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3KGizmodo / 3h
We’ve known the young stars of Netflix ’s upcoming live-action adaptation of Avatar: The Last Airbender for a few months, leaving fans to wonder: who would play Uncle Iroh, the kindly former Fire Nation general-turned-mentor who travels with Prince Zuko, and one of the most beloved characters in the entire franchise?… Read more...

200+Mashable / 2h
The Harry Potter cast will reunite officially for the first time ever for an HBO Max special celebrating 20 years of the films. Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint, Emma Watson, and many more actors will reportedly join the festivities. “There’s magic in the air here with this incredible cast, as they all return home to the original sets of Hogwarts, where they began 20 years ago. The excitement is pa

41How-To Geek / 4h
Intel has another mess on its hands, as a new vulnerability has popped up that lets anyone with physical access to a computer install malicious firmware on specific Intel chips. In doing so, they can defeat protections provided by Bitlocker and others. Read This Article on How-To Geek ›


Gizmodo / 12min
Qualcomm is one of the world’s biggest chipmakers when it comes to smartphones, but now the company is setting its sights on the PC market with a new line of chips due out in 2023. Read more...

SlashGear / 13min
We’re quickly closing in on the annual Game Awards, and after going remote for a year, we’ll be back in person for 2021. Today, The Game Awards revealed the nominees for each of its categories, including the Game of the Year award. While there are a bunch of different categories and, by extension, many more nominees, there are, as always, … Continue reading

Managing all of the subscriptions for the various SaaS applications used by SMBs can be a time consuming and tedious process. To make matters worse, more than half of IT leaders still rely on dated internal tools and manual spreadsheets to track and monitor their subscriptions and renewals according to a survey from Productiv. Due to this, it can be challenging for IT departments to know when ren

Lifehacker / 20min
With macOS 12 Monterey , the Shortcuts app made its debut, enabling automation on iPhones, iPads, Apple Watches, and HomePods. If you’ve installed Shortcuts on your Mac, you should try some of the best automation routines for your computer . As you do, you’ll benefit from these useful tips to help you make the most of… Read more...

How-To Geek / 21min
After years of waiting, 1Password 8 is officially available for Windows 10 and Windows 11. The new app features an intuitive redesign, more secure code, dark mode support, new features, and several other improvements that customers have longed for. Read This Article on Review Geek ›

TechCrunch / 23min
Remote and hybrid working are the order of the day, and now a startup called AnyDesk that helps enable that to be pulled off smoothly — regardless of the architecture of a company’s network, or where a person happens to be working — is announcing a round of $70 million to fuel its growth. The Stuttgart-based company said that the Series C values it at over $600 million. General Atlantic is leadin

Gizmodo / 24min
Nia DaCosta’s Candyman is a sequel to the 1992 original , but most of its characters are new to the story. The big exception, of course, is the McCoy family: artist Anthony—just a baby during the events of the first film—and his fiercely protective mother, Anne-Marie. Vanessa Estelle Williams reprised her role as… Read more...

Low cost carrier French Bee will be launching yet another route to the United States. French Bee’s new flight to Los Angeles French Bee will be launching a new route between Paris Orly (ORY) and Los Angeles (LAX) as of April 2022. The flight will initially operate 4x weekly as of April, and then frequencies will increase to 6x weekly as of July. The flight will operate with the following schedule

How-To Geek / 28min
Graphs and charts give you visual ways to represent data. So, if you want to show parts of a whole, a pie chart is the way to go. You can create and customize a pie chart in Google Sheets easily. Read This Article on How-To Geek ›

39The Points Guy / 30min
Editor’s note: This post has been updated with new information. Citi is a TPG advertising partner. Avianca’s LifeMiles program is great for booking Star Alliance award flights. Even better, it frequently offers bonuses when transferring from flexible points programs, letting you to stretch your points even further. If you have rewards with Capital One , Citi ThankYou or Brex Rewards from cards su

Activision Blizzard Kotick•
Engadget / 33min
Employees at Activision Blizzard are calling for the resignation of CEO Bobby Kotick following new revelations into the role he may have played in creating the toxic workplace culture that has mired the company in controversy. On Tuesday, The Wall Street Journal published a comprehensive report on Kotick's handling of the sexual harassment lawsuit California's Department of Fair Employment and Ho

Ars Technica / 36min
Enlarge (credit: Microsoft) Microsoft is releasing Windows 10's November 2021 update , also called Windows 10 21H2, to the public today. The company is also clarifying its plans for the future of Windows 10 updates : starting now, Microsoft will continue to provide Windows 10 feature updates once per year, rather than the current twice-per-year schedule. This is meant to sync Windows 10's update

Ars Technica / 36min
Enlarge / Can you spot the anniversary keycap? (credit: HHKB ) Happy Hacking Keyboard (HKKB) has made a name for itself among keyboard enthusiasts since launching in 1996. Today, the brand is synonymous with arrow-less 60 percent designs, the use of luxurious Topre switches, and premium price tags. Its 25-year anniversary keyboard is no different. The HHKB layout drops the numpad and navigation k

TechCrunch / 37min
Facily, a São Paulo-based social commerce marketplace, has quietly raised over $366 million in funding across four different rounds over the last year. Most recently, Facily closed on a $250 million Series D that was led by DX Ventures and Berlin-based Delivery Hero , with Citius as co-anchor investor. That investment values the startup at $850 million. Glade Brook led its $63 million Series C fi

22TechCrunch / 37min
Fintech company Upgrade has raised a Series F round just four months after raising its previous round. Today, the company is announcing $280 million in new funding at a $6 billion pre-money valuation. In August, the company announced its Series E round — $105 million at a $3.325 billion valuation. In other words, the company is both well capitalized and has increased its valuation by a few billio

UK Orders Nvidia Arm•
The UK's competition watchdog is told to investigate the proposed takeover further.

TechCrunch / 45min
Jose Cayasso Contributor Jose Cayasso is the co-founder and CEO of Slidebean . My team and I go through 250 to 300 investor decks every single month. Even though a small group of founders has started exploring Notion memos to replace pitch decks, the reality is that most investors will still expect a good old slide presentation. The following are slides that we constantly see founders struggle to

TechCrunch / 45min
Candice Bristow Contributor Candice Bristow is director of EID and recruiting at Expel Inc. Businesses have struggled to establish diverse, equitable and inclusive (DEI) work environments for some time now, but the events of 2020 put a spotlight on just how bad most organizations are at building impactful DEI efforts. After COVID-19 resulted in staggering unemployment trends across the U.S., the

72Futurism / 45min
US government agencies are in unusual lockstep as they condemn Russia for intentionally exploding its own satellite, creating a dangerous cloud of space junk and forcing astronauts aboard the International Space Station to bunker down in their docked spaceships for safety. US Space Command called the surprise antisatellite (ASAT) test “a reckless and dangerous act.” And NASA Administrator Bill Ne

If you're to score an early Black Friday deal on Apple's latest and greatest smartwatch - then you're in luck. We've spotted the all-new Apple Watch 7 on sale for $389.99 (was $399) at Amazon . That's the lowest price we've ever seen and a rare discount on a brand new Apple device. While the $10 discount might not seem like much, the Apple Watch 7 was just released in October, and price cuts on n

This is useful if you have points spread across different transferable currencies since you can pool them in the same account. And LifeMiles has access to Star Alliance awards. Here's a primer on getting the most out of LifeMiles and a warning why it's much better to deal with them by email than over the phone . Continue reading ...

Lifehacker / 56min
Have you noticed your Mac slowing down after you upgraded to macOS 12 Monterey ? You aren’t alone. Plenty of people have reported seemingly random slowdowns and extraordinarily high RAM usage across various apps—even ones that don’t otherwise require much RAM, such as Tweetbot, have been consuming a lot of memory. If… Read more...

Mashable / 1h
Save $103: Any new gaming PC you buy on Black Friday isn't complete without a proper monitor. As of Nov. 16, the LG Ultragear 27-inch GP850-B QHD gaming monitor is at a new low price of $396.99 at Amazon after a 21% discount. Black Friday is always clutch when it comes to gaming deals , especially if you're a PC gamer. You get plenty of chances to upgrade your gaming rig with the latest periphera

Mashable / 1h
Cyrus Dobre shares how flying a jet pack made him a viral sensation.

Balmuda Phone Japanese•
Enlarge / The Balmuda Phone. It's designed to be held. (credit: Balmuda) It's not every day you see a smartphone launch that truly looks like something new and different, but say hello to the " Balmuda Phone ." This is a unique, compact little Android phone, totally out of left field, from a luxury Japanese toaster maker. You can't make this stuff up. Usually, these "random company made a smartph

Engadget / 1h
What better way to show off the splendor of 8K visuals than with nature programming? That seems to be Roku's train of thought as it adds the first premium 8K channel to its platform: The Explorers. The only 8K Roku TVs on the market right now are from TCL. The first of those sets was released in 65” and 75” formats in August. TCL first showed off the TV at CES. 8K HDR content comes to life on you

SlashGear / 1h
The developers of Twitter finally released an update that allows users to avoid the “disappearing Tweet experience.” This experience was originally created by an update to Twitter that pushed a Tweet up a timeline as replies were added to a string. This wouldn’t normally be an issue, just so long as a user never stopped browsing Twitter in real time. … Continue reading

43Gizmodo / 1h
Even living in an age of climate denialism , pandemic denialism , and so on and so forth , you’d think a trailer for a comedy about humanity collectively burying its heads in the ground while a massive comet comes to wipe out life on Earth wouldn’t quite hit so disconcertingly hard as it does. And yet, here we are . Read more...

Gizmodo / 1h
Spotify, Discord, and Snapchat were all experiencing issues on Tuesday, with early reports indicating that a brief Google Cloud outage could have been the culprit. Read more...

Enlarge / Amazon fulfillment center and warehouse in Sacramento on August 23, 2019. (credit: Getty Images | Sundry Photography) California's attorney general yesterday said that Amazon has been hiding COVID-19 case counts from warehouse workers throughout the pandemic and announced a settlement in which Amazon agreed to keep workers up to date on the number of infections in their workplaces. Atto

22TechCrunch / 1h
If it seems like everyone is listening to the same podcasts, that’s probably not a coincidence. Audio-based entertainment and social media is more popular than ever right now, but the medium is still plagued by discovery issues. While hit podcasts soar in popularity, expand their media empires and secure major brand deals, it’s difficult for up-and-coming shows to find an audience. Racket is inte

When you use your real email address while shopping for Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals online, hundreds if not thousands of third parties will then have access to it which is why Mozilla has launched a new free service to provide users with email aliases instead. Firefox Relay (formerly known as Firefox Private Relay ) is a privacy-first and free product that hides your real email address to

Some of us go great lengths to maximize our credit card rewards , in some cases having dozens of cards , and making our pursuit of rewards points basically a part-time job. If you’re the person in your circle of friends known for your credit card obsession, odds are good that you’re frequently asked by others which credit card they should use. I know I am. And it’s a struggle. My temptation is to

It’s finally your turn on the family’s desktop computer. It takes forever to boot up. (You kill time by rapping along to the bridge in Evanescence’s “Bring Me To Life,” feebly blasting from your iPod nano.) You’re finally online. What’s the first site you visit to express your emo musical taste, rearrange your… Read more...

