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Netflix to include mobile games for subscribers

500+BBC News - Technology / 55min
The firm said on Tuesday that the "time is right to learn more about how our members value games".

Tokyo Olympics staff will be given ear-worn devices to reduce the risk of heatstroke

Engadget / 1h
Summers in Tokyo are not only hot, they're also extremely humid — together, those two elements are a recipe for heat-related illness. According to The Guardian , there are concerns that the upcoming Tokyo Olympics would lead to a rise in heatstroke cases, which is definitely a huge issue when medical services are already stretched too thin due to the pandemic. To help protect Olympics' staff from

The Kia EV6 has been given a range boost before it's even left the factory

TechRadar - All the latest technology ne... / 1h
Kia's striking EV6 fully-electric car has just got a little bit better with the confirmation of its official range statistics.

Review: Why Facebook can never fix itself

MIT Technology Review / 5min
The Facebook engineer was itching to know why his date hadn’t responded to his messages. Perhaps there was a simple explanation—maybe she was sick or on vacation. So at 10 p.m. one night in the company’s Menlo Park headquarters, he brought up her Facebook profile on the company’s internal systems and began looking at her personal data. Her politics, her lifestyle, her interests—even her real-time

iPhone 13 Pro colors could include three new shades

TechRadar - All the latest technology ne... / 7min
A leak has revealed the four colors the iPhone 13 Pro range might land in, and three of them are new.

Steam Big Picture mode is getting an overhaul thanks to Steam Deck

TechRadar - All the latest technology ne... / 14min
You won't need the Steam Deck handheld PC to see some of its benefits.

OnePlus Nord 2 charging speed confirmed, and it's impressively fast

TechRadar - All the latest technology ne... / 14min
OnePlus has confirmed the charging speed of the Nord 2, and it laps most of its competitors.

China: Taobao, Weibo fined for illegal child content

BBC News - Technology / 1h
Major online platforms like Weibo, Taobao and QQ have been fined and ordered to "clean up".

Realme GT Master Edition phones go official with suitcase-inspired backs

TechRadar - All the latest technology ne... / 1h
The Realme GT Master Edition and Realme GT Master Edition Explorer are now official in China with 120Hz displays, 65W charging and a unique design.

Samsung Galaxy M21 2021 Edition launched: price, specs, and availability

TechRadar - All the latest technology ne... / 2h
The Samsung Galaxy M21 2021 Edition comes with a Super AMOLED display, a big 6,000mAh battery, and a 48MP triple camera setup.

iPad mini 6 with USB-C and A15 chip tipped to arrive this year

SlashGear / 2h
The iPad mini has always been the odd duck in Apple’s mobile lineup, but it has also been one of its biggest miracles. Even with the arrival of larger iPhones, the iPad mini continued to sell well enough to have reached five generations so far. Despite that, it is also the only one that hasn’t seen a significant change in … Continue reading

Podcast: Playing the job market

MIT Technology Review / 2h
Increasingly, job seekers need to pass a series of ‘tests’ in the form of artificial intelligence games—just to be seen by a hiring manager. In this third, of a four-part miniseries on AI and hiring, we speak to someone who helped create these tests, we ask who might get left behind in the process and why there isn’t more policy in place. We also try out some of these tools ourselves. We Meet: Ma

Soldo raises $180M for its business expense management platform

25TechCrunch / 3h
Expense management has long been a pain point for employees and accounting departments: for many, tracking and parsing how money is spent on behalf of a company is just too bogged down in legacy software ill-equipped to handle more modern demands. Today, a UK startup building solutions to bring the process into the 21st century is announcing a major round of funding to double down on its growth.

Dropbox camera uploads now available to free users

SlashGear / 3h
The past year and a half have changed the world in more ways than one. Almost all aspects of modern life have been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, especially work and education. Even as restrictions slowly get lifted in some places, the lines that divide work and home continue to blur. Those work from home or remote work arrangements are … Continue reading

Netflix's expansion into gaming will kick off with mobile

Netflix Mobile Games•
TechRadar - All the latest technology ne... / 3h
Details about Netflix's gaming plans have been revealed in the company's latest letter to shareholders.

How to watch Turner and Hooch online: stream the new Disney Plus Original series now

TechRadar - All the latest technology ne... / 3h
Here we explain how to watch Turner and Hooch online, the new Disney Plus original series about an unruly Dogue De Bordeaux and his orderly owner, US Marshall Scott Turner.

