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1KMashable / 4h
Dearly beloved, we are gathered here to mark the passing of one of the most frequent visitors to our homes. We speak of the creature with a hundred voices and no face. The creature that, studies suggest, effectively manipulated our emotions more than anything on TV over the years. Yep, we're calling it: The sitcom laugh track, more recently known in the trade as "sweetened" audience laughter, can

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Lab Rats A new facility in the Bay Area is producing lab grown meat on a massive scale, capable of producing an astonishing 400,000 pounds a year, the San Francisco Chronicle reports — though for now, production is capped at a still-impressive 50,000 pounds per year. The factory covers 53,000 square feet and is run by food tech company Upside Foods, a Berkeley spin-off. The lab grown meat industr

Call of Duty Vanguard•
Activision Blizzard lawsuit Publisher Activision Blizzard, responsible for the game this article refers to, is currently embroiled in ongoing litigation in regards to claims reporting a workplace culture that allegedly enabled acts of sexual harassment, abuse and discrimination. Read our Activision Blizzard lawsuit timeline of events for ongoing coverage of the events. The first reviews for Call

Ars Technica / 10min
Enlarge / Carbon cycle, illustrated. (credit: Global Carbon Project ) Rarely has the future of Earth’s climate felt as malleable as it does this week. While substantive climate legislation morphs behind the scenes of the US Congress, nations have gathered in Glasgow to improve on their Paris Agreement pledges. Pledges, of course, require follow-through before they become reality, and it can be di

Lifehacker / 14min
We all know you don’t buy a Mac for gaming. Sure, it’s possible , but you don’t buy Apple exclusively to play games unless you only play Apple Arcade. But with Apple’s new MacBook Pros, complete with the beefy M1 Pro and M1 Max chipsets, could the Mac finally be a viable option for gaming? Read more...

My traveling companions always have two words for me: Slow down! I’m all about speed. I’ve uploaded all my information to every travel app you can imagine, check in on my phone for flights and often use my phone as my hotel room key. For more TPG news delivered each morning to your inbox, sign up for our free daily newsletter . And as any road warrior will tell you, there are a few chokepoints at

Wired / 14min
Find stand mixers, Nest security cameras, and robot vacuums discounted at stellar prices.

TechCrunch / 21min
The string of engineers who spoke Thursday night during a deep dive into Cruise’s autonomous vehicle technology never mentioned Tesla’s name. They didn’t have to, although the message was clear enough. GM’s self-driving subsidiary Cruise presented a technical and deployment roadmap — at a granular level — that aimed to show how it has built autonomous vehicles that are safer and more scalable tha

We’re not expecting the Samsung Galaxy S22 range to launch until February, but already photos of the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra appear to have leaked. These were shared by leaker Jon Prosser on FrontPageTech , and show the Galaxy S22 Ultra from the front and back, with a design that largely matches previous leaks. You can see the camera array on the back isn’t housed in a separate block like on the

Mashable / 34min
You can upgrade your kitchen game with a KitchenAid stand mixer and its accompanying attachments, many of which are on sale for Nov. 5 only. Here are our favorite picks: KitchenAid Artisan Mini Plus 3.5-Qt. Tilt-Head Stand Mixer , a tinier take on a KitchenAid classic that can still make plenty of cookie dough — $279.99 $349.99 (save $70) KitchenAid Sifter and Scale Attachment is basically a baki

Kroger Bitcoin Cash•
Mashable / 34min
It happened again. A fake press release fooled cryptocurrency evangelists, investors, and media outlets into believing the grocer would be accepting crypto as a form of payment at its stores. On Friday morning, headlines started popping up claiming that the grocery store chain Kroger was going to allow customers to pay in-stores using an alternative cryptocurrency called Bitcoin Cash. A screensho

Mashable / 34min
Samsung monitors are on sale at Amazon as of Nov. 5, including a couple curved gaming monitors. These are the top deals: Samsung UE57 Series 28-inch 4K UHD monitor — $259.99 $349.99 (save $90) Samsung S80UA 27-inch 4K UHD monitor — $399.99 $479.99 (save $80) Samsung Odyssey G7 Series 32-inch gaming monitor — $679.99 $799.99 (save $120) Amazon's early Black Friday event has been keeping us fed wit

Mashable / 34min
Save up to 35%: As of Nov. 5, Amazon is having a sale on multiple Instant Pots and other Instant Brands kitchen gadgets , including air fryers. Instead of waiting until Black Friday, grab the deals below at record-low pricing: Instant Pot Duo Crisp (8-quart) — $119.95 $199.99 (save $80.04) Instant Vortex Plus Air Fryer with ClearCook (6-quart) — $99.95 $129.95 (save $30) Instant Pot Duo Plus 9-in

Lifehacker / 36min
Instagram started out as a simple photo-sharing app. Now, it seems like it’s anything but. Over the years, it has added so many new features—Stories, IGTV, Reels, and messaging—it can feel like you’re using six different apps at once. Read more...

The post appeared first on Popular Mechanics .

Gizmodo / 38min
Sometimes you wake up and say, “I’d love to do an article that’ll get me destroyed on the internet .” Well, today is one of those days, and what better topic than Disney— a company and fandom that’s totally cool , normal, and not at all completely terrifying ? Read more...

Wired / 38min
Denis Villeneuve's version of Frank Herbert's 1965 novel actually respects its source material.

Coa, a popular library found on npm, a manager for the JavaScript programming language, has been hijacked and used to spread malicious code, reports have claimed. According to Bleeping Computer , the attack on coa - short for Command-Option-Argument, impacted countless React pipelines around the world. React is a JavaScript library for building user interfaces. Coa gets around 9 million downloads

Alphabet AI Discover•
90Ars Technica / 39min
Enlarge / Demis Hassabis, CEO of Google's artificial intelligence (AI) startup DeepMind, speaks during a press conference on March 8, 2016 in Seoul, South Korea. (credit: Getty Images) Google owner Alphabet has launched an artificial intelligence company to discover new drugs. UK-registered Isomorphic Labs will use technology from its sister company DeepMind “to accelerate drug discovery, and ult

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Bozeman, Montana. Hilton Head, South Carolina. Sarasota, Florida. They’re among America’s hottest aviation markets in 2021, underscoring how much the pandemic has jolted airline route maps. When the pandemic first hit the U.S. market in 2020, airlines slashed service as passenger traffic plummeted . But, in the recovery that’s taken hold since, carriers have responded by beefing up schedules to l

TechCrunch / 42min
Is this the beginning of the end for the hated tracking cookie consent pop-up? A flagship framework used by Google and scores of other advertisers for gathering claimed consent from web users for creepy ad targeting looks set to be found in breach of Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). A year ago the IAB Europe’s self-styled Transparency and Consent Framework (TCF) was found to fa

US Offers DarkSide•
TechCrunch / 42min
The U.S. Department of State is upping the ante in its fight against ransomware by offering a reward of up to $10 million for information that helps identify or track down leaders of the notorious DarkSide ransomware group. The State Department said it’s also offering as much as $5 million for information that leads to the arrest or conviction of anyone ”conspiring to participate in or attempting

Pokemon Lights Dedenne•
SlashGear / 44min
Today we’re taking a peek at the Pokemon GO Festival of Lights, an event that releases one of the most cute Pokemon in the Pokemon universe. This event continues the Season of Mischief, makes Gifts far more awesome, and lets you level up your Friendship with a Buddy Pokemon twice as fast! This event is all about becoming better friends … Continue reading

How-To Geek / 47min
Google Photos is arguably the company’s best product. It offers a huge range of powerful tools and sharing features. If you and a partner both use Google Photos, there are some incredible features you should be using. Read This Article on How-To Geek ›

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra•
How-To Geek / 47min
Look ma, no camera hump! After months of leaks and rumors, Front Page Tech has released the first real photos of a Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra (allegedly real, at least). And just as we expected, it looks like one of Samsung’s discontinued Galaxy Note-series handsets. Read This Article on Review Geek ›

Walmart PlayStation 5•
How-To Geek / 47min
Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past year, you’d know that finding or buying any version of the PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X is still way more difficult than it should be. Finally, however, we have some good news. Today, Walmart will be restocking both next-gen consoles online at a specific time, and here’s what you need to know. Read This Article on Review Geek ›

Gizmodo / 50min
Mission specialists continue to troubleshoot an issue with the Hubble Space Telescope that caused it to enter into a protective safe mode late last month. Read more...

