Friday, May 29, 2020

TPS Consulting Friday Evening Edition


Breaking: SpaceX’s Starship Prototype Blows Up in Huge Fireball

59KFuturism / 9h
Fireball Fury To realize its ambitious plans for sending up to 100 passengers to the Moon and Mars inside a massive Starship spacecraft, SpaceX is racing through prototypes. During its fifth static fire today, the fourth Starship prototype, called SN4, erupted in a gigantic fireball around 2:50 pm Eastern time on Friday. Thanks to a live stream, courtesy of NASASpaceflight , you can watch the str

In a Divided Nation, a Call to Finally Protect Black Lives Reaches a Fever Pitch

Minneapolis George Floyd5KLifehacker / 14h
Across America on Thursday night, thousands of people marched to their state capitols, their public squares, their police precincts. Across America, they shouted “I can’t breathe”—a dying plea turned rallying cry. Police took arms against demonstrators—dressing in riot gear, shooting at the citizens who employ them… Read more...

SpaceX’s Starship underwent a Rapid Unscheduled Disassembly—we do mean rapid

SpaceX Starship SN47KArs Technica / 8h
Enlarge / Aftermath of SN static fire test on Friday. (credit: Screengrab from video) On Friday, SpaceX prepared its latest iteration of the Starship prototype vehicle, known as Serial No. 4, or SN4, for a static fire test in Texas. The Raptor engine appeared to fire nominally for a couple of seconds at 1:47pm local time and then shut down as planned. However, about one minute

Unblock American Netflix with this high-speed VPN

32Mashable / 43min
TL;DR: A 15-month subscription to ExpressVPN is on sale for £5.64 per month, saving you 49% on list price. A VPN , in case you didn't already know, is a secure tunnel between your device and the internet. This shields your online traffic from snooping and interference. These services are great tools for protecting your data and identity, but most people sign up for another reason. Online security

Sony exec touts PS5 exclusive games while Xbox pushes 'choice, value'

100+Engadget / 1h
A new console generation is just around the corner, and with it comes a new battle over whose strategy is better, and which one better serves gamers. Earlier, Sony announced an event next week where it will show off “the future of gaming on PlayStation 5.” In an interview with , Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Jim Ryan, the outlet suggested “One way to keep PS4 users engaged

Little-known Japanese CPU threatens to make Nvidia, Intel and AMD obsolete in HPC market

AMD Ryzen Intel GPU54TechRadar - All the latest technology ne... / 1h
Sandia National Laboratories has announced it will be the first Department of Energy labs in the US to deploy the Fujitsu A64FX, the only ARM-based processor designed from ground up for HPC projects and supercomputers. Fujitsu is known primarily for its business laptops , tablets and desktops , but is a behemoth in its own right when it comes to processors, having been in the business for well ov

A popular encryption algorithm is being killed because it is too weak

44TechRadar - All the latest technology ne... / 3h
The developers of two open source code libraries for Secure Shell, which is the protocol used by millions of computers to create encrypted connections, have decided to no longer support the Secure Hash Algorithm 1 ( SHA-1 ) due to growing security concerns. As reported by Ars Technica , developers using the OpenSSH and Libssh libraries will no longer be able to use SHA-1 to digitally sign encrypt

9 New Minutes of Baby Yoda Magic Will Make Your Day

200+Gizmodo / 3h
The Gallery has finally gotten to the Baby.

Exclusive: Vivo X50 to launch in India soon

44TechRadar - All the latest technology ne... / 3h
The Vivo X50 series has been gaining a lot of attention off late. The new device may represent an even more important event for Vivo as a brand in India as it may be just the right one to mark its return to the high-end smartphone space in the country. Sources aware of the developments have confirmed to us that the upcoming Vivo X50 will indeed be making its way to India, soon after the Chinese l

SpaceX's Starship Prototype Explodes in Fourth Failed Test

SpaceX Starship NASA100+Gizmodo / 3h
Like everything else in 2020, the fourth prototype of SpaceX’s next-generation rocket has gone up in flames. It’s the latest in a series of spectacular explosions to plague the company’s Starship program. Read more...

Toyota’s first plug-in hybrid RAV4 Prime priced a skosh under $40,000

2021 Toyota Roadshow52TechCrunch / 4h
When Toyota unveiled the 2021 Toyota RAV4 Prime in November, the vehicle garnered a lot of attention because it achieved two seemingly conflicting goals. It was Toyota’s most fuel efficient and one of its most powerful vehicles . Now, it’s getting praise for managing a base price under $40,000. Toyota said Friday that the standard trim of the plug-in vehicle, the RAV4 Prime SE, will start at $39,

How to demand justice for George Floyd and support Minneapolis protesters

Floyd Minneapolis Target300+Mashable / 4h
You can seek justice for George Floyd wherever you are. On May 25, Floyd died after a Minneapolis police officer pressed his knee against Floyd's neck for 8 minutes and 46 seconds, according to the criminal complaint against the officer, who has been arrested and charged with murder. The officer, Derek Chauvin, ignored Floyd's insistence that he couldn't breathe. In the days that followed Floyd's

Russian agents have been hacking major email program

NSA Russian Sandworm Exim52TechRadar - All the latest technology ne... / 4h
The US National Security Agency ( NSA ) has issued a cybersecurity advisory warning that the Russian military hacking group responsible for interfering in the 2016 presidential election has been exploiting a critical vulnerability in Exim since last August or earlier. For those unfamiliar with Exim, the software is a mail transfer agent (MTA) that runs in the background of email servers. The soft

PlayStation Plus free games in June will include Star Wars: BF2

SlashGear / 4h
On Monday, Sony dropped a teaser revealing one of the games that it will make available to PlayStation Plus subscribers for free in June: Call of Duty: WWII. The company said at the time that it would return in the future to reveal the other titles that will be released in June, and now we finally have those details. PlayStation … Continue reading

Two Years Later, I Couldn't Be Happier With My Samsung Galaxy S9+

Gizmodo / 4h
$10 off Samsung Galaxy S9+ (Refurbished) | Back Market | Promo code LOVE9PLUS Read more...

Hong Kong Customs Found 217 Kilos Of Cocaine Hidden Inside An Aircraft Engine

23View from the Wing / 5h
Aircraft make great hiding spots for drugs, like when the nose of this American Airlines jet hid 31 pounds of cocaine . But what on earth led Hong Kong Customs officers to do a full tear down on an aircraft engine leading them to an incredible haul? Continue reading ...

Another SpaceX Starship prototype explodes after an engine test

200+Engadget / 5h
While the next launch attempt for Crew Dragon is still set for tomorrow afternoon in Florida , in Texas SpaceX is busy working on its Starship project. This afternoon the company appeared to successfully complete a static fire test on the SN4 prototype of its next launch vehicle, but after that it exploded on the test stand . Its predecessors have met similar fates, including the Mk1 build pictur

'Hackers burned my hand with computer virus'

400+BBC News - Technology / 5h
Student's computer overheated after it was hit with a "crypto-jacking" attack.

Netflix’s Lucifer may survive beyond season five under new deal

SlashGear / 5h
The TV show Lucifer based on a comic book series was launched by FOX and, despite its popularity, canceled after three seasons. Netflix swooped in to save the show, releasing the fourth season with the promise of a fifth and final batch of episodes. That plan may change, however, as the streamer continues to see strong demand for the series, … Continue reading

RIP Echo Look, Another Amazon Device I Never Even Knew Existed Until Today

24Gizmodo / 5h
Less than three years after its debut, Amazon has banished its style-centric Echo Look device to the Goodwill pile. The company stopped selling actual units back in December 2019, but the company said this week it would be officially dropping support for the device in July. According to CNET (and first spotted by … Read more...