UTEC launches a new initiative to help deep-tech founders commercialize their work

46TechCrunch / 4h
The University of Tokyo Edge Capital Partners (UTEC) is launching a new program to address a problem the venture capital fund says many deep-tech founders face. They may raise pre-seed capital from an incubator or accelerator program, but reach a funding gap before moving on to early-stage rounds. Without financial resources, it takes longer to commercialize their technology, no matter how promis

Learn Spanish at your own pace with this free all-in-one course

Mashable / 4h
TL;DR: As of July 21, you can take the Learn Spanish Now: All-in-One Knowledge Course for free with the code NEWSTUDENT. Voucher codes are wonderful little things that are difficult to find but have a big impact. Discount codes are great, but they don't compare to codes that remove the cost entirely. As of July 21, you can take the Learn Spanish Now: All-in-One Knowledge Course for free with the

Save £150 on this versatile cordless vacuum cleaner from Shark

Mashable / 4h
SAVE 38%: The Shark cordless stick vacuum cleaner is on sale for £249.99 on Amazon, saving you £150 on list price. Vacuuming has got to be one of the worst household tasks, but the Shark cordless stick vacuum cleaner can make it a little less tiresome. Don't be fooled by the smiling advertising shots that make it look like loads of fun to operate, because we doubt it's that great. But this versat

Looking to save on cybersecurity? TunnelBear might be the best free VPN.

Mashable / 4h
SAVE 67%: As of July 21, you can try TunnelBear for free or upgrade to an unlimited plan and save 67% on list price. There are a lot of VPNs out there with plenty of free services on offer. We don't generally recommend free VPNs because you either lose out when it comes to privacy or bandwidth. However, free VPNs still have their place in the cybersecurity world if you're just looking for somethi

Netflix's expansion into gaming will kick off with mobile

Netflix Mobile Games•
TechRadar - All the latest technology ne... / 4h
Details about Netflix's gaming plans have been revealed in the company's latest letter to shareholders.

Elon Musk says Tesla will open its Superchargers to other EVs this year

82Engadget / 5h
Owners of non-Tesla EVs may be able to use some Superchargers by the end of 2021. Tesla CEO Elon Musk has revealed on Twitter that the company is opening up its Supercharger network to other EVs later this year. Musk has long talked about making the network accessible to other electric cars and, as CNBC notes, he mentioned late last year that some brands have are already seeking access to Tesla's

PS5 restock at Sony Direct sold out in just 35 minutes – when Walmart and Best Buy may have PS5 for sale

TechRadar - All the latest technology ne... / 5h
The PS5 restock at Walmart may be next, according to PS5 restock tracker Matt Swider. Here's when to expect an alert.

Google Bookmarks shutdown won’t affect Google Maps Starred places

SlashGear / 5h
Google has dozens of apps, services, and products that it’s nearly impossible to keep track of all of them, especially the old and obscure ones. These products come and go, usually after a few months or even a few years, but rarely do these products survive for over a decade, with very few people knowing about them. Such is the … Continue reading

Xperia 1 III Android update clarification isn’t reassuring

SlashGear / 6h
Sony’s latest high-end Xperia flagship made headlines a few days ago and not in a good way. A customer representative revealed what may have been the most disappointing aspect of the Xperia 1 III, and it isn’t about its hardware. Sony is neither the best nor the worst when it comes to software updates, but its alleged plans for its … Continue reading

These Open-Ear Headphones Keep Your Ears Open While Playing Your Audio

Futurism / 6h
The humble headphones have gone from luxury to necessity as we become wrapped up in podcasts, stream more and more music, and even translate languages through them . Yet a design that blocks out the world can mean you don’t hear important sounds in the environment around you. The Allegro Directional Audio Open-Ear Headphones ensure you get all your audio, while keeping the world around you tuned

Chrome OS update locks people out of their Chromebooks

SlashGear / 6h
It’s often advised to always be on top of updates, especially for critical software like operating systems and web browsers, in order to get the latest security fixes and vulnerability mitigations. That said, that also comes with some risks, especially when the update itself comes with a show-stopping bug. That is the unfortunate scenario that Chrome OS users have suddenly … Continue reading

New Snapdragon Wear processors are coming to smartwatches soon

SlashGear / 7h
Although Wear OS has been around for a long time now, especially if you consider its former Android Wear incarnation, its strength came from sheer numbers rather than platform strength or brand loyalty. Many found Wear OS itself to be decent, if not mediocre at best, while the hardware it ran on was considered to be a few steps behind … Continue reading

Adobe Premiere Pro now runs natively on M1 Macs

42Engadget / 7h
Following a beta release in December , Premiere Pro now officially supports M1 Macs . “From launch times to export, everything is faster, and editing is buttery smooth,” Adobe says of the native Apple Silicon version of its video editing software. The company adds that Adobe Sensei features like Auto Reframe feel “noticeably” faster and that the app uses significantly less battery power on M1 Mac

Chrome 92 improves phishing protection, adds more Chrome Actions

SlashGear / 7h
Everyone talks about steps to take in protecting your security and privacy on the Web, but, to be honest, not all security measures are easy to understand or use. Some come with a plethora of options that overwhelm people, while others impact performance and the overall experience in exchange for better security. Chrome 92 was just released on all platforms … Continue reading

Pegasus scandal: Are we all becoming unknowing spies?

