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Every weekend, we round up the top miles, points and travel news that you might have missed on TPG this week. Here’s what you need to know: Sign up for the TPG newsletter for more deals, tips, insights and travel news. 8 underrated destinations in Italy you need to visit The Italian island of Procida. (Photo by © Marco Bottigelli/Getty) Italy’s history, culture, gastronomy and beauty combine to m

GoFundMe Rittenhouse•
1KMashable / 4h
GoFundMe's stance on violent crime is clear: If a jury says you're not guilty, regardless of what the facts appear to say, people can raise money for you. That's the case as it relates to the newly acquitted Kyle Rittenhouse, anyway. The popular crowdfunding website posted a clarification of its policies on Friday, stating that fundraising on Rittenhouse's behalf (for legal fees, living expenses,

After seeing the releases of iOS 15 and the subsequent iPhone 13 series, we’re in the midst of .1 updates that are slowly refining features we’ve been seeing since June, back at WWDC . However, that doesn’t stop us from thinking of what could be in the next version of iOS that is widely expected to be called iOS 16. Every iOS release has brought a major feature to the table, whether that’s widget

The HomePod mini is the cheapest device Apple has ever made and as far as we can tell, it's never been available for under AU$130 in Australia, even during a big sale. So to see this diminutive smart speaker available for just AU$110 before Black Friday hits is good news indeed, particularly if you're an Apple fan. That's 26% off if you're keen on the maths. This discount is available on eBay and

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Martian sunsets are often blueish . But not this one. NASA's car-sized Perseverance rover captured its first view of a Martian sunset this week. In dim ghostly light, the sun sets behind the hills in Mars' Jezero Crater, a place planetary scientists suspect was once flooded with water. On Twitter, the space agency explained this sunset's muted colors . In short, there wasn't much dust in the atmo

Didn’t think the Maldives could get any better? Think again, because the Conrad Maldives Rangali Island , one of the most popular resorts in the country, is ready to showcase the final chapter of its multiyear makeover. The first international resort brand to set up shop in the Maldives , the Conrad Maldives Rangali Island has been wowing visitors since it first opened its door 25 years ago. Now,

jareckiworld : ⁣Brian Cirmo — Gray Hearts (oil on canvas, 2019)

200+Futurism / 44min
Black Hole Holes A team of researchers say that the Moon is peppered with craters from miniature black holes — and they may reveal some breakthrough insights on dark matter. The scientists, who published a paper of their findings in the Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society , believe that swarms of atom-sized black holes formed shortly after the Big Bang. As these hyper-dense objects

Google iMessage GM•
Mashable / 47min
For far too long, the texting differences between Android phones and iPhones have divided us. But at least one of the most annoying things about mixed iOS/Android group texts is finally, mercifully about to go away. According to 9to5Google , Google has been beta testing and slowly rolling out a change to the Android Messages app that will display iPhone users’ message reactions as emojis. Until n

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Welcome to Thanks, I Love It , our series highlighting something onscreen we're obsessed with this week. If you've been putting off watching Netflix's Arcane because you don't play League of Legends , stop that right now. Friends, you're missing out on some truly incredible animation. The first TV series from Riot Games and French animation studio Fortiche, created by Christian Linke and Alex Yee

danskjavlarna : From The Cats’ Arabian Nights by Abby Morton Diaz, 1881. My collection of vintage Puss in Boots imagery is stepping out. Wondering about this post? Wait for the dissertation (TBA). For now: Weblog ◆ Books ◆ Videos ◆ Music ◆ Etsy

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These days, it seems almost like a guarantee that a comic book will eventually become a TV show or movie. Though most of the heavy hitters are from publishers owned by big name corporations , the more independent and less flashy ones can still get a deal off the ground, and that’s what’s happening with TKO Studios. Read more...

Born into a devout Muslim family in Saudi Arabia, Manal al-Sharif spent her childhood under the impression that women were second-class citizens. In her small world, every piece of information she met was curated carefully, censored in such a way as to crush any spirit of rebellion. Courtesy of the internet, which arrived in her country in 1999, she was able to dispossess herself of these inherit

Forza Horizon 5 Xbox•
Mashable / 1h
I love Forza Horizon 5 but I also have a big problem with Forza Horizon 5 : It's impossible to get anything done. I'm making progress, no question. My garage is stacked with more than 100 cars. I've got millions of dollars at the ready to fund my hunger for even pricier rides, and millions more invested in the Mexican properties that have been my virtual self's bases of operations. I've even eked

If you have data sets that you want to compare or show a trend over time, create a bar graph. In Google Sheets, you can make a bar chart and customize it most any way you like. Read This Article on How-To Geek ›

Editor’s note: This post has been updated with new information. From 100,000-point credit card bonuses to lucrative hotel promotions , there are many ways to earn points and miles. You can even earn rewards for your next vacation without leaving the house . When you’re shopping online, you can easily earn rewards using one of the best credit cards for online shopping . Even better, you can often

thunderstruck9 : Gertrude Abercrombie (American, 1909-1977), White Cat , c.1935-38. Oil on canvas, 91.5 x 76.5 cm.

thekimonogallery : “Nanashi’s cats”. Artist: 🐈‍⬛YOSHIFUMI(グラフィックアート) @INFINITYDinnov1

There was briefly a ground stop at the Atlanta airport as a loud bang caused mass chaos and mistaken reports of an active shooter on Saturday afternoon. The sound was an accidental discharge from a gun, but it appears no one was harmed. Reportedly the gun discharged near a security checkpoint around 1:30 p.m. Eastern time and TSA screnners yelled “he’s got a gun” sending passengers into a panic.

