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New "33" Clue!
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Tomorrow’s Show
The public is about to be tested again as the fear-mongering media is promoting more Covid lockdowns and mask wearing. It’s now becoming laughable. The public is lapping it up. Most people can watch some of the stupidity on their local news where the public reactions are highlighted. A favorite is that people who got the J&J one dose vaccine are now supposedly clamoring for a booster. The arguments seems to be “Well those lucky Pfizer patrons are going to get a booster, we should too!” INSANITY.
Part of an ever-growing backlash
Space Cowboy
Jeff Bezos shot out of the atmosphere with three others in a computer-operated space capsule and landed safely on land in the Texas desert. The foursome immediately received some odd and bogus medal for taking the short joyride. For some weird unexplained reason Bezos wore a huge oversized and comical cowboy hat at the ceremony and press conference. The Dvorak substack column on the topic can be read here.
33 is the Magic Number
No Agenda producer Thomas K. sent in a note and photos from Bubbas 33 Club in Waco, Texas . “Had lunch today at Bubba’s 33 in Waco, where 33 is magic. The name, according to the waitress, comes from 1933, the year prohibition ended and  she said their beverages are served at 33° F”

So does 1933 bring us any closer to understanding the code number 33? Or is it just another example of its use? No Agenda is on the case.
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