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Basically Every Black Panther Comic Is Free on Comixology Right Now

Black Panther C. Boseman
8KGizmodo / 8h
A fitting tribute for a King.

Holy Directions Batman! Waze Can Now Guide You with the Voice of the Dark Knight

64How-To Geek / 7h
When it comes to who makes the best Batman, there’s a clear winner—Kevin Conroy. He’s voice acted as Batman since the late ’90s in TV shows, films, video games, and even a brief live-action appearance in the Arrowverse. And now you can have the definitive voice of Batman give you directions in Waze. Read This Article on Review Geek ›

Yahoo is giving away a free website to businesses

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Get the Online Presence package for a whole year.

If you can believe it, millions of people are still using Windows XP

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You may well be using Windows 10, but a surprising number of users remain loyal to 19-year-old Windows XP.

This online training course might make you fall in love with maths

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TL;DR: The Mathematics for Engineers Prep Bundle is on sale for £21.80 as of Sept. 6, saving you 97% on list price. Maths is hard, especially if you haven't dealt with numbers for a long time. It's never too late to rekindle your relationship with the subject though. You just need a little help getting started. You may have slacked off in school and university, but you're an adult now. With this

Boost your SEO efforts with this heavily discounted subscription

SEO XML Location
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TL;DR: A lifetime subscription to LongTailPro is on sale for £37.58 as of Sept. 6, saving you 96% on list price. Building a website in 2020 is as easy as dragging and dropping some symbols, selecting a colour palette, and writing a few pithy phrases. Turning a website into a success in 2020, however, is one serious challenge. You can spend as much time as you want to perfect the appearance of you

FAU-G says it isn't competing with PUBG - has two more games ready for launch

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Post India's ban on PUBG and 117 other games with a Chinese connection last week, it was announced that Indian company nCore games would be launching FAU-G as an alternative to the popular game that got banned.

Facebook Is Apparently Testing Out a New Feature That Puts Instagram Stories in Its Main App

Facebook Instagram
45Gizmodo / 3h
Facebook has made it no secret that it wants to entwine Instagram into its main blue app as much as possible (to some Instagram users’ chagrin.) Its latest experiment apparently involves putting Instagram stories directly on Facebook. Read more...

Teen Hacker Charged with Paralyzing Miami Schools in Embarrassingly Simple Cyberattack

100+Gizmodo / 3h
A Florida teenager allegedly used an embarrassingly simple program to launch a series of DDoS attacks that helped shut down one of the nation’s largest school districts for its first three days of virtual classes, the Miami Herald reported this week. Read more...

Epic Asks Court to Put Fortnite Back in the App Store While It Fights With Apple

Epic Apple Fortnite
Gizmodo / 5h
A week after the release of the latest chapter of Fortnite —which is not available on iOS or macOS because of the brawl between Epic Games and Apple—Epic Games is again asking the court to put its game back in the App Store. The developer claims it is being retaliated against for “daring to challenge Apple’s… Read more...

See the Pencil Tests for Avatar: the Last Airbender's Best Fight Scene

Netflix One TUA Kaufman
200+Gizmodo / 6h
You’ve seen it in HD. You’ve seen the fan version. Now see the unfinished version. Which is, honestly, still stunning. Read more...

There’s always one: What to do when someone asks to sit next to you on an empty plane

The Points Guy / 6h
Before flying home — on Southwest Airlines , of course — on Aug. 25, it had been 184 days since my last flight, on Royal Air Maroc . So as a longtime flyer and true aviation geek, I was excited for my flight from San Antonio International Airport (SAT) to Baltimore/Washington Thurgood Marshall International Airport (BWI). (Photo by Travel_with_me/Shutterstock) I checked in for my flight, depositi

What We're Watching: 'The Librarians' and an Adventure Canceled Too Soon

35How-To Geek / 7h
Every so often, a made-for-TV movie comes along that’s just good enough to get a sequel or two. And on rare occasions, it will return with an excellent TV series. Come, join The Librarians, a show that pulls you into a life of mystery and misery—loneliness and adventure. You’ll have the pleasure of watching a small group of misfits make a difference and save the world every week, twice before Fri

Gateway to Yellowstone: A look at the brand-new Kimpton Armory Hotel in Bozeman, Montana

