available more of the time than Vodafone’s, according to new tests conducted by OpenSignal. OpenSignal recorded ‘real life’ readings from user smartphones in four early adopters – Australia, South Korea, the UK, and US – connected to 5G networks that have been commercially available for more than six months. All in all, ten networks were assessed. The tests aimed to

Voi hires former Bird UK chief to bring e-scooters to British streets

500+TechCrunch / 10h
With the U.K. government set to accelerate trials of e-scooter rentals in a bid to reduce crowding on public transport and support social distancing during the coronavirus crisis, Europe’s e-scooter companies are gearing up to be ready. The latest move sees Sweden-headquartered Voi Technology recruit Richard Corbett to head up its U.K., Ireland and Benelux operations. Corbett joins from rival Bir

Coinbase to acquire Tagomi to improve institutional trading offering

100+TechCrunch / 10h
Cryptocurrency exchange company Coinbase has announced plans to acquire Tagomi , an advanced cryptocurrency brokerage platform specifically targeted at professionals and institutional investors. Terms of the deal are undisclosed and the acquisition is still pending regulatory approval. While Coinbase is a well-known name for retail investors who are just getting started in the cryptocurrency spac

Krita for Android Preview: Pro art app at last

SlashGear / 10h
The Android tablet market is a huge wasted opportunity. The Apple iPad Pro now has the lion’s share of the mobile tablet market (as opposed to Tablet PCs) but many of its celebrated features have long been available on Android tablets before they practically went extinct. Part of the reason for the less than enthusiastic adoption of Android tablets is … Continue reading

2021 BMW 6 Series Gran Turismo arrives with refreshed styling and new hybrid powertrains

2021 BMW 5 4 SeriesSlashGear / 10h
You can think of the 2021 BMW 6-Series Gran Turismo as a reincarnated version of the not-so-popular 5-Series GT model. Even though the current 6-Series is no longer offered in the United States, BMW is debuting the revamped 6-Series Gran Turismo in Europe with refreshed styling and a new lineup of mild-hybrid powertrains. The new 6-Series Gran Turismo retains the … Continue reading

Tom Hanks and Daryl Hannah sharing 'Splash' memories over video chat is a fun watch

200+Mashable / 10h
Remember Splash ? The 1984 mermaid fantasy rom-com has become something of a cult classic over the past few decades, with certain scenes — like Daryl Hannah crunching through an entire lobster — basically becoming pop culture staples. Ready to revisit these moments for the third episode of his ongoing YouTube series, Reunited Apart , actor Josh Gad gathered the people who made Splash in one big v

Ryanair CEO: “Lufthansa Is Addicted To State Aid”

100+One Mile at a Time / 10h
Ryanair Group CEO Michael O’Leary is one of the most controversial and outspoken people in the airline industry. Several weeks ago O’Leary blasted the prospect of Lufthansa getting significant government aid , comparing the airline to a crack cocaine junkie: “Lufthansa is like a crack cocaine junkie looking for state aid. They’re already getting huge payroll support from the Germany government. W

Zipline will use its drones to deliver PPE to US healthcare workers

Zipline PPE US NC Drone100+Engadget / 11h
While drone delivery services are yet to become a practical reality in the consumer world, they’re already proving their mettle in terms of crisis response. After deploying its UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles) in parts of Africa to facilitate medical care, Californian robotics company Zipline is now using its technology closer to home, to help tackle the coronavirus pandemic in the US. In partners

Best mattresses to help kids sleep in their own beds

28Mashable / 11h
A good night’s sleep is important for everyone, of course. But it’s particularly important for children. Not only does bad sleep make life more difficult for parents — hello temper tantrums — but poor sleep can also have a lasting impact on a kids’ long term health and well being Studies have shown that kids who get enough sleep have better attention, behavior, learning, memory, and overall menta

Ford heats police cars to 133 degrees to break down coronavirus

Ford 133 Degrees PIU300+Mashable / 11h
Ford's baking its police SUVs to fight the coronavirus outbreak. The manufacturer has developed a software update that turns the car's heating system all the way up so that any vehicles that are possibly infected with coronavirus are thoroughly disinfected. It's set to roll out to police departments with select Ford police vehicles on Wednesday, For the past 40 days Ford engineers worked with Ohi

Gamemakers Inject AI to Develop More Lifelike Characters

100+Wired / 11h
New techniques could save videogame companies millions and make games more realistic.