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Oasisamuel/Shutterstock Hulu subscribers who signed up for the company’s Live TV plan will soon pay a bit more per month — but with the added benefit of ESPN+ and Disney+ bundled with the subscription. This is a good deal for customers who are interested in the latter two streaming services, but unfortunate for anyone who only wants Live TV access. Hulu … Continue reading

wtxch : Hulda Guzmán (Dominican, b. 1984) lucrecia ,2008 acrylic on wood

lazer-t : Tiger Runcycle

rensreadingrainbow : Oscar recommends reading at least one fantasy novel a month for good health 🩺

the Google Play Store•
Engadget / 1h
Google's Play Store on the web is dated, to put it mildly — the big sidebar and card-like listings wouldn't look out of place on a phone running Android Lollipop . The company appears ready to drag its portal into the modern era, though. Android Police and a tipster said they've discovered a redesigned Play Store that's much more in keeping with the current mobile app. The rethink appear to scrap

Tesla Outage Elon Musk•
27Mashable / 2h
Not every technological advancement is a good one. That was surely the conclusion drawn by some Tesla owners on Friday. You see, the popular electric vehicles give owners the option of using a mobile app to unlock their car doors if they don’t feel like lugging around a key card . However, as Electrek first reported, a server outage affected the app on Friday night, effectively locking those who

Did you know your Apple Watch has a dock? You can use this handy menu to quickly access recent or favorite apps. Since it’s fully customizable, it’s worth taking the time to set it up and make it work for you. Read This Article on How-To Geek ›

We owe a lot to Winamp, the first PC music player and one of the most iconic examples of 90s software design. Winamp pioneered features like drag-and-drop playlists and rode the wave of Napster—if AOL hadn’t purchased the software, it might have lived on to deliver more innovations to music fans. But now, it seems that Winamp is finally getting a second chance. Read This Article on Review Geek ›

Welcome to Startups Weekly, a fresh human-first take on this week’s startup news and trends. To get this in your inbox, subscribe here. During the garage-stage and Zoom-room days of a company’s life, fluidity is key to idea creation. The lack of contractual obligations is baked into how we understand the origin stories of the most famous startups. We celebrate rapid pivots, love scrappy MVPs over

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For many families, the most wonderful time of the year isn’t complete without a visit to the big man in red. And after a year where some Santa visits had to happen virtually, Santa may on the cusp of experiencing some pent-up demand. In New York City, Santa Claus officially arrives at the very end of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade . He then sets up shop in NYC for the next few weeks at Macy’s

redlipstickresurrected : Nicolò Carozzi (Italian-Veronese, b. 1981, Verona, Italy) - Illustrations for Brave as a Mouse book, Drawings

32TechCrunch / 2h
Welcome back to This Week in Apps, the weekly TechCrunch series that recaps the latest in mobile OS news, mobile applications and the overall app economy. The app industry continues to grow, with a record 218 billion downloads and $143 billion in global consumer spending in 2020. Consumers last year also spent 3.5 trillion minutes using apps on Android devices alone. And in the U.S., app usage su

We've just spotted what's easily the best Black Friday Dell XPS 13 deal so far - this baseline Core i5 model for just $649.99 (was $949.99) . Yep, that's a $300 discount and easily the cheapest price we've seen all year on this great all-around Windows Ultrabook. If you've been patiently waiting for a cheap Dell XPS 13 to crop up, this is a prime opportunity, and one we don't think will go any lo

Apple Discuss Conditions•
Engadget / 2h
Apple might be eager to minimize future complaints about working conditions . NBC News said it obtained a newly released internal memo telling employees they're allowed to discuss conditions and pay outside the company. Staffers should be free to talk about issues in the way they "feel most comfortable," including with managers and the People (human resources) team. We've asked Apple if it can co

29Gizmodo / 2h
When John Cho was initially cast as Spike Spiegel for Netflix’s Cowboy Bebop adaptation in 2019, the reaction was pretty positive. After all, people love themselves some John Cho and consider him a reliably engaging actor. Come six months later, Cho had an on-set injury that saw production being halted while he took… Read more...

enchantedbook : by Hernán Valdovinos

wtxch : Julius Anton Adam aka “Cats Adam” (German,1852-1913)

He and seven others left the Shockley Semiconductor Laboratory to create their own silicon company, Fairchild Semiconductor, which is now seen as ground zero for the West Coast tech industry.

Over time, a lot can happen to your home’s windows—both inside and outside—including scratches. If you happen to notice some scratches on the glass, you may not even be sure how they got there. (Unless you just saw a toddler reach for a pair of keys and go to town scribbling on a window. If so, it’s probably that.) Read more...

Welcome to The TechCrunch Exchange, a weekly startups-and-markets newsletter. It’s inspired by the daily TechCrunch+ column where it gets its name. Want it in your inbox every Saturday? Sign up here . Yeah, I’m struggling a little bit this Friday afternoon. If you aren’t in the United States, it’s a little hard to explain. In short, certain deficiencies in our policing and judicial systems flared

Whether you’re looking to make a backup of your bookmarks, or you want to import your bookmarks in another web browser, you will want to export your Mozilla Firefox bookmarks first. We’ll show you how to do just that. Read This Article on How-To Geek ›

Citi is a TPG advertising partner. Citi Custom Cash℠ Card overview The Citi Custom Cash℠ Card is a cash-back card with no annual fee. This card differentiates itself from other options on the market by providing the unique ability to earn up to 5% back on your top spending category each billing cycle on up to the first $500 spent. Whether you’re a credit card newbie or want a card that will help

Myanmar, March 2021. A month after the fall of the democratic government. In 2015, six of the 10 websites in Myanmar getting the most engagement on Facebook were from legitimate media, according to data from CrowdTangle, a Facebook-run tool. A year later, Facebook (which recently rebranded to Meta) offered global access to Instant Articles, a program publishers could use to monetize their content

calepino : Camille Ferrari

thekimonogallery : Taisho period (1912-26). Takeko Kujo playing with a cat.