The Points Guy / 7h
There’s a brand-new high-end hotel in the rapidly growing city of Bozeman, Montana. The Kimpton Armory hotel opened in August, and I was lucky enough to be among the first guests at the first four-star hotel in the city known as the gateway to Yellowstone National Park. Sign up for the free daily TPG newsletter for more travel tips In This Post Booking I booked a standard room at the hotel a few

Netflix, Amazon and Disney+ will self-regulate to avoid censorship in India

100+Engadget / 7h
Streaming services are keen to prevent regulators from censoring their content , and they’re willing to police themselves to ensure that artistic freedom. Variety reports that Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+ Hotstar and 12 other companies have signed a self-regulatory code to stay on the good side of India’s regulators. This includes common approaches to age labels and content descriptions a

Facebook Blocks Suicide Livestream of French Euthanasia Supporter

Facebook French France
100+Gizmodo / 8h
Facebook has banned a terminally ill Frenchman from livestreaming after he announced plans to broadcast his death on the platform, Agence France-Presse reported Saturday per French 24 . Read more...

Twitch will shut down its live karaoke game on January 1st

Twitch Sings
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Twitch Sings will bid karaoke fans farewell after 2020. The Amazon subsidiary has announced that it’s shutting down the live karaoke game on January 1st, 2021, less than two years after it was officially launched . In its announcement, Twitch says it decided to close the platform to “invest in broader tools and services that will help support and grow the entire music community on Twitch.” Stream

What do these gorgeous high-resolution sun photos look like to you?

100+Mashable / 9h
July brought us the best close-up photos of the sun that the world has ever seen. Now, there are some new ones. In a new photo release from the Leibniz Institute for Solar Physics, we get up-close views of the sun's surface, which looks like an elaborate network of fiery land masses that are in fact solar magnetic fields shown at a very high resolution. Image: KIS Another photo shows us what a su

Electronic skin reacts to pain like a human

200+Engadget / 9h
Electronic skins can already react to touch , but they’re not much good at reacting to the jabs and burns that cause pain. That’s a problem for prosthetics and robots that are supposed to have human-like responses. They may be more sensitive in the future, though. RMIT University researchers have developed an artificial skin (via SciTechDaily ) that reacts to pain much like humans do. It would pr

Kirk Herbstreit sobs on ESPN's 'College GameDay' while talking about racism in America

100+Mashable / 10h
You can see it in his face: ESPN's Kirk Herbstreit didn't want to cry on camera. But he couldn't help himself. As the College GameDay host talked about racism in America, he couldn't help but sob. College football returned on Saturday , even with much of the season in question because of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic College GameDay is usually a raucous, fun show that travels to different coll

Team behind the Russian vaccine publishes some details of early trials

Russia Vaccine China
200+Ars Technica / 10h
Enlarge / MOSCOW, RUSSIA - SEPTEMBER 4, 2020: Medical staff with newly delivered boxes containing COVID-19 vaccine in a cold room at No2 Outpatient Clinic in southern Moscow. (credit: Stanislav Krasilnikov / Getty Images ) Russia has been one of the countries hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic. But its response to that has been a bit... unusual. As many other countries have, Russia worked to devel

Microsoft details how it will phase out Flash support in Edge after 2020

Microsoft Flash 2020
100+Engadget / 10h
Microsoft is providing more detail (via Bleeping Computer ) about how it will drop support for Flash in Edge to dovetail with Adobe’s plans , including some notable exceptions. As expected, Flash will be disabled by default in Edge as of December 2020. Flash versions released before June 2020 will be blocked outright. People using the pre-Chromium version of Edge and Internet Explorer 11 also won

How one VC firm wound up with no-code startups as part of its investing thesis

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Welcome back to The TechCrunch Exchange, a weekly startups-and-markets newsletter. It’s broadly based on the daily column that appears on Extra Crunch , but free, and made for your weekend reading. Ready? Let’s talk money, startups and spicy IPO rumors. Throughout all the chaos of 2020’s economic upheaval in the startup world, I’ve worked to pay more attention to low-code and no-code services .

DC Fandome Returns Next Weekend for More Digital Convention Goodness

95Gizmodo / 10h
With in-person cons off the table for the foreseeable future, a number of companies have been experimenting with making something like a convention via streaming. DC Fandome, to date, has been the only particularly successful one, effectively emulating the full experience for better or worse. Read more...