How Kickstarter Employees Formed a Union

300+Wired / 11h
The point wasn’t so much about pay issues, but to give workers more say over what they produce—reflecting a trend of internal protest across the tech industry.

3 Ways Scientists Think We Could De-Germ a Covid-19 World

200+Wired / 11h
Researchers want to know if we can create an antiviral infrastructure that would protect humans from transmission. Here are a few ideas.

The next big thing in Star Wars has been delayed until 2021

Star Wars 2021 Jawa76TechRadar - All the latest technology ne... / 11h
The Star Wars: The High Republic line of books and comics has been pushed back to 2021, it's been revealed. Originally intended for release in August 2020, the books were all set in an unexplored part of Star Wars lore – 200 years before the movies began, when the Jedi were experiencing better days. While it was announced strictly as a publishing initiative that included comics from Marvel, it's

How to watch Love Life online: stream the new HBO Max show from anywhere

Harry Potter HBO Max64TechRadar - All the latest technology ne... / 11h
An anthology series charting one person's journey 'from first love to lasting love', this new HBO Max show is the streaming service's first piece of original content as it launches in the US. Here's how to watch Love Life online and stream the series no matter where you are in the world. Starring Anna Kendrick (Pitch Perfect, A Simple Favor) as lead character Darby Carter, she's a 20-something wo

Next iPad Pro series with top-end screens may not land this year after all

Apple XPS MacBook Pro52TechRadar - All the latest technology ne... / 11h
We only saw the iPad Pro 2020 range in March, but rumors have been swirling that Apple might put out more top-end tablets by the end of this year. That might not be the case, however, as analysts now appear to be leaning towards a 2021 release date instead. The latest analyst to make this prediction is Jeff Pu, as reported by MacRumors , who correctly predicted the iPhone SE (2020) release date.

HBO Max: price, free trial, movies, the Snyder Cut and more explained

HBO Max Harry Potter92TechRadar - All the latest technology ne... / 11h
HBO Max, the new streaming service from WarnerMedia, has now launched to take on Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Disney Plus at their own game. Including shows from Cartoon Network, CNN, DC Comics, HBO originals, TNT, Crunchyroll, and Sesame Workshop, at launch there's over 10,000 hours of content that helps put the current streaming giants in WarnerMedia's crosshairs. HBO Max is going all out on big

Why Notepad Is Still Awesome for Taking Notes

200+How-To Geek / 11h
In a world where fancy, hyper-connected, note-taking apps litter the landscape, one app stands alone in its lightweight simplicity: Windows Notepad. Here’s why it’s still a great choice for taking notes. Read This Article on How-To Geek ›

5 reasons why a business needs a POS (Point of Sale) system

52TechRadar - All the latest technology ne... / 11h
Take it from us – the importance of Point of Sale (or POS) systems in business cannot be understated. The development and evolution of the POS system has increased rapidly over the past 20 years, benefiting the retail, leisure and hospitality sectors (in addition to others) by integrating cloud services , mobile and a multitude of other handy features designed to improve your bottom line. Ultimat

Xiaomi starts teasing the Mi Notebook in India

Xiaomi 5G 6G India32TechRadar - All the latest technology ne... / 11h
At the start of 2020, Xiaomi had confirmed its plan to launch laptops in India. After months of silence, the company (and its officials) have finally started teasing the launch of its first laptop in India. Xiaomi’s Manu Kumar Jain just uploaded a teaser video on Twitter which shows him shut a laptop, followed by exclaiming “It’s time!”. He was quickly joined by other key people from the Mi team

New Windows 10 bug has broken updates – but Microsoft has promised a fix

Microsoft Windows 1072TechRadar - All the latest technology ne... / 11h
An embarrassing new bug has been found in Windows 10 ’s Fast Startup feature, which is preventing updates from properly installing. Fast Startup, which is enabled by default for most Windows 10 PCs, is supposed to make your computer boot up faster by storing some of your system files when you turn off your PC, in a sort of hybrid hibernation state. On paper, this sounds like a fantastic feature,