France New Zealand•
The All Blacks' tour of the Northern Hemisphere has featured record-breaking points hauls and a brief return to the top of the world rankings, but there's a real danger it could end on a damp note with Les Bleus eyeing up a scalp on home soil. This should be a belter, so read on as our guide explains how to get a France vs New Zealand live stream and watch the Autumn International rugby match onl

The Black Friday season is well and truly here and with it, we've seen an influx in fantastic SIM only deals . One that really stands out is a recent promotion from the network Smarty. It's offering up unlimited data, calls and texts for only £15 a month . Not only is that a massive discount from the original £20 a month price tag but it is also the cheapest unlimited data price around right now.

The last 18 months have seen huge changes for many workers across the globe, with the pandemic shutting down workplaces and forcing millions to work fully remotely for the first time. The idea of spending all your time in an office now seems rather outdated, with hybrid working universally recognized as the best way to get the most out of your workforce, allowing both the collaboration workplace

100+Futurism / 3h
Collision Avoided Even the Moon’s orbit is becoming increasingly cluttered with human-made objects. Back in October, NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter had to adjust its orbit to dodge out of the way of India’s Chandrayaan-2 Orbiter, according to a recent statement by the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO). On October 20, the two orbiters got too close for comfort near the Moon’s north po

39Gizmodo / 3h
After three weeks of various ups and downs, Doctor Who: Flux reaches the second half of its truncated run this week with the return of some old foes. “Village of the Angels” sees the Doctor and her entourage hop over to the county of Devon in November 1967 to investigate a series of disappearances that may be from… Read more...

figdays : Cat Teapot // BeautifulVintage4You

traitspourtraits :

As the Computing Editor for TechRadar, I have the luxury of being able to use pretty much any gaming keyboard that comes out. Keyboards like the Razer Huntsman or the SteelSeries Apex Pro have kept my attention in the past, but as I get to use more specialized keyboards like the Akko 3068B that I just got in for review, I've realized that I want to go all in on the keyboard nerd life. I want to b

Google Pixel 6 Pro 6A•
Engadget / 4h
Google's Pixel 6 is barely weeks old, but that isn't stopping rumors about its budget counterpart. Well-known tipster OnLeaks and 91Mobiles have posted what they say are Pixel 6a design renders, and they might prove polarizing. The future mid-range phone would resemble the upscale Pixel 6, including the signature camera bar, in-screen fingerprint reader and centered hole-punch selfie camera. Howe

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This week we’ve got a wide range of reviews on everything from mobile operating systems to craft cutting machines. First, Mat Smith checked out the new SharePlay feature on iOS 15.1 and determined it has potential. Next, Billy Steele listened to the Bose QuietComfort 45 headphones and found them to be just as comfortable as their predecessors, and with improved noise cancellation, too. Nathan Ing

Two The Wheel of Time•
23Mashable / 4h
A 100% faithful adaptation of The Wheel of Time was never going to be possible. Robert Jordan's epic fantasy series spans 14 books — 15 if you count the prequel — totaling over 4 million words. That's simply too much material to fit into a TV show. Understandably, Amazon Prime Video's version of The Wheel of Time cuts a great deal from its source material. This first season mostly draws from the

Google Chrome’s New Tab Page on the desktop can display some useful information—if you like that sort of thing. You can even see your Google Photos memories on the New Tab Page. We’ll show you how to enable it. Read This Article on How-To Geek ›

The Bilt Mastercard has no annual fee, lets you earn points paying rent on your card, and has bonus categories similar to a Sapphire Preferred Card as well (2x travel, 3x dining). If you rent an apartment or house you can be 50,000 points richer each year with this card, and points transfer to great airline and hotel partners. There's a waiting list to get the card, but they gave me a code to ski

Editor’s note: This post has been updated with new information. Los Angeles is a popular destination, whether you’re visiting as a family with kids, a romantic couple or are on a business trip. The region is actually comprised of a vast expanse of cities and neighborhoods all bundled into a collective area known as LA. Choosing a hotel here can be overwhelming and sometimes expensive, so redeemin

Volvo Concept Recharge tCR•
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Volvo has revealed a new concept car called the Concept Recharge. The automaker says the vehicle is more than a showcase for its future design language and product strategy. It says the car is a manifesto for its future as a company. Volvo is showing steps that can be taken to develop an electric car to reduce the overall carbon … Continue reading

danskjavlarna : From Motion Picture Classic , 1928. Here are collected the best lions I’ve encountered in my research to date. Wondering about this post? Wait for the dissertation (TBA). For now: Weblog ◆ Books ◆ Videos ◆ Music ◆ Etsy

danskjavlarna : From Lustige Blätter , 1899. Here are collected the best lions I’ve encountered in my research to date. Wondering about this post? Wait for the dissertation (TBA). For now: Weblog ◆ Books ◆ Videos ◆ Music ◆ Etsy

