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A Mustang GT500 couldn't be made into a convertible without compromising its structure and stiffness in the chassis and body.

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To celebrate International Cat Day, YouTube is paying homage to the animal that made it a household name: the noble feline . Visit the YouTube homepage today and you'll see a cotton candy-colored kitty replace the YouTube logo, hypnotizing you in an anime-inspired sequence. Click on the cat and a blue banner will appear. Select "Explore" on that banner and you'll then be taken to a playlist of Yo

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NASA’s SLS rocket is slated to launch for the first time in just three weeks, rumbling off the launch pad with 8.8 million pounds of thrust. There to see it take flight will be thousands upon thousands of spectators, as the Artemis era officially gets underway. Read more...

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Today's Wordle solution might remind you of SpongeBob, and that's only one of the multiple hints we have to help you figure out the latest puzzle.

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Enlarge / This little guy looks too perky to need a nap. (credit: Tony Liu ) Our sleep is marked by cycles of distinct brain activity. The most well-known of these is probably rapid eye movement, or REM sleep, which is characterized by loss of muscle control leading to twitching and paralysis, along with its eponymous eye movements. REM sleep is widespread in vertebrates, appearing in many mammal

Next year will see the arrival of two new electric motorcycle models, the Can-Am Origin and Can-Am Pulse. Here's everything we know about the upcoming models.

It seems like only a couple of months since Boundary Layer announced its $5 million-ish round of financing, but the company hasn’t been resting on its laurels. Today, its founders told me it signed up some beefy launch partners and is gearing up for a large-scale roll-out as early as 2025. Boundary Layer wants to steal air freight’s lunch and transport it by water instead The company is planning

Todd Phillips’ Joker purposefully ended with many questions left unanswered, but now we can cross at least one off the list. Deadline reports that Zazie Beetz is in talks to reprise her role as Arthur Fleck’s neighbor, Sophie, in 2024's Joker: Folie à Deux . She’ll join Joaquin Phoenix, who’ll reprise his role as… Read more...

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The popular Microsoft-owned code repository plans to roll out code signing, which will help beef up the security of open source projects.

Haus launched in 2019 as an answer to a generation’s craving for a more transparent alcohol brand, raising millions in venture funding from angels such as Casey Neistat, Away co-founder Jen Rubio and funds including Homebrew, Haystack Ventures, Coatue, Shrug Capital and Worklife Ventures. Haus has raised $17 million on rolling SAFE notes to date. Today, CEO and co-founder Helena Price Hambrecht t

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Paw Patrol The US Space Force is taking Paw Patrol to the next level. As per a Department of Defense statement , the youngest branch of the US military is to deploy Ghost Robotics' "quadruped unmanned ground vehicles (Q-UGVs)" — dog-like robots — in an effort to automate "damage assessments and patrol" at the Cape Canaveral Space Force Station, thus saving "significant man hours." The robot unit

Far from being scary, people who actually live with robots are finding them endearing.

At-home fitness is big business right now, and that may be why Google is reportedly planning to integrate its Android TV and wearables platforms.

Electric vehicle company Canoo’s second-quarter results, like its first-quarter results, show a pre-revenue company that’s burning through cash. However, last quarter, Canoo was warning it might not have enough cash to stay in business. Three months later, the EV startup-gone-SPAC is touting access to enough capital to see it through the rest of 2022. “We are preparing for [start of production] r

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It's alive! A team of scientists at Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands managed to successfully insert human muscle genes into a bit of baker's yeast for the first time. The human genes in question express a metabolic pathway that involves breaking down sugars to produce energy, the same mechanism that's a part of many common disorders (including, among others, cancer). That means t

Enlarge / Volkswagen is one of several automakers that are already assembling their EV battery packs locally. But the value of the materials that go into the pack will determine whether it qualifies for the revised clean vehicle tax credit. (credit: Volkswagen) The Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 passed the United States Senate on Sunday and heads to the House of Representatives, where it is expe

The Wizard of Oz Enlarge / Scientists from the University of Texas at Austin encrypted the key to decode text of the The Wizard of Oz in polymers. (credit: S.D. Dahlhauser et al., 2022) Scientists from the University of Texas at Austin sent a letter to colleagues in Massachusetts with a secret message: an encryption key to unlock a text file of L. Frank Baum's classic novel The Wonderful Wizard o

Punch-Out!! Enlarge / Up until today, Nintendo had never announced a two-player mode in a Punch-Out!! video game. As it turns out, one has hidden in plain sight for nearly 30 years. (credit: Aurich Lawson | Nintendo) While Punch-Out!! has been one of Nintendo's most beloved "fighting" series since its 1984 debut in arcades, it has rarely featured something common in the genre: a two-player mode.

Enlarge (credit: jimfeng | iStock / Getty Images Plus ) Sponsors of a key bipartisan antitrust bill have tried for months to secure a Senate vote and potentially pass “the first major bill on technology competition” to come before the Senate “since the dawn of the Internet.” Now, The Wall Street Journal reports , that bill will remain “in limbo” as Congress has failed to schedule a vote before it

To get a roundup of TechCrunch’s biggest and most important stories delivered to your inbox every day at 3 p.m. PDT, subscribe here . Hey, folks! A quick word on pitching. If you are starting your fundraising journey , apply to be part of the 2-minute life pitch practice on our TechCrunch Live series . If you’ve already raised some money , Haje is always on the lookout for pitch decks to feature

Just in case you thought the current wave of ‘80s nostalgia was in any danger of breaking, it now appears that Pac-Man is getting its own live-action feature. The Hollywood Reporter confirmed the classic arcade game from Bandai Namco Entertainment, known for Galaga and Tekken in addition to Pac-Man , has a feature film… Read more...