'World's loneliest elephant' to be rescued from infamous zoo

4KMashable / 10h
After years of solitude, the supporter-dubbed "world's loneliest elephant" will get a new lease on life with the help of animal welfare organization Four Paws. Kaavan the elephant had been living in the Marghazar Zoo in Islamabad, Pakistan's capital, for over 35 years. Originally a gift from Sri Lanka, according to Four Paws's press release , Kaavan lived with his partner Saheli in the zoo from 1

Tenet ending explained – and why this wild fan theory is probably true

36TechRadar - All the latest technology ne... / 10h
The ending to Christopher Nolan's Tenet explained, as the film hits US screens.

How to change or reset your Dropbox password or reset it

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There’s no way to change your Dropbox password from within the application itself, so we show you how it’s done on the website.

US considers blocking deals with China's largest chip maker

China Chinese US
400+Engadget / 11h
The US’ trade bans on Chinese companies like Huawei and ZTE might have been just the beginning. The Defense Department has confirmed to the Wall Street Journal that agencies are discussing whether or not they’ll add China’s Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corp. (SMIC) to a Commerce Department entity list that effectively bans trade with American firms. As China’s largest contract chip m

Games For Change wants to create a better world through gaming

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The Games for Change conference in New York City is dedicated to promoting the use of video games to build bridges and effect positive change in the world.

When Learning Is Really Remote: Students Climb Trees and Travel Miles for a Cell Signal

500+NYT > Technology / 11h
Schools are closed in Indonesia because of the pandemic, but for the rural poor who lack internet access and smartphones, online education is particularly difficult.

Earn 10 Points Per Dollar On Gas And Restaurants Through End Of September [Roundup]

View from the Wing / 11h
A roundup of the most important stories of the day. I keep you up to date on the most interesting writings I find on other sites – the latest news and tips. Continue reading ...

Build A Career Backbone With This $16 Discrete Mathematics Course

Futurism / 11h
At root, every computer can be thought of as a gigantic array of switches, packed into a tiny little space. Whether you’re streaming Netflix, writing up a report, or aiming a giant space laser to communicate with aliens, at root all that’s really happening is that a lot of switches are being flipped to one or zero, really fast. This is just one example of how you use discrete mathematics, whether

Grab a Labor Day flash sale pass to Disrupt 2020 and save $100

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No matter how you celebrate Labor Day weekend, we urge you to mask up, keep your distance when grilling burgers and dogs and — most of all — take advantage of our flash sale on Digital Pro passes to Disrupt 2020 . Right now, you can save $100 on your pass — whether you observe the holiday or not. We don’t judge. This sweet deal won’t last long. Buy your Digital Pro pass before Monday, September 7

The future of retail and office space is up in the air, and proptech investors are optimistic

200+TechCrunch / 11h
Editor’s note: Get this free weekly recap of TechCrunch news that any startup can use by email every Saturday morning (7 a.m. PT). Subscribe here . The malls and grocery stores of the 20th century are being converted into industrial conveyor belts of goods and services traveling from the internet to your home. The customer is no longer even allowed inside, as Connie Loizos details this week in a

Amazon foils plot using phones in trees to get more deliveries

300+Engadget / 11h
Amazon appears to have stopped a strange plot that used phones in trees to game delivery route assignments. Contract drivers talking to Bloomberg said that they’re now getting more routes even when they’re miles away from the Whole Foods locations that had been hubs for the scheme. The tree-borne phones have vanished along with the people lurking around them, one Chicago driver said. The tree-pho

8 ideas for a (fun and safe) indoor Labor Day weekend

500+Mashable / 11h
Labor Day — like the rest of the past several months — looks different in 2020. Sending off a not-so-fun, anxiety-ridden (for me, at least) summer isn't an easy feat when...we can't still have the fun we had in the Before Times. Given the long weekend, however, officials are worried about a spike in coronavirus cases . If you insist on celebrating the symbolic end to 2020's outdoor fun, there are

Samsung QLED 4K TV deal takes $100 off the price for Labor Day at Best Buy

Best Labor Day Pro Buy
28TechRadar - All the latest technology ne... / 12h
Best Buy is knocking $100 or more off of Samsung's Q60T budget range of QLED 4K TVs for Labor Day weekend.