Amazon has released yet another batch of early Black Friday deals , this time for its Halo fitness trackers and Echo Frame smartglasses. Fitness buffs out there will appreciate the 45% saving on the Amazon Halo Band - which also includes 6 months of Halo membership - or, you could opt for the 38% saving on Amazon's brand new Halo view , which isn't even out yet and releases on December 8. Alterna

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The stress and uncertainty surrounding the COVID pandemic, along with misinformation about the life-saving vaccines developed in response have broken many a weak mind over the past two years, leading people to try everything from injecting themselves with bleach and inhaling nebulized hydrogen peroxide, to slugging down horse dewormer in misguided attempts to outwit modern medicine. Surprise, non

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TL;DR: The Nintendo Switch OLED is going to be a tough get this holiday season, but you have a chance to get one in stock at Walmart. As of Nov. 20, a few are in stock (albeit at an inflated price of $516.70). The Nintendo Switch OLED is yet another gaming console that is sure to be in short supply this holiday , like the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S. While not the most advisable move, we ha

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SAVE $20: A PlayStation Plus subscription nets members a bevy of great perks, including online play, free games every month, and more. For Black Friday, 12-month subscriptions to the service are on sale — get one for $20 off at PlayStation Direct. Having a PlayStation is already a blessing as it is (double points if you've somehow gotten your hands on a PS5), but the experience as a whole can get

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In these unprecedented times, sometimes it’s therapeutic to blast up into the skies above some of America’s natural wonders with a jetpack, magically switch to a pizza delivery bike, and plummet to the Earth below. It’s also really, really funny. That combination of awe at the raw beauty of our national parks, adrenaline from doing things that would disintegrate a human body in real life, and the

shaykarniel : De Kruger Wildtuin - vintage book cover

wtxch : Endre Penovác (Serbian,b.1956)

Laptops using an RTX 3060 GPU are among the best midrange gaming machines on the market right now, but finding one for less than $1,000 can be tough . Thankfully, Best Buy has this MSI GF65 with RTX 3060 for just $849 right now , a startling $250 discount . We spotted this deal a couple of weeks ago, and it's still going strong - best grab hold before it goes out of stock. Best Buy: see all of th

Indian Amazon Marijuana•
52TechCrunch / 5h
Police in Madhya Pradesh, a central state in India, have registered a case against executive directors of Amazon India in connection with alleged use of the e-commerce marketplace for smuggling of marijuana in the South Asian market, they said Saturday evening. The police didn’t disclose how many senior executives they had charged, but said it found contradictions in the response submitted by Ama

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UPDATE: Nov. 20, 2021, 10:15 a.m. EST This post has been updated to include the latest deals. OUR TOP PICK: Samsung UE57 Series 28-Inch 4K UHD monitor , with a split-screen function that makes efficient multitasking a real possibility — $290.18 $349.99 (save 59.81) BEST GAMING MONITOR DEAL: Samsung Odyssey G7 gaming monitor , with a speedy refresh rate and curved design, every game you play is be

Mobile apps have streamlined the travel experience for me. Whether it’s checking in online, changing my seat assignment or selecting my preferred hotel room, these digital tools reduce touchpoints along the journey, getting me from point A to point B faster, easier and with less stress. Some travel-focused apps accomplish the basics; others are designed for power users, especially budding aviatio

Depending on who you ask, the 1990s were the last great decade for romantic comedies. Sure, there were some in the early 2000s too, but the genre—known for cheesy plot lines and setting unrealistic dating expectations for pretty much everyone—sort of fizzled after that. Read more...

Astra Reaches Orbit•
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The ranks of orbit-capable spaceflight companies just grew ever so slightly. TechCrunch reports Astra has reached orbit for the first time when its Rocket 3 booster launched shortly after 1AM Eastern today (November 20th). The startup put a mass simulator into a 310-mile-high orbit as part of a demonstration for the US Air Force's Rapid Agile Launch Initiative, which shows how private outfits cou

Need to rearrange data in your spreadsheet? You can move cells in Microsoft Excel to different spots in the same sheet or to another spreadsheet or workbook. Use one of these methods to take your cell contents wherever you like. Read This Article on How-To Geek ›

Let’s be honest—moms are hard to buy for. Even if you’re super close with your mom, she probably still says she has everything she wants and doesn’t give you much to work with. But you can’t just get her nothing, so why not go with one of these techy treats she probably doesn’t have already? Read This Article on Review Geek ›

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SpaceX is the company that will put the NASA DART mission into space. DART is NASA’s ambitious mission to test our ability to redirect an asteroid away from Earth using the impact of a spacecraft. The goal is to determine if the planet is ever threatened by an asteroid that could cause death and destruction, can humanity deflect the asteroid … Continue reading

felescatus : source

fuckingfreud : Cat Pawing at Goldfish by Isoda Koryusai - c. early 1770s

Dyson vacuums are some of the best out there, though their premium quality comes at a price - that is unless you can snap up an early Black Friday deal . Below you'll find some of this Black Friday's best Dyson prices including £160-off the Dyson V11 Absolute at Argos - as one the best vacuums we've ever reviewed, you won't want to miss this deal. If you're after a more budget-friendly option you

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Well that took a turn. Ed Sheeran is going to perform inside Pokémon Go , as we learned on Thursday. Developer Niantic Labs promised fans a week of access to the "concert," from Nov. 22 through Nov. 30. It's nice, it's wholesome, it's totally inoffensive. None of which sat right with the writers at The Late Show with Stephen Colbert , apparently. In this utterly deranged parody music video, a sin