Gizmodo / 50min
Academy Award winner Tom Hanks has taken millions of viewers on fictional journeys to space through his performances in Apollo 13, and Cloud Atlas, but when offered a chance to experience the real thing on a Blue Origin rocket, the 65-year-old actor said he’d pass. Read more...

There have been a slew of bugs reported in Windows 11 over the last few weeks, but an unusual one discovered yesterday might be pushing laptop batteries past the 100% charging capacity. PC Gamer reports that a Reddit user by the name of Zondax noticed that their laptop displayed the message "Battery status: fully charged 103%" when the cursor was hovering over the battery symbol, and then further

Early Black Friday deals are dropping already on Amazon, and we’ve just found an incredible deal. Amazon has a £500.99 discount on one of the best OLED TVs on the market; the 55-inch LG OLED55C14LB. The 55-inch LG OLED55C14LB is a 4K OLED 120Hz TV, with HDR Pro with Dolby Vision, has LG’s latest a9 Gen4 AI 4K processor chip, incredible speakers that support Dolby Atmos and it’s Nvidia G-Sync and

22TechCrunch / 57min
It’s data season, with groups like Silicon Valley Bank (SVB), CB Insights, PitchBook, and Crunchbase News putting out datasets that we’re having fun exploring. This morning, we’re adding one more to our arsenal. The Exchange spent some time this week diving into the SVB “ State of the Market ” report for the fourth quarter. As is common from the bank’s publications, it’s a dense riff of charts an

Sensors and data are proliferating. Whether it’s from a phone, a car or smart home devices, astonishing amounts of data fuel the work of researchers and product developers conceiving new products and experiences. Among those who stand to benefit, even more than they already do, are people who are blind or visually disabled. That’s why Sight Tech Global is delighted to announce two sessions, one w

A poorly built ecommerce site could be costing your business big-time in lost sales, especially in the lead up to Black Friday , a new report from Google has claimed. The report, based on a survey of more than 10,000 consumers all over the world, as well as 200 website managers in the United States, states that search abandonment (consumers abandoning a website because they couldn’t find what the

Mashable / 1h
Save $100 : As of Nov. 5, the Dyson V10 Cordless Vacuum is on sale for $379.99 at Walmart . That's over 26% off its usual price. Grab one while you can and get your home looking spiffy for the holidays — Dysons don't mess around. Dyson owners are part of an exclusive club, and the brand doesn't disappoint when it comes to quality. But the cost? It's a lot. Now's your chance to get your hands on t

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SAVE $100: Want a separate device just for making video calls? As of Nov. 5, the Facebook Portal 10" Touch is on sale for just $79 at Amazon — that's 56% off its regular price of $179. After a year and a half of pandemic living, we're all familiar with video calling. For some, it was the only way we could see our parents and grandparents; for others, it became how we reported to work. The Zoom ge

Mashable / 1h
Really think about this for a minute: How much have you heard Colin Kaepernick speak? Plenty of us have heard from the former NFL pro-turned-racial justice activist by way of his actions, and the business decisions he's made to get his message out to a wider audience. Maybe it's not the case for you, but even after all that's happened and all that he's been through, I can't say that I, an avid on

The holiday season is known for evoking thoughts of family, both good and bad. Although most of us have a complex relationship with our family—including those we enjoy spending time with and those we don’t—there are many people for whom the subject of family evokes more pain than most. Read more...

When I told my family and friends I’d be traveling to Mauritius — an island nation off the eastern coast of Africa — the vast majority of them said, “Where — the Maldives , you mean? Or Madagascar ?” Not quite! As a traveler, I’ve always been attracted to more low-key destinations; ones that aren’t the most popular on Instagram, but rather the places you read about in a novel or saw once in a tra

Gizmodo / 1h
Your smartphone’s screen probably features enough resolution that it’s impossible for the naked eye to make out individual pixels. But as YouTube’s Mr. Volt discovered , you can buy screens no larger than a postage stamp that pack even more pixels, and of course, the first thing you’d need to do with it is play Doom . Read more...

Engadget / 1h
The first week of November brought a deluge of early Black Friday sales, many of which included some of our favorite gadgets at all-time-low prices. Amazon and Best Buy discounted everything from Sony headphones to smartwatches to OLED TVs. Google devices , including the Nest Audio and the Nest Hub smart display, have dropped to record-low prices as well, while Apple's AirPods Pro with the new Ma

While few would argue over the need for a tech-enabled solution to make parenting easier, the demand is more obvious than the execution. Parenting is hard and requires support for a whole range of moments, from when your kid accidentally eats a button to early signs of depression during the remote school day. The diversity of issues that parents face could thus be a customer service nightmare, bu

Hyatt Apple Leisure•
Hyatt has sold Alila Ventana Big Sur , just months after buying the hotel. Alila Ventana Big Sur sold for $150 million Over the summer it was announced that Hyatt purchased Alila Ventana Big Sur for $148 million. The 162-acre property is located in Big Sur, California, and features 59 rooms, 63 camping areas, and 15 tent cabins. This was an interesting move — keep in mind that for the most part t

What can the internet's original virtual world teach us about Meta's vision of the future?

Gizmodo / 1h
The Cumbre Vieja volcano on the island of La Palma in the Spanish Canary Islands is on its sixth straight week of eruption , seriously shaking up life on the island as it’s forced 7,000 people to evacuate, destroyed 2,500 homes, and created strange and hazardous side effects . As the volcano keeps erupting—and residents… Read more...

24TechCrunch / 1h
HashiCorp filed go public this week , becoming the latest addition to our growing roster of expected fourth-quarter IPOs. The cloud infrastructure unicorn presents an interesting mix of open source and proprietary code, with recurring revenues and a nascent hosted product. The Exchange explores startups, markets and money. Read it every morning on TechCrunch+ or get The Exchange newsletter every

One Xbox Series X|S•
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If you’re still in the market for a PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X – as many people are – your next chance to get one is going to come later today. Walmart will be restocking both consoles today, including both PS5 models. This could be an excellent chance to secure one of these consoles before the hectic holiday shopping … Continue reading

With Black Friday just around the corner, you're probably making a wish-list of some pretty pricey Lego sets that could get discounted either as a treat for yourself or as a gift to someone you care about. The Lego Black Friday deals will likely reduce the price of low-cost kits as well as really pricey ones, so if you're lucky, the best Lego set that were previously out of your budget might beco

Halloween has been and gone, which means horror season on streaming services is coming to an end. Sure, there’s still plenty of new horror movies coming to screens in 2021, but the next few days sees the blood and gore of previous weekends replaced by a decidedly eclectic mix of original movies, hotly-anticipated TV shows and returning comedies. This week, Apple TV Plus gets another moment in the

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Trends among teenage girls are an ever-changing hellscape. Even millennials — people who are not that old, thank you — can have trouble navigating the world that's ruled by TikTok and seemingly untouched by The Awkward Phase. Funneling those trends into a gift that she’ll like and use for longer than a month seems nearly impossible. But you know who does get teenage girls? Other teenage girls. We