77BBC News - Technology / 7h
We may be stepping into a world in which we are all spies - and at the same time are all spied on.

Study explores differences in COVID-19 immune response from vaccines vs infection

SlashGear / 8h
Both infection and vaccination can lead to immunity when it comes to SARS-CoV-2, the virus behind COVID-19. Two of the vaccines that provide immunity to SARS-CoV-2 are Pfizer’s and Moderna’s mRNA offerings, both of which provide considerable protection from the virus a month or two after administration of the second dose. A new preliminary study evaluated the mechanisms by which … Continue readin

Whoa! Keanus Abound in This Excellent Art Piece

200+Gizmodo / 8h
Keanu Reeves has made a lot of movies . Some of them are good, some of them are bad, and some of them are very good or very bad. But all of them share one thing that makes them watchable: Keanu himself. He’s the best . Read more...

Presidents, Prime Ministers, and a King Among Potential NSO Spying Targets, Including French Leader Macron

Gizmodo / 8h
The NSO Group’s spyware may have been used to surveil high-level politicians throughout the world, including more than a dozen heads of state, recent reports show. Read more...

Audacity’s new owner is in another fight with the open source community

Ars Technica / 8h
Enlarge / MuseScore (the website) offers access to hundreds of thousands of sheet music arrangements. MuseScore (the application) allows easy editing and modification, MIDI playback, and more. (credit: Muse Group) Muse Group—owner of the popular audio-editing app Audacity—is in hot water with the open source community again. This time, the controversy isn't over Audacity—it's about MuseScore, an

Instagram Is Rolling Out a Sensitive Content Control Option

Gizmodo / 8h
Seeking to give users ever-increasing control over their scrolling experiences, Instagram on Tuesday unveiled plans to debut a Sensitive Content Control option that will allow users to better control which content appears in their Explore feeds. Read more...

The next Samsung Unpacked is August 11: Foldables on the menu

SlashGear / 8h
The next Samsung Unpacked is taking place on Wednesday, August 11, 2021, the company has announced, and there’s little doubt about just what is on the agenda. Samsung’s teaser image makes it clear that foldable devices are its big news this time around, with at least two new models in the Galaxy Z series expected. The image shows a larger … Continue reading

Samsung's next Galaxy Unpacked is happening online on August 11th

27Engadget / 8h
Samsung has just announced what feels like its zillionth event this year . But at least this one's something we were expecting. The company just sent out invites to Galaxy Unpacked for August 11th at 10am ET, and the event will be held online only. In years past, Samsung's hosted August launches for its Note series of high-powered phones. This time, though, multiple reports have indicated that th

RIP Galaxy Note 21? Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 to launch in August, hints Unpacked invite

TechRadar - All the latest technology ne... / 8h
It’s not just Bixby telling us: the next Samsung Unpacked is officially happening on August 11, Samsung has announced, leaving us wondering what big gadgets will get revealed.

Samsung's getting ready to 'unpack' some shiny new foldables this August

Mashable / 8h
Brace yourselves — Samsung's about to drop a slew of next-generation Galaxy goodies. The company officially confirmed its next Galaxy Unpacked event is set for August 11 and will be held via livestream at 10 a.m. ET. As per usual, Samsung has attempted to be cryptic with its invite, but it's fairly obvious those shapes below represent what's likely the Galaxy Z Fold 3 (on the left) and the Galaxy

Samsung will announce new foldables on August 11

46TechCrunch / 9h
Samsung just sent out invites for its next Unpacked event. There are those companies that like to sneak hints into their invites — and then there’s Samsung. The note leads with the big, bold words “Get ready to unfold” and features a pair of flat-colored objects that can reasonably be said to resemble the form factors of the Galaxy Z Fold and Flip, respectively. In keeping with…the general state

Samsung Will Show Off Its New Foldables at Unpacked Event Aug. 11

Gizmodo / 9h
After months of leaks and rumors, Samsung has officially announced that its next Unpacked event will take place virtually on Wednesday, Aug. 11 at 10 a.m. ET/7 a.m. PT. Read more...

China Breached Dozens of Pipeline Companies in Past Decade, U.S. Says

51NYT > Technology / 9h
The disclosure about the breadth of state-sponsored cyberattacks was part of a warning to pipeline owners to increase the security of their systems to stave off future intrusions.