Sennheiser hasn't refreshed its over-hear Momentum noise-canceling headphones since 2019 , but that changes today. The company has announced the Momentum 4 , a new take on its flagship headphones that includes an exterior redesign, new features and a whopping 60 hours of battery life. What's more, Sennheiser is offering this host of updates for $50 less than the Momentum 3 at its debut. First, th

Take-Two Interactive has once again pushed back the release of Marvel’s Midnight Suns. Following a delay late last year, the upcoming tactical RPG from XCOM developer Firaxis was scheduled to arrive on October 7th. The publisher now plans to release the game sometime within its fiscal 2023 year , which ends on March 31st, 2023. Additionally, Midnight Suns won’t arrive on all consoles simultaneous

Hello and welcome back to Max Q. Happy belated 10th birthday to the Mars Curiosity rover! We Astra changes strategy in the wake of launch failures SpaceX launches South Korean lunar mission News from Zenno Astronautics, Blue Origin and more Astra changes strategy and ditches current rocket in the wake of launch debacles Astra CEO Chris Kemp told investors Thursday that the company will be no long

In a relatively short time, Sam Bankman-Fried, the CEO and founder of the cryptocurrency exchange FTX, became one of the richest men in the world.

Apple's products, including the iPad, are notorious for offering strong security, but does that mean they're impervious to malicious software? Not exactly.

Apple’s devices and App Store are generally considered more secure compared to competitors like Android or Windows. Apple has greater control and curation over the software it allows on the App Store, making malware much less common than on, say, Google Play. However, as the last few weeks have shown, even… Read more...

Top crypto VCs are constantly touting the potential of video games as one of the most compelling use cases for blockchain technology. Andreessen Horowitz partner Arianna Simpson, for example, who led the firm’s investment in crypto game Axie Infinity, has given countless interviews citing the play-to-earn model as a key catalyst to attracting “ hundreds of millions ” of people into web3. Axie, th

Car owners renting out their vehicles on Turo and GetAround are facing problems at certain airports. Dallas – Fort Worth filed a lawsuit against Turo in the fall. But Turo is just the platform that connects car owners and renters and takes a fee. Now the airport is going after the people doing the actual transactions by “towing cars on the spot in parking lots.” Continue reading ...

The maiden flight of India’s Small Satellite Launch Vehicle (SSLV) ended in failure when the rocket failed to insert its payloads into the target orbit. India Space Research Organization (ISRO), the country’s space agency, confirmed on Twitter that the satellites “are no longer usable” after the rocket’s kick stage placed the satellites into an elliptical, rather than circular, orbit. The vehicle

University of Alabama sorority rush season has officially started, which means it's taken over TikTok for the second year in a row. If your FYP is inundated with Bama Rush , but you're feeling overwhelmed by the ins and outs of recruitment, we've got you covered. Here's all the must know slang of #RushTok, explained. SEE ALSO: Alabama rush TikToks are huge, but they also remind us of sororities'

Omar Mehtab visits the home of RoboCup champions Tech United to challenge them to a match.

As worldwide sales of the algae soar, the European Union wants to establish giant seaweed farms.

Intel this week revealed its new lineup of Arc Pro series GPUs intended primarily for powerful small form factor desktops and professionally focused laptops. All three of the GPUs, which Intel says are targeted at professional software applications in the architecture, construction, design, and manufacturing… Read more...

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Just when you think life online can't get worse than it already is, Meta steps in to prove you wrong. The company's new BlenderBot 3 AI chatbot — which was released in the U.S. just days ago on Friday, August 5 — is already making a host of false statements based on interactions it had with real humans online. Some of the more egregious among those include claims Donald Trump won the 2020 U.S. pr

Over the weekend, ESPN broadcast a replay of a recent esports event that saw the world’s most advanced Microsoft Excel users go head-to-head in a knockout tournament. Organized by the people behind the Financial Modeling World Cup, the Excel “All-Star Battle” took place back in May. It began with eight competitors, who went up against one another in a series of spreadsheet -based challenges until

The following contains spoilers for Bodies Bodies Bodies . You've been warned. Early on in Bodies Bodies Bodies , the discovery of a dead body ruins what was supposed to be a hurricane house party. That corpse belongs to David (Pete Davidson), and from the looks of it, someone slit his throat with a sword. Seems like there's a murderer on the loose! Everybody, get your accusations in order! Could

There are a few mornings a year when I cook myself a luxurious breakfast shortly after waking up. These exclusively occur when I’m camping—you know, the vacation that turns keeping yourself alive into a hobby. For my everyday breakfasts, though, the point is just shoveling calories into the food hole with as little… Read more...

Earnings season is winding down, with the biggest tech companies’ results now comfortably behind us. To ensure that we’re extracting the maximum from the reporting cycle, TechCrunch chatted with a handful of smaller companies after their second-quarter numbers dropped, digging into the data and working to better understand how tech companies are balancing growth and caution in the face of a possi

Binance has told customers of its estranged partner WazirX to move their funds to the global crypto exchange platform and said it plans to remove off-chain fund transfer between the services in the latest escalation of tension between the firms over ownership of the Indian startup. Patrick Hillmann, chief communications officer of Binance, said in a televised interview Monday that the company is

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Another person has died in New Mexico flash floods. The state has been grappling with flooding in the aftermath of its largest ever recorded wildfire. Three people were found killed in flash floods on July 21, according to the Associated Press. The victims were a family from West Texas visiting their cabin in New… Read more...

If you have a loved one with dementia, I’m sure you’ve thought, “how can I make sure that doesn’t happen to me?” Well, there’s good news and bad news. The bad news is that there’s no way to know whether you’ll end up with severe cognitive decline—it’s complicated thing, and is likely caused by a combination of genetic… Read more...