Credit card perks can fundamentally shift how we experience the world. Whether it’s a premium lifestyle benefit — or perhaps something more practical like small-business tools or a travel credit — perks are why many of us keep our cards for the long haul. At TPG, we know the value of a credit card goes beyond a welcome bonus . The best card products and their respective perks should play a role i

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Starting with Firefox version 94, you no longer get a warning when you attempt to close a Firefox window with multiple tabs open. Luckily, the feature is not fully removed, and you can enable it from Firefox’s settings menu. Read This Article on How-To Geek ›

JPMorgan Tesla Musk•
The 2018 tweet, in which Mr. Musk claimed he had secured funding to take Tesla private, initially sent the automaker’s shares soaring. But they sank when it became clear that no such deal had been reached.

Mashable / 1h
TikTok is full of life hacks for common struggles, like parenting, pet care, or the formidable orange stains that spaghetti sauce leaves on your Tupperware. But there's also a side of TikTok dedicated to hacking... life itself. Manifestation TikTok is where thousands of folks share how they've ushered abundance (like money or an Actually Good Relationship) into their lives. The "how" usually invo

36Gizmodo / 1h
One might think that after waiting around Dallas, Texas for weeks expecting JFK Jr. (a man who is dead) to emerge and give a surprise speech restoring Donald Trump to the presidency, one would simply conclude that JFK Jr. is dead and he’s not going to do that . That is not the case for QAnon supporters . Read more...

Nvidia and Gigabyte are preparing to rerelease the RTX 2060 graphics card - with a big VRAM upgrade, according to a new regulatory filing. The document, submitted to the Eurasian Economic Commission and published on November 15, refers to four new Gigabyte graphics card SKUs. All four are for new versions of the Nvidia RTX 2060 and all indicate a 12GB variant, doubling the VRAM over the original

Windows on ARM sucks, mainly because it lacks basic app support. Developers just aren’t interested in spending time on such a niche operating system, especially when the only platform to test Windows on ARM apps is a $1,000 Surface Pro X. But things may change soon thanks to the ECS LIVA Mini Box QC710, a new Snapdragon mini PC that costs just $219. Read This Article on Review Geek ›

H1 $100M Series Healthcare•
Fresh off of a $58 million Series B round, and just one year after graduating from Y combinator, H1, a “LinkedIn for the healthcare industry” has raised even more cash. On Tuesday, the company announced a $100 million Series C round. The concept behind H1 is simple: It’s an increasingly rich database of medical expertise. The service hosts profiles for millions of physicians and can surface key f

As funding pours into mental health tech, one thing remains relatively unchanged: complex insurance billing. Now, even that medieval process is starting to attract startup interest — from companies that scan claims for errors, to others looking to simplify filing itself. Nirvana Health is one of the latter. It’s a software platform looking to smooth out the process of filing mental health insuran

200+Futurism / 1h
Scorpion Kings New plague just dropped. Massive rain, dust, and snowstorms (yes, snow too) in Aswan, Egypt have caused swarms of scorpions to wreak havoc on the city — leaving multiple people dead as a result, Egyptian newspaper Al-Ahram reports . So far, three people have died and more than 450 have been injured in a single night of scorpion-stinging fury. The New York Times reports that the ins

Engadget / 1h
A Google Cloud networking issue has taken down a handful of prominent websites today, including Spotify, Snapchat, Etsy and Discord. Google says the issue is partially resolved as of 1:17PM ET, but a full fix is still incoming. Affected websites will display 404 error messages and there is no workaround on the customer side. We are aware of an issue with Google Cloud Platform. See our status dash

Emirates Premium Economy•
Emirates is bringing its new premium economy product to 105 additional Boeing 777s and Airbus A380s, the airline announced Tuesday at the Dubai Airshow. The refit program kicks off in December 2022, with 52 A380s and 53 777s receiving the new product. On the 777, three rows of premium-economy seats in a 2-4-2 configuration will replace five rows of economy-class seats aft of the business-class ca

The ability to build a PC is a valuable skill if you’re serious about gaming or interested in computer tech in general. Installing future upgrades, troubleshooting errors, and fine-tuning your machine to run games and apps is a lot easier when you know exactly which components are in your PC, how they connect to each… Read more...


Gizmodo / 1h
If your favorite part of the holidays is parking your butt on your couch and watching TV, good news. You are not going to lack for holiday entertainment as 2021 draws to a close. Alien shoppers , festive archers , a Santa suit-clad Satan , and a movie called A Boy Named Christmas —which seems to be about a boy who is very… Read more...

SlashGear / 2h
Today Pokemon GO went down and fans around the world began to see the notification “Unable to authenticate. Please try again.” Similar situations appeared when users attempted to sign in or continue using services like Snapchat, Spotify, and Discord. It would appear – at first glance – that the problem rests squarely in the lap of Google Cloud. Niantic relies … Continue reading

Instagram Badges US•
Mashable / 2h
Instagram is taking down the velvet rope for creators who want to make money during Lives. Sort of. In October 2020, Instagram debuted its monetary props feature, called "Badges." For creators who had access, during live broadcasts, their fans could purchase badges for between $0.99 and $4.99. Buying a badge meant the person would get a heart next to their name in the comments field of a Live, th

The next wave of aerospace is just around the corner, and a lot of that innovation is happening thanks to new, faster methods of development. “What’s happening now is that companies are trying to understand how they take the lessons from Agile software development and apply those to Agile product development,” explains Dale Tutt, vice president of Aerospace and Defense Industry for Siemens. With

Gizmodo / 2h
Batteries are the curse of every device not permanently tethered to a power cord, but wireless earbuds manage to eke out a decent amount of playback time through the use of charging cases—a minor inconvenience but an acceptable compromise. The new Relods buds manage to boost their battery life even further by… Read more...

Gizmodo / 2h
In 1983, astronomer Michael Rowan-Robinson conducted a search for a proposed 10th planet (Pluto still being a planet at the time) using data from the Infrared Astronomical Satellite, the first infrared space telescope. Rowan-Robinson didn’t turn up a new planet, and by 1991, he was pretty sure that such a planet did… Read more...

Data CyrusOne CoreSite•
It’s been quite a week for data center industry consolidation in the U.S. Two companies, CyrusOne and CoreSite , announced deals valued at $15 billion and $10 billion, respectively. It is unusual to see two companies in the same industry announce such large acquisitions on the same day, but that’s what happened on Monday. Let’s start with the bigger of the two deals. KKR, a well-known private equ

Exhale — a spa and fitness brand previously owned by Hyatt — will stop participating in the World of Hyatt loyalty program effective Jan. 1, 2022. That means World of Hyatt members will no longer be able to earn bonus Hyatt points or redeem them for rewards at Exhale. So if you’ve been waiting to book that spa treatment, now is the time. Get the latest points, miles and travel news by signing up

The crucial Black Friday season is in full swing, which means you’ll be able to find some amazing deals on portable monitors. They’re only going to get better as Black Friday 2021 approaches – this year it will fall on November 26. This time of year is perfect for techy upgrades. Prices are never lower and all of the big manufacturers have released their latest products in time for the festive se

The Game Awards 2021•
Engadget / 2h
The 2021 Game Awards nominees have been revealed , and it's safe to say there are a few clear frontrunners alongside the usual eclectic mix. Arkane's time-warping Deathloop and Sony's multi-dimensional Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart were two of the most frequently nominated titles, picking up five nods each that included Game of the Year, art, sound and acting categories. Other multi-nominated title

Chase and United have a suite of co-branded credit cards , and we’ve just seen some fantastic new limited time welcome bonuses rolled out on these cards. Chase United MileagePlus credit card offers Chase and United have introduced elevated bonuses on personal co-brand credit cards, ranging all the way from the most premium card, to the no annual fee card. Note that you’re potentially eligible for

By default, your Windows 11 PC doesn’t tell you when an update requires a reboot to finish installing. If you’d like to be notified about such updates so you can restart your PC and finish the update, you can enable an option on your PC. We’ll show you how. Read This Article on How-To Geek ›

Roku recently announced one of its most affordable streaming players yet and it’ll be available exclusively at Walmart for Black Friday. So whether you’re looking for a new streaming device or want to turn an old TV into a smart device, the $15 Roku LE will be perfect when it hits shelves on Black Friday. Read This Article on Review Geek ›

26Lifehacker / 2h
Attention, internet: The new update to Google Chrome is out. Chrome 96 (full name 96.0.4664.45—catchy) is rolling out to all of our Google browsers this week. With it, we get some cool new features and, more importantly, essential security patches. That means if you don’t update, you could be putting your digital… Read more...

Gizmodo / 2h
Live-action adaptations of Sir Terry Pratchett’s beloved Discworld books have always been a mixed bag , but we might have finally found a winner. Penguin Random House has announced that it has commissioned new audiobook recordings of all 40 Discworld novels, using a variety of British stars to bring them to life. Read more...

VR Meta Reality Labs•
100+Wired / 2h
The company has unveiled a new prototype wearable that mimics the feeling of handling real objects in the virtual world.

Engadget / 2h
If you’ve been patiently waiting to install Windows 11 on your PC, Microsoft has good news. The company announced today it’s increasing the pace of the operating system’s rollout, and making it more broadly available. Provided your system is running version 2004 or later of Windows 10 and you recently installed the September 14th, 2021 servicing update Microsoft released, you can now upgrade dire

Instagram Badges US•
Engadget / 2h
Instagram is expanding the availability of Badges to all eligible creators in the US. Starting today, users over the age of 18 with more than 10,000 followers can apply to use the feature. The company introduced Badges in May of last year . Then, in October, it expanded their availability to approximately 50,000 creators . Badges represent a way for Instagram creators to earn money from their fan

Nvidia Image Scaling DLSS•
Engadget / 2h
NVIDIA has released a major update for its Deep Learning Super Sampling (DLSS) technology. With version 2.3 of the software, the company says the AI algorithm makes smarter use of motion vectors to improve how objects look when they’re moving. The update also helps to reduce ghosting, make particle effects look clearer and improve temporal stability. The latter has traditionally been one of the w

Microsoft Xbox Games 2•
SlashGear / 2h
While at one point we may have thought the Xbox backward compatibility program was finished, we learned that wasn’t the case during the Xbox 20th Anniversary event this week. Microsoft announced more than 70 new additions to the backward compatibility list during that event, making more Xbox 360 and original Xbox games playable on modern hardware. There are some fantastic … Continue reading

Enlarge / Elizabeth Holmes, founder and former CEO of Theranos, arrives for motion hearing on Monday, November 4, 2019, at the US District Courthouse in San Jose, California. (credit: Getty | Yichuan Cao ) On Monday, at the criminal trial of Elizabeth Holmes, Theranos investor Alan Eisenman walked into the courtroom and held aloft an enveloped stuffed with his personal notes. He hadn’t wanted to

Mashable / 2h
SAVE $148.50: This YYD ROBO Electric Kick Scooter is on sale at Amazon for $331.49 as of Nov. 16 — that's 31% off its regular price. If you're interested in spicing up your commute, check this deal out. Electric scooters are a happy middle ground between the inefficiency of walking and the dangers of motorcycles. The YYD ROBO Electric Kick Scooter comes equipped with a 350W motor that will get yo