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Weighted blankets have recently joined the pack as one more tool in our "sleep better" arsenal. We've explored which mattresses are best , have waded through the online reviews to source the best pillows , and have even tracked down the best sheets . It's time to top things off with a weighted blanket. A weighted blanket is exactly what it sounds like: A comforter-style blanket that has a layer o

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Interior designers are pros at creating moods by balancing visual elements to create beautiful spaces, which is actually very similar to website design. Squarespace takes out all the intimidating parts of actually building a website — how the code works — and leaves in all the fun parts, AKA how it looks. While all Squarespace templates are easy to use and customize to your liking, certain templa

Thanksgiving is on approach, and we all know it is not polite to arrive to a festive meal empty-handed. If you’re flying to that family dinner or Friendsgiving, you may be wondering what you can actually take with you on the plane. The Transportation Security Administration estimates that it will screen about 20 million passengers during the upcoming holiday period. If you’re thinking about flyin

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For better or worse, each of the different “Phases” of the Marvel Cinematic Universe has had a goal for its various films to strive for. The first brought our disparate heroes together, while two and three showed them fracture and eventually reassemble for a saga of infinite proportions. Because nothing could really… Read more...

wtxch : Mary Stubberfield

mundodasideias : Die drei Katzen (The three cats) by Johann Adam Klein, 1845

It's been an autumn to forget for both Wales and Australia, the Wallabies suffering two defeats from two, while the Six Nations champs have lost two of three in front of their own fans. The heavyweights need to give their fans something to cheer about, and you can read on as our guide explains how to get a Wales vs Australia live stream and watch the Autumn International rugby match online today.

When it comes to Black Friday Chromebook deals, you really can't beat a Chromebook for less than $100, like this Asus Chromebook at Best Buy for just $99 . This is easily one of the best Black Friday deals we've seen so far heading into the big day itself, and honestly, this is as cheap as you're going to find a Chromebook anywhere all year. If you're in the market for a Black Friday Chromebook d

Buick Smart Pod China•
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Auto Guangzhou 2021 is underway in southern China, and at the show, numerous automotive manufacturers have revealed new green vehicles. Of course, some of these vehicles may never make it to the US, but it’s interesting to see what some of our domestic automakers are looking at for the future of electrified vehicles. One of the automotive brands on hand … Continue reading

Scott Bade Contributor Scott Bade is special series editor of the TechCrunch Global Affairs Project and a regular contributor on foreign affairs. He's a former speechwriter for Mike Bloomberg and co-author of "More Human: Designing a World Where People Come First." More posts by this contributor Introducing the TechCrunch Global Affairs Project Is Washington prepared for a geopolitical ‘tech race

Bitcoin Crypto Visa•
A currency serves two purposes - a medium of exchange and a store of value. So far crypto isn't good for either, it's tough to use (you first have to convert it to another currency and that's costly) and good stores of value don't fluctuate wildly in price. However crypto is no longer a flash in the pan either, many very smart people are working developing businesses, tools, and use cases, and pr

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Have you been eying Apple's third-generation AirPods , but wishing the price wasn't quite so close to the AirPods Pro ? Now might be a good time to buy. Woot is running a one-day-only sale that drops the price of the newest AirPods to $170 , or $10 below the official sticker. You'll get an additional $5 off if you're an Amazon Prime member, too. Remember that Woot's return policy is stricter than

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It's been a week since Red (Taylor's Version) was released, and TikTok — and the world at large —have yet to move on. Fans were, uh, swift to turn several key songs on the album into major trends on the app, and, of course, Taylor couldn't stop herself from joining in on the fun. These kinds of trends are a case study in the crucial role TikTok now plays in the music industry. And as Taylor takes

The Pixel 6 marks Google’s return to the premium smartphone segment, and like most premium phones, it’s a glass sandwich. So if you want to keep the phone looking fantastic, investing in a case is a good idea. Here are the best cases for the Google Pixel 6. Read This Article on How-To Geek ›

Humans are social creatures, but we’ve become more isolated over the past year than ever before. However, tech could plug the gap. Artificial Intelligence (AI) could provide the companionship people strive for. But what if your AI pal dies? Read This Article on Review Geek ›

sailorbrazil : niuniente : Kevin the Kitten (Vanessa Stockard) animated by Jenni Pasanen this is the best thing ive ever seen and my eyes are 23 years old

mostlythemarsh : Buttercup on the Bench

A New York Times investigation examines the global demand for raw materials as the clean energy revolution takes off. This is what we found.

The iPad Pro 2021 comes in two sizes, two different connectivity models and five storage sizes. Knowing which one to buy is complicated, but luckily almost every model of the new iPad Pro 2021 is discounted right now for Black Friday . The Black Friday iPad deals are heating up, and we've seen a discount on almost every single version of the latest and greatest tablet from Apple. Below you can fi

Samsung Galaxy S Pen•
What's in store from the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 in 2022? If it's going to follow the example of the Galaxy Z Fold 3 then it should come with support for Samsung's S Pen stylus, but a new rumor suggests that support will only go so far. According to Naver (via @FrontTron ), none of the Galaxy Z Fold 4 prototypes currently in development at Samsung have an integrated slot to hold the S Pen, which

The president’s son was part owner of a venture involved in the $3.8 billion purchase by a Chinese conglomerate of one of the world’s largest cobalt deposits. The metal is a key ingredient in batteries for electric vehicles.

alongtimealone2 : Hilary Pecis, Garden Cats, 2016

allcatsconstitutethesamefamily : From Navy News , 1957.