Earlier today, Apple released the fifth iOS 16 developer beta. It adds a handful of changes , but if you’ve spent any time on Twitter , you know there’s only one thing everyone wants to talk about: the return of the battery percentage indicator. For the first time since Apple removed the icon in 2017 to accommodate the iPhone X’s notch, it’s possible to see exactly how much battery your iPhone ha

Chicago-based Groupon today laid off more than 500 of its employees — 15% of its 3,416-person headcount — according to posts from former employees on social media. The reduction impacted workers in teams including merchant development, sales, recruiting, engineering, product and marketing. Groupon confirmed the layoffs to TechCrunch after the publication of the story, although it is unclear what

Editor’s note: This post has been updated with new information. While your points and miles have the potential to take you to most destinations in the world, loyalty programs don’t exactly make it easy for you to discover all the best options. So without the proper knowledge, it can be tough to find strategies to redeem your rewards at maximum value. Case in point: American Express Membership Rew

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Plenty of pixels have been spilled documenting the mission of Black Founders Matter, from TechCrunch to the New York Times . What began in 2018 as an apparel company aimed at raising awareness of the dearth of capital allocated to Black founders eventually morphed into a fund and a pledge to nudge venture capitalists toward investments in BIPOC women founders. On May 31, days before the story abo

Infamous North Korean threat actor Lazarus Group has been spotted attempting to lure blockchain developers with fake job offers laden with malware . Cybersecurity researchers from Malwarebytes have discovered a new campaign in which Lazarus assumes the identity of Coinbase, one of the world’s biggest and most popular cryptocurrency exchanges. The criminals then reach out to blockchain developers

It took the better part of a year , but HBO Max's app should (hopefully) be more pleasant to use. Warner Bros. Discovery has finished rolling out its redesigned app on desktop, Android and iOS , delivering a more intuitive interface, a performance boost and some arguably overdue features. It finally supports tablets in both portrait and vertical modes, for instance. You'll also find a dedicated v

uwmspeccoll : Marbled Monday This lovely black and gold marbling comes from Memoirs of Milwaukee County , a book recounting Milwaukee County history from “the earliest historical times to the present, including a genealogical and biographical record of representative families in Milwaukee County.” Written by Jerome A. Watrous , this 2 volume set was published in 1909 by Western Historical Associa

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Gigantic Jet Scientists recorded a 'gigantic jet" lightning bolt back in May 2018, hovering over an Oklahoma thunderstorm. This bolt was so powerful, it carried 100 times as much of a charge as the average thunderstorm lightning bolt, reaching a whopping 50 miles into air, which is a stone's throw from the official boundary of outer space. This is uncanny. And while it wasn't the first of its kin

When I first heard about Thermacell's solution to mosquito repellants, it seemed too good to be true. Rather than messing with sprays or the strong scent of Citronella candles, their devices could create a scentless, invisible barrier to keep mosquitos out without interruption. After getting to test out its E55 model , I'm here to say that the company's gear mostly lives up to its claims, though

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The infamous notch is still a contested design decision on Apple’s part, and one of the many, many reasons to hate it was the disappearance of the status bar’s battery percentage indicator when the iPhone X arrived. But as Apple continues to slowly roll back some of the more questionable design choices it’s made in… Read more...

Just about every coffee shop offers cold-brew coffee, but thanks to new research, that may one day be replaced with an arguably superior laser-brewed variant.

It looks like DJI is gearing up to launch a new FPV drone with a CineWhoop design, one that has appeared in a few big leaks alongside FCC documents.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is just a couple of months away, but now we're learning new details about the game's beta on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC

Technological innovation has made our lives easier and more comfortable. But there have been unintended consequences along the way.

We recently polled hundreds of people in the U.S. to find out which smartphone makers they think are the best, and the results include one unexpected brand.

The post appeared first on Popular Mechanics .

For years, HBO Max has been under fire for its buggy app . Today, the streaming service’s re-platformed app completed its global rollout on desktop, iOS, Android and Amazon Fire tablets. New features include a shuffle button on mobile, SharePlay support for iPhone and iPad users in the U.S., a dedicated home for downloaded content and more. With the shuffle button now on mobile devices in additio

Electric vehicle maker Rivian is testing dual-motor versions of its R1T pickup and R1S SUV in the wild. The automaker is currently putting those models through their paces in the New Zealand winter, according to a tweet from CEO RJ Scaringe that InsideEVs spotted. The company announced in March it would offer R1T and R1S variants that use its dual-motor Enduro powertrain. It said these models wou

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It’s not uncommon to see a superhero so powerful that a bullet can’t get through their skin. Soon though, the whole genre is going to need skin that thick because Armando Iannucci is coming for them . Read more...

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Crypto mixers have caught the hot end of the stick that is the U.S.’ efforts to sanction North Korea, thanks to their inability to stop DPRK-affiliated groups from using their services to launder ill-gotten gains. Read more...

While rumors of Apple’s AR/VR headset have been floating around for years, things are starting to come into focus. If the latest reports are accurate, Apple’s upcoming VR headset will be bonkers in more ways than one. Read This Article on Review Geek ›

With the Senate passing the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 last night, and House passage later this week all but assured, it’s likely that the U.S. will be taking significant — though not comprehensive — congressional action on climate change. The bill is expected to trim U.S. carbon emissions to 40% below 2005 levels by the end of the decade. That’s short of President Joe Biden’s target of 50%,

I am just full of advice about social media, most of which can be boiled down to “ put down your phone ” and “ stop engaging .” Which is funny, because I am incredibly bad at doing both of those things, despite my best efforts (downloading a little app that grows trees while you don’t use your phone, setting a goal to… Read more...