Mashable / 2h
SAVE 25%: The GrowlerWerks Nitro Cold Brew Maker lets you make delicious cold brew from the comfort of your home. For a limited time, it's on sale for $149.25, which means you'll save $49.75 on the usual price. When you buy on the GrowlerWerks website, your purchase will include a free package of Brooklyn Gold Coffee . With a nitro cold brew machine, you don't have to go to Starbucks to get your

Netflix has confirmed three more cast members for its live-action Avatar: The Last Airbender adaptation, and they contain some key talent from the world of Star Wars – on both the big and small screens. While prior announcements focused on the main, younger cast members for the new Avatar series , we've now got a look at some of the supporting cast – including the tea-loving firebender Uncle Iroh

1Password 8 Windows•
1Password has announced that the latest version of its password manager , which features a new design and enhanced security and privacy features, is now generally available for Windows. 1Password 8 for Windows sports an all-new modern design and increased productivity capabilities to help users manage, store and protect their sensitive information more easily and securely than ever before. Over t

Enlarge / The ECS LIVA QC710 mini PC. (credit: ECS) Developers interested in testing out the ARM versions of Windows haven't had much flexibility when it comes to testing hardware. On one end of the spectrum are $1,000-ish tablets like the Surface Pro X , which, especially for indie developers, is a lot of cash to drop just to dabble in a new hardware ecosystem. And while you can technically run

1KFuturism / 2h
Tesla CEO Elon Musk, the richest person in the world, isn’t a fan of taxation. He balked when US lawmakers proposed a new billionaires tax plan last month, which would sap him of around $50 billion over the plan’s first five years. “Eventually, they run out of other people’s money and then they come for you,” he complained on Twitter last month. When Tesla shares soared following the announcement

Futurism / 2h
The best smart TV brings connectivity right to your living room. Smart TVs connect to your internet network via an ethernet cable or Wi-Fi to stream online content directly to your TV. These devices make it simple to watch your favorite online content, without the need for an external device. The best smart TVs share the same features as the best analog TVs, such as a suitable screen size, sharp

US Russia Space ISS•
200+Futurism / 2h
Yesterday, astronauts aboard the International Space Station (ISS) were forced to suit up and shelter in docked vehicles when the orbital outpost passed through a debris cloud. While the origins of the debris were initially shrouded in speculation, we now know the answer: Russia blew up a satellite to test a new weapon. The US Space Command announced in a statement that Moscow was behind the debr

Unless you’re one of those people who bedecks their house in Christmas cheer before Thanksgiving, the time is nigh to turn your thoughts to the centerpiece of yuletide decorating—the almighty tree. But due to pandemic supply chain interruptions, getting a tree this year presents some unique logistical challenges.… Read more...

Gizmodo / 2h
A bizarre wildfire has ignited near Estes Park, Colorado, forcing residents to flee at a time of year when they’re usually gearing up for ski lifts to start turning. Read more...

100+Gizmodo / 2h
An outbreak of flu at the University of Michigan has sickened more than 500 people since early October. Local health officials have now brought in help from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to investigate the matter, which may offer a preview of the flu season this winter. One important consideration is… Read more...

SlashGear / 2h
Razer just revealed their top-tier headphone line for the Sony PlayStation 5, equipped with high-end audio and matching aesthetics. The Razer Kaira is a name you might’ve heard in the past, if you’re looking for high quality gaming-aimed headphones. Here the company has a few versions of the headphones/headsets with some key PlayStation features. The company revealed two headsets this … Continue

100+The Points Guy / 3h
Editor’s note: This is a recurring post, regularly updated with new information. Credit card sign-up bonuses and welcome offers are the quickest and easiest way to rake in lots of points and miles, so we regularly update the roundup of our favorite current offers in our best credit cards guide. But to help you keep up with an ever-changing list of bonuses, we’ve also compiled a list here of the b

200+Mashable / 3h
Fox News' Laura Ingraham was either wildly confused or super committed to a joke on her show The Ingraham Angle on Monday night. Either way, folks online cracked up over the host's seeming inability to understand that a conversation was about the Netflix show You and not about Ingraham herself. Ingraham had guest Raymond Arroyo on the show to complain about, you guessed it, "wokeness" in Hollywoo

TikTok Class Action•
Mashable / 3h
Attention U.S.-based TikTok users — you may be entitled to a part of the $92 million class-action lawsuit settlement against the app . If you used either TikTok or its sister app Musical.ly before Sept. 30, you are eligible to file a claim for yourself or (for parents) minors who have used the app. The lawsuit against TikTok , filed by the District Court for Northern District of Illinois, alleged

Mashable / 3h
No such thing as "nothing to watch": As of Nov. 16, you can snag three months of both Amazon Music Unlimited and Showtime for $0.99 per month. Subscriptions cost between $7.99/month and $10.99/month separately, so you're technically saving about $56.94. If you're looking for a new show to watch during inevitable holiday-season boredom, add three months of Showtime (and Amazon Music Unlimited) to

Ruined King LoL League•
Engadget / 3h
When Riot Forge said it would soon provide more long-awaited details about League of Legends spin-off Ruined King , few fans would have expected Riot Games' publishing arm to suddenly thrust the game into the world. But hey, guess what? That's exactly what happened. Ruined King: A League of Legends Story is out today on Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Steam, GOG and the Epic Games Store

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The privacy-oriented Brave web browser has continued its push into crypto with the launch of the Brave Wallet, a free self-custody crypto wallet built directly into its desktop offering. The Brave browser , which boasts of over 42 million users, pitches the new wallet as a one-stop shop for users to store, manage, and swap their crypto portfolio. Brave claims that unlike most hot wallets , the Br

Amazon Prime Video ’s expansion into the fantasy genre has been unusually slow for a high-profile streaming platform. While its competitors, including Netflix, have churned out numerous big-budget fantasy shows and movies, Amazon’s large-scale offerings have been few by comparison. But that’s about to change. With two high-cost (and potentially high-stakes) fantasy shows releasing in the next yea

Amazon Echo users in the UK are finally able to change Alexa’s voice, Amazon has confirmed to TechRadar. The deeper-sounding alternative, which is already available to Echo owners in the US, is being rolled out to Amazon smart speakers and smart displays in the UK. However, while in the US, Alexa’s name can be changed to Ziggy , Brits will have to wait until next year before they can assign this

One of the best early Black Friday camera deals has just landed, particularly if you're looking to start a YouTube channel or get into live-streaming – you can now get $202 / £247 off the brand-new Panasonic GH5 Mark II on Amazon. The excellent Black Friday deal takes the body-only price of the 4K live-streaming camera down to just $1,497.99 in the US , and £1,249.99 in the UK – both of which are

Aerospace prime Northrop Grumman is leading a team that includes AVL, Intuitive Machines, Lunar Outpost and Michelin to design a vehicle to transport Artemis astronauts around the moon. The Lunar Terrain Vehicle (LTV) will be key to exploration of the lunar south pole region, an area that no human has ever visited. Northrop will lead systems integration and spacecraft design, and the rest of the

The Solar System is at war in the sixth and final season of The Expanse . Fans of The Expanse were devastated several years ago when SyFy canceled the beloved series after just three seasons. Fortunately, it got a second lease on life through Amazon Prime Video, coming back stronger than ever with stellar third and fourth seasons. But all good things must eventually come to an end, even for the i

Enlarge / Logitech G G303 Shroud Edition wireless gaming mouse. (credit: Best Buy ) After months of gamer anticipation , Logitech's G303 Shroud Edition wireless gaming mouse is available. Logitech has yet to officially announce the mouse or list it on its US website, but Best Buy has the mouse available for $130. The original G303 came out about 6.5 years ago. (credit: Best Buy ) The G303 origina

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You won't need an extension to add a cryptocurrency wallet to your browser. Brave has updated its desktop browser with a built-in crypto wallet (appropriately, Brave Wallet) that lets you buy, sell and swap with "almost any" asset. While this won't always be more convenient, Brave claims the included wallet should carry fewer security risks and performance penalties than the usual browser add-ons

In a nutshell, the company has created an AI-powered photo editing tool that can be accessed using APIs. This means that you can do extremely powerful batch photo editing that is kind of like a mash-up between Snapchat’s photo filters, Adobe Lightroom’s batch editing features, Photoshop’s flexibility and the collaborative powers of Figma and the like. And yet, the tool is able to do things that h

New macaroni and cheese brand Goodles launched Tuesday after its parent company, Gooder Foods, raised $6.4 million to carve out a niche in the $4.4 billion dry noodles category . The food is high on the list of comfort foods, but has been advertised specifically to children for decades, despite the fact that 59% of adults eat at least one noodle dish each week , Gooder Foods co-founder and CEO Je

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Expanse fans! You’re gonna need to stop what you’re doing right now and watch the trailer that Amazon Prime Video just released for the show’s upcoming sixth and (sob) final season. That teaser from October ? Just a tiny, tiny taste. This new look is a juicy, nerve-wracking, revealing (but not spoiler-y) delight. Just… Read more...

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Robert Jordan’s best-selling fantasy book series has traveled a weird road to get to TV. Now that the live-action adaptation of The Wheel of Time is here, the results are… well, weird . It’s a show that’s full of contradictions; it clearly loves the source material but constantly fights with it. The series is… Read more...

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NASA Administrator Bill Nelson has spoken out about an anti-satellite weapons test that potentially sent debris into the path of the International Space Station yesterday, saying it’s “unthinkable” that Russia would endanger both American astronauts and Russian cosmonauts. Read more...

postcardtimemachine : The Library Tecumseh, Mich.

Editor’s note: This story has been updated with the latest information, including lounge access requirements. For nearly a decade, the Amex-owned and operated Centurion Lounges have dominated the cobranded card airport lounge space. That’s now changing in a hurry. Capital One’s first lounge location, at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport (DFW) , is now open (as of Nov. 4, 2021). TPG got a fu

Every month I post what I find are the biggest credit card offers out there. Some of last month's biggest credit card offers are gone or changed. Here's the current up to date list of biggest credit card offers right now - the most lucrative bonuses available. Continue reading ...

Microsoft’s Cortana and Amazon’s Alexa have called it quits, as Microsoft dropped the Cortana-Alexa integration. In fact, the company dropped it in September 2021, and it took the internet until November to notice. Read This Article on How-To Geek ›

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There are many reasons why someone might want to hide an app—and Android has plenty of ways to do it. What if you want to do the opposite, though? Is it possible to find apps that have been hidden? Read This Article on How-To Geek ›

If you’ve ever wanted one of Joby’s flexible tripods, now’s the time to get one for free. Joby is running a Black Friday giveaway with opportunities to win a ton of free items, including GorillaPod kits, fanny packs, and coupons. The company is also launching GorillaPod Custom, a line of flexible tripods with swappable “GorillaFeet.” Read This Article on Review Geek ›

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Security researchers have found signs that the pervasive hacking and misinformation campaign comes not from Moscow but from Minsk.

Leonardo DiCaprio Lawrence•
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Armageddon is coming, and no one seems to care. That's the premise of director Adam McKay's ( The Big Short , Vice ) Don't Look Up , a comedic cautionary tale about inaction in the face of certain disaster. So, basically, it's about climate change . In Don't Look Up, disaster comes in the form of a planet-killing comet discovered by two concerned astronomers (Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawren

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Save $10: It may not be the biggest discount, but it is this product's first discount at Amazon. Grab the Apple Watch Series 7 (GPS, 41mm) on sale for $389.99 as of Nov. 16. That's about a 3% discount on its list price of $399. Black Friday sales are here, which means the competition for scoring savings on this year's most in-demand tech is fiercer than ever. Yet somehow, miraculously, two colors

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The volcano that has been erupting on the Canary Islands since September has claimed its first victim. Read more...