There Are Rumors 'Kingdom Hearts' Is Getting a Disney+ Show

100+Wired / 5h
Also, the next 'Fortnite' season is being pushed back again.

Lie-flat later this summer: Fly JetBlue Mint coast-to-coast from $310 one-way

The Points Guy / 6h
Editor’s note: As the travel industry reopens following COVID-19 shutdowns, TPG suggests that you talk to your doctor, follow health officials’ guidance and research local travel restrictions before booking that next trip. We will be here to help you prepare, whether it is next month or next year. As the appetite for travel reemerges after a months-long hiatus, flight deals are also likely to ret

Facebook’s latest experiment is Venue, a second screen for live events

Facebook Venue LiveSlashGear / 6h
Facebook’s experimental team has released yet another app, this one for both iOS and Android devices. Called Venue, the app is intended to help fans experience live events in a new way, according to Facebook, bringing people together alongside expert commentators as hosts. Venue is a third-party app that can be used to augment an existing live event — and … Continue reading

How a remix of 'This is America' became a TikTok anthem for protesting police brutality

100+Mashable / 6h
A remix of Childish Gambino's "This is America" is now a viral anthem on TikTok used to protest police brutality against black people. The 2018 hit referenced the fact that black Americans were disproportionately targeted by law enforcement. The music video depicts the rapper dancing with school children while police officers chase down fleeing crowds of black protesters. Carneyval, a music produ

Twitter's web app now supports saved drafts and scheduled tweets

44Mashable / 6h
Twitter this week announced a new feature that lets folks save tweets as a draft and schedule posts for a later time or date. What began as an experiment last fall is now rolling out to all main web app users. Tweetdeck and other third-party platforms have long offered the ability to write now and post later. Twitter only jumped on the bandwagon in November, when a small subset of users gained ac

Target Is Sponsoring News Stories of Its Own Destruction—And Likely Has No Idea

Minneapolis George Floyd24Gizmodo / 6h
Like most industries largely run on automation, the tech that underlies digital advertising is far from perfect, which is why—despite the best efforts of industry bigwigs—sometimes the pipes powering the industry don’t go where they’re supposed to. Sometimes, they’re funneling a brand’s name (and that sweet brand… Read more...

TPG Reader Hall of Fame: A foodie’s dream around-the-world luxury honeymoon with points and miles

The Points Guy / 6h
We love hearing about the incredible trips TPG readers have taken, and today’s Hall of Fame story is an exceptional one. TPG reader Nada and her husband, Marcus, planned an epic round-the-world honeymoon almost exclusively with points and miles, traveling in high style and staying at some of the world’s most aspirational properties. These unabashed foodies focused on four goals: combining luxury

Score a pair of Bose QuietControl 30 headphones and save AU$150

48TechRadar - All the latest technology ne... / 6h
If bulky over-ear cans aren’t your thing but you still want a pair of quality noise-cancelling headphones, then look no further than the Bose QuietControl 30 that has been discounted by AU$150 through Amazon. The QuietControl 30s are wireless neckband-style buds that rival some of Bose’s full-sized QuietComfort headphones in terms of noise cancelling – an impressive feat for buds that are compara

Make Delicious Cold Brew Coffee at Home With These Simple Brewers

41Lifehacker / 6h
Cold brew coffee is a delicious alternative to the hot stuff, not to mention perfectly suited for the warmer months of the year. However, it takes ages to brew properly and the pre-bottled cold brew at the grocery store can be wildly expensive. Read more...

CDC says its testing fail didn’t hurt US response. Experts disagree

100+Ars Technica / 7h
Enlarge / Dr. Robert Redfield, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), attends an event about coronavirus vaccine development in the Rose Garden of the White House on May 15, 2020 in Washington, DC. (credit: Getty | Drew Angerer ) The botched rollout of COVID-19 testing did not cripple the country’s early response to the pandemic, the director of the Centers for Disease

SpaceX Starship SN4 exploded (the last one imploded)

SpaceX NASA Two SaturdaySlashGear / 7h
So remember that SpaceX Startship SN3 implosion we witnessed back in early April of this year? Today SpaceX SN4 and its Raptor engine took part in a static fire test. The main bit of the test went great… then something went very wrong. NOTE: This explosion has no direct relation to the SpaceX launch still scheduled to take place on … Continue reading

Western Digital gets sued for sneaking SMR disks into its NAS channel

100+Ars Technica / 7h
Enlarge / Hattis Law isn't pulling any punches in the allegations made in its class-action lawsuit, specifically calling WD out not only for using SMR technology in less-than-ideal devices, but flatly accusing them of outright deception in the process. (credit: Hattis Law ) All three of the surviving conventional hard drive vendors—Toshiba, Western Digital, and Seagate—have gotten caught sneaking

How to watch the RuPaul’s Drag Race season 12 finale live online from anywhere tonight

48TechRadar - All the latest technology ne... / 7h
A lip sync competition over Zoom? Given the times we live in, we'll sissy walk to anything that lets Mama Ru crown a new queen, squirrel friends! It might not be how anyone ever imagined it, but finalists Crystal Methyd, Jaida Essence Hall and Gigi Goode are all so fabulous, we know they'll make tonight's remote finale every bit as glamtacular as it could ever be. Sashay down the page to find out

Your Stimulus Payment Might Look Like a Scam

IRS Stimulus July 1539Gizmodo / 7h
Just when pandemic scams have peaked to the point that it’s reasonable to incinerate all mail, the government is sending economic impact payments in unmarked envelopes with a very shady return address. Read more...

As wildfire season approaches, AI could pinpoint risky regions using satellite imagery

100+TechCrunch / 7h
The U.S. has suffered from devastating wildfires over the last few years as global temperatures rise and weather patterns change, making the otherwise natural phenomenon especially unpredictable and severe. To help out, Stanford researchers have found a way to track and predict dry, at-risk areas using machine learning and satellite imagery. Currently the way forests and scrublands are tested for

US Virgin Islands welcoming tourists again next week

100+The Points Guy / 7h
As the travel industry reopens following COVID-19 shutdowns, TPG suggests that you talk to your doctor, follow health officials’ guidance and research local travel restrictions before booking that next trip. We will be here to help you prepare, whether it is next month or next year. U.S. Virgin Islands set to reopen St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands on March 6, 2019. (Photo by Bonnie Jo Mount/The W

PS4 YouTube error code NP-37602-8 is causing sign-in issues – but a fix is coming

100+TechRadar - All the latest technology ne... / 7h
If you've tried to use the YouTube app on PS4 recently, you've probably noticed that you're being signed out, and that signing in again prompts an error code: NP-37602-8. Searching PlayStation Support when you get the error prompt yields no results, which is annoying, but now the issue is known to Sony and YouTube and they're looking into fixing it. YouTube tweeted out the following, which was re

The Wraith Deserves to Be Mentioned Among the Iconic '80s Cult Movies

3KGizmodo / 7h
A murdered teen is resurrected as a revenge-driven alien who picks off the gang members who killed him in a series of deadly car races. That’s the basic plot of The Wraith , the 1986 film written and directed by Mike Marvin . I had an odd affinity for it growing up but hadn’t watched from the beginning in several… Read more...