China’s top short video apps and e-commerce giants pally up

100+TechCrunch / 11h, the online retailer that is Alibaba’s long-time nemesis, announced Wednesday a strategic partnership with Kuaishou, the main rival of TikTok’s sibling in China, Douyin. The collaboration is part of a rising trend in the Chinese internet where short video apps and e-commerce platforms increasingly turn to each other for monetization synergies. The thinking goes that video platforms can lev

Tesla slashes EV prices by up to $5,000 in North America and China

Tesla Model North America300+Engadget / 11h
Tesla has quietly reduced its electric vehicles’ prices by thousands of dollars in North America and will also do the same in China, according to Reuters and Electrek . As the publications note, the automaker has cut prices across its lineup following an industry-wide decline in sales and demand caused by the coronavirus pandemic. Tesla has given its more expensive models, the Model S and the Mod

GTA 6 release date might have just been discovered - and it's bad news

100+TechRadar - All the latest technology ne... / 11h
GTA 6 could release in 2023, publisher Take-Two Interactive's marketing budget suggests. Reported by VentureBeat , Take-Two's 10-K SEC filing (which lays out financial plans for the next five years) shows that the company expects to spend $89 million on marketing between April 2023, and the end of March 2024 - that's a huge spike and, as the report points out, more than half the marketing budget

Boost your entertainment options with this heavily discounted VPN

VPN Annual 202036Mashable / 11h
TL;DR: An 18-month subscription to ZenMate VPN is on sale £1.99 per month, saving you 79% on list price. We are living through the golden age of streaming , but not everything is perfect. Yes, you can take your pick from top streaming sites like Netflix , Disney+ , and Prime Video , but that doesn't mean you'll get access to everything these services offer. We're sorry to burst your bubble like t

Move over 5G: Xiaomi says it's already looking at developing 6G technology

Xiaomi 5G 6G India87TechRadar - All the latest technology ne... / 11h
Xiaomi has invested heavily in 5G , but that hasn’t stopped the company from looking towards the future of connectivity, as it’s already begun researching 6G technology. That’s right, you might not even have a 5G phone just yet, but technology waits for no one. Xiaomi recently released the Redmi 10X series in China, an incredibly cheap 5G phone, but CEO Lei Jun told Chinese Xinhua News agency tha

Billie Eilish slams body-shamers in powerful new short film

1KMashable / 12h
Billie Eilish has spoken. In a short film released on her YouTube channel, the Grammy winner addressed people who made pejorative comments about her weight and clothing. Eilish premiered the film — entitled "NOT MY RESPONSIBILITY" — on the first night of her 'Where Do We Go?' world tour, which was later postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic. "Some people hate what I wear, some people praise i

The HBO Max original titles to stream (or skip) on launch day

HBO Max Apple Amazon54Mashable / 12h
Read more... More about Streaming Services , Original Series , Tv Review , Hbo Max , and Streaming Guides

7 of our favorite ‘secret’ swimming holes in the US

The Points Guy / 12h
There’s no doubt that, for people who decide to travel this summer, there’s going to be a back-to-basics trend in the quest for fun. Road trips , RV rentals , national parks and the great outdoors are poised to be the destinations and trips of choice for many Americans who are ready to leave the confines of their homes over the next few months. Related: National parks slowly reopen — Here’s every

LG’s 48-inch CX OLED TV is finally rolling out worldwide

65TechRadar - All the latest technology ne... / 12h
After a 48-inch OLED? The very first OLED TVs featuring 48-inch panels are finally on their way, now that LG has confirmed the new size for its CX OLED television would be rolling out in the coming weeks. The 48-inch CX OLED is now available to buy in the UK, alongside its larger 55-inch, 65-inch, and 77-inch sizes. We're told that it will land in “key European and Asian markets” over June, with

The smartphone market is changing and manufacturers won’t like it

Apple Lightning iPhone30SlashGear / 12h
The COVID-19 coronavirus has really changed the world as we know it. From canceled events to permanently closed businesses to new trends, our lives are slowly but surely being transformed to the point that things may never be the same again. This is the “new normal” that will be our world for the next months or even years and it … Continue reading

