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The discussion about the discussion about the botched/not botched sudden pullout of Afghanistan is an obvious topic of deconstruction (and further discussion). This coincides with the debate over whether Biden conked out while listening to the boring Israeli Prime Minister drone on and on about the relations with the USA. Curiously, Snopes, says it was false. He was not sleeping. It was contemplation. Yeah, right.
Taliban truck
Taliban Chick Magnet
Boosters Forever!
The topic of vaccine boosters is now running rampant into media and elsewhere. The topic of Covid and the shots will continue into the year 2022 when this whole topic is expected to die down. Covid fatigue is real.
Cartoonmocking booster shots
The Clones are Here!!
In a never-ending effort to avoid celebrity news, it’s hard to pass up the story about  the lookalike of actor Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson. He apparently has a doppelganger (as we all do) who is an Alabama police officer named Eric Fields. He’s on the left in the photo below. Johnson is on the right. Exactly why Field’s doesn’t study acting and move to Hollywood as a “double” is unknown. He actually looks bigger than Johnson if you look at their respective wrists.

And that should be the end of celebrity news.
The Rock and a doppelganger
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