Brex, the credit card for startups, cuts staff amid restructuring

100+TechCrunch / 7h
Brex, last valued at $2.6 billion, is restructuring its credit card for startups business and cut 62 staff members, the co-founders Pedro Franceschi and Henrique Dubugras said in a blog post. “Today we’re restructuring the company to better align our priorities with this new reality, while simultaneously accelerating our product vision. With that, I have some very sad news to share. 62 people wil

Don’t expect to see PlayStation 5 exclusives on PS4

Sony PlayStation 5SlashGear / 7h
At the dawn of a new hardware generation, console makers are presented an interesting problem: what do you do when a new console launch is essentially fragmenting your userbase? Usually, console makers like Sony and Microsoft will continue supporting previous-generation hardware well into the new generation, but generally, they stop making exclusive games for those platforms. Microsoft, however,

How to Schedule Tweets on Twitter's Website

37Lifehacker / 7h
Twitter finally added the ability to schedule tweets from its website. People have requested this feature for the better part of a decade, and you can now schedule all of your brilliant thoughts and witticisms throughout the day instead of just posting them at weird hours of the night. Read more...

Fix Your Crappy Phone Photos With This Powerful App

100+Gizmodo / 7h
Your phone’s camera is more powerful than ever, but it is far from foolproof. It’s always discouraging to think you’ve lined up the perfect shot, only to check your camera roll and discover you messed up something—your composition, your white balance, or who knows what—and you have captured a less-than-perfect… Read more...

Apple acquires Inductiv [UPDATE: Another Christopher Re group]

SlashGear / 7h
A startup company called Inductiv was acquired by Apple to improve the abilities and functionality of their voice assistant system Siri. Inductiv worked with artificial intelligence (AI) to automatically identify and correct errors in raw data. Engineers have begun working with Apple, according to one report, to improve Siri’s speed and accuracy. The most recent iteration of Inductiv (aka HoloCle

Sony will show off the first PlayStation 5 games on June 4th

Sony PlayStation 576TechCrunch / 7h
Sony has been dishing out details on the PlayStation 5 piece-by-piece, rather than dropping all of the details at one big mega event. First came word of the Holiday 2020 release window . Then came an overview of the specs — like that it’ll have a super-fast solid-state drive by default. Most recently, they showed off the controller. (The divvied up approach makes sense, really; with the ongoing p

Sunscreen Stains Are So Bad You Should Skip the Stuff Entirely (OMG but Don’t!)

24Gizmodo / 7h
As far as personal philosophies go, I’m one of those people who believe in the power of the sun and of sex to heal the mind, body, and soul. Taking in both, and often, is good for one’s physical and emotional health. However, both require some measure of protection. Mmm-hm. Fortunately for you, Sex Week has come and… Read more...

135-year-long streak is over: US renewable sources topped coal in 2019

400+Ars Technica / 7h
Enlarge (credit: Mark Rickaby ) Two weeks ago, we covered a US Energy Information Administration (EIA) projection that renewable wind, solar, and hydroelectric power would top coal for total electricity generation in 2020. That was particularly believable given that renewables had beat coal in daily generation every day going back to March 24. As it happens, that daily streak finally came to an e

What to Know About the New TSA Rules

100+Lifehacker / 8h
As travel begins to slowly reopen, many of us are wondering what changes will be made to the check-in and boarding experience going forward. Last week, the Transportation Security Administration announced that there would be new rules and guidelines for all passengers traveling through airports in order to help… Read more...

Sunscreen Stains Are So Bad You Should Skip the Stuff Entirely (OMG but Don’t!)

24Lifehacker / 8h
As far as personal philosophies go, I’m one of those people who believe in the power of the sun and of sex to heal the mind, body, and soul. Taking in both, and often, is good for one’s physical and emotional health. However, both require some measure of protection. Mmm-hm. Fortunately for you, Sex Week has come and… Read more...

The ultra-chill ‘Tetris Effect’ soundtrack is now available for streaming

200+Engadget / 8h
The hypnotic chillwave soundtrack of Tetris Effect is now available for streaming, composer Hydelic announced on the PlayStation Blog . The zen music can be streamed for free on BandCamp , and can also be found on Spotify , YouTube Music and Amazon . After being announced onstage at E3 2018, Tetris Effect was released as a PlayStation 4 exclusive in November 2018 before coming to PC in July 2019

YouTube is Rolling Out a Chapters Feature For Desktop and Mobile

24How-To Geek / 8h
Sometimes YouTube videos you want to launch are extraordinarily long. And while all the content is good for some people, you might need a specific section, like a “How-To.” YouTube’s new chapters feature can help you skip to the meat if the creator supports it anyway. Read This Article on Review Geek ›

Twitter Announces Tweet-Scheduling, Drafts for Web Users

21How-To Geek / 8h
You don’t need to switch over to a 3rd-party app like Tweetdeck just to schedule your Tweets. Now, Twitter lets you schedule posts from the “What’s Happening” box. Twitter is also adding Drafts, a feature that used to be mobile-only, to its website. Read This Article on Review Geek ›

[Updated] The OnePlus 8 Pro Loses Its "X-Ray Camera" In a New Update

25How-To Geek / 8h
Sorry, no more x-ray vision. OnePlus is disabling the OnePlus 8 Pro’s color filter camera through a new OxygenOS 10.5.9 update. The color filter camera will return in a future update, but without the “negative image” mode that allows users to see through plastic and thin clothing. Read This Article on Review Geek ›

4 things to know about traveling to Texas as it reopens

The Points Guy / 8h
Everything is, indeed, bigger in Texas. The Lone Star State is close to 800 miles across, meaning it would take you at least 12 to 13 hours to drive from El Paso in the west to the Louisana state line in the east. Tourism is also big business here, representing about $164 billion in revenue in 2018, which typically supports 1.2 million Texas jobs, according to Travel Texas . And while those touri

Google unveils new system for measuring your website's quality

36TechRadar - All the latest technology ne... / 8h
Google will soon judge websites based on how users perceive the experience of interacting with them as the company has developed a new ranking algorithm. The new update is called Google Page Experience and for site owners, it means that if the company thinks pages on your website have a poor user experience, they will soon rank lower than they do now in Google Search results. Thankfully though, t

As Streamers Spread Dangerous Conspiracy Theories, Twitch Does Little To Stop Them

500+Lifehacker / 8h
In the past few days, an alarming headline has made the rounds: “Half of Fox News viewers think Bill Gates is using pandemic to microchip them, survey suggests.” This idea is nonsense, of course, but coronavirus conspiracy theories have spread almost like the virus itself across the meticulously calibrated algorithmic… Read more...

Grubhub Reportedly Demanding Alimony in Prenup With Uber

Uber Hourly US The Hour24Gizmodo / 8h
In Uber’s apparent Hail Mary bid to buy Grubhub as a measure meant to help its beleaguered business, talks have reportedly stalled over Grubhub’s demand for a breakup fee should the deal fall through. Read more...

2020 Jeep Gladiator Review: You can’t always get what you want

SlashGear / 8h
The word “iconic” is overused, but the 2020 Jeep Gladiator stands a better chance than most of earning it. It’s still hard to believe that it took the automaker this long to make a pickup, but you can’t argue with the results, at least when it comes to looks. Clearly related to the Wrangler, but not merely the SUV with … Continue reading

Why It's So Hard to Predict the Shape of an Economic Recovery

32Lifehacker / 8h
Although the process of reopening the American economy post-pandemic will be long and complex, there’s already plenty of speculation about what the economic recovery will look like. Read more...

Eight US companies will manufacture NASA’s COVID-19 ventilator

100+Engadget / 8h
Last month, the FDA rushed a NASA-designed ventilator through its fast-track Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) program in hopes that it might be used to treat COVID-19 patients. Caltech, which manages NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), offered to license the tech on a royalty-free basis during the pandemic, and it received more than 100 applications. Today, the partners named eight companies

Uber rolls out new Hourly ride order feature in some US cities

Uber Hourly US The HourSlashGear / 8h
Following a successful pilot of the feature, Uber is introducing ‘Hourly’ in several cities in the United States. The feature, as its name suggests, enables Uber riders to request cars on an hourly basis rather than per-ride. This feature will be easier for riders who need to make multiple stops, go to the grocery store, and other occasions in which … Continue reading

George Floyd and the Illusion of Progress

Minneapolis George Floyd200+Wired / 8h
One image from the Minneapolis protests is snapshot of an America that has not changed all the much.