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Get inspired: As of Nov. 5, the Fitbit Inspire 2 from 2020 is on sale for just $59.95 at Amazon . That's 40% off its suggested retail price of $99.95. Pick one up and kickstart your new year's resolutions early — time is meaningless anyway. It can be hard to find motivation to work out these days. If that sounds like you, consider a fitness tracker. For a limited time, the Fitbit Inspire 2 is on

The last month has been a wild ride for airlines and passengers. Over Halloween weekend , American Airlines canceled or delayed more than 3,000 flights . A few weeks prior, Southwest’s schedule was decimated , with over 1,800 flights canceled. Those two meltdowns came just a couple of months after Spirit Airlines canceled more than 2,000 flights in a span of a few days. As a traveler, you may ask

Google Stadia Join•
Engadget / 1h
Google is gradually bringing more and more useful features to Stadia , many of which probably should have been available from the outset. It's still ridiculous how long it took to add a search function to the store, for one thing. Shortly after the arrival of free trials for some more titles, Google is rolling out an option to join a friend's game without an invite. A support page spotted by 9to5

Searching for the perfect gift? Target is running a massive sale on some of the most popular LEGO sets, including the LEGO Super Mario kits and the excellent LEGO Flower Bouquet. Not only that, but Target’s offering an additional $10 discount on select LEGO sets when you spend $50 or more on a purchase. Read This Article on Review Geek ›

Finding the mean comes in handy when processing and analyzing all kinds of data. With Microsoft Excel’s AVERAGE function, you can quickly and easily find the mean for your values. We’ll show you how to use the function in your spreadsheets. Read This Article on How-To Geek ›

Gizmodo / 1h
During its PulseCon fan event a few weeks ago, Hasbro debuted the latest Star Wars entry to its line of “Haslab” crowdfunded projects. So far, the line’s given us Jabba’s Sail Barge , The Mandalorian ’s Razor Crest , as well as wild projects like the massive Transformers Unicron and the upcoming Ghostbusters proton pack .… Read more...

Starbucks pumpkin loaf is a street drug for dogs. At least, it is if you’re my dog—so much so that when my last girl, Lucy, stopped eating in her last days with cancer, I ran around town desperately trying to track it down, doing my best Shirley MacClaine while careening, “ she needs her pumpkin loaf! ” But I digress. Read more...

Considering growing pollution levels in a world recovering from the pandemic, air purity is an absolute necessity. A survey by IQ Air suggests that 15 cities of India were amongst the world's most polluted in 2020. In this scenario, air purifiers are a high priority as we need to breathe fresh air at least indoors. Air purifiers make sure that a room is free of pollutants like viruses, bacteria,

SlashGear / 1h
Google’s effectively spilled the beans when it comes to their upcoming Pixel foldable smartphone. This device seemed inevitable since the company started including foldable display features with the newest version of Android and Android development for the near future. But now, here in the latest version of the official Google camera app, codes show the device is in development and … Continue rea

When a Google staffing agency reneged on a promise to pay an attendance bonus, temps who are part of the company’s union organized and forced it to backtrack.

Grand Prix 2021 F1•
As Hamilton trails Verstappen by just 12 points, it looks like this World Drivers' Championship is going to come down to the chequered flag. With each race more nail-biting than the last – no matter who you're rooting for – the Mexican Grand Prix could very well be a deciding race in this title fight. Here, we've got all you need to know in our guide to live stream F1 online wherever you are - in

The right to repair issue has been a back and forth between Apple and consumers. It appears that Apple has taken a significant step against the right to repair, as the company seems to have made it so replacing an iPhone 13’s screen breaks Face ID. Read This Article on How-To Geek ›

Mashable / 2h
If there is one thing we all know about doing something ironically, it's that you eventually end up doing it sincerely. Anyone who has ever used internet slang as a joke knows this. Daniela Piras, a 24-year-old TikTok creator from Austin, Texas, is harnessing the power of irony for self-improvement — and she's encouraging others to do the same. On Oct. 19, she posted a TikTok to her account @lame

Engadget / 2h
Sure, it’s easier than ever to start your own video game streaming channel, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy to be a streamer. There are dozens of factors to consider before pressing that big GO LIVE button on YouTube or Twitch, such as lighting, audio quality, video output and software organization — and that’s just to get on-air. If you want to succeed as a streamer, it also takes practice, char

With major software updates, developers add new wallpaper choices for users to try, while entire forums online are dedicated to creating and sharing the best-looking images for your phone’s lock screen. If you’re on Android, however, beware, because switching your wallpaper can force your apps to restart. Read more...

Rewards American AE•
There are a ton of perks that come with having a card from American Express — many of which can make your travel experience more rewarding and luxurious. From airport lounge access to airline fee credits and benefits at top-notch resorts around the world , holding the right Amex card can transform your time on the road. However, there’s also a way for Amex cardholders to do this when making fligh

Futurism / 2h
There are so many fascinating things we can do with electronics today. If you like to look at computers beyond your screens and social media feeds , then the worlds of electronics, programming, and simulation might be of some interest to you. Although, it is easy to fall into the trap of believing that studying such fascinating and high-tech industries would be reserved for wealthy college studen

US Offers DarkSide•
American law enforcement agencies have issued a bounty for anyone, in any way connected to the Colonial Pipeline ransomware attack that took place in early May 2021. According to Reuters , the US State Department is offering up to $10 million for information that could lead to the identification, or location, of any of the leaders of the cybercrime organization DarkSide, which the FBI believes is

If you thought the Galaxy S21 launch was a big deal, just wait until you see the Galaxy S22. We still have a few months before Samsung launches its Galaxy S22-series phones, but leaks and rumors paint an interesting picture for the future of Samsung. Here’s everything we know about the Samsung Galaxy S22—including some info on that ray-tracing AMD GPU. Read This Article on Review Geek ›

Baking is a science. There are exact measurements required and precise cooking conditions needed. While you might consider yourself a pro, there’s a clever little tool you might have overlooked. Read This Article on LifeSavvy ›

Hello, I’m a 32-year-old woman, and I still love Disney. There’s a strong likelihood that you know someone just like me. If that’s true, an adult Disney gift is the way to go this holiday season. Read This Article on LifeSavvy ›

Gizmodo / 2h
One of the few legitimate reasons to be hesitant about getting vaccinated is a fear of needles. Companies like Pfizer are working on pill forms of their Covid-19 vaccines as alternatives, but a new robot could also help make the vaccination procedure less intimidating as it performs injections all by itself and… Read more...

Google Pixel Fold 2022•
Engadget / 2h
After working on prototypes for several years , Google reportedly plans to release a foldable Pixel in 2022. According to 9to5Google's deep dive into the current Google Camera APK, the phone is codenamed Pipit. While there aren't many concrete details about what the foldable looks like or how it functions, the APK offered some insights into the Pipit's camera setup. Seemingly, the main camera wil

NFT.NYC, a gathering for nonfungible token enthusiasts, offered a taste of a crypto-filled future.

If you’re collecting miles & points through credit card spending, I always recommend doing what you can to accrue transferable points currencies . That’s because these points are much more flexible than when you’re earning an individual airline or hotel points currency. You have the ability to transfer these points to all kinds of travel partners, and you’re safeguarded from a devaluation in a sp

Gizmodo / 2h
Google’s most recent Pixel event has come and gone without any mention of a foldable Pixel. But new leaks suggest that Google’s first foldable phone will arrive sometime next year, possibly without some of the most important features people might be hoping to see. Read more...