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Runway, a startup that emerged from the challenges that faced Rent the Runway’s first iOS team, is now exiting beta and launching its service that simplifies the mobile app release cycle — or, as the team describes it, offers “air traffic control” for mobile releases. The company has additionally raised a $2 million round of seed funding for its product, led by Bedrock Capital. Other investors in

Amazon New World Economy•
New World Enlarge / Artist's conception of New World players watching their in-game investments explode. (credit: Amazon Games ) Amazon has shut down wealth transfers in New World for the second time in a month, hobbling the in-game economy in an attempt to limit the damage from yet another item duplication bug in the popular MMO. Over the weekend, news started to filter through the New World com

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Sonos is rolling out an update for its S2 app today that will, among other things, add a welcome feature for home theater enthusiasts. Some of the company's devices will be able to decode the DTS Digital Surround format for surround sound, which should help folks get more out of movies, games and other content that supports the standard. Sonos Arc , both generations of the Beam soundbar , Playbar

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Meadow’s new Dynamic Delivery helped Cannable cut delivery times from hours to 20 minutes. How? The delivery vehicle is stocked with $3,000 worth of pot, and customers can order directly from the car in their neighborhood. Think of it like an ice cream truck with a modern online ordering system. But, instead of serving gelato treats and Creamsicles, these mobile dispensaries are slinging eighths

The season of fall foliage and pumpkin spice is already coming to a close, and now the holidays are right around the corner. That means time off of work and sneaking in a little getaway. Plus, if you have kids, the COVID-19 vaccine approval for 5- to 11-year-olds will alleviate some family travel jitters this December. And though demand for flights and hotels is high right around Christmas and Ne

Apple Safari 120Hz•
After months of waiting Apple has finally introduced 120Hz scrolling to Safari on compatible devices. However, this isn't the fix your new MacBook Pro has been waiting for. For a start that's because the 120Hz scrolling feature is currently limited to the latest updater of the Safari Technology Preview - the experimental version of the main Safari browser on Apple devices. Even if you're a user o

IBM has lifted the lid on a new 127-qubit quantum processor, which takes the record for most powerful hardware in its category. Codenamed Eagle, the new quantum processor is described as the first of its kind whose performance cannot be reliably replicated by a classical computer. To achieve this “breakthrough”, IBM utilized new qubit arrangement design to reduce error rates and the number of nec

Looking for Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra deals this Black Friday? Head on over to the Samsung store to pick up a device for just $999.99 (was $1,199) and score an additional $50 of Samsung Store credit on the house. If you're interested, this is your chance to beat the crowds - TechRadar readers are among the lucky few to get early access to this year's Samsung Black Friday deals. You don't have long

Looking to own a pair of Sony's excellent WH-1000XM4 over-ear headphones? This superb discount might help you beat the upcoming sales rush and secure these best-in-class cans at a fantastic price. Right now, you can pick up the Sony WH-1000XM4 wireless over-ear headphones for just £259 at Amazon UK ahead of the Black Friday 2021 sales, saving you a huge £90 off retail price. That's provided you d

LifeMiles is one of my favorite Star Alliance frequent flyer programs, thanks to the great redemption rates on Star Alliance partners, plus all the ways there are to earn miles with the program. Not only does LifeMiles often have promotions on purchased miles , but the program also partners with major transferable points currencies. At the moment there’s a bonus when converting points to LifeMile

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Renowned conservationist Jeff Bezos has shared his vision for planet Earth. It’s not enough to protect it for the humans living here. No. Instead, according to the second-richest man on this planet, future generations “will visit Earth the way you visit Yellowstone National Park.” Read more...

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If you're looking for a useful tech stocking stuffer for a loved one, Samsung's T7 series of portable SSDs is a good option. We've been fans of these palm-sized drives for a while thanks to their compact designs and fast speeds, but they do come at a premium price. But now you can get the 1TB Samsung T7 drive for $130, which is $40 off and the best price we've seen. And for those that need as muc

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SAVE $80: The Cubii seated elliptical helps you exercise throughout the day without dropping what you're doing. Ahead of Black Friday, you can get one at Amazon for 29% off its original price. A regular gym routine is a great way to stay active and improve your overall health, but it requires a lot of one thing that not everyone has: time. When you factor in commute and actual workout time, stayi

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As of Nov. 16, three PetSafe automatic litter boxes are on sale as an Amazon deal of the day. Wouldn't it be great to let a machine do the scooping for you? PetSafe ScoopFree self-cleaning litter box (front entry) — $149.95 $209.99 (save $60.04) PetSafe ScoopFree self-cleaning litter box (top entry) — $149.95 $179.95 (save $30) PetSafe ScoopFree self-cleaning litter box (uncovered) — $99.95 $149.

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As part of its Disney Plus Day promotion last week, Disney partnered with TikTok to release a suite of text-to-speech voices featuring beloved characters like Chewbacca and Stitch from Lilo and Stitch , but wouldn’t let them say words like “queer,” “gay” or “lesbian.” Read more...

Pokemon Diamond Pearl•
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Today we’re taking a peek at the next Pokemon GO event, starting with the launch of Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl! The BD and SP games are part of the “main” or “core” series of Pokemon games, and Pokemon GO stands to benefit from their release with a few new bonuses and an eventual release of a whole bunch of … Continue reading

Machine learning is exploding, and so are the number of models out there for developers to choose from. While Google can help, it’s not really designed as a model search engine. That’s where CatalyzeX comes in: It not only helps developers find the most appropriate model for their data, it provides a direct link to the code in a simple interface. Today, the early-stage startup announced a $1.64 m

American Austin AC•
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American Airlines’ commitment to Austin is getting even stronger. The Fort Worth-based carrier unveiled plans on Tuesday to build a brand-new lounge in the Austin-Bergstrom International Airport (AUS) . At more than 15,000 square feet, the new Admirals Club, located near Gate 14, will have room for more than 250 passengers and will break ground next year. When it opens, it’ll be the largest loung

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The folks at Adult Swim decided that there was not nearly enough anime Rick and Morty this year, or not nearly enough Rick and Morty shorts in general, so lucky us: we’re blessed with round two of Studio Deen’s samurai spin on the multiversal duo. Read more...

With over two billion active users, WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging apps globally—and it’s also one of the few apps that offer end-to-end encryption by default. This means that no one other than you the other party can read your conversations. Even WhatsApp can’t read your conversations because it… Read more...

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This holiday might be a prime opportunity to build your music software library. Arturia has launched an early Black Friday sale that offers at least 50 percent off software from now through December 8th. The FX Collection 2 vintage plugin set has dropped to $199 , while the V Collection 8 synth keyboard pack has been discounted to $299 . The Pigments soft synth is available with the Spectrum soun

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Over the past few years, Google has been trying to repair its reputation as a source for disinformation by launching multiple programs , particularly the Google News Initiative (GNI). Now, the company has teamed with PBS Student Report Labs (SRL) and other journalism organizations on programs designed to strengthen media literacy for students, educators and the public. Google News Initiative and

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Streamlabs has teamed up with Twitch to help streamers improve broadcasts from an Xbox — without the need for a capture card. The web-based Streamlabs Studio will let streamers customize their broadcasts with widgets and overlays, such as a chat panel or live stream alerts. "Live streaming gives viewers unprecedented access to their favorite creators. Real-time viewer engagement via chat and aler

The only thing worse than incorrect data in your spreadsheet is missing data. If you want to count the number of blank or empty cells in Microsoft Excel, we’ll show you two quick and easy methods. Read This Article on How-To Geek ›

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Medium announced today its third and final acquisition of the year: Knowable , an audio-based learning platform featuring podcast-like courses from experts like Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian, NASA astronaut Scott Kelly and food journalist Mark Bittman. Medium’s other acquisitions this year include Projector , a browser-based graphic design tool, and Glose , a social book-reading app. As the po

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Contra, a professional network for freelance workers, is partnering with TikTok to allow users to showcase their resumes and portfolios via TikTok Jump, the social media service’s third-party integration tool . The new partnership will allow creators to link their Contra profile to their TikTok videos to showcase their professional portfolios. With this new integration, creators can now add a “Vi

The rising complexity of cyberattacks is forcing companies to add additional cybersecurity tools and solutions - including antivirus , anti ransomware , endpoint protection etc - to their tool sets, something which is quickly becoming unsustainable. A survey carried out by Zero Trust specialist Perimeter 81 found half of companies with more than 1,000 employees are using 20 or more cybersecurity

American Austin AC•
American Airlines and the Austin airport are announcing plans for a new Admirals Club near gate 14 that's twice the size of the current club. Continue reading ...

Marriott plans to open two luxury hotels in Saudi Arabia, and I’m almost tempted… but not really. Marriott opening hotels as part of Red Sea Project Marriott has signed an agreement with the Red Sea Development Company to develop two new luxury hotels (a St. Regis and an EDITION) as part of the Red Sea Project in Saudi Arabia. The Red Sea Project is one of the first “giga” projects announced by S

Nvidia Image Scaling DLSS•
Nvidia has released a fresh graphics card driver which brings a new and improved version of its DLSS tech, as well as enhancing an existing alternative upscaling option that doesn’t require the devs to code a game with support (so in other words, it works with everything off-the-bat). The new Game Ready Driver comes with version 2.3 of DLSS , which Nvidia notes is already supported in 15 games. T

Xbox Game Pass November•
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Amid all the hubbub of launching Halo Infinite‘s multiplayer early yesterday, Microsoft has also revealed the titles coming to Xbox Game Pass in the second half of November. Admittedly, November’s second batch of games is a bit more reserved than the first, but then, it’s hard to top a content drop that added titles like Forza Horizon 5, One Step … Continue reading

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This week, we’re pleased to bring you a different version of Futurism , containing stories from the horizon of hedonism. Welcome to The Science of Pleasure . In collaboration with our friends over at MEL Magazine , this week, we’ll be bringing you stories from both publications about the pleasures of tomorrow, today. To know Tesla is to know its fans: more zealous than Honda drivers, more moralis

Cybersecurity professionals have once again begun to see threat actors drop malware in a bid to revive the infamous Emotet botnet. In January this year, law enforcement agencies in Europe and North America joined forces as part of a coordinated effort to disrupt and take down the Emotet botnet. However, multiple security vendors and experts, including Cryptolaemus , GData , and Advanced Intel hav

Despite the arrival of newer models in the Dyson range, the Dyson V11 Absolute is still one of the best cordless vacuums you can buy today, and it's available for the record-low price of £449.00 at various retailers in the UK right now. Currys , Very and John Lewis are all offering a saving of £150 on the premium sucker in their respective Black Friday Dyson V11 deals , which have landed more tha

Pinterest today announced a new initiative designed to help the company increase its pace of innovation. The company is introducing an in-house, experimental products team called TwoTwenty — named after the address of Pinterest’s first office. The team is comprised of engineers, designers and other product experts who will research, prototype and test new features and ideas, then identify those t

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Google has launched new tools and features for both readers and reporters designed to aid local news organizations, it announced today. The headline feature is a carousel that shows local news in response to search queries, launching around the world in all languages starting today. Google initially launched the feature to provide local information for COVID searches, but it's now been expanded t

Last week I asked Lifehacker’s readers for advice on dealing with a childhood bully . Reading your responses made me wish I had a time machine so I could travel back to the time of your youths to give you all hugs (and kill Bea Arthur). Read more...