Jeremy Conrad left his own VC firm to start a company, and investors like what he’s building

100+TechCrunch / 8h
When this editor first met Jeremy Conrad, it was in 2014, at the 8,000-square-foot former fish factory that was home to Lemnos, a hardware-focused venture firm that Conrad had co-founded three years earlier. Conrad — who as a mechanical engineering undergrad at MIT worked on self-driving cars, drones and satellites — was still excited about investing in hardware startups, having just closed a sma

Shuffle a Deck of Cards for a Quick Workout

28Lifehacker / 9h
For today’s classic at-home workout, we’re looking all the way back to 2011, when Lifehacker created its own workout program on a now-defunct platform called Fleetly. It offered four workouts per week, adjustable for your goals, and we’re trying one of them today: the deck of cards workout . Read more...

Border Patrol flies anti-terrorism drone over Minneapolis protestors

Minneapolis George Floyd1KArs Technica / 9h
Enlarge (credit: Customs and Border Patrol) Thousands of people took to the streets of Minneapolis on Friday to protest the death of George Floyd, a local black man who died after a white police officer knelt on his neck during an arrest. All the while, a Customs and Border Patrol drone kept a careful eye on the unfolding unrest. The drone, using the tracking signal CBP104, took off from Grand Fo

HBO Max is a mess -- but it's still a smart bet on HBO’s future

HBO Max Apple Netflix81Engadget / 9h
Confusion and HBO Max practically go hand-in-hand. When AT&T's WarnerMedia announced the streaming service last year, it was hard to tell if it was going to be an additional charge for existing HBO Now and cable subscribers. It took a few more months for us to learn that it would basically be an evolution of HBO Now with the same $14.99-a-month price. Even I, a well-informed media follower, didn'

4 views on the future of retail and the shopping experience

Amazon the Echo Look100+TechCrunch / 9h
The global spread of COVID-19 and resulting orders to shelter in place have hit retailers hard. As the pandemic drags on, temporary halts are becoming permanent closures, whether it’s the coffee shop next door, a historic bar or a well-known lifestyle brand . But while the present is largely bleak, preparing for the future has retailers adopting technologies faster than ever. Their resilience and

Every Disney Animated Musical's Best Song

200+Gizmodo / 9h
Disney has produced dozens of animated musicals over the decades, with hundreds of songs in their repertoire. It might be hard to quantify the best songs Disney has ever made (although the answers can probably be found on The Little Mermaid soundtrack), but we can give an opinion on which songs are best from each film. Read more...

Are You Over-Relying on Sleep or Anxiety Meds?

54Lifehacker / 9h
Even more so than usual, our lives are defined by stress right now, the results of which are a lot of anxious, sleepless nights. For many, this has meant turning to anti-anxiety medications or prescription sleep aids. In the past few months, in fact, prescriptions for anti-anxiety and sleep medications have increased … Read more...

Marking the Start of Hot Boy Summer, Men's Shorts Are up to 30% off at Huckberry

20Lifehacker / 9h
Up to 30% off Men’s Shorts | Huckberry

Why You (Probably) Shouldn’t Buy JetBlue Points

58One Mile at a Time / 9h
JetBlue TrueBlue has just rolled out a promotion on purchased points. I want to share the details of it, though also want to note that it’s almost never a good deal. Buy JetBlue points with 60% bonus Through Wednesday, June 10, 2020, JetBlue TrueBlue is offering up to a 60% bonus on the purchase of points . This is a tiered bonus, as follows: Buy 3,000-9,500 points, get a 40% bonus Buy 10,000-29,

Trees are Getting Shorter and Younger

300+Gizmodo / 9h
The world’s collective forests have become shorter and younger overall in the past 50 years, according to a study published in the journal Science on Friday. This means that forests have less capacity to remove carbon from the atmosphere and are less hospitable to the many species that rely on them for shelter. Oh,… Read more...

Put Rum in Your Capri Sun

100+Lifehacker / 9h
Hello, fellow (‘90s) kids. Last night, as I was doing my weekly grocery run, I answered the sweet, nostalgic, siren song of a bright blue box of Capri Sun juice bags. Later, as I sipped on the sweet nectar through the tiny, bright orange straw, I was transported through time and space to the Raging Waters parking lot… Read more...

What to Watch This Weekend, May 29-31, 2020

63Lifehacker / 9h
Looking for something fun to watch tonight? Every afternoon we’re hunting down and highlighting the best streaming options around. Read more...

Apple Powerbeats Pro released in 4 new colors: Hands-on with Lava Red

Powerbeats Pro FourSlashGear / 9h
Spring Yellow, Glacier Blue, Cloud Pink, and Lava Red are new colors revealed by Beats by Dr. Dre (Beats) today for Powerbeats Pro. These new colors will be released on June 9th, 2020, from Apple’s online ship and through authorized resellers. The internal specifications have not changed from the original version of the Powerbeats Pro previously released in black, Navy, … Continue reading

United Airlines CEO says flying is safe, even without social distancing onboard

24The Points Guy / 9h
United Airlines CEO Scott Kirby is standing by the carrier’s decision not to block middle seats on its flights, arguing that safety from the coronavirus comes from other measures but not physical distance onboard. Kirby, who stepped into the top job at the Chicago-based carrier a little over a week ago, insisted at the Bernstein Strategic Decisions conference on May 28 that it is safe to fly on U

Sony reportedly gives game devs a PS5 ultimatum

Sony PlayStation 5SlashGear / 9h
If you’re thinking of holding off on buying new PS4 games because the PlayStation 5 is on the horizon, here’s a bit of good news: a new report today claims that Sony will begin requiring forward compatibility with PlayStation 4 games this summer. Specifically, the report says that Sony will require PlayStation 5 compatibility in PlayStation 4 games that are … Continue reading

Uber Now Offers Flat-Rate Human Shipping For $50

Uber Hourly US The Hour26Gizmodo / 9h
Uber has a new way of shipping humans for the relatively low hourly rate of just 50 bucks. Read more...

SpaceX’s Starship SN4 launch vehicle prototype explodes after static engine fire test

SpaceX Starship SN43KTechCrunch / 9h
SpaceX had just conducted yet another static fire test of the Raptor engine in its Starship SN4 prototype launch vehicle on Friday when the test vehicle exploded on the test stand in Boca Chica, Texas. This was the fourth static fire test of this engine on this prototype, so it’s unclear what went wrong versus other static fire attempts. This was a test in the development of Starship, a new space

Elon Musk: “We Want to Be a Leader in Apocalypse Technology”

1KFuturism / 9h
Bulletproof Retired TV host and car nerd Jay Leno got a first row look at Tesla’s upcoming Cybertruck electric pickup. In the passenger seat next to him was Tesla CEO Elon Musk himself, who gave him a tour of the truck’s features — and later some tunnels he’s dug under Los Angeles with the Boring Company, another of his startups. In the TV segment, aired by CNBC , Musk boasts to Leno about the ca

YouTube and Tribeca’s global online film festival starts today

YouTube Google VC One100+TechCrunch / 9h
Today, the online film festival We Are One is kicking off 10 days of films, talks, musical performances and VR experiences. The event is a collaboration between Tribeca Enterprises (the organization behind the Tribeca Film Festival) and YouTube, with help from 21 film festivals from around the world. Think of it as an attempt to recreate a little bit of the excitement of this year’s canceled fest