If you're after a new smartphone, this week's early Black Friday sales at Mobile Phones Direct offer the perfect opportunity to beat the crowds later this month. Currently, Mobile Phones Direct's pre-Black Friday sale is offering strong contracts on the iPhone 12 Pro, Samsung Galaxy S21, S21 Plus, S21 Ultra, iPhone SE and more. On top of that, there are also a collection of mobile phone deals bun

Southwest is in the news after a flight attendant reported a white mother traveling with her 10 year old biracial daughter as "suspicious." The mother was investigated as a sex trafficker. Continue reading ...

Apple Beats Fit Pro•
Mashable / 2h
Two competitors enter the ring. Only one can leave. And the same company benefits either way. With the third-generation AirPods launching in late October and the new Beats Fit Pro earbuds in early November, Apple is double dipping in the wireless earbuds game. Both of these Apple-made earbuds have pros and cons, but at the end of the day, only one deserves your dollars. Will it be Apple's flagshi

ninepointbleed : Catalog cover and board paper for clothing manufacturer Caïn & Rheims (CARHA), 1925, Paris

TikTok is having an identity crisis. Once almost exclusively the home of teenagers making up dance moves and worshipping Satan , this week, both job-seekers and swingers are having moments on the site, pointing to (gasp) maturity. Read more...

A trip to a Disney theme park is supposed to be one of the most magical experiences on the planet — and usually, it is. From eating food from around the world at Epcot to catching a parade or firework show to end the perfect day, there’s a lot of fun to be had. But imagine getting back to your Disney Resort Hotel and finding that your room hadn’t been cleaned after a long day in the parks. Unfort

Altman Helion Fusion•
48TechCrunch / 2h
Helion Energy , a clean energy company committed to creating a new era of plentiful, zero-carbon electricity from fusion, today announced the close of its $0.5 billion Series E, with an additional $1.7 billion of commitments tied to specific milestones. The round was led by Sam Altman, CEO of OpenAI and former president of Y Combinator. Existing investors, including co-founder of Facebook Dustin

22TechCrunch / 2h
Hello and welcome back to Equity , a podcast about the business of startups where we unpack the numbers and nuance behind the headlines. And have fun! This week our very own Mary Ann was off — we send her our best, as she is a living saint — so Natasha and Alex and Grace and Chris got together to compile our news roundup. And oh boy was there a lot to corral. Up top this week, news from Indiegogo

Lime Raises Next Year•
Shared electric micromobility giant Lime has closed a $523 million raise in convertible debt and term loan financing, money that Lime CEO Wayne Ting says is the next step on the company’s path to going public next year. Lime will use the capital to invest in its decarbonization efforts, refresh a significant portion of its fleet with its Gen4 e-bikes and e-scooters, scale into more cities and dev

The best Bluetooth headphones for the Nintendo Switch produce outstanding audio quality, have good noise cancellation, and stay powered for hours. Here are the best options to pick up. Read This Article on How-To Geek ›

Pfizer Covid Pill 89%•
99Gizmodo / 2h
The dawn of treatments that can effectively prevent severe covid-19 may truly be here. On Friday, pharmaceutical company Pfizer announced the results of its clinical trial testing out a combination oral antiviral therapy. The study found that the two-drug combo reduced the chances of hospitalization and death among… Read more...

Walmart Halo Infinite•
Wondering whether or not Halo Infinite will have a Collector's Edition? Well, wonder no more as the upcoming Xbox Series X /S and PC game does indeed have one... but it sold out before Microsoft could announce it exists. As reported by GameSpot , the Halo Infinite Collector's Edition was briefly listed at Walmart, with no official announcement given from either Microsoft or developer 343 Industri

We’ve seen no shortage of rumors regarding Google’s upcoming foldable smartphone. Some code has leaked that suggests that the phone is still in the works and features a downgraded camera compared to the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro. Read This Article on How-To Geek ›

Okay, you got us. Robot vacuums might not make for the most exciting holiday present, but we think they’re a gift that can keep on giving all year round. And with one less chore to worry about, you’ll finally have time to sit back and enjoy all the other gifts you got. Read This Article on Review Geek ›

Cisco has revealed it uncovered, and fixed, two "high-severity" flaws in its Catalyst PON Series Switches Optical Network Terminals which could have allowed for unauthorized root access to devices. As reported by The Register , the two vulnerabiliies are labeled CVE-2021-34795 and CVE-2021-40113, with the former described as an "unintentional debugging credential" or, as it seems, a backdoor left

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TL;DR: The OMNIA M3 Wireless Charging Station is only $67.96 as of Nov. 5 with the code SAVE15NOV. While Black Friday deals offer the perfect opportunity to snag presents for your family and friends at low prices, they also offer the perfect opportunity to upgrade some of your tech. For instance, you can get this sleek three-in-one wireless charging station on sale for 15% off and bring your char

Mashable / 3h
TL;DR: The FormFit+ Bluetooth Digital Scale is only $63.75 as of Nov. 5 with the code SAVE15NOV. If you want to take control of your health, it's good to know metrics, so you can start seeing results faster. If you've been looking for a smart scale to update your mother's old bathroom scale, now's the perfect time because the FormFit+ is on sale for over 50% off ahead of Black Friday . All you ha

Mashable / 3h
Tinder's Swipe Night is back, singletons. This time, it's a Gen Z whodunnit that'll leave you on the edge of your seat. On Sunday, Nov. 7 at 6 p.m. local time, the next installment of the first-person, choose-your-own-adventure event will launch as a murder mystery, allowing Tinder users to swipe at key moments to determine the direction of the story within the app. The interactive event will run

A hike can be as easy as a walk in the park (literally), but when you start covering more interesting terrain, you’ll quickly meet challenges. Maybe you’re out of breath when you head up hills, or maybe you never manage to pack the right things or wear the right clothes. Here are 10 tips for becoming a more confident… Read more...

In a world filled with hotels , it’s not always easy to stand out from the competition. That’s not necessarily the case for Standard International , the New York-based brand that’s turned the idea of what a hotel could possibly be on its head. Known for its ultra-trendy properties in hip destinations like New York City, Downtown Los Angeles and Miami Beach, the brand’s boutique-like properties ar

The Currys Black Friday sale is now underway with discounts on loads of top tech including OLED TVs, laptops, coffee machines, smartwatches and kitchen appliances. We may be less than a week into November but this is the first sign that the Black Friday deals are ramping up in the UK. And if you're unsure about buying so early, Currys has a price promise that states you won't find these products

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Gal Gadot talks up her new take on the Evil Queen for Disney’s Snow White remake. Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City offers a lesson in trailer tone with gory new footage. Plus, Marvel’s got one last shot at trying to explain part of Eternals to you, and has the studio found its werewolf lead for a Disney+… Read more...

In general I recommend earning transferable points currencies with your credit cards whenever possible, to give you the most flexibility if you’re looking for travel rewards. Capital One only introduced a transferable points currency a few years back, but has really been doing some amazing things. Capital One recently improved mileage transfer ratios , and will also shortly be introducing a new p

We'd hurry if you're interested in scoring the 2021 Apple iPad Pro 11 for its lowest ever price right now - just for $699.99 (was $799) in today's early Black Friday iPad deals at Amazon. Why rush? Not only is this the lowest price yet for this stunningly premium device, but we've already seen this listing sell out over the past week. In fact, the Space Gray colors have already all been snapped u

Schwab Rivian Toxic•
Enlarge / The friendly look of Rivian's electric truck is at odds with allegations of a toxic bro culture at the startup. (credit: Jonathan Gitlin) On Thursday afternoon, former Rivian VP of Sales and Marketing Laura Schwab published a blistering account of her experience at electric vehicle maker Rivian. Schwab moved to the startup in November 2020 after a lengthy career at Jaguar Land Rover and

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This holiday, why not encourage friends and family to expand their coffee-consuming horizons. We’ve compiled a list of the best gifts for coffee nerds you can buy this year, with options for brewing, drinking and more. And if that special someone isn’t into java, we’ve got gifts that will work just fine for tea drinkers too. Aeropress Go Will Lipman Photography for Engadget The Aeropress is a fun

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The GoPro Hero 10 Black may look the same as the previous model , but it has a lot of changes under the hood like improved image quality, a faster UI and more slow-motion and frame rate options. The main drawback has been the $500 price, but if you just want the camera alone with no subscription attached, you can now pick one up from Amazon at $450, or $50 off the regular price. Buy GoPro Hero 10

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The battle between Mastodon and Trump’s Truth Social is a reminder that while the internet has changed, the ideals of free software haven't. That's a problem.