Amazon is already rolling out its Black Friday deals , and if you're on the hunt for a smart TV, its Amazon Fire TV range is being offered up at some amazing prices. From 32-inch screens right up to 55-inchers, these screens come with all the Fire TV streaming stick smarts built into the televisions themselves. So you get a whole range of streaming services, from Netflix to Amazon's own Prime Vid

Hawkeye Kate Bishop•
A Hawkeye standalone adventure in the MCU has been a long time coming. As with Black Widow, Marvel fans clamored for a project based around Clint Barton for years. But, when Natasha Romanoff finally took center stage in a solo movie in the summer of 2021, Hawkeye became the last member of the original Avengers line-up without a self-contained story. Until now. With Marvel’s Phase 4 plans back on

Apple Repair SSR iPhone•
It turns out that the biggest Apple announcement this year wasn’t the iPhone 13 - or even the new supercharged MacBook Pro line-up. It was that in the not too distant future, Apple is deigning to let you repair your own iPhone - if you dare. That’s right - instead of having to take a phone with a cracked screen or a flat battery to an expensive “Apple Authorised Service Provider”, or the dodgy ki

Tired of boring, basic, all-black GPUs ? Wants something fancier in your PC case? Then this GPU kit from Colorful may be just what you need. Colorful announced a new iGame GeForce RTX Customization Series graphics cards which allows customization with your own unique designs. The graphics card comes with two backplates which uses a magnetic locking mechanism for easy disassembly and customization

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OUR TOP PICK: Ring Video Doorbell Wired with Echo Show 5 (2nd Gen) — $61.99 $149.98 (save $87.99) BEST CAMERA BUNDLE: Blink Video Doorbell + Blink Outdoor 2-Cam Kit — $134.98 $214.99 (save $80.01) BEST BUDGET PICK: Ring Video Doorbell Wired — $41.99 $59.99 (save $18) Whether home security is a priority to you or you just don't really like getting up to answer the door, having a Ring video doorbel

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Plus: An FBI email hack, a cam site data leak, and more of the week's top security news.

Knowing how to unclog a drain is an important life skill. But what’s even better than successfully unclogging a drain? Not having to do it in the first place. The problem is, many people tend to think of a drain as a way to get rid of things—whether or not our drains are equipped to handle them. Read more...

Enlarge (credit: Getty Images) A few months ago, my G Suite-enabled Gmail account reached a grim milestone: with no warning, the “block [email address]” feature—available from the menu with the three vertical dots in the upper left of the Gmail screen—stopped working because I had maxed out the total number of addresses Google allows to be blocked. For years, I’ve used the feature liberally to bl

librarycompany : It’s #StacksWeek, and we’d like to thank our faithful robot security cat who dutifully and diligently watches over this section of biographies in our stacks, day in and day out, never wavering from their post. Good work, #StackCat.

karinsoderquist : Book cover for The Guest Cat by Takashi Hiraide. Self-initiated.

The Black Friday Apple Watch deals are kicking into gear, and some of the best discounts are usually on the previous-generation wearable. This year that's the Apple Watch 6 and we've already seen some discounts on it, but a new reduction might steal your attention away from those offers. The Apple Watch SE launched alongside the Series 6, with some of the same features but a lower price. A new Bl

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Primakov/Shutterstock Twitter has gradually rolled out monetization tools this year, one of which is a feature previously known as Tip Jar. The feature, which allows users to add third-party payment links to their profiles, appeared in a test back in March, then officially rolled out to select accounts a couple of months later followed by a larger expansion in September. It … Continue reading

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View of an advertising card for the Detroit Soap Co., depicting a girl holding a kitten. Printed on front: “Detroit Soap Co.’s Queen Anne soap. The best family soap in the world.” Courtesy of the Burton Historical Collection, Detroit Public Library

Matt Cohen Contributor Founder and managing partner at Ripple Ventures , Matt Cohen is a business operator turned early-stage investor. More posts by this contributor Founders must learn how to build and maintain circles of trust with investors Matthew Mendelsohn’s accession to become Yale’s new chief investment officer marks a milestone for the rise of university endowments investing in venture

Make the currency worth less, consumers chase it less at some margin. Reduced consumer interest is bad for the long run proposition of the currency, which is bad for the price of financial instruments derived from that currency. Now that airlines have issued upwards of $30 billion in debt backed by their loyalty programs, this is a new issue for them to manage. Continue reading ...

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Thanks to climate change, the armored animals are making their way up north. And there’s no sign of them stopping their relentless march.

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Puzzle games keep our minds occupied, even in our darkest moments. Here’s why they make you feel better, more capable, and more optimistic about life.