Aaron Levie: ‘We have way too many manual processes in businesses’

73TechCrunch / 9h
Box CEO Aaron Levie has been working to change the software world for 15 years, but the pandemic has accelerated the move to cloud services much faster than anyone imagined. As he pointed out yesterday in an Extra Crunch Live interview, who would have thought three months ago that businesses like yoga and cooking classes would have moved online — but here we are. Levie says we are just beginning

No travel necessary: Here’s why Amex should make its airline credit as easy to use as Chase and Citi

The Points Guy / 9h
Appetite for travel is slowly beginning to reemerge , but that doesn’t mean everyone is ready to leave and explore the world yet. Many people will continue to stay close to home and funnel more of their spending towards things likes groceries and food delivery . Some of the major credit card issuers — including Amex , Citi , and now, Chase — have made travel-heavy cards more usable at a time when

How 'Sesame Street' stayed on the air during quarantine

1KMashable / 9h
Quarantined "Sesame Street" puppeteer Stephanie D'Abruzzo created a studio in her own living room so she could keep shooting the show. Read more... More about Mashable Video , Kids , Sesame Street , Puppets , and Tv Show

FDA warns popular diabetes drug has cancer risk, seeks multiple recalls

24SlashGear / 9h
In a statement this week, the Food and Drug Administration warned that its laboratory has discovered impurities in some batches of popular diabetes drug metformin that may be a cancer risk. The discovery involves “several lots” of the extended-release (ER) version of metformin, prompting the agency to seek voluntary drug recalls from five different companies. According to the release published …

The ‘Fuller House’ cast gets nostalgic about the show’s final season

48Mashable / 9h
Thirty years after premiering on network television, Netflix's "Full House" sequel is set for its series finale. The cast talk about all the feelings that come with ending such an iconic show. Read more... More about Netflix , Mashable Video , Fuller House , Full House , and Tv Shows

This TikTok clone is number one on the App Store. But is it all smoke and mirrors?

Zynn TikTok App Store100+Mashable / 9h
If you've visited the App Store on your iPhone over the past few days, you might have noticed an app you’ve never heard of before occupying the number one spot on the charts. The app, Zynn , is a brand-new, short-form video platform that launched earlier this month on Apple’s App Store and Google Play. So what is it? A glance at Zynn's barebones website shows nothing more than links to the aforem

This gadget could make fermenting your veggies easier — Future Blink

72Mashable / 9h
Kefirko works by using a pressing spring and pump and after users add ingredients, the spring and a glass weight are added before closing the lid. Read more... More about Tech , Science , Mashable Video , Food And Drink , and Future Blink

Amazon's Echo Look fashion camera will stop working on July 24th

Amazon the Echo Look100+Engadget / 9h
We hope you wren’t leaning on Amazon’s Echo Look for fashion advice — you’ll have to find an alternative soon. Amazon has confirmed to (via TechCrunch ) that that it’s shutting down Echo Look functionality on July 24th. Simply put, the company no longer feels the Look is necessary given recent changes. Now that Style by Alexa features have found their way into Alexa devices and the Am

How to Automatically Add Chapters to YouTube Videos

28Lifehacker / 9h
YouTube has a new “chapters” feature allowing creators to timestamp specific spots in their videos to allow users to jump around to the most important parts without having to watch someone babble for ten minutes first. (Though that’s probably not how the YouTubers would put it.) Read more...

This grandmother created quarantine Barbie 'starter packs'

52Mashable / 10h
Artist Tonya Ruiz created “Quarantine Barbies” during the lockdown to depict what life at home looks like. Read more... More about Mashable Video , Toys , Barbie , Quarantine , and Coronavirus

Don't End Texts With a Period

1KLifehacker / 10h
Hey.

With IHG Discounting Many Hotels Up To 50%, New Dynamic Pricing Is Bad For You

View from the Wing / 10h
IHG appears to have rolled out fully dynamic pricing for awards. While that means some hotel redemptions for a very low number of points now, long term this is a terrible thing for members. Don't believe others who call dynamic pricing an 'amazing deal'. Continue reading ...

All new PS4 games have to work on PS5, orders Sony

Sony PS5 PlayStation44TechRadar - All the latest technology ne... / 10h
Sony has told developers that any new PS4 games submitted for certification after July 13 will have to be PS5 -compatible. Developer documentation released on a PlayStation internal partner website states that first-party developers submitting games past this date must ensure that the game will also run on the PS5, according Eurogamer . That means that any PS4 and PS4 Pro game submitted after thi

NSA warns Russian Sandworm hackers have infiltrated email MTA Exim

NSA Russian Sandworm EximSlashGear / 10h
This week the NSA warned the public that Russian military cyber actors have been exploiting a version of email software for several months at least. The exploited system is MTA software for Unix-based systems, Exim mail – software that’s installed with a number of Linux distributions by default. While the original patch for this vulnerability was released last year, many … Continue reading

Jabra’s Elite 75t earbuds now offer personalized sound and customizable controls

77Engadget / 10h
The Jabra Elite 75t and Elite Active 75t already offered high-quality audio at a palatable price, but the latest update for these true wireless earbuds adds customization options that make them even better. The update, available now, adds MySound and MyControls features to Jabra’s Sound+ app. Jabra’s MySound is a function within the Sound+ app that customizes the audio output based on your hearin

Salesforce stock is taking a hit today after lighter guidance in yesterday’s earning’s report

100TechCrunch / 10h
In spite of a positive quarter with record revenue that beat analysts’ estimates, Salesforce stock was taking a hit today because of lighter guidance. Wall Street is a tough audience. The stock was down $8.29/share, or 4.58%, as of 2:15 pm ET. The guidance, which was a projection for next quarter’s earnings, was lighter than what the analysts on Wall Street expected. While Salesforce was projecti

Onision finds a home on OnlyFans after getting banned from Patreon

24Mashable / 10h
Following a nearly year-long campaign for YouTube to deplatform Onision, the controversial creator claimed he was leaving the platform himself — for OnlyFans. Onision, who goes by both Gregory Jackson or James Jackson, faces accusations of grooming and emotional abuse from multiple women, many of whom say their relationships started when they were teenagers. Several women discussed their experien

Facebook Wants to be the Arbiter of Truth When It Comes to the Identities of Mega-Viral Accounts

Facebook Zuckerberg100+Gizmodo / 10h
For the past year or so, Facebook has mandated that certain page owners and political ad-spenders on the platform verify their identities as a way to curb interference in the coming election. Now, these checks are being extended to certain people’s profiles, too. According to a post made on the company’s blog… Read more...

Audi launches high-tech car unit Artemis to fast-track a ‘pioneering’ EV to market

100+TechCrunch / 10h
Audi has created a new business unit called Artemis to bring electric vehicles equipped with highly automated driving systems and other tech to market faster — the latest bid by the German automaker to become more agile and competitive. The traditional automotive industry, where the design to start of production cycle might take five to seven years, has been grappling with how to bring new and in

Stadia Pro members get six free games in June

97Engadget / 10h
Google is still determined to reel in Stadia customers by lavishing subscribers with free games . The internet giant has revealed that Stadia Pro members will get six bonus games in June, or twice as many as usual. These are titles you might recognize, too, including The Elder Scrolls Online (on June 16th), the time-based action puzzler Superhot , Panzer Dragoon Remake , Get Packed , Little Night

Senators ask FTC to investigate Instacart over 'tip baiting'

100+Engadget / 10h
Tip baiting, where delivery service customers promise generous tips to couriers only to stiff them afterward, is a scummy practice — and politicians want to know if companies are letting it slide. A group of US senators led by Brian Schatz have sent a letter to FTC Chairman Joseph Simons asking him to start an investigation into whether Instacart and other delivery firms are conducting “unfair or

Pamper Yourself With a Vibrating Foot Spa

20Lifehacker / 10h
Vibrating Foot Spa | $73 | Amazon

Dino-Killing Asteroid Spawned a Huge Magma Chamber That Lasted Millions of Years

200+Gizmodo / 10h
When the dinosaur-snuffing asteroid hit Earth some 66 million years ago, it produced a subterranean pool of magma roughly nine times larger than the current caldera at Yellowstone National Park, according to new research. Read more...