22Wired / 3h
Director Chloé Zhao’s foray into the Marvel Cinematic Universe was simply asked to do too much.

Wired / 3h
Plus: Facebook’s Home flop, the trouble with Covid answers, and good and bad news from Gaia.

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This is the science of why you can recline on an array of very sharp things without getting the pointy end of the stick.

If you've seen our Black Friday Lego deals page, you'll know that there are already loads of bricky sales running from various retailers, but Target has an interesting alternative with its Target GiftCard promotion. Right now, if you spend $50 on select Lego sets on Target's website, you'll get a $10 gift card to spend on... more Lego. Or other things - but wat else would you use it on? That equa

The QNED Mini LED TVs are LG’s latest attempt at bridging the gap between LED and OLED televisions. But how are QNED Mini LED TVs different from other televisions on the market? Here’s what you need to know. Read This Article on How-To Geek ›

While you might think of credit scores as the make-it-or-break-it measure in qualifying for mortgages or car loans, they also an impact in other areas of your life as well. Here’s a look at some lesser-known ways a bad credit score or spotty credit history can end up costing you more money. Read more...

TPG’s Airlines Week accolades have focused mostly on airlines, airports and loyalty programs. But today we roll out our second special honor of the 2021 TPG Awards — this year’s Lifetime Achievement Award — that acknowledges two outgoing CEOs. They’ve had an outsize influence not only on their individual carriers, but on the U.S. airline industry as a whole. Read on to learn more about two retiri

Because we’re just 22 days from the official start of the holiday shopping season, we reached out to several growth marketers we’ve gotten to know through our TechCrunch Experts project to find out how this year’s supply chain issues are effecting their planned campaigns. We spoke with: Julio Lopez , director of client strategy, retail practice lead, Movable Ink Chris Toy , CEO and co-founder, Ma

Every Black Friday we poise ourselves for the discounts that VPN provider PureVPN will offer, and every year we're astonished by just how low its pricing can get. With a few weeks still to go until the global discounts day itself, PureVPN has gone ahead and rolled out its seasonal sale. Sign up now and your next FIVE YEARS of online privacy and IP shifting needs will be taken care of at a remarka

If you've got a flagship camera phone, you're probably wondering how it takes such incredible pictures. Phones brighten up shadows, blur out backgrounds for DSLR-like portrait shots, pump up colors and generally add pizzazz to pictures in a way traditional cameras don't. A big part of this process comes down to AI scene optimization, which you'll find on most smartphones today in some capacity –

Night Sleep According•
A good night’s sleep helps us feel physically and mentally healthier. All too often though the chances of getting the rest we need can be hijacked by any number of factors, from poor pillows to pressure point pain, and from noise (including snoring) to night sweats and health conditions such as sleep apnea. There are an abundance of sleep killers, especially in the post-COVID world, just waiting

Attacks Retailers 2021•
Cybercriminals are out for blood as the holiday season approaches in the midst of an unprecedented global supply chain crisis. The stark warning comes as a part of a new report from cybersecurity experts Imperva, which states that for some businesses, the disruptions may cause delayed shipments and ultimately - empty shelves - which could force some firms to shut up shop altogether. Retailers sho

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German tuning wizard Novitec has unveiled the Spider version of its Ferrari F8 N-Largo coupe. According to Novitec, the limited-edition F8 N-Largo coupe sold out in just a couple of days, with fifteen build slots disappearing in a cloud of dollars and haze. The tuning house is expecting the same type of reception from its newest Ferrari F8 N-Largo Spider. … Continue reading

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iRobot's Roombas are arguable the most sought after robot vacuums, but they're also some of the most expensive ones out there. We recommended the $275 Roomba 694 in our budget robot vacuum guide because it did a good job cleaning hard and carpeted floors and has a straightforward mobile app experience that even newbies will learn quickly. Now, you can grab that robo-vac at the best price we've se

If you’ve been wishing for Microsoft to fix the Start menu in Windows 11 , Stardock has come to the rescue with Start11 , an application that can not only bring back a Windows 10-style Start menu, but a Windows 7 variant too. The Start menu in Windows 11 has had its share of feedback – both positive and negative – since it was showcased in June. It’s now placed in the middle of the taskbar, and t

More fuel for social audio: Berlin-based social audio startup Beams , which is building a platform for sharing and consuming short-form audio recordings — as a sort of bite-sized/deconstructed and/or collaborative podcast format which it bills as “audio-based social media” — has doubled its seed funding, adding another $3 million to close out the round at $6M. “We raised $3M in late 2020. While i

Eternals Post Dane MCU•
Mashable / 4h
Eternals doesn't spend a lot of time thinking about the wider Marvel Cinematic Universe, but the inevitable one-two punch of mid- and post-credits scenes raises some intriguing possibilities for the future of Phase Four. Much has been said about the spoiler blast that revealed Harry Styles joins the MCU in a mid-credits scene. We learned he's playing Eros, brother of the Mad Titan (A.K.A. Thanos)

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It's easy to make a comparison between modern comic book superheroes and the mythical heroes of eons past. Superheroes and legends alike represent the best of humanity. Their stories are meant to present the traits and values that the best of us should exemplify. Chloé Zhao's Eternals draws that comparison even closer by adapting a troupe of Marvel characters who are both heroes and legends. Each

Apple MacBook Pro M1•
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How "Pro" are you? That's the question you have to ask yourself when considering an upgrade to one of Apple's new 14- or 16-inch MacBook Pros with its M1 Pro chip inside. The redesigned laptops come with a host of improvements that were frankly way overdue, like the return of physical function keys (amen!), more ports, and a MagSafe power cable, among others. Those quality of life tweaks aside, y

Buying a bottle of liquor for someone when you don’t know much about that particular alcohol ranks just slightly below public speaking on the pressure scale. Liquor is a combination of history, chemistry, and culture, and the result is a baffling array of choices in any category. It’s so baffling that you can’t even… Read more...

American Airlines canceled more than 1,900 flights last weekend , the latest in a troubling trend of airline network collapses in recent months. The airline blamed the cancelations on gusty winds out of its Dallas-Fort Worth hub for starting the episode, saying the weather event forced the airport to slow arrival rates and limit the use of some runways. Coming at the very end of October, that lef

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This week, Devindra and Engadget’s Jessica Conditt dive into Facebook’s big metaverse moves. Is it more than a name change? Is Meta a smart bet on where the future of computing is going? Also, Devindra and producer Ben chat about the Google Wave-like additions to Microsoft Office, and Samsung’s jeans for the Z Flip 3. Listen below, or subscribe on your podcast app of choice. If you've got suggest

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NASA has confirmed that its DART (Double Asteroid Redirection Test) mission is ready to launch on November 23. Crewmembers have performed the final tests of the spacecraft, have fueled it up, and are currently running dress rehearsals for launch. DART is a very important mission and is the first planetary defense test mission ever conducted. The mission will head for … Continue reading

US Offers DarkSide•
The DarkSide ransomware attack led to a major US fuel pipeline being taken offline.