In a summer when airlines have literally dropped the bag in terms of lost luggage, with mountains of suitcases stacked in London’s Heathrow Airport (LHR ) and some airlines leaving behind checked bags altogether , many travelers have decided to use Apple’s AirTag tracking device to find their bags, even when the airlines can’t . The AirTag, a silver disc slightly larger than a quarter, uses the g

After nearly two years, deliveries of Boeing 787 Dreamliners will soon resume. The Federal Aviation Administration on Monday announced that Boeing had fulfilled all of the requirements to restart deliveries. “Boeing has made the necessary changes to ensure that the 787 Dreamliner meets all certification standards,” the agency said in a statement. “The FAA will inspect each aircraft before an airw

Editor’s note : This post has been completely updated with current information. Credit card debt is increasing nationwide. In fact, U.S. credit card debt just hit an all-time high of $930 billion, according to data from CNBC . Debt rates and figures vary by state , but one trend is common: credit card debt is going up. Credit card bills can be confusing to decipher for some cardholders — and a so

Apple is on the cusp of introducing a tiny change with an outsized impact on the quality of life of iPhone users everywhere who are tired of helplessly watching as the life trickles out of their device in unquantifiable increments. But there’s good news: In the latest iOS 16 beta , the battery icon again displays the actual numerical percentage of juice left in an iPhone or iPad’s battery, giving

Chalk one up for the American broomsticks. Northrop Grumman has announced that it will partner with startup Firefly Aerospace to build an all-American version of its workhorse Antares rocket, which currently flies with Russian-built RD-181 engines. Due to the continuing war in Ukraine, Russia halted all sales of its rocket engines to the United States in March this year. (The former head of Russi

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Like a screen protector for your entire car, a new protective coating developed by researchers at the Korea Research Institute of Chemical Technology could actually go one step further than the plastic films you apply to your smartphone’s display. When exposed to the sun, it’s able to heal itself, making scratches… Read more...

The post appeared first on Popular Mechanics .

The Thompson Central Park New York opened in 2021 , and was a rebranding of the former Parker New York (and prior to that it was a Le Meridien… this property has quite a history). The Thompson has been opening in stages, and reservations have just opened for the new “Upper Stories” concept, which represents a significant (and premium) expansion of the hotel. This is something that World of Hyatt

This week on The TechCrunch Podcast we’re talking to Natasha Mascarenhas about YC’s decision to shrink their startup cohort and the recent layoffs at On Deck. Then we’re joined by Rebecca Bellan to talk about the disappearance of Bolt Mobility. And as always, we’ll catch you up on the tech news you may have missed this week. Articles from the episode: Y Combinator narrows current cohort size by 4

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Paying It Forward Mark D'Amico, the ringleader of several New Jersey grifters who conned thousands out of over $400,000, has officially been sentenced to five years in jail, Gizmodo reports . The tale starts back in 2017 , when D'Amico and his then-girlfriend, Katelyn McClure, posted a GoFundMe campaign called "Paying It Forward." The former couple was hoping to raise $10,000 for Johnny Bobbitt J

Google is facing a multi-million dollar lawsuit after allegedly going back on its promise to provide lifetime access to its early Workspace subscriptions free of charge. The Stratford Company LLC, acting on behalf of early adopters, is suing Google parent company Alphabet for a sum of more than $5 million for ‘luring’ early Workspace adopters to use its services during the initial testing stages

Wearing damp jeans is no fun because they are uncomfortable. Wearing jeans that were formerly damp is no fun because they stink. Fabrics that have gotten especially mildewy—whether because you didn’t hang them to dry fast enough or they’ve been in the hamper too long—can even continue to reek after a wash. However,… Read more...

libraryofva : From: Kilburne, Richard, 1605-1678. A topographie, or survey of the county of Kent. London : Printed by T. Mabb for H. Atkinson, 1659 DA670.K3 K5 1659

frenchcurious : Wall Sconce in the lobby of Fisher Building , Detroit Michigan USA.- source Mary Tampakopoulou.

Mon dieu! Zut alors! Merde! French fries! The Walking Dead ’s ever-expanding TV universe head honcho, Scott Gimple, has revealed that the upcoming spin-off starring Norman Reedus’ Daryl will somehow take place in France, and I simply can’t wrap my tête around it. Read more...

Bandai Namco is developing a live-action Pac-Man film, according to The Hollywood Reporter . The Japanese publisher has reportedly tapped Wayfarer Studios, best known for its work on 2019’s Five Feet Apart , to produce the project. According to The Hollywood Reporter , the film was pitched by Sonic the Hedgehog producer Chuck Williams. The movie does not have a release date yet and Bandai Namco c

The post appeared first on Popular Mechanics .

Enlarge (credit: Getty Images) Nvidia doesn't officially announce its second-quarter financial results until the end of the month, but the company is trying to soften the blow by announcing preliminary results today . And as with so many other tech companies in the last month, the results are mixed at best. With $6.7 billion in revenue, Nvidia managed to eke out year-over-year growth, but the res

Enlarge / Ladies and gentlemen, let's get ready to modelllllllll! (credit: FMWC ) If you watched ESPN2 during its stint last weekend as " ESPN8: The Ocho ," you may have seen some odd, meme-friendly competitions, including corgi racing, precision paper airplane tossing, and slippery stair climbing. Or you might have seen " Excel Esports: All-Star Battle ," a tournament in which an unexpected full

Want to protect your ZIP archives with a password? While Windows doesn’t have a built-in option to do that, you can use free apps like 7-Zip and WinRAR to add password protection. We’ll show you how to use those apps. Read This Article on How-To Geek ›

