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How is Labor Day Still a Holiday?

Fake Trump Quote
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Labor day cartoon
Bygone era.
Tomorrow there will be a discussion of the buzz of the week, a claim that Trump called soldiers losers. This was unattributed and ran in Laurene Jobs’ Atlantic Monthly, a once famous magazine that fell on hard times and needed to be bailed out by a multi-billionaire patron. The magazine is exclusively critical of Trump.

A curious question remains about anonymous sources at this point. With all the Trump hate and books about Trump and people coming forward (Cohen, Bolton, etc). Why does anyone remain anonymous unless it is Melania Trump herself? It makes no sense.
Anti-CNN meme
The BS is really flying when you read that one anonymous source is confirming what another anonymous source said. What kind of journalism is that? Generally speaking, an anonymous source is only used sparingly and usually because of some illegal activity or during an investigation. And it has always been bad form to quote them just to make points or to confirm some prejudice.

You have to ask, if Trump is so bad and must get voted out, then why don’t these sources come out of the woodwork and say who they are, especially if there are so many of them. Even John Bolton, no supporter of Trump, said this Atlantic story was hogwash. I’ll go with him on this. And Trump is never shy about expressing himself about pretty much everything. So why now?

When you see the article, linked here, you’ll read a screed by a defender of John McCain, using Trump’s early condemnation of McCain as a platform for extrapolation.

This will be deconstructed tomorrow along with the latest updates on Covid, Biden and the economy. You’ll love it.
John McCain
Even from beyond the grave, I've still got it Drumpf!
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Doomed to Repeat History Dept.
Newspaper clipping telling of famine in 1975
The era of the New Ice Age and Overpopulation has been replaced by the era of Global Warming and Pandemics. Ain't life grand? You have to love the "Already too late" meme.
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