Many organizations now operate across a network of thousands of distributed endpoints at any one time. This has been accelerated due to hybrid working – a set up entities are finding far more costly than the traditional, in-office network paradigm they were used to. Hybrid working has emphasized the fact that traditional security postures are no longer enough. The increased force and rise of thre

Instagram Twitter Previews•
The feature was removed shortly after Instagram was acquired by Facebook in 2012.

Konami eFootball 2022•
Engadget / 4h
Last month, Konami dropped Pro Evolution Soccer in favor of the new free-to-play eFootball franchise with the promise of decent gameplay on the cheap. Unfortunately, the launch was nothing short of woeful , with bad player models, numerous glitches and an uproar over a $40 DLC that couldn't even be redeemed until a big version 1.0 update originally scheduled for this month. Now, Konami is saying

Microsoft is testing new ecommerce -related features for its Edge web browser that could help streamline the shopping experience ahead of Black Friday and Cyber Monday . Available to members of the early-access Dev Channel, the latest Microsoft Edge build delivers a number of improvements, one of which combines autofill functionality with password generation to help users create new website accou

Major spoilers follow for Foundation episodes 1 to 8. Turn back now if you’re not caught up. It’s quite fitting that Isaac Asimov’s Foundation book series was, according to showrunner David S. Goyer, a “phenomenal influence” on Star Wars. About this episode - Episode 8 (of 10), 'The Missing Piece' - Written by Sarah Nolen - Directed by Roxann Dawson ★★★ Why? Well, based on one particular line in

Yes, technically Black Friday isn't until the end of the month but, each year retailers push that date forward earlier and earlier! Now, here we are in the first week of November with some fantastic early Black Friday iPhone deals from retailer As part of its "Why wait until Black Friday" sale, is offering two big data plans on the iPhone 13 and 13 mini. Both of these

Guests and staff of the Hyatt Ziva near Cancun ran for over after armed gangs stormed the beach of the property and opened fire. Two men were killed “in what state officials described as a confrontation between drug dealers” at the resort. Continue reading ...

Consoles are great because of their pick-up-and-play nature. No drivers, operating systems, or graphics cards to mess with. But things can still go wrong. Let’s take a look at some common Xbox Series X|S issues and possible solutions. Read This Article on How-To Geek ›

Docker’s ONBUILD instruction lets you set up triggers within an image. Your triggers will be executed later, when the image is used as a base for another one. They’ll become part of the new downstream image context and won’t be filesystem layers in your initial docker build. Read This Article on CloudSavvy IT ›

DJI Mavic 3 Drone Minutes•
The DJI Mavic 3 may have taken compact drones to new heights, but it's also flying under the looming cloud of new EU drone laws that could soon leave it in regulatory limbo. A ray of light for European drone fans has, though, come in the form of optimistic statements given to us by DJI. Like all current drones, the issue for the DJI Mavic 3 is that the EU and UK are currently in transition betwee

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With his new memoir Unprotected out on the shelves, actor and broadway star Billy Porter joined Stephen Colbert on Thursday for a frank conversation about trauma and the ability to heal through the power of art. "My hope is that my story and my journey will free somebody else, and set somebody else free," says Porter. "Because it sets me free." Porter goes on to talk about the importance of truth

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Being a superhero in an MCU film more often than not will require you to slip into a suit of some kind, but remember to put your pants on the right way. Eternals star Kumail Nanjiani spoke to Seth Meyers on Late Night about putting on his suit as Kingo, and it's a journey. "You put it on for the first time and you stand up a little bit straighter, you feel cool," he told Meyers. "Even though it i

Style book for men, young men & boys, autumn & winter 1921-22 / Hart Schaffer & Marx. Catalog featuring clothing from Hart Schaffner & Marx. Cover title: “F G Clayton Co. Southwest corner Michigan & Shelby, Detroit : Hart Schaffner & Marx clothes.” And, as we have been informed by our learned friends @uwmspeccoll : “Several of the illustrations are signed by the noted American illustrators Herber

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This week, we break down what’s happening with the global supply chain and offer some tips on how to get your gifts in time.

Gizmodo / 4h
We’re already seeing the third generation of foldable phones, but dual-screen handsets remain exceedingly rare—possibly for good reason. But that didn’t stop Microsoft from bursting onto the scene last year with the Surface Duo and trying to pick up where the last major dual-screen phone, the ZTE Axon M , left off. Now… Read more...

Being from Mississippi but growing up in Los Angeles made for a confusing childhood, especially in the culinary sense. Not only was the food different in every way—nary a crock of bacon grease was to be found—things were named differently. “Coke” became “soda,” my mom couldn’t find boiled peanuts anywhere, and… Read more...

Editor’s note: This post has been updated with new information. While travel hasn’t quite bounced back to 2019 levels, it’s still safe to say that airports and highways will be busy this holiday season as more people make the decision to travel for the season. But between staffing shortages causing mass cancelations and delays , increasing gas prices and recent loyalty program devaluations , it’s

Aston Martin Valkyrie•
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One of the most interesting cars that Aston Martin has announced in a long time is the Valkyrie. The coolest part about the Valkyrie is that it was designed to be the first F1 car for the road with technology that aims to redefine hypercar. Aston Martin has now confirmed that the very first Valkyrie that will be delivered to … Continue reading

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Julia Niiro is on a mission to create a food supply chain that connects small farmers directly to consumers. Niiro started MilkRun , a subscription service delivering weekly grocery staples sourced from small, local farms, in 2018 after becoming a small farmer herself in Portland, Oregon. She had purchased a meat-processing company and was working with area ranchers when she learned that 85% of f

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The global meat substitute market was valued at $4.51 billion two years ago and is expected to double by 2027, attracting startups, like alternative meat food tech company AKUA , that aim to solidify a prominent place in the up-and-coming industry. Former technology journalist Courtney Boyd Myers co-founded AKUA with Matthew Lebo five years ago after seeking out a career where she could leave a l

Animal Crossing NH•
Animal Crossing New Horizons ' long-awaited Happy Home Paradise DLC is now live, following the premature launch of the free 2.0 update that added a bevy of new features, items and quality-of-life improvements to the Nintendo Switch favorite. For many fans, the update in tandem with the new DLC expansion marks a second wind for the game, which many felt was lacking in content compared to other ent

The Black Friday deals are already kicking off in the UK, and the latest retailer to reveal a variety of its discounts is Currys. We're seeing a lot of discounts from the retailer, including deals on the iPhone 13 and Google Pixel 6 . Smartphones are one of the key areas for Currys, with deals on SIM free handsets as well as contracts with networks. For example, we've seen deals on smartphones li

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Zero Motorcycles’ new electric motorbike is taking a thoroughly 2020s approach to upgrades. Revealed yesterday, its 2022 SR will allow you to ‘push’ software-based upgrades to the ride. Zero The bike includes a Cypher Store, and if you plan to get the most out of the 2022 SR, you’ll need to spend some time (and money) in it. At first, the Cypher Store will offer a mix of performance and comfort u

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SAVE $590: Until Nov. 30, the Apple iMac MHK23LL/A (refurbished) is on sale for $709.99 on Woot, saving you $590 on list price. If you've been looking for an Apple iMac at a great price, this could be the deal for you. Yes, we're talking about Woot again. The online retailer is one of the best spots to find deals on refurbished items from top brands like Apple, so it's only natural that we're shi

Twitter Search Specific•
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You know that moment when you just have to relive one of Elon Musk's old tweets, but you just can't find it? Well, Twitter is now making it a little bit easier to search through tweets of an individual user on iOS. If you have the latest version of Twitter for iOS, go to any user's profile, and you'll see a search button on the top left. Tap on it, and you'll get an option to search through that

Dexter New Blood•
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Dexter: New Blood feels more like a ghostly reanimation than a fresh monstrosity. That's good or bad, depending on what you were expecting. In the supposedly limited series from Showtime, Michael C. Hall reprises his role as Miami serial killer Dexter Morgan. Picking up roughly a decade after the Dexter series finale — which saw the Bay Harbor Butcher fake his death, abandon his son Harrison, and

Chris Fox looks at the best of the week's technology news stories.