A powerful M1 Mac Mini for just $600? That’s right; Apple’s small and silent desktop is at its lowest-ever price on Amazon. You can now grab the 256GB model for just $600, or the 512GB Mac Mini for only $750. (You must begin the checkout process to unlock the full discount on these items.) Read This Article on Review Geek ›

Pan-African e-commerce company Jumia released its third-quarter financial performance today, detailing a mix of expected and surprising results . When TechCrunch discussed the company’s Q2 2020 financials , Jumia had a market cap of a little over $2.1 billion, based on a per-share price of $22. Since then, Jumia has lost value, trading at just $17.52 per share before the opening bell today. Let’s

Venture investors are betting that AI-focused startups are ready for the public markets, making more, larger, earlier bets on such companies. It’s a great time to raise capital if your startup is building with — or on top of — artificial intelligence, regardless of how far along you are toward an exit. While many startup niches have seen their funding tallies rise in 2021, AI startups appear to b

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Everyone's knows someone who, every year around the holidays, insists that you don't get them any gifts. "I have everything I need already!" they say. "Don't waste your money on stuff I won't use!" Well, we say that not giving gifts is simply no fun. So we found presents that are sure to be a hit with even the most practical people. Hey, it's not a waste of money if they use it, right? 1. AirPods

Windows 11 Microsoft•
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The blue screen of death, often referred to by the acronym BSOD, has been an unwanted companion of Windows users for three decades – ever since Microsoft introduced it in Windows 3.0, back in 1990. When a serious error stops Windows from working, a blue screen appears, detailing what happened and driving users crazy as it typically shows up at the worst possible moment. In July 2021, for reasons

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Health is so much more than how many steps you’re taking each day. And while fitness trackers have made some major strides over the past several years in the breadth and depth of health measurements they’re able to track, the new Charge 5 is made for whole-body (and mind) health tracking. The latest offering from Fitbit, this slim watch takes a truly holistic approach to health and wellness by tr

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It’s the day that many United premium-cabin flyers have been waiting for. The Chicago-based carrier is officially bringing back predeparture beverages in time for the holiday season, a company spokesperson confirmed to TPG. Beginning on Tuesday, Nov. 23, those seated in the pointy end of United flights will enjoy the choice between sparkling wine and water during the boarding process. This includ

Amazon Sainsbury London•
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You won't have to visit an Amazon-owned store to use the company's cashierless Just Walk Out tech in the UK. Bloomberg has learned Sainsbury's will be one of the first to license Amazon's camera-based shopping system in the country for a small grocery store in London's High Holborn district. A website for the upcoming SmartShop Pick & Go store only mentioned the technology coming from a "third-pa

Google has confirmed it is still pursuing a multi-billion-dollar contract with the US Government’s Department of Defense (DoD). During a recent all-hands company meeting, a question was raised that more than 1,000 of Google’s employees said they wanted answered: whether or not Google is actively pursuing the US government’s Joint Warfighting Cloud Capability (JWCC) program; and what makes this pr

This Black Friday deal from Dell may just be the best laptop offer we're going to see, with the company cutting a massive $810 off one of the most powerful models . While it would have previously set you back a rather hefty $2,799, this model of the Dell XPS 15 comes with a powerful 8-core Intel Core i9 processor, 32GB of RAM, 1TB SSD and a 4K touch screen, plus an Nvidia GeForce GTX 1650 Ti grap

UK Orders Nvidia Arm•
Enlarge (credit: VGG | Getty Images) The British government has launched an in-depth investigation into Nvidia’s takeover of the UK-based technology company Arm on national security grounds, throwing another hurdle in the path of the $54 billion deal. Digital and Culture Secretary Nadine Dorries has ordered a phase 2 investigation into the transaction on public interest grounds, meaning it will n

Ossia Archos 2022 Wireless•
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Wireless charging doesn’t facilitate as much freedom as the name implies—although it technically allows a device to be charged without plugging in a cable, that’s about it. True wireless charging isn’t that far off, however, as today Ossia announced a partnership with Archos to release the first gadgets that can be… Read more...

Snap Scan Camera Food•
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Snapchat’s in-app camera is now able to recommend recipes based on the food you have laying around your kitchen. Food Scan is the latest addition to the app’s “scan” functionality, which also allows users to identify plants and dog breeds and items of clothing. Now, scanning a food will turn up recipes containing the item, as well as a link to the Wikipedia entry for the ingredient. Snap has part

Abu Dhabi Yas Island•
If you’re a fan of Bugs Bunny, “Friends” or the Batman franchise, it’s time to start planning a trip to Abu Dhabi to visit a brand-new hotel where the world of Warner Brothers — and its iconic characters — come to life. For more TPG news delivered each morning to your inbox, sign up for our daily newsletter . The WB Abu Dhabi Hotel , part of the Curio Collection from Hilton , opened its doors to

If you're looking to buy one of the best OLED TVs during Black Friday this year, the the LG C1 OLED is one that you'll struggle to beat. In our five-star LG C1 OLED review, we found that it offered amazing color reproduction, clear and defined images and a whole host of other useful smart features... and it's just $1,296.99 (was $1,499.99) over at Amazon, where nearly all screen sizes have been h

So, someone in your life wants an iPad. Sounds simple enough, until you take a look at Apple’s website and realize the company currently sells five different iPads, one of which is just called “iPad.” With iPad Air, iPad mini, iPad Pro, and iPad all competing for your money, how are you supposed to know which ones to… Read more...

A roundup of the most important stories of the day. I keep you up to date on the most interesting writings I find on other sites – the latest news and tips. Continue reading ...

SnapAttack Booz Allen•
SnapAttack , a threat hunting startup that was this week spun out from IT consulting firm Booz Allen Hamilton , has secured $8 million in Series A funding. The startup, which claims to hold the “largest library of labeled threat data in the world,” was created within Booz Allen DarkLabs, a team of researchers, threat hunters, analysts and data scientists that focuses on preventing cyberattacks .

Buying a White Elephant gift can be a little scary. How on Earth are you meant to buy something for someone you know barely anything about? Well, with our help, you can get a white elephant gift that’s universally loved! Read This Article on How-To Geek ›

PlayStation DualSense 12•
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Sony has updated the PS Remote Play app on Android, which now has some extra controller features for Android 12 users. You can now connect a DualSense controller and use it to play PlayStation 5 games remotely. Sony brought DualSense support to the iOS version of the app earlier this year. New PS Remote Play update for Android 12 users enables pairing with a DualSense wireless controller, and new

Microsoft is finally giving developers a chance to test out apps for Arm-based Windows with the announcement of a new, budget-friendly Snapdragon device. The company has listed a brand new Snapdragon-powered mini PC that targets programmers on its online store called the ECS Liva Mini Box QC710 Desktop which comes in a small form factor and costs just $219. The new release comes with 4GB of memor

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Humans have lived aboard the International Space Station for more than two decades. (credit: NASA) A day after it launched a missile and blasted a large satellite into hundreds of thousands of pieces of debris, the Russian Defense Ministry has acknowledged the test but said it posed no danger to humans living in space. "On November 15, the Defense Ministry of Russia successfully conducted a test,

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Today we’re taking a peek at a sort of trick that will allow older Google Pixel devices to run a feature originally limited to Pixel 6. This is not the first time this sort of side-step into a new feature has been discovered by intrepid Android users – and it isn’t likely the last. This particular trick allows basically any … Continue reading

Microsoft has made a lot of changes in Windows 11, and a lot of them make sense. One that made almost no sense, though, was changing the blue screen of death (BSOD) to black. Thankfully, Microsoft is changing it back to blue, so when your PC crashes, you’ll at least feel at home. Read This Article on How-To Geek ›

How you connect matters. While you may not see, feel, or even care about how your device chooses to connect to the internet, each tiny sliver of energy is just another drop in the ever-expanding bucket that is the internet's energy bill. Building a sustainable and energy-efficient world-wide-web will require more than just a massive investment in new technologies and digital infrastructure, it wi

Editor’s note: This post has been updated with new information. Travel is back. Middle seats are being filled, inflight meals are being served, airport lounges have reopened and security lines are long again. However, it’s not just the inside of airplanes and airports that are crowded. There’s also a lot more traffic to and from the airport. Luckily, New Yorkers (and those visiting the Big Apple)

I have a very strange, recurring nightmare wherein I slice up a steak, take a photo of the slices, and publish the photo in a blog, only to realize that I sliced the meat with the grain. Then everyone—both in the comments and on Twitter—ridicules me for violating this basic meat eating rule, and I never work in this… Read more...

South Africa NFTfi•
24TechCrunch / 5h
Once regarded as a fad (for some, it still is), NFTs, digital assets that depict real-world objects, are becoming increasingly popular within and outside the crypto world . But with large amounts of capital locked into illiquid NFTs, more people are looking for ways to unlock liquidity without selling their NFTs . This market is one South African company NFTfi targets and has raised a seed round

Three was one of the first networks to launch its Black Friday sales, and, although most others have followed, Three is still holding onto the best Black Friday SIM plan this year. In fact, Three has two SIMs in its Black Friday sale but its the slightly more expensive one that has caught our eye. Specifically, Three's 100GB of data SIM plan for only £12 a month. Most other networks are offering

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A Pumpkinhead remake could be in the works. Rob Zombie’s Munsters offers us another tease. Claire Redfield gets spooked in a clip from Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City . Plus, what’s coming on Star Trek: Discovery , and another look at the next big Flash crossover . Spoilers away! Read more...