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The work week is gone and it's the weekend. So at least there's that. I can't promise you'll have a good weekend. I can't promise the whole, you know, weight of existence in a flawed world won't dawdle about in the back of your mind like a floating specter of grief, waiting to haunt you fully. I can't promise you won't stub your toe on the coffee table. But I can promise I've got some good tweets

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Russia blew up a big, derelict satellite in an objectively terrible area of space. The space community is heated , disappointed , and frustrated by the Nov. 15 missile test that transpired some 300 miles above Earth. The explosion of the around 4,850-pound satellite created a cloud of fragments that triggered an emergency response on the relatively nearby International Space Station : Astronauts

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Adding a printer to a Mac can be accomplished in a few simple steps. Even if you're dealing with a printer without WiFi, this article has got you covered. Add a printer wirelessly Most printers nowadays come with WiFi and Bluetooth. If you're connecting via WiFi, make sure that your printer and Mac are connected to the same network. If you're connecting via Bluetooth, make sure that it is turned

Enlarge / False color image of bacteria on a human tongue. (credit: STEVE GSCHMEISSNER/ Getty Images ) An altered microbiome has been associated with—and thereby either implicitly or explicitly implicated as a partial cause of—a wide range of human maladies. These include immune disorders like celiac disease , asthma , and diabetes ; obesity ; cancers ; psychiatric disorders like depression and A

If you’re a fan of vintage Windows screensavers and would like to relive the glory days of Windows 95, 98, 2000, ME, or XP, it’s easy to install a pack of vintage Microsoft screensavers for free. Here’s how to do it. Read This Article on How-To Geek ›

During the garage-stage and Zoom-room days of a company’s life, fluidity can feel key to idea creation. The lack of contractual obligations is baked into how we understand the origin stories of the most famous startups. We celebrate rapid pivots, love scrappy MVPs over perfectly polished platforms and pay attention to repeat entrepreneurs who raise money for their next idea before they even know

Editor’s note: This post has been updated with new information. There’s a lot for families to love about Southwest Airlines . Free checked bags can be a lifesaver and knowing you’re eligible for free changes and cancellations is also a customer-friendly policy for whenever “life happens.” The open-seating policy, though, can be stressful if you’re traveling with children since there’s no guarante

The Amazon Kindle is back down to its lowest price ever for Black Friday 2021 , and we would be really surprised if we see it drop any lower during this year's big sales period. Below you'll find our pick of the best Kindle Black Friday deals right now, but there's also an offer on the same product in its Kids Edition form. Go for that if you're looking to pick up an ereader for your child. Not i

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An investigation by Consumers’ Association has found over a thousand cheap smart gadgets replete with security and privacy issues on popular online marketplaces, in the run up to Black Friday . Following the discovery, UK’s Which? is urging consumers to be cautious and keep an eye out for security-risk products when shopping for connected tech products. According to the investigation, Which? foun

The Amazon Echo Dot is one of the best ways to start building a smart home, and today you can get the smart speaker alongside a free smart bulb for just $19.99 with this early Black Friday deal . We saw both these products on sale earlier this week, but the price was still $24.99. We recommended the bundle then as it was a fantastic deal, so now the price has dropped we can say it's even better t

Indian Gamers Norton•
Nearly half of all gamers (46%) have been the victim of a cyberattack, with the figure rising to 66% among hardcore gamers, reveals a new survey. Furthermore, in their bid to shed light on the cyber risks impacting the gaming community, the global survey conducted by NortonLifeLock finds that well over half (76%) of the attacked gamers have lost more than $700 on average as a result of the attack

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Enlarge / NordicTrack owners aren’t giving up the fight just yet. (credit: Sam Whitney | Getty Images) JD Howard just wanted to watch cloud security tutorials. Howard, a construction industry worker on sabbatical, spent $4,000 on a NordicTrack X32i treadmill, lured in by its 32-inch HD screen and the opportunity to exercise body and mind. His plan was to spend his time away from work exercising w

There are a lot of Black Friday sales live now, but, if you're in the market for a new handset, Sky Mobile might just have the most interesting offer that we've seen so far. Across all of its 60GB of data plans, Sky Mobile is offering a whopping 50% off the price. No other data cap is discounted as much as that, and better still - the offer is available across absolutely every device that Sky Mob

Black Friday is less than a week away and we're already seeing some of the best PS5 games discounted as part of this year's early Black Friday sales . While it might not be November 26 quite yet you should already be on the lookout for great savings as we're at the point where most deals won't get better - and you could end up disappointed if they sell out before you can snatch them up. To lend w

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With increased sales and products things have never looked better for Tile. So why is its CEO so mad at Apple?

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Consider these tips for putting your dollars back into your community, from supporting small businesses to making more sustainable choices.

Anybody interested in the future of software and how we will interact with computers a few years from now will have come across something called “no-code” platforms—with or without the hyphen. No-Code isn’t just the future; it’s available in the present. Read This Article on How-To Geek ›

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Enlarge / Gabriel Weinberg, creator of DuckDuckGo. (credit: Washington Post | Getty Images) At the end of April, Apple’s introduction of App Tracking Transparency tools shook the advertising industry to its core. iPhone and iPad owners could now stop apps from tracking their behavior and using their data for personalized advertising. Since the new privacy controls launched, almost $10 billion has

Astra Reaches Orbit•
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There’s another launch company newly able to count itself among the small (but growing) group that has reached orbit: Astra. The Alameda-based rocket startup notched that achievement late Friday night, taking off from its launch site in Kodiak, Alaska shortly after 9 PM local time (1 AM ET). This was Astra’s ‘LV0007’ mission, the follow-up to its last try in August, which was ended short of reach

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Twickenham plays host to the last of England's Autumn Internationals today - and quite possibly its biggest. They'll be out to avenge their 2019 World Cup final defeat against a Springboks somehow still with a point to prove. Read on as our guide explains how to get an England vs South Africa live stream and watch the huge Autumn International rugby match online - no matter where you are. This ri

The Morning Show Season•
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The sun has finally set on The Morning Show ’s self-absorbed second season , in an hour of television so extraordinarily tactless that it will linger based on audacity alone. After ten weeks of trauma-baiting with the imminent introduction of coronavirus storylines, the show dove headfirst into the pandemic by giving Alex (Jennifer Aniston) COVID-19. Up until this point, The Morning Show ’s COVID