Vadym Synegin Contributor Vadym Synegin is a Ukrainian impact entrepreneur, philanthropist and investor in fintech and crypto projects with more than 15 years’ experience as an entrepreneur in Europe and the UAE. Ukrainians have often pioneered market-leading companies and built products that positively impact society, especially in the fintech sector. Despite the hurdles of war, the Ukrainian fi

Team TechCrunch wants you! Forget the village, people. It takes a battalion of smart, eager people to produce a world-class tech conference as epic as TechCrunch Disrupt . That’s where you come in. We’re looking for volunteers interested in work exchange. You give us 10 hours of your time, and we’ll give you a three-day pass to Disrupt on October 18–20 in San Francisco (a $1,995 value). This is a

This weekend brought a mixed bag of schedule updates for Delta Air Lines. The Atlanta-based carrier will be ending five of its regional routes in the coming weeks, the latest cities to see service cuts as the industry copes with an ongoing pilot shortage. The COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated a pilot shortage that was already becoming a problem. At the onset of the pandemic, airlines offered buyo

Locke & Key season three arrives on Netflix this week —and we’re excited to see how this well-crafted, highly entertaining series wraps up the supernatural drama surrounding the Locke family, their friends, and their demonic enemies. But if you binged season two back when it dropped last October, you might be in need… Read more...

Every so often there’s an intersection between AvGeek obsessions that offers up undeniable money-saving opportunities. Firstly, there’s the enticing intrigue of a fifth-freedom route. Fifth-freedom flying (one of the nine “freedoms of the air”) allows airlines to fly between two third-party countries that are not their home. These flights are often very reasonably priced as they are not usually f

Air Canada was one of the worst actors of the pandemic . They took customer money for tickets, and then when they cancelled flights they kept the money. So it should come as no surprise that the airline has a new trick up its sleeve. They’re flouting Canadian passenger compensation rules for cancelled flights by claiming that their lack of staffing which causes a cancellation is a safety issue. C

The crackdown was the government’s latest effort to rein in the crypto industry.

Intel has been working on its own line of dedicated graphics cards for a few years, culminating in the first Arc 5 and Arc 7 cards earlier this year. Intel is now preparing a ‘Pro’ series of cards with faster performance and more features. Read This Article on How-To Geek ›

I love cooking but hate tedium, so I tend to gravitate towards dishes that don’t have a lot of repetitive motions. This is why I’ve only made meatballs twice—I find it boring. The mixing is fine, the frying is fine, but the portioning? Tedious. Read more...

As the legal drama between Elon Musk and Twitter continues to unfold, the Tesla CEO has issued a challenge for a public debate with Twitter's CEO.

Google's cheapest new smartphone may make some sacrifices to hit its $449 price, but everyday Android fans will find it hard to argue with the Pixel 6a

Following some severe backlash from developers, GitLab has axed plans to delete free users' dormant projects after a year automatically. Anonymous sources told The Register the plan was originally set to come into play in September 2022, with GitLab claiming the move would save them over $1 million, but has now been pulled following user outcry. GitLab, one of GitHub's open-source competitors, pr

A bit over a week ago it was rumored that Boeing could soon resume the delivery of 787s. This has now been confirmed, which I know lots of airline executives (and maybe even customers) will be excited about. FAA approves Boeing 787 fixes The United States Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has approved Boeing’s inspection and modification plans for resuming deliveries of the 787 Dreamliner. Th

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Gizmodo is 20 years old! To celebrate the anniversary, we’re looking back at some of the most significant ways our lives have been thrown for a loop by our digital tools. Read more...

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Sorry, Dad Do you have mixed feelings about Meta CEO Mark Zuckerburg? You're certainly not alone. Meta's most advanced AI chatbot to date, BlenderBot 3, doesn't seem to know how it feels about its CEO either, Business Insider reports . For context, BlenderBot 3 was released for public use on Friday. It's technically still in beta, and only adults in the US are allowed to access the tech. And as i

Travelers heading to Europe will be able to book international train tickets through the popular Uber app, thanks to a new partnership. Following the launch of Uber Travel — which allows users to reserve rides and make bookings for all legs of their trip in one spot — the ride-hailing service is launching into other forms of transport. A new partnership with third-party travel booking site Omio w

statelibraryqueensland : Our librarians have decided, without reading any of the 16th century Latin, that this image must be attempting to portray… A monkfish. Illustration from the Ortus Sanitatis: de herbis & plantis (1511). From the Rare Books Collection, John Oxley Library, State Library of Queensland. Source

Enlarge / An Electron rocket launches a mission for the US National Reconnaissance Office on August 4, 2022. (credit: Rocket Lab) For a rocket named after a negatively charged particle, the Electron launch vehicle has generated a lot of positive news lately. Rocket Lab's small booster has already tied its record for annual successful launches with six this year, and it recently stepped up its cad

While you can create a questionnaire in Microsoft Forms, Word might be your application of choice. If you want to make a basic survey, Microsoft Word has the tools you need. Plus, you can use a template if you prefer. Read This Article on How-To Geek ›

The electric bike market is getting more crowded and expensive by the day, but that’s not the case with Ride1Up’s latest Core-5 eBike. While the model already had plenty to offer at an affordable price, it’ll now come with two big upgrades, all for the same low price. Read This Article on Review Geek ›

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Apple is avoiding any deep stake in the consumer VR pricing rat race, reportedly, with a very expensive and very low-key first release. As first noted by MacRumors , consistent Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo wrote Sunday that the tech giant will only be releasing less than 1.5 million units of its first gen AR/VR headset … Read more...

Now that Microsoft Edge is based on the Chromium engine (the same engine that powers Google Chrome), it’s actually a good browser. You can think of it like Chrome, but better for privacy and battery life. But it’s still a Microsoft product, and it has the affinity to pick up some bloat and annoying features.… Read more...