Elon Musk: Tesla to open up global charging network to other EVs later this year

100+TechCrunch / 9h
Tesla will allow other electric vehicles to access its global network of chargers later this year, CEO Elon Musk tweeted Tuesday. The comment follows years of chatter by Musk that signaled the company was amenable to the idea. Until now, there have never been any details about how or when the company would open up its Supercharger network of 25,000 chargers. Details are still slim. For instance,

Watch This American Airlines Agent Fire A Customer

100+View from the Wing / 9h
The agent declares to her, "You can find another carrier to fly. I'd suggest Spirit." Continue reading ...

Captain America and Red Guardian to Meet... in an Unrelated Netflix Ghost Movie

37Gizmodo / 9h
In Black Widow , the Red Guardian talks about wanting to show down with Captain America. Well, he’s going to get his chance... sorta. Both David Harbour (Red Guardian in Black Widow ) and Anthony Mackie ( Captain America in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier ) are set to co-star in a new Netflix movie that has nothing to… Read more...

How to hide likes on Instagram

Mashable / 9h
In an attempt to make user's experience more pleasant, Instagram rolled out the ability to hide like and view counts on all posts in their feed. This way users can focus on the content, rather than the popularity of the content. This update also gave users the option to hide the like and view counts on their own posts from other users. You can hide the like and view count on a post before you pos

YouTube Super Thanks tipping feature expands to thousands of creators

SlashGear / 9h
Early last year, YouTube introduced a beta tipping feature called ‘Applause.’ The company is back with an update on this feature, as well as a massive expansion of its availability. Among other things, the company has updated the name for this tipping feature, now referring to it as Super Thanks. As with Super Chats, the new Super Thanks feature gives … Continue reading

Cyber-flashing: 'I get explicit messages every day'

30BBC News - Technology / 9h
Influencer Elle Edwards lets us inside her DMs to show the extent of sexual abuse faced by women online.

This Butterfly May Have Been the First Insect Driven Extinct by U.S. Urbanization

57Gizmodo / 9h
Scientists say they’ve confirmed a decades-old suspicion about the loss of the Xerces blue butterfly in the U.S by the 1940s. Based on genetic analysis of a 93-year-old specimen and others, they say the Xerces blue really was a distinct species of butterfly, rather than a sub-group of another existing species, as some… Read more...

A Super-Pressure Balloon Will Keep This Telescope in the Air for Weeks

Gizmodo / 9h
A unique telescope is set to launch from New Zealand in April 2022, designed to survey the gravitational lensing that occurs when galactic clusters collide. The instrument, called SuperBIT , will be suspended by a stadium-sized helium balloon in Earth’s stratosphere. Read more...

HBO Max starts streaming full episode pilots in Snapchat

HBO Max Episodes Mini•
Engadget / 10h
HBO Max has a new way for people to check out its library of content. Starting today, you can watch the pilot episodes of select series, including Game of Throne s, Lovecraft Country and Gossip Girl , on Snapchat and do so while chatting with up to 63 other people. The ability to watch HBO Max content through Snapchat comes courtesy of the Minis functionality Snap introduced last June . The tool

The CW's Batwoman Is Bringing DC Hero Renee Montoya Into the Fold

Gizmodo / 10h
The CW’s Batwoman is bringing a familiar DC character into its third season, and she’ll be played by a familiar face, too. Victoria Cartagena, who played former Gotham City cop Renee Montoya on Fox’s Gotham , is now joining the Batwoman cast as... Renee Montoya. Read more...

Instagram adds new controls for limiting ‘sensitive’ content in the Explore tab

51TechCrunch / 10h
Instagram is giving its users a tiny bit more power to see what they want — and not see what they don’t want — in its content discovery hub. The company introduced a new toggle called “Sensitive Content Control” on Tuesday that allows anyone to screen posts that it thinks could be offensive, hiding them from the Explore tab. The new feature appears in the settings menu and lets users choose to ei

DuckDuckGo’s latest beta lets users generate private email addresses

SlashGear / 10h
Despite advancements in detecting and filtering out nuisance email addresses, spam can still be a major problem. Even worse is when a dodgy service reveals your email address to the wider internet, potentially paving the way for everything from phishing scams to doxing. Here to help with that problem is DuckDuckGo and its latest beta offering. DuckDuckGo announced its new … Continue reading

Daily Crunch: Jeff Bezos and 3 guests share Blue Origin’s first crewed flight

TechCrunch / 10h
To get a roundup of TechCrunch’s biggest and most important stories delivered to your inbox every day at 3 p.m. PDT, subscribe here . Hello and welcome to Daily Crunch for July 20, 2021. The markets have been active in the last few days, with stocks dropping yesterday before rebounding today. Cryptos have also been suffering from ups and downs. A bit like Jeff Bezos, though his were planned. More

Bucks vs Suns live stream: how to watch game 6 NBA Final online from anywhere

TechRadar - All the latest technology ne... / 10h
Milwaukee buck the trend and can taste a historic victory. Here's how to watch the Bucks vs Suns series and live stream NBA Playoff Final action from anywhere.