Major telcos’ April download speeds take a hit in India

36TechRadar - All the latest technology ne... / 12h
Keeping the month of March as a benchmark, the download speeds of major telecom service providers have been lower in April due to nationwide lockdown and sudden increase in the number of users. As per data from Telecom Regulatory Authority of India, TRAI, download speeds posted for April were lower than previous months, with Reliance Jio continuing to beat Vodafone and Airtel. Jio’s average downl

How to watch the Bundesliga: live stream every match online this week

28TechRadar - All the latest technology ne... / 12h
Top-flight European football is back thanks to Germany's Bundesliga, which has restarted its 2019/20 season after the global Covid-19 sports shutdown. It's serving up a thrilling title chase, too, and goals by the dozen - so here's how to get a Bundesliga live stream and watch every match online this week. The next round of Bundesliga fixtures are being held on May 26 and May 27 - and so far we'v

India puts Covid-19 tracing Aarogya Setu code on Github - offers bugs bounty

India Aarogya Setu28TechRadar - All the latest technology ne... / 12h
Starting today, anyone seeking to study the code base of Aarogya Setu, the app that was launched by the government to trace Covid-19 carriers in India, can do so on the open-source code repository Github. The Indian government has put the code for the Android version of the app on Github. Additionally, the federal administration has also announced a bugs bounty programme on it. Developers or test

WHO halts hydroxychloroquine trial on COVID-19 patients

22Popular Mechanics / 12h
The post appeared first on Popular Mechanics .

South Korea is using robot baristas in its cafes

Popular Mechanics / 12h
The post appeared first on Popular Mechanics .

Eli Lilly’s COVID-19 therapy development partner AbCellera raises $105 million

100+TechCrunch / 12h
When AbCellera won a $30 million contract with the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency to develop therapeutic countermeasures against viral outbreaks two years ago, it’s safe to assume that no one thought the technology would be so vitally important so soon. The work AbCellera was doing was part of a high-priority initiative from DARPA’s Biological Technology Office called the Pandemic Prev

Lisa Kudrow explains her random 'Friends' wrap party gift from Matthew Perry

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It's always good to double-check your background before starting a video call, especially if that call is going to be broadcast on live TV. In her video chat with Jimmy Kimmel on Tuesday, Lisa Kudrow's background game was A+ — not only did she frame herself in front of some lovely wooden shelves, but she also had some handy Friends memorabilia in the background for a spot of show and tell. That "

Tired of Plastic? These Businesses Have Ideas for You

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Companies are developing alternatives to single-use plastic, and with options including seaweed and mushroom tissue, consumer interest isn’t disappearing, even during the coronavirus pandemic.

Fujifilm's app turns your X series and GFX cameras into webcams

Fujifilm App GFX Cameras100+Engadget / 12h
Fujifilm has joined Canon by releasing software that allows you to use select X series and GFX medium format mirrorless cameras as webcams. After you install the Fujifilm X Webcam app and connect a camera to a USB port on your computer (Windows only), it’ll appear as a webcam in Zoom, Hangouts and other popular video conferencing apps. Support is limited to Fujifilm’s recent high-end models , but

Where to buy fun face masks for children

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TL;DR: Etsy is stocking thousands of handmade face masks , with a wide range of designs for kids. Should we be wearing face masks? That is the question on everyone's lips, and for some time the answer hasn't been particularly clear in the UK. The latest advice is that people in England should wear face coverings in enclosed public spaces where social distancing is not possible, such as in shops o

Motorola just leaked the Moto G Fast, and it may be the brand's next cheap phone

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Looking for a great cheap phone ? The Moto G Fast is set to be launched by Motorola soon if a leak from the company itself is to be believed, and it looks like the device will join the ever-growing Moto G8 family. A video on the Motorola US YouTube channel (that has since been removed) showed a new device called the Moto G Fast with a tagline of "ultra-fast, ultra-responsive" and a variety of aff

Oppo doubles down on mobile chip manufacturing efforts

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Huawei’s tussle with the USA has definitely affected the confidence of other Chinese smartphone makers as increasing tensions between Beijing and Washington are forcing Chinese manufacturers to decrease their reliance on Qualcomm. Oppo is the latest one to join the list as it is planning to invest more into in-house chip development and has been hiring veterans from other companies like UNISOC, M