More travelers will soon be able to book a cruise when Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings Ltd. becomes the first cruise company to drop vaccination requirements starting Sept. 3, 2022. It will also become easier for vaccinated travelers to sail with changes to the company’s pre-cruise testing policy. When cruising resumed in the U.S. in 2021 after the industry’s COVID-19 hiatus, pandemic protocols re

As the layer-1 blockchain Ethereum continues to focus on a road map toward greater decentralization, its co-founder, Vitalik Buterin, thinks that moment might come sooner than expected. In the early days after Ethereum’s launch in 2015, Buterin said he was doing development and research, but now there are more than a dozen researchers and multiple development teams that have taken control of the

Getting tacos to stand up has always been a challenge. Unless you plan ahead , there’s an understanding you’ll end up scooping stray ingredients into your mouth with your fingers—but in the beginning, the intention is to kick things off with an upright parcel of deliciousness. Instead of chasing your fillings across… Read more...

A bug in the US Emergency Alert System (EAS), a tool used to deliver urgent alerts to the general public, could be abused by threat actors to send out fake alerts, possibly creating mass panic. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) recently confirmed these findings in an advisory and urged organizations using EAS to tighten up on their security measures, in order to prevent any abuse. As repo

As Netflix struggles to keep consumers subscribed to its streaming service, its mobile games venture is looking like a flop. CNBC reported that according to app analytics company Apptopia, Netflix games have been downloaded 23.3 million times in total, and on average, there are 1.7 million daily users. This means that fewer than 1% of the streaming giant’s subscriber base — around 221 million sub

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Spider-Man might be the most popular insect-adjacent superhero in the United States, but in Japan, he’ll always play second fiddle to Kamen Rider . The masked, motorcycle-riding hero, one of the stalwarts of the tokusatsu genre , has been a mainstay on Japanese TV for over 50 years. Now, the story of the 2019 series … Read more...

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The new Pretty Good Phone Privacy service for Android hides the data linking you to your mobile device.

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Turning Heads Researchers have stumbled upon an astonishingly simple trick to unmask anybody trying to get away with using live deepfake software on a video call: ask them to turn their head to the side. According to a new blog post by AI software company Metaphysic, many contemporary deepfake programs simply aren't great at recreating the profile of somebody's face. As soon as these deepfakes' h

The latest hot photo-sharing app, Locket , recently raised $12.5 million in funding , making it potentially worth checking out even though it’s still relatively unknown. After launching on New Year’s Day this year, it did rack up over 20 million downloads, but it’s still nowhere as well-known as its peers, Instagram or … Read more...

Master Chief crosses the forbidden boundary to hop over to the PlayStation universe and step into the slightly smelly shoes of Kratos. Since God of War landed on PC, it's been subject to the same hazing as all console titles that make the jump to the platform. And that includes falling victim to Thomas the Tank Engine curse, which is something we actually talked to the real Fat Controller about .

This alien-like jellyfish was spotted on a diving excursion in Kavieng, Papua New Guinea by scuba diver Dorian Borcherds. After capturing the footage, Dorian tried to identify the jellyfish with the help of his daughter using a jellyfish app, but found no matches in the app’s database. Later, after posting the video to a forum they received some feedback stating that the jellyfish might be the sa

The US is ramping up its efforts to crack down on shady cryptocurrency mixers . The Treasury Department has imposed sanctions on Tornado Cash, a mixer that allegedly helped launder more than $7 billion in stolen crypto funds since its inception in 2019. Like a previous sanctions target, Blender, Tornado Cash is accused of "indiscriminately" helping thieves by hiding transaction details while fail

Enlarge (credit: Amy DiLorenzo | Getty Images ) I n 1993, Julio Lopes was sipping a coffee at a bar when he had a stroke. He fell into a coma, and two months later, when he regained consciousness, his body was fully paralyzed. Doctors said the young man’s future was bleak: Save for his eyes, he would never be able to move again. Lopes would have to live with locked-in syndrome, a rare condition c

Enlarge (credit: Getty Images | Samuel Corum) Elon Musk, unsatisfied with the ongoing court case over his attempt to break a $44 billion merger contract, has challenged Twitter CEO Parag Agrawal to a public debate. "I hereby challenge @paraga to a public debate about the Twitter bot percentage," Musk wrote in a tweet on Saturday . "Let him prove to the public that Twitter has Of course, a Musk/Ag

Enlarge / Sonos Beam soundbar. (credit: Sonos) Google and Sonos are headed back to court. After Google lost an earlier patent case over speaker volume controls, Google is now suing Sonos over voice control technology. Google confirmed the lawsuit to The Verge this morning, with the company saying it wants to "defend our technology and challenge Sonos’s clear, continued infringement of our patents

Enlarge / The Fitbit Ionic currently lets you download music to the device. (credit: Valentina Palladino) Fitbit owners who like to sync their fitness tracker with a computer to enable offline listening of downloaded music without a monthly fee will soon need to change their approach. As spotted by 9to5Google on Saturday, Fitbit will no longer allow users to sync their devices over a computer sta

Enlarge / Flooding from hurricanes like Irma in Florida can overwhelm sewer systems and spread pathogens in other ways. (credit: Brian Blanco | Getty Images) Climate change can exacerbate a full 58% of the infectious diseases that humans come in contact with worldwide, from common waterborne viruses to deadly diseases like plague, our new research shows. Our team of environment and health scienti

Most cruisers know the basics of packing — roll your clothes, bring sturdy shoes, keep carry-on liquids to 3.4 ounces or less — but it’s still a highly personal endeavor that varies from one person to the next. Some bring less than they need, opting to do laundry on the ship or wear clothes more than once. Others undertake the task as if they’re permanently relocating. I usually fall somewhere in

Editor’s note: This post has been updated with the latest information. The latest Hilton Honors promotion offers elevated bonus point-earning potential, as well as an offer for new members of the Honors program — but you don’t have long left to make use of the offer. For more TPG news, deals and tips, sign up for our daily newsletter and download our free TPG app ! Let’s take a look at the detail

To ease the transition into Apple Silicon Macs, Apple allows developers to create a Universal Binary, which is an app file that can run on both older Intel and modern Apple Silicon Macs. We’ll explain what they are and how they work. Read This Article on How-To Geek ›

othmeralia : What a marvelous marbled Monday! This marbling is found inside our copy of L'art du distillateur liquoriste (1773) .