One family’s experience traveling during the age of coronavirus

The Points Guy / 10h
Dr. Joe Leader serves as APEX / IFSA CEO, one of the largest international airline associations in the world. Leader holds undergraduate and graduate degrees from Emory University, an MBA in technology management, and conducted his business Ph.D. research on accelerating technology adoption in aviation. In This Post Travel in the age of coronavirus Careful. That one word best describes my first f

How to Wrangle a Toddler and a Newborn at the Same Time

100+Lifehacker / 10h
With the exception of one (very) long weekend as a foster parent, I’ve never parented a toddler and a newborn at the same time. But that very long weekend did give me a (relatively) brief glimpse into how utterly crazy and exhausting it would be. We put so much emphasis, as a society, on preparing for the first baby.… Read more...

'Defending Jacob' delivers a disturbing finale after a disappointing season

69Mashable / 10h
Read more... More about Entertainment , Television , Chris Evans , Apple Tv Plus , and Apple Tv

Echo Looks will cease functioning in July, as Amazon discontinues the camera

Amazon the Echo Look100+TechCrunch / 10h
Introduced in mid-2017, the Look was one of the more obscure — and, honestly, kind of bizarre — entries in the Echo line. It was a small camera designed to take videos and selfies of its owner, using machine learning to help choose outfits. No surprise, really, that it never caught fire. And now, three years after its introduction, it’s dead. First noted by , Amazon sent a letter to c

The largest electric plane in the world just aced its first flight

28SlashGear / 10h
A plane billed as the largest all-electric commercial aircraft has set a new record, taking to the skies for the first time and making a zero-emissions flight. The all-electric Cessna 208B Grand Caravan – known as the eCaravan – took off from a runway in Washington on Thursday and flew for 28 minutes, with its creators suggesting it could fill … Continue reading

Heat up the Summer With up to 50% off at Ella Paradis

Gizmodo / 10h
Up to 50% off | Ella Paradis | Use Code HOT Read more...

Great Icelandair Business Class Transatlantic Fares

200+One Mile at a Time / 10h
As noted by Frequent Miler , Icelandair has some fantastic business class fares for travel between various points in the US and various points in Europe for this upcoming fall and winter. Obviously there’s a lot of uncertainty, but this is at least worth being aware of. Icelandair’s great business class fares Icealndair has roundtrip transatlantic business class fares in the range of $850 to $1,1

IHG just introduced dynamic award pricing — here’s what that means for travelers

The Points Guy / 10h
After rolling out dynamic award pricing in Greater China last month , IHG confirmed to TPG that hotels in the Americas are now pricing award nights dynamically. The hotel group also told us that it will roll out the pricing structure to “more hotels coming weeks.” TPG’s initial tests have confirmed that dynamic pricing has also rolled out to several cities in Europe as well. In a statement, IHG s

The best deals we found this week: AirPods Pro, Fire TV Cube and more

59Engadget / 11h
Memorial Day may be behind us but you can still grab some of its deals. Apple’s AirPods Pro are still at the very good sale price of $228 at Amazon, and a bunch of Fire TV devices are on sale as well. The Fire TV Cube is $100 right now and both the Fire TV Stick and the Stick 4K are $10 off. There are also good sales on Google’s Nest WiFi and Pixel 3a smartphone still available. Here are the best

YouTube makes video chapters official

44Ars Technica / 11h
Enlarge (credit: NurPhoto/Getty Images ) In your travels around YouTube the past few weeks, you might have seen a video or two that features "chapters." Chapters allow creators to timestamp and name sections of their videos for easy navigation. The feature has been in experimental mode for the past few weeks, but now YouTube is making chapters official . Chapters add a lot of functionality to the

As Streamers Spread Dangerous Conspiracy Theories, Twitch Does Little To Stop Them

500+Gizmodo / 11h
In the past few days, an alarming headline has made the rounds: “Half of Fox News viewers think Bill Gates is using pandemic to microchip them, survey suggests.” This idea is nonsense, of course, but coronavirus conspiracy theories have spread almost like the virus itself across the meticulously calibrated algorithmic… Read more...

Should I Worry About Mystery Boxes on My Town's Utility Poles?

100+Lifehacker / 11h
I don’t really pay much attention to my neighborhood’s utility poles—as long as they’re standing strong and not sparking, humming strangely, or anything like that, they do their thing and I do my thing. However, some Lifehacker readers are a bit more eagle-eyed than me. Read more...

Register for the first ‘Future of Travel’ webinar with Brian Kelly and Carnival CEO Arnold Donald

The Points Guy / 11h
Register Now The cruise industry has been upended by the coronavirus, but when will ships sail again , and what should guests expect from the experience ? Join the founder and CEO of The Points Guy Brian Kelly and Carnival Corporation CEO Arnold Donald as they gaze into the future and answer pressing questions about what cruising might look like in a post-coronavirus world. Whether you’re an infr

iPhone privacy prompts discriminate against non-Apple apps, complaint says

66Ars Technica / 11h
Enlarge / Tile Mate, one of Tile’s tracking hardware products. (credit: Tile) Tile, a maker of hardware and software for digitally tracking the location of personal possessions, has written a letter to the European Commission accusing Apple of anti-competitive behavior as rumors abound that Apple plans to launch a competitor to Tile in the near future. This follows similar complaints by Tile in t

The best investment every digital brand can make during the COVID-19 pandemic

100+TechCrunch / 11h
Steve Tan Contributor Steve Tan is a Singapore-based serial entrepreneur and full-stack digital marketer with over 14 years of hands-on experience who is also the CEO and founder of Super Tan Brothers Pte. Ltd , which operates e-commerce, software, logistics, marketing, educational and investment companies around the globe. Intuitively, stores that sell online should be making a killing during th

The Best Pair of Workout Earbuds Now Comes in Actual Fun Colors

Powerbeats Pro Four33Gizmodo / 11h
I don’t know about you, but I’m over workout earbuds that only come in dark, boring colors. The options usually range from black to grey—occasionally navy, if you’re feeling spicy. Apple-owned Beats is now giving those of us who want more color a few more shades to choose from in its Powerbeats Pro lineup, making some… Read more...

Is there a good reason to buy the Apple Watch Series 5 ?