Heyday Raises Amazon•
Consolidation to have better economies of scale is one of the biggest themes in the world of e-commerce, and today a player in the world of online retail is announcing a large round of funding to double down on its approach to the concept. San Francisco-based Heyday — which buys up and then grows direct-to-consumer merchants and brands that have found initial traction, leveraging the Amazon marke

Trend Micro 90% Compromise•
An overwhelming majority (90%) of IT decision makers claim their business would be willing to compromise on cybersecurity in favor of digital transformation , productivity, or other goals, suggests a new survey. Conducted by Trend Micro , the survey focuses on the psychology of risk within an organization. Comparing the attitudes of IT and business leaders, the survey finds that 82% of IT decisio

After months (nay, years) of excited fanfare, Amazon’s big-budget fantasy show, The Wheel of Time , finally arrives on Prime Video this weekend. An adaptation of Robert Jordan’s best-selling novel series, it follows the adventures of five youngsters as they battle evil forces in an unnamed world set simultaneously in the distant past and distant future of Earth. One of these teens is also thought

Mint Mobile's Black Friday sale has now started and this fantastic prepaid carrier is now offering new customers three months of service for free when they purchase a three-month plan. Yep, that's any three-month Mint Mobile plan - ranging from the super-cheap 4GB $15 per month plan to the unlimited data plan for $30 per month. Simply put, you're getting a whole six months of service here for the

Miles One Aegean Perkins•
In August 2021, United Airlines announced the concept of Money + Miles awards, giving members a new way to redeem MileagePlus miles. This redemption option has now been rolled out on a widespread basis, so I wanted to take a look at the value proposition. United’s new Money + Miles awards United MileagePlus has launched a new Money + Miles ticketing option, allowing members to redeem part cash an

UK Security Nvidia Arm•
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Chipmaker Nvidia’s planned $40 billion purchase of U.K.-based chip designer ARM will face an in-depth probe by the U.K.’s competition regulator after the government ordered the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) to take a closer look at the proposed transaction. The U.K.’s digital secretary, Nadine Dorries, said today that she has written to the CMA instructing it to carry out a phase two in

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No one really likes to think about what happens after their death, but Apple's newest Legacy Contact feature kinda forces you to wrestle with what happens to your data post mortem. With iOS 15.2, users can add any number of Legacy Contacts, aka trusted people who can access your Apple ID and private information from Apple devices in the event of your death. The contact will have to provide an acc

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Fender's acoustic-electric hybrid guitars are technical marvels, but they're pricey for up-and-coming musicians (officially $2,000) and relatively complex. Thankfully, there's a somewhat more accessible option. The instrument brand has unveiled an Acoustic Player Telecaster with both a more affordable $1,200 price and a simpler design with a three-way voice selector (versus five on other models)

On November 16 2001, the first Harry Potter movie released in the US (though it came out earlier in the UK) - if you're reading this article on its day of publication, that's exactly 20 years. Time flies! Not only did that movie spawn loads of sequels based on the books, it created a product empire with video games, toys, clothing, tourist attractions and more - and as you can tell from the title

Intel could shore up one of its biggest weak points with CPUs in that next-gen Raptor Lake processors might advance considerably in terms of power-efficiency. As you may be aware, power usage has been something Intel has struggled with in recent times, and Alder Lake – while admittedly being better than its predecessor Rocket Lake – still looks power-hungry compared to Ryzen 5000 chips (and parti

Demand for residences that produce as much energy as they consume is being spurred by climate concerns, consumer appetite and more affordable solar technology.

Mozilla Firefox Relay•
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Mozilla launched Firefox Relay as a free product that gives you five email aliases you can use every time you need to sign up for a random account online. Now, the organization has introduced a paid Premium tier for the service that will give you access to even more aliases. You'll get your own subdomain (yourdomain.mozmail.com) when you subscribe, and you'll be able to create an unlimited number

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1Password's latest major update is now out of early access and is officially available for Windows 11. The version, called 1Password 8 , features a brand new design and new productivity and security capabilities. Company chief experience officer Matt Davey said 1Password created a whole new design language dubbed Knox for the project to help ensure consistency across devices. As we mentioned in t

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Many of us have thrown off that comforting blanket of tradition and familiarity to ask the big question: How did turkey—a meat that is easily dried out and often described as “flavorless”—become the pièce de résistance for what is meant to be the most gluttonous culinary event of the holiday season? I’m not saying… Read more...

EasySend $55.5M Code•
No-code continues to permeate the many layers of enterprise IT, where traditionally non-technical workers have had to rely on technical experts to get things done, and startups building these tools are raising a lot of money as they see a surge of business. In the latest development, EasySend — a Tel Aviv startup that has built a platform for people to build customer interactions using drag-and-d

Luxury Presence, a startup selling marketing software to real estate brokerages, announced today it has raised $25.9 million for its Series B round. Bessemer Venture Partners led the round alongside fellow existing investors Toba Capital and Switch Ventures . Former Dallas Mavericks basketball player Dirk Nowitzki also participated in the round (making his first-ever institutional investment), al

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Hydrosat , a geospatial data startup, has secured $10 million in seed funding to accelerate the commercialization of its ground temperature analytics product. The company aims to collect surface temperature data using satellites equipped with infrared sensors. This data, which it will sell as a subscription data analytics product, could be used to better understand water stress, wildfire threat a

If you’ve ever tried to identify devices on a network or search for a nearby Bluetooth device, chances are you’ve dealt with MAC addresses. But what are they exactly, and how are they different from IP addresses? Read This Article on How-To Geek ›

Gimmicks are found in every industry, usually as a result of companies throwing stuff at a wall to see what sticks. Some of these work out, some don’t, but Marsback has a new one it wants to sell in the Zephyr Pro. While it may look normal from the outside, it has a fan inside to cool your hands. Read This Article on Review Geek ›

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Third-party delivery services have convinced us they are an essential part of our busy lives. But humans have managed to order food to-go for centuries.

Capital One Venture•
Capital One Venture X Rewards Credit Card overview The Capital One Venture X represents the issuer’s first foray into the world of premium travel rewards cards and knocks it out of the park. With an annual fee that undercuts the competition and plentiful perks that are easy to understand, the card is nearly a no-brainer for travelers ranging from luxury seekers to the more budget-minded. Chase an

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Some cars only really work when you see them in the sheet metal, and the 2022 Range Rover is a good example of that. Revealed in late October, this latest generation of the founding member of the luxury SUV set felt reliably handsome and circumspect in the official photos; it’s only now, as it makes its US debut ahead of … Continue reading

Impossible Foods Walmart•
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The launch of any new meat substitute from Impossible Foods is usually a win — for the climate , and for our tastebuds. The Silicon Valley food science company was made famous by its plant-based-but-actually-bleeding burger, which upgraded to its current form and first hit supermarkets in 2019. In 2020 came Impossible pork and sausage ; in summer 2021 it was Impossible chicken nuggets. ( My revie

2023 Mazda Toyota 50•
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Folks, you’re looking at the 2022 Mazda CX-50, the Japanese automaker’s newest entrant in the hotly-contested midsize crossover segment. Yes, the latest CX-50 is a crossover like the CX-5, and it rides on the same transverse underpinnings as the Mazda 3 and CX-30. Mazda claims the 2022 CX-50 will go on sale next year alongside the CX-5 for the time … Continue reading

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Enlarge (credit: Intel) Intel is fixing a vulnerability that unauthorized people with physical access can exploit to install malicious firmware on the chip to defeat a variety of measures, including protections provided by Bitlocker, trusted platform modules, anti-copying restrictions, and others. The vulnerability—present in Pentium, Celeron, and Atom CPUs on the Apollo Lake, Gemini Lake, and Ge

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We saw the 512GB Mac Mini M1 go on sale earlier this month and now it's the base 256GB model's turn to be discounted. The small desktop is $50 off on Amazon and it has an extra, automatically applied $50 coupon that will bring the final cost down to $600. That's the best price we've seen and a great deal on the most affordable M1 machine available. If you're willing to pay a bit more for the extr

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Decluttering your home doesn’t mean that you have to give up beautiful things. In fact, when you take a more minimalist approach to decorating it allows you to focus on those pieces you have chosen to adorn your space, a piece such as this LED corner floor lamp . Right now, it’s only $70.97 (reg. $149) for our Pre-Black Friday Doorbusters Sale. Before you decide whether you want to take a minimal

Slack Workflow HQ•
Slack has always differentiated itself as a communications tool by its ability to run applications inside of Slack and avoid dreaded context switching. At the Frontiers Conference today, the company is announcing a twist on app integrations with new building blocks — components that developers can build and string together into pre-packaged kinds of workflows. Steve Wood, senior vice president of

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Earlier this year, we introduced TPG readers to RBN (originally called Real Buyer Network), a real estate referral service that awards American Express Membership Rewards points for buying or selling a house with one of its participating agents. And today, the company is back with a limited-time offer exclusive to TPG readers, part of Credit Cards Week at the 2021 TPG Awards. If you enroll with R

Showing up alone to an in-person meeting could soon be a thing of the past thanks to a new Gmail update. With workers across the world slowly returning to office life (if they haven't adopted hybrid working of course) physical meetings are unfortunately becoming more common once again. But as many workforces balance home and office working, this can lead to confusion about who will actually be at

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There have been remote-controlled flying machines for use indoors that utilize mylar balloons for hobbyists for years. Typically these balloons utilize helium to float and battery-powered propellers to move around an environment. More common today are multi-rotor drones that slurp a lot of power and are noisy. A Japanese company called NTT Docomo has introduced a new type of drone … Continue read

Audio processing startup Mimi promises to make a personalized hearing profile for you, meaning that you can hear well without having to crank the volume up too loudly. This both helps prevent hearing loss, and it helps people who’ve already suffered some hearing loss to be able to hear their content better without having to incur additional damage to their hearing. In theory, as a science project

Conductor B. Sagemount•
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Conductor — a marketing technology company that was snapped up by WeWork at the height of the latter company’s expansion ambitions, only then to buy itself out in the wake of WeWork’s collapse — has raised its first round of funding as a once-again independent startup. It has picked up $150 million, money that it will be using to continue investing in its technology and building out its business:

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In a new Sesame Street clip, the whole neighborhood is explored via song, introducing the street's Asian and Pacific Islander residents. Alan (played by longtime Sesame Street actor Alan Muraoka), Elmo, and Ji-Young meet everyone from a hula dancer from Hawaii to teachers from India, all of whom are integral members to the neighborhood. Ji-Young is the latest addition to the cast, the show's firs

2022 Subaru Crosstrek•
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Subaru has confirmed the official MSRP for the 2022 Crosstrek and Crosstrek Hybrid SUVs. The vehicle starts at $22,445 for the standard Crosstrek, while the hybrid version starts at $35,645. The automaker points out that the MSRP has increased only $200 for the base SUV compared to last year. All versions of the SUV use the same design with black … Continue reading

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United Airlines has a new 'cash and points' option for using miles to reduce the price of a ticket. It is not a good deal, and not a good use of miles. Continue reading ...

Running your own DNS server is a great way to accelerate your network’s responsiveness, reduce your reliance on public infrastructure, and benefit from extra functionality like hostname routing. Here’s how to set up a DNS server on a Linux machine using Dnsmasq. Read This Article on CloudSavvy IT ›

Gift-giving is not always easy, but Goody wants to make it as easy as sending a text. The Miami-based company launched in December 2020 with a curated list of gifts from robes to cookies to succulents to spa treatments. You can choose a gift without having to know what size is needed, and the recipient can choose the size or kind, or swap out the gift for one of similar price. Goody gift app Good

Small U.S. cities can breathe a (slight) sigh of relief this week. After back-to-back weeks of major cuts from United, the Chicago-based carrier is adding a new pin to its route map on the border of Arkansas and Texas. United Express regional affiliate CommutAir will commence service to Texarkana (TXK) on Feb. 13, 2022, operating once-daily flights from Houston (IAH) aboard the 50-seat Embraer 14

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We have options for plant lovers, foodies, pets, and even those who are hard to shop for with these gifts that keep on giving.

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Yes, the PS5, Xbox, and high-end graphics cards are tough to buy. But some have an in—and are paying off medical bills and buying houses with the profits.

The oracle : compliments of Chase & Sanborn, tea & coffee importers. Advertising pamphlet for W.D. Earnley, advertising Chase & Sanborn coffee. Title from cover. Includes information on palmistry, fortune-telling, horoscopes, superstitions, birthstones and the meaning of dreams. Printed on back: “For sale by W.D. Earnley, 840-842 3rd Ave., Detroit, Mich. Copyright 1897 by the Gray Lith. Co., N.Y.

