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Tomorrow’s Show
No Agenda is doing continued coverage of the Afghanistan bug out with some insight provided by boots on the ground reports. The No Agenda analysis is the best you will find anywhere. This is especially true as various sides of the debate all want things to go according to their scripts. Almost nobody is on the same page which make the analysis more entertaining.
Pricey Treatments Coming
Treatments for Covid headed your way. Almost all the drug companies are now turning their attention to treatments for Covid as a concerted effort to discredit Ivermectin is underway. It’s obvious that despite lots of data from a lot of researchers, Ivermectin is simply too cheap to sell to American suckers who should be paying top dollar for everything.
Covid blister pak backside
Covid blister pak from
Here is the Covid blister pak sold all over India to treat Covid-19. This sells for $3.00
Vax Meme Fest
And finally, here are some of the hot memes from last month and beyond. Enjoy.
telephone pole poster
dumb tweet
Amish humor
Humanitarian museum tweet
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