Give Your Brain a Better Boost With These Scientifically Advanced Energy Drinks

Futurism / 10h
We all need a little boost every once in a while. Maybe you need to make sure you’re sharp and dialed in for an important meeting at work. Maybe you need some extra motivation to get out and train for that 5k. Maybe you drew the early shift on a long summer road trip. Whatever the reason you need a pick-me-up, what really matters is how you get it. You can walk into any convenience store in the c

This Synth Demo Will Make You Experience Feelings You've Never Had Before

Gizmodo / 10h
Musical product demos aren’t known for producing masterpieces. Typically, they feature a fine technical musician running through a few unnotable bars of a song while they emphasize a specific feature of the gear. Then there’s Realitone’s demo for its Realivox Ladies software which features a segment of sound that… Read more...

Jeff Bezos Goes to Space. Day Two: Blastoff

300+Wired / 10h
The day was a career highlight for the Amazon and Blue Origin founder. But the real star of the show was Wally Funk.

Researchers discover security flaws in Telegram encryption protocol

TechRadar - All the latest technology ne... / 10h
Royal Holloway researchers discovered the now patched flaws while analyzing Telegram's MTProto protocol.

Credit card showdown: Chase Freedom Flex vs. Discover it Cash Back

The Points Guy / 10h
Editor’s note: This post has been updated with new information. This page includes information about the Discover It Cash Back that is not currently available on The Points Guy and may be out of date. It’s easy to focus on premium travel rewards credit cards such as the Chase Sapphire Reserve and The Platinum Card® from American Express , thanks to outsized benefits including annual travel statem

Delta goes to Washington, infects vaccinated Capitol staffers

46Ars Technica / 11h
Enlarge / White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki speaks during the daily press briefing at the White House on July 20, 2021, in Washington, DC. Psaki acknowledged that a White House staffer has tested positive for COVID-19, and there have been other recent breakthrough cases of vaccinated staff members. (credit: Getty | Drew Angerer ) Multiple White House staff members and an aide to House Speaker

Instagram, please let me search for people lurking in my Stories

Mashable / 11h
I understand the detrimental effect Instagram has on users globally. The platform is owned by Facebook, a company that famously exploits user data for ad targeting and is doing the same to the roughly 1 billion monthly active users on Instagram. But if you're going to steal my data and put democracies across the world at risk, can you at least let me search who has seen my Stories ? I truly belie

Cyberpunk 2077's Retrofuturistic World Is Worth Exploring Beneath the Flaws

49Gizmodo / 11h
When Cyberpunk 2077 came out last December, all eyes were on what I like to call “the little game that couldn’t.” CD Projekt Red’s long-anticipated dive into the cyberpunk genre was laden with bugs , glitches, and reports of horrible work conditions for the development team. Six months later , enough patches have come… Read more...

Consumer Reports concerned Tesla uses owners to test unsafe self-driving software

85TechCrunch / 11h
A Tesla in full self-driving mode makes a left turn out of the middle lane on a busy San Francisco street. It jumps in a bus lane where it’s not meant to be. It turns a corner and nearly plows into parked vehicles, causing the driver to lurch for the wheel. These scenes have been captured by car reviewer AI Addict, and other scenarios like it are cropping up on YouTube. One might say that these a

12 Reasons to Run in the Morning, According to Reddit

Lifehacker / 11h
We’ve often discussed how to exercise in the morning, from how to actually get out of bed to what you eat once you do . But it’s also worth taking a minute to ask why . What do morning runners know that the rest of us don’t? Do they actually enjoy it? And how can you and I harness that enthusiasm? Let’s listen in to the… Read more...