It can be a bit of a waiting game knowing when to make a mad dash for those Black Friday offers. Thankfully, the best VPN services are making things easy for us by launching their Black Friday VPN deals early ahead of the sale event next week. From price slashes to extra free months tagged on the end of subscriptions, your extra layer of online security won't get any cheaper this year. That means

From Paralympians to TV presenters, actors to ex-Premier League footballers, Ant and Dec are back to host one of Britain's most popular reality TV shows as 10 more celebrities compete to become King or Queen of the Jungle Castle! It can only mean one thing... here's how to watch I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here 2021 online from anywhere. Watch I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here online Launch da

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When I first heard about virtual dog training, I thought it was a joke. I envisioned myself dangling a toy above my laptop like a portrait photographer at a mall, or chasing my dog around with my phone like a paparazzo as a trainer barked orders from the screen. I’ve been interested in doing some training with my dog Lola for a while. But dog training in person can be expensive and time consuming

The frustration Scotland felt in losing to the world champions last weekend underlined their impressive evolution, and they'll be determined to end their bittersweet autumn international series on a positive note against the Brave Blossoms. Read on as our guide explains how to get a Scotland vs Japan live stream and watch this rugby match online today. Scotland vs Japan live stream Date: Saturday

Google iMessage GM•
Apple iMessage remains very much an iOS-only app – mainly because Apple knows it keeps people locked into the iPhone – but Google is working on bringing at least some level of iMessage support into its own Messages app for Android. As spotted by 9to5Google , new code in Google Messages refers to iMessage reactions: the little thumbs up emojis and text emphasis flourishes that show up natively in

Cyberpunk Xbox Game Pass•
Cyberpunk 2077 developer, CD Projekt Red, has stated that it isn’t currently planning to bring the game to Xbox Game Pass . This announcement comes in response to recent reports that Cyberpunk 2077 might soon launch on Xbox’s subscription service. Hopes were raised when a brief clip of the game was spotted in a recent promotional video for Xbox Cloud Gaming’s launch on consoles. Pointing out that

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Fitbits came onto the scene when the company was founded in 2007, and today the much-loved device has become so ubiquitous the company name has become pretty much a common noun for any kind of step-counter. At least, that’s what they started out as. Today, Fitbits come in a ton of shapes, sizes, and functional purposes, whether you’re looking for something that truly just measures your steps or h

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TL;DR: Get the Spade Mini Smart Ear Wax Remover for $39.99 — that's 36% down from its regular price of $62 — as of Nov. 20. Just like people often ignore the terms and conditions whenever they sign up to a new site, they also usually pay no mind to what cotton swabs say on the packaging. Hint: you shouldn't put them inside your ears. The swab should only be used to clean the outer surface of the

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TL;DR: As of Nov. 20, a lifetime subscription to all languages on Babbel Language Learning is 64% off for $179 — slash $320 off its retail price of $499. Learn for travel, conversation, or just for fun. Credit: Babbel Make sure you gather a list of everything you've been meaning to purchase for the holidays because Black Friday savings will be over in the blink of an eye. For a limited time, the

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TL;DR: The Stone River and StackSkills eLearning Bundle is only $89 as of Nov. 20. You don't have to go back to college to learn a new trade, skill, or just study a topic you're passionate about. With this eLearning bundle from Stone River and StackSkills, you can learn more about whatever you're interested in on-demand with lifetime memberships to each app for a bundled price. Stone River is an

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TL;DR: As of Nov. 20, the Guardian Torch Solar-Powered Motion Activated Spotlight is on sale for $24.99 — that's 19% off its retail price of $30. Sometimes things are as simple as turning the light on. And with these powerful LED Guardian Torch lights, you can easily add extra security to your home without shelling out hundreds of dollars. For a limited time, this LED security light is on sale fo

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We’re celebrating Black Friday all month long with deals upon deals upon deals . You can start checking presents off your list or score some sweet new stuff for yourself while keeping more money in your pocket. And what’s better than that? Here are nearly 50 random deals — on audio equipment, chargers, apps, beauty and health products, tech, and beyond — you can splurge on at special Black Friday

Amazon Black Friday deals have started to roll in, and if you're a cutting-edge gamer looking to step into the new world of game streaming, this might be the bundle for you. Amazon is pairing its 4K Fire TV stick with its new Amazon Luna controller. Combined with a $5.99 monthly subscription, they'll let you stream a growing library of AAA games directly to your TV – as well as access Netflix, Am

Another year, another Black Friday grinds into life - and, as ever, Amazon's Fire tablets have been discounted down to far cheaper than normal. Are they great, iPad-rivalling tablets? No, but they're inexpensive, and for some that's enough. We're currently seeing discounts on the 7-, 8- and 10-inch versions of the device, including the Plus variants of the Fire HD 8 and Fire HD 10 , and the Kids'

A New York Times investigation examines the global demand for raw materials as the clean energy revolution takes off. This is what we found.

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The quest for Congo’s cobalt, which is vital for electric vehicles and the worldwide push against climate change, is caught in an international cycle of exploitation, greed and gamesmanship.

The president’s son was part owner of a venture involved in the $3.8 billion purchase by a Chinese conglomerate of one of the world’s largest cobalt deposits. The metal is a key ingredient in batteries for electric vehicles.

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The Tor browser , arguably the best privacy-protective internet browser available for most people, is running low on bridge servers. The decline in servers affects the browser’s ability to combat censorship and provide a gateway to the open internet in pla