Microsoft Windows 11•
It looks like Windows 11 is being hit by a very embarrassing problem, with pre-installed apps such as the Snipping Tool, Touch Keyboard and Voice Typing failing to load for some users. With Windows 11 S mode, which is a version of the operating system that limits where you can download apps from, the Start menu is also not working for some users. The fact that Microsoft-made apps aren’t able to r

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Porsche is utilizing the digital world in a new and innovative light. The German automaker’s been working on a digital twin concept or “chassis twin.” It’s eerily similar to the ‘ghost car’ in Gran Turismo racing games, but it has more to do with enhancing the driving and ownership experience than improving your lap times. So, what’s a digital twin … Continue reading

Sorting out your daily meeting schedule using Microsoft Outlook should soon be a lot more straightforward thanks to a new update. Microsoft's email service is adding third-party support for its Meetings feature, meaning the likes of Zoom, Google Meet and Cisco Webex should now work smoothly with Outlook. "This update will add support for users of third-party online meeting providers to make their

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Burro makes carts that help growers of trees and vineyards with harvests. Meanwhile, the maker of Vespa scooters wants to carry your groceries.

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Ports aplenty, optional RTX 3080 power, and a very nice keyboard make this an extremely good laptop for power users.

34Wired / 5h
It’s not enough to drastically slash emissions. To stave off the worst of climate change, humanity needs to capture the carbon that's already in the air.

26Wired / 5h
The Personal Information Protection Law gives authorities the power to impose huge fines and blacklist companies. But the biggest impact may be felt outside the country.

Wired / 5h
The way we remember our pop culture favorites is increasingly inseparable from the memes they generate. But those memes can take on a life of their own.

Credit cards offer all kinds of protections, ranging from travel insurance and trip delay coverage to purchase protection and warranty extensions . One of the single most useful benefits any credit card can offer, however, is cell phone protection. Nearly everyone has a cell phone these days, and the cost of repairing or replacing one if it’s damaged, lost or stolen can add up to hundreds or even

Are you looking to get a VPN subscription soon? Before you get a multi-year subscription, make sure the VPN you choose has these six crucial features. Read This Article on How-To Geek ›

Astell & Kern has launched a new Bluetooth speaker that comes with some serious sonic specs - and it could make the perfect gift for the audiophile in your life (or, let's be honest, yourself). The company, which is best known for its MP3 players and in-ear headphones , has announced the ACRO BE100 wireless speaker , which it says is capable of delivering a room-filling, stereo sound, in spite of

Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards is offering a promotion on purchased points . The concept of a revenue based frequent flyer program selling points has always been strange to me, so let’s take a look at the details (but I’ll say up front that this is an offer you probably shouldn’t take advantage of). Southwest Rapid Rewards selling points with a bonus Through Tuesday, November 16, 2021, Southwes

Giving Robots Social•
Engadget / 5h
Movie robots are known for helping (or hindering ) humans, but in the real world, they have pretty limited social skills. MIT's CSAIL computer science researchers are trying to fix that by teaching robots how to interact with other robots to to further their own goals, according to a new paper . The research could lead to improved human-robot interactions in assisted living facilities, for instan

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We’ve all heard the phrase “drive it like a rental.” Unfortunately, some people don’t see the value of property they don’t own and are just borrowing or renting. Sometimes these people will take a rental car and purposely abuse it, leave it filthy, or smoke inside it, causing problems for the vehicle owner. Bosch is one of the largest manufacturers … Continue reading

Nintendo Switch Year•
Nintendo has conceded that it won’t have enough Switch stock to meet demand during the holiday season, which falls between November and December. The company said that production continues to be hindered by the global semiconductor shortage , which has also made it difficult to find PS5 and Xbox Series X in stock. In a press briefing following Nintendo’s second-quarter results (thanks, Reuters ),

Best Buy has begun rolling out its Black Friday deals already, including huge savings on iRobot Roomba vacuum cleaners . There are offers on everything from the entry-level Roomba 694 , which is now under $180, through to the self-emptying Roomba i7+ , which has received a $250 price cut. Usually the very best Black Friday Roomba deals only appear on Black Friday itself, but these are some huge d

The new Hyatt Ziva Riviera Cancun, which opened its doors just a couple of months ago, is in the news for a deadly shooting. Active shooter at Hyatt Ziva Riviera Cancun? News of this situation first broke on Twitter last night, when user @MikeSington provided the play-by-play (including videos) of what was going on. The incident started with guests being told to duck, and being taken to hiding pl

Facebook Meta Stores•
78TechCrunch / 6h
Mariella Moon Contributor Mariella Moon is an associate editor at Engadget . More posts by this contributor ZipCharge Go is a suitcase-size powerbank for EVs The company formerly known as Facebook has been discussing the possibility of opening retail stores way before it rebranded itself as Meta, according to The New York Times . Apparently, discussions about opening brick-and-mortar shops start

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In the fall of 2016, Tom Hanks was dubbed “America’s Dad” by Esquire , confirming a feeling that has been brewing for years. Generations of Americans have grown up watching Tom Hanks, following him from hilarious hijinks ( Splash, The ‘Burbs , and Big) to daring dramas ( Philadelphia, Forrest Gump, Cast Away ), to a quartet of Toy Story movies and beyond. In the last six years or so, Hanks has fo

It's time. They're here. We've explored apps, tested speeds, inspected kill switches, questioned support teams and streamed more US Netflix content than ever before, but that's it. Our massive six-monthly VPN update is complete, and the results are in. There's good news for ExpressVPN , which has once again topped our charts. The provider hasn't just kept the same high ratings for speed, unblocki

When Black Friday rolls around each year, Three adopts a 'go big or go home' attitude with its deals and this year seems to be no different. Three has just launched a Black Friday SIM plan that we struggle to see getting beat. This SIM plan in question is a 100GB of data plan for a somewhat ridiculously cheap £12 a month . Most other plans in this price range will limit you to around 30-50GB, so

Eternals Post Dane MCU•
Huge spoilers for Marvel Studios' Eternals follow. You have been warned. Eternals , the 26th MCU movie , has finally arrived in theaters – and yes, there are a couple of post-credits scenes to stick around for. There's one in particular, however, that has whipped fans into a frenzy. It concerns Kit Harington's Dane Whitman and it teases the possibility of an unlikely team-up between two interesti

The last two years, when the OTT platforms in India have really come to their own, it is Malayalam cinema which has been at the forefront of this major churn. Not just that, Malayalam actors like Fahadh Faasil , Prithviraj Sukumaran , Kunchacko Boban , Jayasurya and Tovino Thomas have all become big names across India. Among the list, the name of one contemporary star in Malayalam cinema is missi

If you're in the market for one of the best streaming devices , the time is now as Amazon's Fire TV Cube is almost half price at the online retailer. That's the lowest price we've ever seen for Amazon's flagship streaming box, and likely matches or surpasses discounts we'll see this Black Friday . (Not in the UK? Scroll down for deals in your region). We'd highly recommend jumping on this discoun

Facebook Meta Stores•
Engadget / 6h
The company formerly known as Facebook has been discussing the possibility of opening retail stores way before it rebranded itself as Meta, according to The New York Times . Apparently, discussions about opening brick-and-mortar shops started last year, though nothing has been finalized, and the project could still end up being scrapped. If Meta does open physical outlets, however, they will repo