Pivot Bio rakes in $430M round D as modified microbes prove their worth in agriculture

49TechCrunch / 11h
Pivot Bio makes fertilizer — but not directly. Its modified microorganisms are added to soil and they produce nitrogen that would otherwise have to be trucked in and dumped there. This biotech-powered approach can save farmers money and time and ultimately may be easier on the environment — a huge opportunity that investors have plowed $430 million into in the company’s latest funding round . Nit

YouTube’s Super Thanks tipping feature rolls out to more beta users

Engadget / 11h
For years, YouTube streamers have used third-party plugins to allow their fans to donate to them. Starting this week, however, YouTube is taking a step toward making that functionality something that’s built into the platform. While it’s still in beta, the company says its new “Super Thanks” feature is rolling out to “thousands” of additional creators in 68 countries . By the end of the year, it

How to Fix (and Prevent) the Latest ChromeOS Bugs

Lifehacker / 11h
Chrome OS users have reported a severe bug in the latest system update that locks them out of their Chromebooks. For some reason, Chrome OS fails to recognize users’ Google account passwords when they attempt to log in after installing version update 91.0.4462.165. The botched update may also be causing other serious… Read more...

Two-for-Tuesday vulnerabilities send Windows and Linux users scrambling

83Ars Technica / 11h
Enlarge The world woke up on Tuesday to two new vulnerabilities—one in Windows and the other in Linux—that allow hackers with a toehold in a vulnerable system to bypass OS security restrictions and access sensitive resources. As operating systems and applications become harder to hack, successful attacks typically require two or more vulnerabilities. One vulnerability allows the attacker access t

PS5 restock: Sony Direct has the console in stock for MSRP – here's how to get it

TechRadar - All the latest technology ne... / 11h
The Sony Direct PS5 virtual queue is open and you'll be able to buy the PS5 today – if you're lucky enough.

Netflix details gaming plan: Initial focus on mobile and no extra cost

Netflix Mobile Games•
SlashGear / 11h
Netflix, as we now know, is planning an expansion into the video game market. The surprising twist for the video streaming platform is expected to go live within the next year, though details have been largely absent. That changed today with Netflix’s latest letter to its investors. Among the information, Netflix said its customers won’t have to pay extra for … Continue reading

New Chromecast Bundle Comes with 3 Months of HBO Max

33How-To Geek / 11h
If you’re looking to buy a streaming stick, try cashing in on the latest Chromecast with Google TV bundle. For just $65, you get a Chromecast with three months of HBO Max for free. The Chromecast usually costs $50, and HBO Max’s ad-free plan costs $15 a month, meaning that you could save a total of $30 with this deal. Read This Article on Review Geek ›

Video games are coming to Netflix for all subscribers

Netflix Mobile Games•
27Mashable / 11h
The Stadia and Luna teams can't like this news. Netflix is in the "early stages of further expanding into games," the company said in a shareholder letter released ahead of its earnings call on Tuesday. There's no list of titles revealed yet, but the lineup will be "primarily focused on games for mobile devices," the letter said. It sounds like Netflix is treating the addition of games to its str

Brokrete wants to be the ‘Shopify of construction’, raises $3M seed led by Xploration Capital

58TechCrunch / 11h
With the pandemic affecting every aspect of life and industry, it’s no surprise that digitization is coming to construction fast. Construction suppliers are increasingly under the same pressure as other sectors to perform at a higher level. We’ve seen the rise of companies like Dozer, Reno Run and Toolbox try to address this, but often the model is closer to a vertical integration rather than som

Biden taps Google critic to lead the DOJ’s antitrust division

51TechCrunch / 11h
The Biden administration tripled down on its commitment to reining in powerful tech companies Tuesday, proposing committed Big Tech critic Jonathan Kanter to lead the Justice Department’s antitrust division. Kanter is a lawyer with a long track record of representing smaller companies like Yelp in antitrust cases against Google. He currently practices law at his own firm, which specializes in adv

Biosafety startup R-Zero acquires CoWorkr to create an ‘OS for the workplace’

32TechCrunch / 11h
On Tuesday, R-Zero, a pandemic-era biosafety company, announced the acquisition of CoWorkr — a company that develops room occupancy sensors. The acquisition marks a shift in focus for R-Zero as people return to work, vaccines are rolled out and companies that sprung up in response to the COVID-19 adapt to another phase of the pandemic. When R-Zero was founded in April 2020, the company primarily

Duda launches DudaFlex to help users build websites faster

TechRadar - All the latest technology ne... / 11h
Duda's new inline editing technology DudaFlex aims to speed up website development and deployment.

Feeding the Ducks Is Bad, Actually

87Lifehacker / 11h
Feeding the birds can be fun—the problem is that feeding ducks and geese at the pond is much more detrimental than most of us think. Giving your local aquatic wildlife food from your pantry not only alters their diet, but changes the environment, too. Here’s why we should just let the ducks get by on their own. Read more...