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Mohsin Hamid’s The Last White Man is a book about race metamorphosis—and the seduction of power.

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Season two of webcomic Lore Olympus just concluded, with season three coming very soon, and io9 got a chance to speak with Eisner-winning creator Rachel Smythe all about it. Since its 2018 launch, Lore Olympus— a retelling of the Hades and Persephone myth — has gained a dedicated fandom (it’s the number one most-read… Read more...

Netflix’s entry into the gaming market is off to a slow start. According to an analysis performed by Apptopia on behalf of CNBC , the streaming giant’s games have been downloaded a total of 23.3 million times and average about 1.7 million daily users. Put another way, less than one percent of Netflix’s 221 million customers are taking advantage of the games included in their subscriptions. Netfli

The U.S. has sanctioned decentralized cryptocurrency mixing service Tornado Cash for its role in enabling billions of dollars’ worth of cryptocurrency to be laundered through its platform. Tornado Cash, along with other mixers such as AlphaBay, enables customers to conceal the source of their crypto funds when participating in a transaction in exchange for a fee. It blends potentially identifiabl

Late last year, we heard rumors that Google TV would gain a free ad-supported live TV service. And it seems that this feature is almost ready to launch—as discovered by 9to5Google, the latest Android TV launcher APK contains references to 50 “Google TV Channels.” Read This Article on Review Geek ›

The Platinum Card® from American Express ( review ) is one of the most perks-rich premium credit cards out there. While the card has a steep $695 annual fee ( Rates & Fees ), it offers benefits that will more than help offset it for many. I’ve had the Amex Platinum Card for years, and it’s one that I’ve never even considered canceling. In this post I wanted to share the perks of the card that get


The big summer travel crowds should be thinning out soon, and that could make it a better time not just to navigate airports, but to purchase airfare. Right now, you can get great deals from some major East Coast markets to enjoy all Iceland has to offer. There’s no doubt what you’ll be able to do in Iceland varies by season. However, there are activities for any time of the year — whether it’s h

Editor’s note: This story has been updated with the latest information. Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan miles are the highest-valued airline miles out there. So getting one of their two cobranded credit cards might be something that interests you. Want more credit card news and advice from TPG? Sign up for our daily newsletter! Those two cards that you might want to think about are the Alaska Airlin

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Believe it or not, the fish sticks available in the frozen food sections of most supermarkets actually do come from a dead animal. One day in the future though, that may no longer be true. Seafood made without the sea is gaining ground in the ever-growing “cultured meat” world. Read more...

Battery-powered vehicles are considered essential to the fight against climate change, but most models are aimed at the affluent.

lesterpubliclibrary : Look to the Lake by Lester Public Library Via Flickr: Lester Public Library, Two Rivers, Wisconsin

These days, caps lock’s main purpose is to make people furious whenever they mistakenly hit it. The key is so unused, in fact, there have been calls for its removal (Google doesn’t even include it on its newer Chromebooks). If you find that your Mac’s caps lock key often serves no purpose other than accidentally… Read more...

Magnus Grimeland Contributor Magnus Grimeland is the founder and CEO of Antler , a global early-stage VC firm. Coding is the new literacy — for years, people have been calling programming the X-factor that guarantees future success. It’s no surprise there is a widespread perception in the startup world that anyone who doesn’t know how to code should forget about trying to create anything. After a

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Gizmodo is 20 years old! To celebrate the anniversary, we’re looking back at some of the most significant ways our lives have been thrown for a loop by our digital tools. Read more...

Lucid is embracing the dark side with a new trim option for its Air electric vehicle . The idea behind "Stealth Look" is to give the car a "darker and overtly sporting personality," according to the automaker . If you select this option, Lucid will swap out 35 exterior components that have a platinum finish for versions with a darker appearance, with black gloss and satin graphite accents on some

Microsoft is readying an update for collaboration platform Teams that it says should help better support hybrid working . As per a new entry in the Microsoft 365 roadmap, Microsoft Teams users will soon benefit from the ability to “record, review, send and view lightweight video messages” in chats and channels. Available across desktop and mobile platforms, the feature will give teams a new avenu

The next game hitting PS Plus has been revealed, and suggests Sony’s subscription service may soon look closer to Xbox Game Pass. Ghost Recon Wildlands will be coming to PS Plus Extra and Premium later this month, as part of the service’s newly revamped on-demand game library. That’s according to Dealabs user billbil-kun , who has successfully leaked each new round of PS Plus titles for several m

Standard HDMI cables, also known as passive HDMI cables, have length limitations. They can only be a certain number of feet long before risking performance issues. So what can you do to extend the length of your HDMI connection? Read This Article on How-To Geek ›

SAVE $270 : Attention, runners. The Garmin Forerunner 935 is on sale for just $229.99 at Amazon as of August 8. That's 54% in savings and its lowest price to date. The sheer number of fitness trackers on the market can make choosing the right one quite overwhelming. You can go with an all-rounder like the Apple Watch , which keeps you in the know about personal fitness stats and lets you text and

The "Fast and Furious" franchise saw some of the most iconic cars ever featured on the silver screen. Check out the story behind Letty's Nissan Silvia S14.