Apple Watch AutoSleep87Engadget / 11h
It’s been five years since Apple debuted its smartwatch, and in that time the square-faced device has become iconic and infamous. The most recent version offers ‘dimmable’ faces that keep the screen available at all times, courtesy of its low-temperature polysilicon and oxide display. But it also provides many of the same things as before, including 18 hours of battery life, 40 and 44mm sizes and

This Google AR app tackles social distancing’s biggest issue

Google Sodar AR Social26SlashGear / 11h
With social distancing for our current global pandemic for COVID-19, augmented reality seems to have found a place to be helpful in the real world. An “Experiments with Google” app called Sodar works with WebXR to show a 2-meter circle around the user, with augmented reality. You’ll need a supported device to make this work – but if you’ve got … Continue reading

How to watch One Tree Hill online: stream every episode from anywhere

28TechRadar - All the latest technology ne... / 11h
More angsty and testosterone-fuelled than Dawson’s Creek, the other popular teen drama based in North Carolina - One Tree Hill - charted the lives and loves of Nathan and Lucas: two half-brothers from very different backgrounds, whose divergent worlds collide through a joint passion for shooting hoops. Follow their journey from adolescence to adulthood as we detail how to watch One Tree Hill onli

How to Vote by Mail

1KLifehacker / 11h
It’s 2020, so naturally, the mail has become politicized . Specifically, the president has insisted the push to make it easier to vote by mail during the pandemic is an attempt to fix the election because doing so is prone to fraud—a claim for which there is no actual evidence . The good news is that states are largely… Read more...

A Tokyo Hospital Is Livestreaming Surgeries in Virtual Reality

500+Futurism / 11h
In order to protect medical students and doctors during the coronavirus pandemic, a hospital in Tokyo has started livestreaming surgical procedures in virtual reality for students stuck at home. At Tokyo Women’s Medical University, which is known for experimenting with medical robots and AI algorithms , surgeons are now performing operations under the watchful eye of a giant, 8K virtual reality c

Sony will require devs to make future PS4 games compatible with the PS5

Sony PS5 PlayStation100+Engadget / 11h
Developers hoping to publish a PlayStation 4 game will have to ensure that their title also works on the upcoming PS5 , according to Eurogamer . Documentation from Sony’s internal partner portal states that, as of July 13th, any software submitted for certification must run on both platforms, as well as offer the same experience on each. In other words, all game modes and options enabled on the P

Grimes Is Auctioning Off a Fraction of Her Soul

200+Futurism / 11h
Selling Out Claire “Grimes” Boucher — acclaimed musician, avant-garde artist, and mother of Elon Musk’s latest child — has decided to auction off a percentage of her soul, Bloomberg reports . The bizarre sale, which will include a legal document specifying that the buyer owns part of Grimes’ soul, will be part of the performer’s upcoming online art exhibition, aptly-titled titled “Selling Out.” “

Greece Outlines Plans For Summer Tourist Season

87One Mile at a Time / 11h
Greece is probably my favorite country in the world to visit in summer, as it never gets old, from the food, to the climate, to the landscape. Over the past few weeks we’ve heard all kinds of vague details about what we should expect from Greece’s reopening for a summer tourist season, but today the country has revealed some more key details. Tourists from 29 countries welcome as of June 15 Greec

13 expenses that you should not put on your credit card

The Points Guy / 11h
It can be tempting to use a credit card to pay for expenses you normally wouldn’t (or couldn’t) pay for with cash or a debit card . But, whether you’re working to get out of debt or simply want to stay out of it, it’s best to avoid using your credit card for anything you can’t pay off before you begin accruing interest. To be clear, I’m not saying that the following purchases absolutely should no

Stadia Pro subscribers have a big June ahead of them

SlashGear / 11h
Google has announced five new games that are landing on Stadia Pro next week. That, as always, means that they’ll be free for Stadia Pro subscribers to claim and play. This reveal follows an announcement from earlier in the week, when Google detailed a pair of new games heading to the Stadia Store on top of sending 1440p support live … Continue reading

GoPro Labs gives users access to experimental features

87Engadget / 11h
Beginning today, GoPro “superusers” can tinker with new, experimental features through the official GoPro Labs . The sandbox gives users access to tricks GoPro is testing behind the scenes. Users will be able to, for instance, add ReelSteady’s stabilization to the Hero8 Black and use QR code-enabled features like wake up timers for remote video capture. To start, GoPro is sharing features that or

Scientists Captured New Footage of the Deepest-Living Octopus

200+Gizmodo / 11h
Scientists have discovered a potentially new species of the adorable “dumbo” octopus in a very unique place. At more than 4 miles (6,957 meters) under the Indian Ocean, the newly discovered octo was found at the deepest depths of any cephalopod has been observed. The discovery— published in the journal Marine Biology… Read more...

Fix Your Crappy Phone Photos With This Powerful App

100+Lifehacker / 11h
Your phone’s camera is more powerful than ever, but it is far from foolproof. It’s always discouraging to think you’ve lined up the perfect shot, only to check your camera roll and discover you messed up something—your composition, your white balance, or who knows what—and you have captured a less-than-perfect… Read more...

TinyML is giving hardware new life

400+TechCrunch / 12h
Adam Benzion Contributor A serial entrepreneur, writer, and tech investor, Adam Benzion is the co-founder of , the world's largest community for hardware developers. Aluminum and iconography are no longer enough for a product to get noticed in the marketplace. Today, great products need to be useful and deliver an almost magical experience, something that becomes an extension of life.

The Nerd's Watch: The Best Sci-Fi and Fantasy Streaming in June

89Gizmodo / 12h
Streaming is more important than ever. As huge numbers of people stay home during the global pandemic, many have turned to the plethora of services for a much-needed escape. At the start of each month , most streaming services do a little shuffle, adding new movies and taking some off, and we’re here to help with your… Read more...

The new Raspberry Pi has double the RAM of previous models

Raspberry Pi 4 RAM36TechRadar - All the latest technology ne... / 12h
The Raspberry Pi Foundation has launched an updated version of the Raspberry Pi 4 with 8GB of RAM after releasing the latest model of the pocket-sized computer last June. While the device was initially available with either 1GB, 2GB or 4GB of RAM, even at that time the company was imagining the possibility of an 8GB Raspberry Pi 4 as the BCM2711 chip it uses supports up to 16GB of LPDDR4 SDRAM. U

UK’s biggest solar plant gets the official go-ahead

75Engadget / 12h
A proposed solar park that would be the largest in the United Kingdom has received a greenlight from government officials for development, the UK Planning Inspectorate Office announced Thursday. The Cleve Hill Solar Park would consist of 880,000 solar panels, according to The Guardian , and have a peak capacity of 350 megawatts (MW). That should be enough to power about 91,000 homes, according to

This sneaky Amazon deal will save you $100 on an Apple Watch Series 5

57Mashable / 12h
When it comes to work-from-home accessories , an Apple Watch is probably the be-all and end-all. It's basically like having a personal assistant right on your wrist: It'll make sure you don't miss any calls or texts, remind you to take regular stretch breaks, and keep you on top of your workload with apps like Slack, Trello, and Evernote. (Just be sure to turn off your notifications when you're o

TGIF Playlist: Revolution

29Lifehacker / 12h
3 Months Free | Amazon Music Unlimited

Soak and Freeze Bamboo Skewers for Summer Grilling

61Lifehacker / 12h
Eating food off of sticks is particularly fun in the summer months, and throwing a bunch of kebabs on the grill is an easy way to make that happen. But skewers made of bamboo can split or char, and burnt splinters are not appetizing. A little soak can help, but one has to remember to soak them. To prevent an… Read more...

Google Made a Super Simple AR Tool to Help You Better Visualize Proper Social Distancing

Google Sodar AR Social200+Gizmodo / 12h
Parts of the U.S. are starting to open up again, but with covid-19 continuing to plague communities throughout the country, it’s still important to maintain proper social distancing where needed when out in public. To help make staying six feet away from others easier to visualize, Google made a simple augmented… Read more...