Biden picks Google foe to lead DOJ antitrust as it mulls plan to break up Big Tech

21Ars Technica / 11h
Enlarge (credit: Getty Images | Erik Pronske Photography ) President Joe Biden today said he will nominate Jonathan Kanter to be the assistant attorney general in charge of the Department of Justice's antitrust division. Kanter is an attorney known for his criticism of Google and will take over the antitrust division as it considers a Biden plan to reverse harmful mergers and break up monopolies.

Is any country installing renewables fast enough to reach climate goals?

57Ars Technica / 11h
Enlarge Researchers and policy analysts have checked and double-checked future climate scenarios. We know how much carbon dioxide we can emit and still keep the world from getting more than 2ÂșC warmer, and we can use that number to determine how quickly we need to move away from fossil fuels. We have a variety of routes to get there, most of them involving replacing fossil fuels with the cheapest

Passenger Attacked On Miami Flight After Taking Too Long To Retrieve Bags From The Overhead Bin

54View from the Wing / 11h
On Sunday night’s Frontier Airlines flight from Philadelphia to Miami, two passengers got into a fight as the aircraft started deplaning – because “the person in front of him was taking too long to get his bags from the overhead bins.” Since the man who was attacked was black, and the man who got away with it white, social media discussion focuses on the racial elements of the incident. Although

New Hilton Orlando escape room is world’s largest and tallest

200+The Points Guy / 12h
Here’s a fun way to clock some steps away from the theme parks on your next visit to Orlando with friends or family. The Hilton Orlando has turned the 1,424-room resort into one giant escape room through Oct. 31 with the Escape at Hilton Orlando overnight escape room experience. And if you’re familiar with the escape room concept already, there’s just one catch — instead of trying to break out of

The New iPad Mini Might Be Able to Replace Your Laptop

92Gizmodo / 12h
A fresh new look isn’t the only change we’re expecting to see with the iPad mini this fall. According to a 9to5Mac report , the smallest iPad will be getting an A15 processor, USB-C, and a magnetic Smart Connector. This would be a significant boost in its processing power, but also means you could possibly use the… Read more...

6 Photos Show Siberia’s Raging Wildfire Season

100+Gizmodo / 12h
Wildfires raging across usually-frozen land, temperatures topping 100 degrees Fahrenheit (37.8 degrees Celsius), smoke blanketing cities—it’s close to apocalyptic right now in Siberia as one of the world’s most northern regions struggles through another intense fire season. Read more...

Netflix says its gaming push will begin with mobile

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Billy Steele Contributor Billy Steele is a Senior News Editor at Engadget . A report last week hinted at some of Netflix’s gaming ambitions . In its Q2 2021 earnings report , the company confirmed some things. First, Netflix says it “will be primarily focused” on mobile at first, looking to expand on its interactivity projects like Black Mirror Bandersnatch and its Stranger Things games. The upco

Extra Crunch roundup: Seed-stage basics, SaaS marketing live chat, Zoom’s Five9 buy

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A famous poem advises us not to compare ourselves with others, “for always there will be greater and lesser persons than yourself.” The same holds true for startup fundraising; the size of your seed round will be determined solely by your company’s immediate needs and the investors you’re working with. “Remember that fundraising is not the goal ,” says three-time YC alum Yin Wu. “Building a succe

Netflix says its gaming push will begin with mobile

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A report last week hinted at some of Netflix's gaming ambitions . In its Q2 2021 earnings report , the company confirmed some things. First, Netflix says it "will be primarily focused" on mobile at first, looking to expand on its interactivity projects like Black Mirror Bandersnatch and its Stranger Things games. The upcoming titles will be available at no additional cost as part of your subscrip

NASA reveals Hubble’s first galactic photos after its epic repair job

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Hubble may only just have been fixed, but NASA is wasting no time putting the iconic space telescope back to work and sharing the latest images of distant galaxies. It was a nail-biting month of unexpected downtime for Hubble, after observations came to an abrupt halt in mid-June when the payload computer which manages the telescope shut down. Given Hubble … Continue reading

Jeff Bezos swung by space and has some thoughts

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Jeffrey Preston Bezos, a 57-year-old dad from New Mexico, flew to the edge of space and back again today. He wasn't the only person aboard the rocket, which was the first-ever crewed flight from private space company Blue Origin, but he's the one that camera crews flocked to once the 10-minute trip was done. Maybe they were drawn in by his smile. Maybe they thought he was the winner of a sub-orbi

The Huawei MateBook D 15 i3 makes working from home affordable

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Well-specced at R10,999 and bundling in R2,997 worth of accessories, the new Huawei MateBook D 15 i3 is too good a deal to pass up.