Every month I make a post with what I consider to be the best credit card offers at the time, with a particular focus on the best travel credit cards . As we continue to see a travel recovery, it’s a great time to start getting your points earning strategy in order, so you’re ready to plan your dream trip when the time is right. That’s especially true when you consider that we’re currently seeing

Apple iPad 120Hz ProMotion•
The iPad mini (2021) was a big upgrade from Apple, sporting a new design for the range. But it wasn’t without issues, including reports of ‘ jelly scrolling .’ Apple could fix that for the iPad mini (2022) though, by upping the refresh rate to 120Hz. That’s according to a user posting on Clien (a South Korean social media site), who claims that Samsung Display has shipped an 8.3-inch 120Hz displa

Amazon has slashed 20% off the KitchenAid 3.5 Quart stand mixer, which is now down to just $279.99 from $349.99 , its lowest price ever, for today only as part of its early Black Friday 2021 sales . (Not in the US? Scroll down for the best KitchenAid deals in your region). Whether you’re a seasoned baker or new to the kitchen, a KitchenAid Artisan stand mixer is a must-have appliance. This deal i

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Weather has been wreaking havoc with NASA and SpaceX’s launch plans for the SpaceX Crew-3 mission to take new crewmembers to the ISS. Previously, Crew-3 had been expected to launch on October 31, but weather along the flight path prevented that launch. It was then rescheduled for November 3, but the launch didn’t occur then either. Currently, the next opportunity … Continue reading

Gizmodo / 6h
Eric Adams wants to be paid in bitcoin, according to a new tweet from the incoming New York mayor. But there’s one little catch: Adams says he wants just his first three paychecks in the world’s most popular cryptocurrency. Read more...

BT Openreach Broadband•
BT has announced it has parked plans to find a joint venture partner that would help it roll out its full-fibre broadband network across the UK. The company's Openreach arm had been exploring the potential of signing up with a seperate party as it looked to establish full fibre across the country , particularly to rural areas. But in its latest results, BT noted that as costs of its fibre to the

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There are many things in this world that can be considered scary, but advent calendars haven't traditionally been one of them. Until now. Shudder's The Advent Calendar trailer sees Eva (Eugénie Derouand) receiving a wooden advent calendar from her friend as a gift, only to realise that each little window she opens plagues her with nightmarish visions. Does the plot sound ridiculous? Yes. Will we

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TL;DR: As of Nov. 5, this Black GPS 4K Drone 106 Pro is 15% off with the code SAVE15NOV , available for $58.61. Do you know what makes a great gift for anyone, from adults to kiddos? Drones. Kids can fly them and see the world from a new perspective. Adults can fly them and feel like kids again. Of course, they’re not the most affordable gifts on the planet, which is why you should take advantage

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TL;DR: As of Nov. 5, the 2022 Javascript Developer Bootcamp Certification Bundle is on sale for $25.49 with the code SAVE15NOV — that's a savings of 98%. Learning to code in 2021 doesn’t even require getting up from your couch. If you’ve got a computer and about $25, you can get started on your journey, thanks to this eight-course JavaScript Developer Bootcamp . Year after year, JavaScript tops l

Facebook Meta Stores•
The social networking company has discussed opening physical stores to showcase its virtual reality and augmented reality devices.

29Gizmodo / 7h
After experiencing massive growth at the onset of the pandemic last year, Peloton is sputtering. While there isn’t a singular cause for its woes, Peloton did single out one company for being behind some of them: Apple. Read more...

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Online music education – spurred along by the pandemic – is flourishing. Adults used time in lockdown to learn new instruments or start practicing long-abandoned ones; a July 2021 report from UK Music found that one million adults had taken up an instrument during lockdown . Families also started learning to play instruments together. It’s easier than ever for newbies to start playing the piano a

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At least year's CES, Shure presented its first true wireless earbuds called Aonic 215 — it even released the model's second-gen version this September. Both pairs, however, comes with earhooks. Now, the company has launched a new true wireless earbud model with a more "traditional" design you'd now associate with the product category. It's called the Aionic Free, and while it may be larger than i

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Whether you’re looking for a way to get around town without getting behind the wheel , or to hit the trail regardless of the terrain, Honeywell has a bike for you. And you can save an additional 15% on all of them for a limited time in our Pre-Black Friday Sale. Honeywell 16″ Dasher Electric Foldable Bike The Honeywell Dasher is built for quick errands and city cycling. Made of magnesium, and wit

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In the wake of a $300 million investment from General Motors in September, Momenta, an autonomous driving solution provider from China, announced today an additional $500 million added to its Series C round. The new injection brings the total of the startup’s Series C to over $1 billion. Momenta adapts what it calls a two-legged strategy of supplying advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) to a

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Samsung, which is putting a game-changing 108MP camera in its mid-ranging Galaxy A73 , seems set to follow the same strategy when it comes to its low-end offering. Samsung, which launched its budget Galaxy A12 last November, is set to unveil its successor Galaxy A13 shortly. And as it happens, it is reported that the South Korean electronics major will put a 50MP camera on it --- something not do

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The smartphone market has been in a state of flux in the past two years or so, and not just because of the COVID-19 pandemic or the more recent component supply shortage. There’s also the shift in market leaders because of the absence of certain former giants in that space. In the US, in particular, that dynamic is producing rather … Continue reading

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Newly elected mayor Eric Adams says he'd like his first three pay checks in the cryptocurrency.

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The smartphone industry, in general, has never looked kindly on third-party repair services, let alone replacement components that were sourced outside of companies’ supply chains. Reasons for discouraging or even penalizing unauthorized repairs range from protecting company secrets to protecting the company’s image. Apple has been one of the most notorious opponents of the “right to repair” move

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Twitter wants to expand Spaces ' potential audiences, so it's making audio conversations available to anyone — even those who'd rather not sign up for an account. Now, hosts and listeners can send anybody a direct link to a Spaces audio broadcast, and those with no Twitter accounts can listen to it on the web without having to log in. They won't be able to participate, but it could still lead to

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TL;DR: The Social Media Growth Marketing Masterclass Bundle is on sale for £29.33 as of Nov. 5, saving you 98% on list price. If you've struggled with marketing yourself on social media, or just want to learn the ins and outs of top social media platforms like Instagram and YouTube, this collection of courses will teach you everything you need to know. With the Social Media Marketing Growth Maste

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Tl;DR: A three-year membership to the SitePoint Web Development Hub Premium is on sale for £43.99 as of Nov, 5, saving you 72% on list price. Whether you're interested in launching a web development career or just need to stay up-to-date in your existing field, SitePoint has you covered. It's an easy way to get a lifetime of knowledge in JavaScript, Docker, and more right at your fingertips. Site

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Hot on the heels of the launch of the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro , new findings around Google's rumored folding phone (the Pixel Fold ) have surfaced, hinting that the upcoming device won't get one of the standout upgrades from the latest range. 9to5Google has dug up information from the code of the Google Camera app that suggests the Pixel Fold will be getting the same 12.2MP primary camera the tec

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In addition to the “pure” Android experience, one of the original selling points of Google’s Pixel phones has always been photography. Back then, the first Pixel’s 12MP camera seemed magical because of how Google was able to pull out high-quality rabbits from its computational photography hat. Five years, however, is a very long time for smartphones, and the Pixel had … Continue reading

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Tencent unveiled its progress in chips for the first time this week, which immediately gave its stock price a modest boost . Silicon seems distant from the giant’s main arenas of video games and social networks, so observers suggest that Tencent’s move is to signal that it’s aligned with China’s long-run goals to self-develop semiconductors at a time its gaming unit is under a slate of regulatory

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It’s so weird how in a day and age when there are more options for movies and television series to watch than ever that a lot of us often feel like we can’t find anything decent to watch. When you’re wading in the deep seas of cheesy sitcoms, reality television,