Slack Workflow HQ•
Slack has announced a major overhaul for its online collaboration platform, parts of which have been “rebuilt and re-engineered from the group up” to help make work simpler and improve productivity . Speaking at the company’s annual Frontiers event, CEO Stewart Butterfield explained the upgrades will create new opportunities for workflow automation and address the frustrations associated with jug

Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) is gaining ground as digital transformation is increasingly seen as an answer to the global challenges unfolding before our eyes. Yet, organizations are wary of its often complex and prolonged implementation and want to play it safe with their choice of SASE solution. Their needs may vary – some may want to focus on protecting crucial data, others go for combinin

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PlanetScale , the serverless database company founded by the co-creators of the Vitess opensource project that powers YouTube, today announced that it has raised a $50 million Series C funding round led by Kleiner Perkins. Existing investors a16z, SignalFire and Insight Partners also participated in this round, together with GitHub CEO and co-founder Tom Preston-Werner, Lattice CEO and founder Ja

GlossGenius Business•
GlossGenius , a technology provider for the spa, studio and salon industry, announced today it has raised $16.4 million in a Series A funding round led by Bessemer Venture Partners. Notably, a high-profile group of angels also participated in the financing, including Shopify co-founder and CEO Tobias Lütke, Toast CEO Chris Comparato, Toast co-founder Aman Narang, Mindbody co-founder Robert Murphy

As restaurants continue to face employment shortages, owners will no doubt look increasingly toward automated solutions. Between that and increased focus on food handling amid a global pandemic, it’s arguably the best time ever to be running a food robotics company. LA-based Nommi is striking while the oven is hot, announcing a partnership with restaurant brand C3 (Creating Culinary Communities),

LibreOffice is the premier open-source office suite, and it’s the default office package on most Linux distributions. But can a free product go toe-to-toe with one of Microsoft’s flagship applications? Read This Article on How-To Geek ›

Halo Infinite Xbox•
Microsoft releases the free multiplayer part of its latest title three weeks early.

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Many regard the Ferrari Roma as probably the prettiest car to leave the factory gates of Maranello in quite a while. However, nobody’s stopping Novitec from putting a unique spin on Ferrari’s glorious grand-touring supercar. German tuning house Novitec’s been busy amping up other Ferraris like the F8 Coupe, F8 Spider, and SF90 Stradale. But now, it’s Roma’s turn to … Continue reading

Amazon Prime Video Mac•
Finally, the Amazon Prime Video app is available in the Mac App Store as a native macOS app. Prime Video subscribers previously using the TV streaming service on their Macbook browsers can now use a dedicated desktop app instead, either for streaming content or downloading for offline use. The Amazon Prime Video app for macOS has all its standard features including native Picture-in-Picture suppo

Singapore Airlines has just revealed its new Boeing 737 MAX interiors, and the business class cabin looks gorgeous. The story of Singapore Airlines’ Boeing 737s For some background, up until recently Singapore Airlines exclusively flew wide body aircraft. The carrier’s wholly-owned subsidiary, SilkAir, operated narrow body aircraft on regional routes in cooperation with Singapore Airlines. In mid

There's currently a Roku streaming stick selling for just $14.99 at Walmart. The Roku LE (limited edition) is coming on sale just in time for the Black Friday sales, and is offering the HD streaming capabilities of the budget Roku Express at half the price of that model. ( Not in the US? Scroll down for more deals in your region. ) It also comes in a sleek white wraparound design – ideal for thos

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Yes, you can play Halo Infinite now, but only multiplayer. That's only part of the Xbox news, however. To celebrate the Xbox’s 20th anniversary — beyond the Gucci console — Microsoft announced its final additions to the Xbox backward compatibility program, a heady 76 games . Highlights include the entire Max Payne series and F.E.A.R franchise, as well as Skate 2. Many will look much better, too:

Honda Autonomous Work AWV•
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Honda has announced that it has teamed up with construction firm Black & Veatch to test its second-generation prototype Honda Autonomous Work Vehicles (AWV). The autonomous vehicle is working at a large-scale solar energy construction site and has successfully performed a range of functions. The construction company is operating Honda AWVs and validating the performance and suitability for use in

DDR4 Memory Rowhammer•
Researchers have developed a new fuzzing-based technique called Blacksmith that can successfully trigger the Rowhammer vulnerability against all modern DDR4 RAM modules , bypassing existing mitigations. The Rowhammer hack works by manipulating the electrical charge in modern memory chips. The repeated hammering to one row of transistors results in the flipping of values in the adjacent rows. Earl

Hyatt Place Kathmandu 2021•
World of Hyatt will be dropping a partner as of early 2022… Hyatt & Exhale partnership ends January 1, 2022 In 2017 Hyatt acquired Exhale Spa, and in 2018 Exhale was fully integrated into World of Hyatt , allowing members to earn and redeem points for spa treatments and fitness classes, and also take advantage of select elite perks. Hyatt ended up selling its stake in Exhale in 2020, but the part

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Jay-Ann Lopez’s Twitch channel and Facebook group are safe spaces for thousands of players.

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Only a small fraction of dams actually produce electricity. Transforming them them into hydropower plants might stop new ones from being built.

EVs Australia Demand•
100+Wired / 8h
Congress is now considering an incentive that could help low- and moderate-income buyers go electric.

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Hours-long multipart documentaries should be able to tell a whole story. And yet, more and more of them just keep going.

While Git keeps track of your day to day changes, it also features systems like branches that help you organize. If you’re not careful though, you can end up with problems like commits and changes made to the wrong branch, that can be difficult to solve without the right commands. Read This Article on CloudSavvy IT ›

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Google released Chrome 96 on November 16, 2021. Your Chrome browser will now use more of your system’s RAM, but for a good cause: The back and forward buttons will get even faster. There are many more changes behind the scenes, too. Read This Article on How-To Geek ›

Pistil Data, a cannabis market intelligence platform , has closed a $6.5 million seed round led by Snoop Dogg’s Casa Verde. The funding round included participation from JW Partners and other entrepreneurs. Pistil Data makes market intelligence accessible to cannabis brands and organizes billions of data points to provide customized sales opportunities for cannabis brands. The San Francisco-based

Register now It’s been a busy few years for American Express. Back in 2017, the issuer added new benefits to The Platinum Card® from American Express , and in early 2021, it launched a number of limited-time offers for still-home-bound travelers. But the biggest splash came just a few months ago, when Amex launched a dizzying array of new perks — followed by last month’s announcement of even more

Twitter 1•
39Mashable / 8h
Unless you've set your Twitter account to private, every single tweet you've ever sent is out there in the public sphere. But apparently not a lot of people realise this. According to a Pew Research Center study of over 2,500 adults in the U.S., 83 percent of Twitter users who said their accounts were private – or who said they weren't sure – actually had accounts that were public for the world t

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The adtech giant formerly known as Facebook is still tracking teens for ad targeting on its social media platforms, according to new research by Fairplay, Global Action Plan and Reset Australia — apparently contradicting Facebook’s announcement this summer when the tech giant claimed it would be limiting how advertisers could reach kids. Facebook has since rebranded the group business name to ‘Me

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For decades scientists have speculated that the moon potentially had solid carbon dioxide hidden in something researchers called lunar carbon dioxide cold traps. Finally, after decades of speculation, the presence of those carbon dioxide cold traps on the moon have now been confirmed. This is an important discovery that could be a significant influence in future lunar missions and can … Continue

If you’re a recruiter or if you work in an HR department, then you’ll be familiar with just how busy the job can get – and just how many resumes you’ll receive for open positions. While it’s undoubtedly great to have a big pool of talent to choose from, sifting through all of those resumes and applications can be daunting, especially if you’re busy or you have to tackle the task on your own. Happ

Intel China US White•
Intel, the world’s largest chipmaker, has had plans rejected by the US government after proposing to use a Chinese factory to manufacture silicon wafers. The chipmaker had been seeking federal assistance from the United States to increase current production output and additional research within the US, while also proposing to use a factory based in Chengdu to have something set up and running by

Valve Steam Deck AMD•
At its recent Steamworks Virtual Conference , Valve revealed more exciting details about its Steam Deck console – and from what we’ve seen, it’s shaping up to be a very exciting little device indeed. So, the fact that it has been delayed until February 2022 due to global supply chain issues hurts even more, as we want to get our hands on one right now. While we’ve known quite a bit about the spec

If you’re looking for a Black Friday hair dryer deal, then you’re in luck. Amazon has slashed 13% off the price of the Shark HyperAir IQ hair dryer, taking it down to just $199.99 from $229.99 , as part of its early Black Friday sales. (Not in the US or UK? Scroll down for the best hair dryer deals in your region). This is a new record-low price for the Shark HyperAir IQ hair dryer, which was lau

Boost Mobile's Black Friday promotion has just started and it's offering a $9 price cut plus free shipping on its GSM kit - a nice little bonus if you're looking for a discount on one of the best prepaid plans on the market right now ahead of Black Friday 2021 . Since the postage and packaging fees are $4.99 on this kit, you're essentially getting a $15 price cut as a new customer. And, consideri

Japanese Toaster Balmuda•
Engadget / 8h
Balmuda, the Japanese company behind the staggeringly expensive steam-powered toaster , has announced its first ever smartphone . It's a small device with a 4.9-inch display, and as 9to5Google notes, its looks are highly reminiscent of the HTC One X that was released almost a decade ago. While Balmuda is known for designing unusual upmarket appliances in its home country, this announcement isn't

Elder Scrolls Xbox•
Ever since Starfield , Bethesda's 2022 sci-fi adventure, was confirmed to be an Xbox and PC exclusive at E3 2021 , questions have arisen as to whether The Elder Scrolls 6 will also be absent from the PS5 . In an interview with GQ , Xbox boss Phil Spencer shed some light on the subject of The Elder Scrolls 6's exclusivity, and it doesn't sound too positive for fans of Sony's current-gen machine. "

Intel has disclosed a high-severity elevation of privilege vulnerability that affects a wide range of processor families made in the past few years. The flaw, tracked as CVE-2021-0146 was discovered by Positive Technologies. It stems from an overprivileged debugging system that’s insufficiently protected, and can be exploited by attackers to access encrypted files . According to Positive Technolo

The Sony WH-1000XM3 headphones have just dropped to their lowest ever price at both Amazon and John Lewis, now at a record low of just £159 . Though now superseded by the newer Sony WH-1000XM4 , the XM3s are otherwise one of the finest pairs of noise-cancelling headphones in the world, with just the newer models beating them out for features and performance by a hair's breadth. With £70 off over

Docker images can bundle arbitrary binaries and libraries into a single blob of data. Inspecting what’s actually inside an image helps you assess its suitability and identify any security hazards. Read This Article on CloudSavvy IT ›

Emirates Premium Economy•
Emirates has just announced major plans to reconfigure existing aircraft. This update is great news overall, though I also have some concerns. Emirates installing premium economy on 777s & A380s At the beginning of 2021, Emirates revealed its highly anticipated new premium economy cabin . This debuted on newly delivered Airbus A380s, though the catch is that Emirates only had six more A380s on or

AI Ethics Guidelines•
In 2018, when Google employees found out about their company’s involvement in Project Maven , a controversial US military effort to develop AI to analyze surveillance video, they weren’t happy. Thousands protested. “We believe that Google should not be in the business of war,” they wrote in a letter to the company’s leadership . Around a dozen employees resigned. Google did not renew the contract