Extremely Rare Monkey Virus Kills Veterinarian in China

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A veterinarian in China died in May after he was infected by an extremely rare disease, called the Monkey B virus, marking the first documented case in the country’s history. The Monkey B virus, also known as herpes B, almost never jumps to humans. But when it does, The Washington Post reports , cases tend to result in death. About 80 percent of untreated patients will die from complications from

Why Weekly Check-in Meetings Are Unproductive, and What You Can Do About It

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A proliferation of well-intended, remote “check-in meetings” during the pandemic has only made work more difficult. According to surveys, most workers say they want fewer meetings, and that those meetings are making them less productive, but there are ways to rein in all the “touchpoints” gumming up your calendar.… Read more...

The CW's 4400 First Look Teases an Intriguing Connection

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In USA’s The 4400 , which premiered in 2004, thousands of people from throughout various points in recent history—who were all thought to be abducted—suddenly returned as a group in the present day, with no real recollection of what had happened to them. Initially, there was little rhyme or reason to the 4400's mission… Read more...

Bitcoin Crashes Below $30,000. Again.

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Bitcoin Dip Bitcoin has dipped below the $30,000 mark yet again, CNN reports , as investors grow anxious about a resurgence of COVID-19 cases putting a damper on the economic recovery. The cryptocurrency fall around six percent over the last 24 hours, alongside other cryptos including Ethereum and Dogecoin. It was following the same trend as the stock market, which also fell on Monday, with share

Ebola-Like Pig Illness Pops Up in Germany, Doesn't Pose a Threat to Humans

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Health officials in Germany have reaffirmed that the virus behind African swine fever isn’t likely to endanger humans, even if they eat meat from infected animals. However, the reassurance comes in the wake of the virus recently being found on several pig farms within the country, a troubling development, since ASF… Read more...

Twitter tests a TweetDeck revamp it hopes to make a subscription product

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Twitter announced today it will begin testing a new set of features for TweetDeck, the company’s often-ignored social media dashboard aimed at Twitter’s power users, which Twitter may soon turn into a new subscription service. According to a post from Twitter Product Lead Kayvon Beykpour, the revamped version of the Twitter client will include a full tweet composer, new advanced search features,

Apple’s MagSafe Battery Pack is available in stores now for $99

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The front of the MagSafe Battery Pack. Apple's new MagSafe Battery Pack for the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro is now available for in-store pickup, and the first online orders have arrived at buyers' doorsteps. You can buy one online and have it shipped to you in the coming days or weeks (depending on where you live) or go to your local Apple Store to purchase one. Availability will depend on locat

Fortnite Rainbow Royale gets LGBTQIA+ colorful with free items

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The Fortnite Rainbow Royale event just appeared in the in-game shop for all platforms. This event is a celebration of Fortnite’s LGBTQIA+ community with assurances that “everyone is welcome on the Battle Bus.” It should be made clear, here, that this event is taking place outside of the trendy confines of Pride Month, where brands of all sorts make it … Continue reading

Recognize a Cry for Help That Doesn't Sound Like One

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Not everyone who needs help will ask for it, and not everyone who asks for help will do it in the same way. Sometimes, what we know as a “cry for help,” won’t exactly seem like it’s coming from a point of desperation. This is why it helps to know the ways in which someone in a vulnerable state might be pleading for… Read more...

Jeff Bezos rolls up to Blue Origin launch in SUV from Tesla competitor

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Before former Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos made it to space , he had to make it to the launch pad. Bezos and his brother Mark, as well as 82-year-old aviator Wally Funk and 18-year-old Dutch passenger Oliver Daeme, piled into a Rivian R1S SUV on Tuesday morning ahead of their flight to space. Later, they would ride a New Shepard rocket from Bezos' private spaceflight company, Blue Origin. Pile into the

Honda made an in-shoe navigation system for people with low vision — Future Blink

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The navigation system can help people check the safety of their surroundings without distracting them, thanks to motion sensors.

The Bose QuietComfort 45 ANC headphones everyone is waiting for just got exposed early

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The FCC has given the public its first look at the upcoming Bose QuietComfort 45 headphones featuring active noise cancellation. The product’s appearance in FCC documents indicates that an official launch is on the horizon, though it remains unclear at this time when Bose will officially unveil its new model. The Bose QuietComfort 45 will replace the current QuietComfort 35 … Continue reading

Steam Deck doesn’t have Ubisoft’s support yet – and it doesn’t matter

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Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillermot said that Ubisoft would put its games on the Steam Deck if it's successful - but its games will be on the Steam Deck either way.

Google Cloud says it's becoming more secure than ever

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Google Cloud has announced a number of new products and solutions to help realize its vision for invisible security.

How Disney is Chipping Away at Netflix's Dominance

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New data shows Netflix, long the king of streaming, is losing attention as subscribers shift to competitors like Disney+ and Amazon Prime Video.