Why I’m waiting to book a flight to Iceland — and you might want to do the same

22The Points Guy / 12h
Since March 15, I’ve been quarantining at my dad’s house just outside Philadelphia. Before then, I was at a ski resort in a remote part of Canada , with an overnight stop in Vermont on the drive south. During these days, weeks and now months, I’ve been helping care for my young siblings while my dad, a physician, has treated COVID-19 patients. Fortunately, with homeschooling almost done for the s

Samsung TV owners now get free access to mental health content

64Mashable / 12h
The news, though always generally disturbing, is doubly disheartening right now. Every new scroll through social media poses something new to be angry about, but looking away doesn't feel right. SEE ALSO: A few Nintendo Switch Lite bundles have been restocked at GameStop — be fast if you want one Being present and mindful of these events is important — but when your brain feels like it's running

Monkeys in India Stole Covid-19 Blood Samples, Chewed on Them

500+Gizmodo / 12h
A band of thieving monkeys attacked a lab researcher in India and made off with blood test samples taken from covid-19 patients. Read more...

This Mini Ion Thruster Is Adorably Tiny

400+Futurism / 12h
Ion Maiden Scientists at the European Space Agency have created a miniaturized ion thruster that’s capable of keeping a satellite steady while in Earth’s orbit. Liquid metal forming on a tiny spiked crown made of tungsten generates an electric field and shoots out positively charged ions, providing thrust. The crown is made up of 28 tiny needles and is just a single centimeter in diameter, less t

New Samsung Galaxy Watch models revealed by FCC

Samsung Galaxy Watch FCCSlashGear / 12h
The successor to one of the most major competitors to the Apple Watch was revealed today – in part – by the FCC. That is the Galaxy Watch, successor to the device with the same title. This Samsung device looks largely similar to the original, with a new stainless steel case and a new Gorilla Glass DX topside pane of … Continue reading

Don't Follow 'Breaking News' Twitter Accounts

200+Lifehacker / 12h
When events are happening fast, like during last night’s protests against police violence in Minneapolis, misinformation travels fast, too. Check your sources, and don’t trust accounts whose reason for existing is simply to spread “breaking news.” Read more...

Interstellar Visitor May Be One of Rarest Objects In Universe

1KFuturism / 12h
Hailstorm Scientists say that ‘Oumuamua, the giant space object that came from outside our solar system, could actually be an extremely rare chunk of hydrogen ice. It’s an out-there idea — Wired reports that there are only a few places in the universe capable of creating a hydrogen iceberg. But the Yale scientists behind the theory say that if the interstellar visitor were a giant iceberg , many

Don't expect PS5 games to come to PS4 too

Sony PS5 PlayStation83TechRadar - All the latest technology ne... / 12h
Sony recently revealed we'll be getting our first look at PS5 games on June 4, but if you're holding out hope that any of Sony's PS5 exclusives that are revealed during the showcase will come to the PS4 too, you might be disappointed. In an interview with , Sony Interactive Entertainment's president and CEO Jim Ryan seemed to shoot down the possibility of PS5-exclusives games co

The new 2021 Ford F-150 will be revealed June 25: Here’s what to expect

2021 Ford Mustang 1SlashGear / 12h
Ford will officially reveal the all-new 2021 F-150 truck on June 25, the automaker has confirmed, the hotly-anticipated update to the best-selling pickup. With physical events off the calendar, Ford will be unveiling the new F-150 via webcast, with the presentation expected to kick off at 8pm ET (5pm PT). Interest is likely to be high, too. The F-150 is … Continue reading

HBO Max Botched Its Launch-Day List, Too

WarnerMedia HBO Max75Gizmodo / 12h
HBO Max’s odd and decidedly messy release this week just got a little stranger. Despite promising a number of popular titles that the company said would be available immediately in a press release last week, those titles were nowhere to be found as of Wednesday. And now, it appears the company has yanked the memo from… Read more...

The UK is cracking down on sales of fraudulent ‘anti-5G’ USB sticks

5GBioShield 128MB USB400+Engadget / 12h
London’s Trading Standards office, along with City of London police, are attempting to stop the sale of a device a company claims can protect people against the supposed dangers of 5G spectrum. Stephen Knight, operations director for London Trading Standards, told the BBC it considers the device, a £283 (approximately $349) USB stick called the 5GBioShield, "a scam." The agency , which is respons

Take That live stream: how to watch the reunion concert tonight from anywhere for free

200+TechRadar - All the latest technology ne... / 12h
Some thought it might never happen again, but Take That are rolling back the years and reuniting for a special one-off charity gig to benefit Covid-19 relief efforts. Best of all, it couldn't be easier to tune in to every song online as Robbie, Gary, Mark and Howard sing their hearts out tonight for a good cause. Here's how to watch the Take That concert live from anywhere in the world right now

Bunq adds donations to charities and tests redesign

100+TechCrunch / 12h
Challenger bank Bunq is adding a new feature that lets you donate to charities directly from the app. In addition to that, Bunq is also in the process of redesigning its app. The company is launching a public beta test to get feedback from its users. Other fintech startups, such as Revolut and Lydia , have launched donation features in the past. But in those cases, startups have selected a handfu

How to Amend a Tax Return Online

54Lifehacker / 12h
If you’ve ever needed to amend your taxes, you know that the process takes place the old-fashioned way: by submitting your forms through the mail. But that will finally change later this summer when the IRS releases the electronic version of Form 1040X. Read more...

Save $700 on a Razer gaming laptop, plus more tech deals this weekend

Razer Blade 15 Studio SE48Mashable / 12h
Another weekend, another batch of laptop and tablet deals. This week we're super into this Razer Blade gaming laptop that's $700 off, $200 of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 , and a few other sweet discounts. Check them out below. And if you have extra money to burn, maybe consider donating to a worthy cause this weekend as well. Laptops $499 and below Google Pixel Slate — $499 (list price $799) Laptop

Alaska Airlines Selling Miles At Lowest Cost Ever

1KOne Mile at a Time / 12h
Obviously for most people this isn’t the time to buy points speculatively. However, for those who have good award redemptions in mind, it could make sense to buy points at a discount, especially when programs offer best-ever promos. That’s why I’ll keep covering deals to buy points as they arise. Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan is one of my favorite programs to buy miles from, both thanks to the fre

PlayStation 5: Sony confident coronavirus won't change release plans

7KBBC News - Technology / 12h
The CEO of PlayStation reveals how it's responded to coronavirus as it prepares to release the PS5.

The UN says a new computer simulation tool could boost global development

300+MIT Technology Review / 12h
The news: The United Nations is endorsing a computer simulation tool that it believes will help governments tackle the world’s biggest problems, from gender inequality to climate change. Global challenges: In 2015, UN member states signed up for a set of 17 sustainable-development goals that are due to be reached by 2030. They include things like “zero poverty,” “no hunger,” and “affordable and c

World Famous Cellist Banned From Delta Has Passed Away

21View from the Wing / 12h
Harrell's cello was naturally a valuable item and he used to purchase an extra seat on the plane for the cello when he traveled. He was a Delta frequent flyer, and he thought that if the cello had a seat that the instrument should also be a member of SkyMiles accruing points for the ticket purchases. Delta warned him in 2001 that SkyMiles membership was limited to people, but Harrell persisted. H

Senators Call for Investigation Into Instacart for Enabling the Worst People

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There are a million flavors of shithead on this bountiful planet, but far and away one of the most unforgivable are the subset of rat bastards who engage in the practice of “tip-baiting” gig workers. As of today, a handful of lawmakers are demanding Instacart stop allowing the practice, and are asking the FTC to get… Read more...

“The future of gaming”: PlayStation 5 game reveal event dated for June 4

Sony PlayStation 567Ars Technica / 12h
Enlarge / See you on Thursday, June 4, at 4pm ET. (credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment) Sony's painfully slow drip of PlayStation 5 information may finally open wide next week. The game publisher has scheduled a