It is Black Friday season, the single best time of the year to try out new tech. If you're keen to upgrade your phone or switch networks, we have a suggestion you may not have encountered before: VOXI. VOXI is well-known for its great deals, no-strings-attached service and great all-round performance, and right now is a better time than ever to get involved because Black Friday has pushed VOXI’s

IP MAC Address PNA•
Mashable / 9h
An IP address is a unique number that identifies a device connected to the internet. IP which stands for "Internet Protocol," is a set of rules that dictates how information is shared on the internet. An IP address is how and where that information should go. If the IP address is like a physical mailing address, IP is the part that tells you how to get there. Every device actually has two IP addr

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Bears? Nah. Beets? Nope. Books?! You bet. Good news, Office fans. Brian Baumgartner (aka Kevin Malone) and Ben Silverman (executive producer of The Office ) have complied a brand new oral history of The Office that's filled with firsthand accounts of writing, filming, and staring on the show. Fans can't seem to get enough of the beloved NBC workplace comedy that aired from 2005 to 2013, so the sh

If you're checking out a new VPN website and you want a quick way to judge how good it really is, there's one particular boast that providers have traditionally displayed to stick out from the crowd. "We've got thousands of servers", they declare proudly. And established in hundreds of locations, across a record-breaking number of cities all around the world, no less. This focus on network size s

Google Maps US 2000•
Engadget / 9h
Google is bringing a bunch of updates to Maps this holiday season today, making the app more useful for getting around while you're gift- or grocery shopping. Most of the new features were either already announced or available in limited regions, like grocery shopping integration in select Fred Meyers stores in Oregon . Now, after that pilot test, Pickup with Google Maps is available in over 2,00

Impossible Foods Walmart•
Engadget / 9h
Shortly after releasing Impossible Nuggets as well as Impossible Sausage in grocery stores, the California-based company is introducing yet another faux meat product. It’s called Impossible Meatballs, and unlike the others, it’s actually debuting in retail before restaurants. Impossible Meatballs will be available at Walmart stores this month and at additional retailers later this year. They’re p

49Gizmodo / 9h
I am still very hesitant about going out into the world and living my life. The pandemic is not over, and my kid still can’t get a vaccine. Until then, I’m avoiding densely crowded areas as much as I possibly can. Read more...

84Gizmodo / 9h
With the inevitability of seeing Italian family members at Thanksgiving right around the corner, it pains me to type the sentence that will surely be the one that gets me, at long last, banned from future family gatherings for life: The new meatless meatballs from Impossible Foods are delicious. Read more...

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Do you feel lost? Alone? Powerless in the face of forces beyond your control? Timothy Morton can help—if you’re ready to have your reality blown apart.

Impossible Foods Walmart•
SlashGear / 9h
Impossible Foods is colonizing another lunch menu item, with the plant-based food company launching its own meatballs that don’t actually use meat. The new Impossible Meatballs Made From Plants will be headed to Walmart stores this month, initially, and after a pre-release nibble I can tell you that even dedicated carnivores might not notice the difference. It’s a big launch … Continue reading

Justt $70M Chargeback•
Justt , a Tel Aviv-based chargeback mitigation startup, is emerging out of stealth today with $70 million in total funding. Founded in February 2020 by Roenen Ben-Ami and Ofir Tahor, Justt says it fully automates chargeback disputes on behalf of online merchants. The startup recently raised $50 million a Series B round of funding led by Greenwich, Conn.-based Oak HC/FT. That built up on previous

Canadian Car Clutch•
Clutch wants to be Canada’s largest online used car buying platform. The company, which was founded in 2016, just closed out an $80 million (CAD $100 million) Series B round that it will use to grow its team, expand its logistical capabilities and scale its inventory as it prepares to move into new Canadian markets. “We want to be servicing 90% of Canadians by the end of 2023,” Dan Park, CEO of C

Amazon Prime Video Mac•
20Mashable / 9h
Amazon finally has a native Prime Video app for macOS. On Monday, the company started rolling the app out to customers, allowing them to watch Prime Video content in streaming mode or download it for offline viewing. Other key features include multi-user profiles, picture-in-picture viewing (meaning you can watch the video in a resizable, floating window you can move around so it doesn't get in t

Battlefield 2042 Crash•
Battlefield 2042 has a problem with crashing, but there’s a potentially easy cure – on Steam at least – which is well worth giving a whirl if you’re suffering issues and being dumped out to the desktop (or having the game just freeze up). As PC Gamer points out, what Steam users need to do is head to their Library, right-click on the listing for Battlefield 2042 in the left-hand side panel, click

If you've been thinking of picking up a new electric toothbrush on Black Friday, there's no need to wait – Boots has cut over 50% off the special edition Oral-B iO Series 8 , which is one of the smartest brushes you can buy. This year's Black Friday deals will start officially on November 26, but this is likely to be one of the best electric toothbrush deals that we see this year. The Oral-B iO S

Amazon’s new line of smart switches brings more affordable smart lighting to those using Alexa devices . The switches are part of the Amazon Basics range which aims to bring cheap yet reliable products to consumers. These Amazon smart switches come in four varieties: a single-pole switch ($17.99) and single-pole dimmer ($19.99) for controlling a light circuit from one panel, or a three-way switch

Peacock Sky NOW UK•
Peacock, NBC Universal's streaming service , has launched in the UK for Sky and Now TV customers. As of November 16, subscribers to either provider – including those with Sky Q and Sky Glass hardware – can access Peacock programming for no additional fee. This is the first time the platform has been made available outside of the US since launching last year, and it’s expected to roll out further

Japanese audio brand Denon has just launched its first ever line-up of true wireless earbuds . The Denon Noise Cancelling Earbuds and the Denon Wireless Earbuds are both available to buy now directly from the company's online store. The Denon Noise Cancelling Earbuds will cost you $159 / £139, while the Denon Wireless Earbuds are a cheaper alternative at just $99 / £89. Both include a charging ca

It's been six years since the Halo TV show was supposed to launch worldwide, and yet we're still waiting for its arrival. Thankfully, a Master Chief-starring live-action adventure in the Halo universe will be with us soon – sometime in 2022, in fact. And, as part of Microsoft's Xbox 20th anniversary celebrations on November 15, we finally got our first look at how the TV adaptation will look. As

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TL;DR: As of Nov. 16, a lifetime subscription to language learning app Speakly is $48.99 with the code APPS30 — that's 87% off its original price of $399. Always wished you were multilingual? Now’s your chance to finally turn that dream into a reality. With this doorbuster deal on Speakly, you’ll get a lifetime of learning eight different languages for only $48.99. For a few days only, you can sl

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TL;DR: As of Nov. 16, this 4-in-1 Multi-Port & Apple Watch Charger is on sale for $15.97, which is 53% off its retail price of $34. Whether you're shopping for someone you don't know very well, need a gift for a secret Santa, or just want to buy stocking stuffers for the entire family, this gift is sure to please. Why? Because everyone needs one. You can never have enough chargers — especially th

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TL;DR: The Minimalist LED Corner Floor Lamp is just $70.97 as of Nov. 16. Whether you’re holding onto the fall vibes as long as possible or have already fully decked the halls, one of the best ways to add a more creative aesthetic to your home decor for the holidays is by switching up the lighting. Imagine: a red and green breathing light filling up your room as you gaze at your bedazzled tree an

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TL;DR: The A to Z Cybersecurity and IT Certification Training Bundle is just $19.97 as of Nov. 16. If you’ve ever considered a career in cybersecurity, now’s the time to start your venture. Not only is the cybersecurity field expanding at a rapid rate, but this A to Z Cybersecurity and IT Certification Training Bundle is also on sale for under $2 per course. As a pre-Black Friday doorbuster deal

There’s big OnePlus 10 Pro news today, as most of the key details of the phone have just been leaked, giving us a full look at its likely design, along with some possible specs and a release time frame. Renders, some of which you can see below, have been shared by Zouton in collaboration with OnLeaks (a leaker with a good track record). They show what’s apparently the final design of the phone fr

The Honor 50 only just made its European debut at the end of October this year, but a new rumor suggests the next model is already upon us and we may see the new handset by next month. According to a Chinese leaker called @WhyLab , there are three upcoming products called the Honor 60, Honor 60 Pro and Honor 60 SE that could debut in China in December. Honor has often introduced its products to C

An Indigenous clan fears it will lose its place in the world as the government pursues a quest to open a spaceport and lure the billionaire SpaceX founder Elon Musk.

The latest example is Face Pay, which replaces a Metro card with facial recognition. It may be advanced, but activists are sounding the alarm on privacy issues.

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While a few phone companies have started launching 'ultra' versions of top-end flagships, with the Xiaomi 12 it seems the trend might be bucked... because there might be an ultra version of the Xiaomi 12 Ultra. This comes from popular Xiaomi fan website Xiaomiui , which spotted a reference in Xiaomi code to two new smartphones, code-named Loki and Thor. Apparently one of these is the Xiaomi 12 Ul

Dell has been pumping out tons of great early Black Friday deals, and it continues today with an incredible £352 discount on a powerful gaming laptop; the Alienware Area-51m R2. This is an amazing early Black Friday deal to get your hands on a powerful gaming laptop that comes with an Nvidia Geforce RTX 2080 Super GPU and a 10th gen Intel Core i9 CPU. While both the CPU and GPU aren’t the most re

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Amazon has released a Prime Video app for Mac , and you can now get it for free from the App Store. You can use the app to download videos for offline viewing on your computer, which sounds especially useful for long business trips and vacations. The Verge reports that the app will let you choose the quality of the video you're streaming or downloading, and it supports native macOS features such

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Roku has unveiled the new Roku LE streaming stick that will go on sale for $15 at Walmart exclusively — but only during Black Friday sales. Roku is discounting other devices (non-exclusively) as well, selling the Roku Streaming Stick 4K for $30 ($20 off), the Roku Premiere for $20 ($15 off) and the Roku Streaming Stick+ for $30 ($15 off). It's also offering the highly-rated Roku Streambar for $80

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Mensa Brands, an Indian startup that acquires direct-to-consumer brands and helps them scale within the home market and overseas, has become a unicorn just six months after launching its business. Falcon Edge Capital led Mensa Brands’ $135 million Series B financing round that values the Indian startup at over $1 billion, the two said Tuesday. Prosus Ventures, as well as all existing investors in

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Jimmy Kimmel has created a gag children's book aimed at kids whose parents won't let them get vaccinated. It's both innocently cheerful and incredibly, horrifically depressing. Entitled Dot Got a Shot, the brightly illustrated book follows the titular Dot as she misses out on playtime with her friends due to her parents' anti-vaccination stance. "It was a warm summer day but Dot was dejected," re

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Samsung is betting heavily on foldable devices. After the so-far successful run of the Galaxy Z Flip 3, the company is reportedly allocating a huge chunk of its production numbers to next year’s generation. It might not be the only one competing in that market soon, however, with the likes of OPPO, vivo, Xiaomi, and even Honor expected to soon … Continue reading

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Shared transportation in Nigeria, Africa’s largest country by population, is a thriving business, at least when done the conventional way: offline . With millions of Nigerians using danfo minibuses and okadas to commute to their various workplaces and destinations, mobility startups have sought to digitize the market . However , most have found little luck, especially those in the two-wheeler mob

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The new mobile game Rocket League Sideswipe has launched into pre-season starting in Oceania with a wider rollout coming soon, developer Psyonix has announced . The car soccer game for iOS and Android was revealed earlier in