If you get an “urgent” message from Twilio , be extra careful, as it’s most likely a scam aiming to trick you into giving away sensitive data, or hard-earned money. This warning was sent out by the company itself, confirming it suffered a recent data breach with attackers using the stolen data to attack its customers. Twilioy says it doesn’t know just yet who the perpetrators are, but it did desc

Europe has strong airline consumer protection rules, at least in theory. In practice even when an airline owes you money for a delay, it's tough to collect. We've seen customers literally send bailiffs to airline offices to collect and airlines even cancel flights to avoid having their aircraft impounded over $300. Now they may even eliminate the protections in EU regulation 261 (2004) which requ

Resistance bands are versatile, portable, and can provide heavy enough resistance for a variety of exercises, making them a valuable addition to your gym bag. Unfortunately, one of the best styles of band is the long, strong kind that comes without handles—which can mean they’re uncomfortable to grip. Read more...

Samsung released the Galaxy Watch 4 last year as the first watch with Wear OS 3, the latest version of Google’s wearable software platform. It finally received Google Assistant a few months ago, but now the same problem has happened with the second Wear OS 3 watch. Read This Article on How-To Geek ›

Less than 1% of Netflix users are engaging with the company’s mobile game offerings, according to Apptopia (via CNBC). About 1.7 million subscribers have downloaded Netflix’s 24 mobile games 23.3 million times since the company launched the gaming apps in late 2021. Read This Article on Review Geek ›

Australia and New Zealand are officially in play for travelers looking to plan an ambitious trip to the southern hemisphere. Both long-haul destinations are available at substantially lower prices than usual right now. New Zealand has spent the past few months getting its tourism game back on track after closing its borders for two years, so the timing of this sale works out quite well. The sale

For the second straight year, part of Iceland is dealing with the impact of a volcanic eruption. The latest volcanic activity came to a head last week north of Mount Stori-Hrutur, which is in southwest Iceland near the town of Grindavik on the Reykjanes Peninsula, according to Iceland’s government. The volcanic activity is happening about 9 miles from Keflavik Airport (KEF) , which is a key airpo

Instagram's obsession with TikTok has reached crisis levels. It's so bad that it no longer understands its own product. Case in point: a new plan to introduce 9:16 aspect ratio photos as an option (I pray not the default) in your feed. Instagram CEO Adam Moserri revealed the new photo format plan during a recent Ask Me Anything Session (as spotted by The Verge ). Mosseri explained that currently,

Google is firing back at Sonos Inc., filing two lawsuits against the audio products company that claim that its voice control technology infringes on a number of Google patents. Read more...

You’ve likely heard of the House Republican Congress and the Congressional Black Caucus, but what about a caucus geared specifically for self-driving vehicles? A pair of bipartisan House representatives are advocating for a new group, called the Congressional Autonomous Vehicle Caucus, which they hope could… Read more...

LG just announced some new pairs of wireless earbuds for 2022, and they each have plenty to offer. These include the new LG T90 earbuds with Dolby head-tracking “spatial audio,” along with the company’s first sporty earbuds for the Tone Free lineup. Read This Article on Review Geek ›

Microsoft Edge users will soon get an additional layer of security when browsing less popular corners of the web. The new feature will implement “more conservative” security settings for users when they are browsing unfamiliar sites. Dubbed "Enhanced Security Mode", the new feature is set to roll out in Edge version 104.0.1293.47. How does it work? JavaScript is an important part of delivering a

SAVE $9.01: Best Buy has a Geek Squad Certified Refurbished Apple HomePod mini on sale for $89.99 as of Aug. 8. It usually retails for $99, so you'll save about 9%. Good news for anyone who's still mourning the discontinuation of the Apple HomePod (2018-2021): It could be making a comeback soon. A recent report from Bloomberg's Mark Gurman claims Apple is planning to release a new version of the

Save 23%: Looking to save on a summertime essential? The Vorando 660 AE air circulator is on sale for $99.99 at Amazon, saving you $30 off its usual $129.99. If there's one thing the month of August absolutely loves to do, it's remind us how hot and miserable summertime can be. For all my baddies without central air, with a window unit that doesn't get cool air to 80% of their apartment (I see yo

There was a time when renting an apartment involved walking around the place for a few minutes, deciding you wanted it, then signing a lease and handing over a security deposit. Those days came to an end when the concept of a credit score emerged in the late 1980s. Read more...

Lyft has created a new business unit to beef up its digital advertising business across its tablets, mobile app, rooftops and bicycles, producing the potential to add billions of dollars to its bottom line. The ride-hailing company announced on its blog Monday that Lyft Media will help cash in on the growing market for in-vehicle digital ads, as cars become more connected and begin to feature mul

The latest Chromecast with Google TV update introduced some much-needed bug fixes. Unfortunately, it also removed the ability to use third-party screensaver apps. Screensaver Preferences no longer acknowledges third-party options and only lets you use Google’s screensavers. Read This Article on Review Geek ›

If you didn’t make it to theaters to watch League of Super-Pets , or just weren’t interested in forking over cash to watch Batman’s dog Ace talking about peeing on things, you can still see the movie’s silly post-credits scene thanks to star Dwayne Johnson . As befits the movie’s kid-friendly mien, it’s not a tease for… Read more...

For much of the past couple of years, international travel hasn’t been practical for many. Fortunately that’s starting to change, with a huge number of people traveling abroad again. When I think of my international flying memories, the perks I’ve received on account of my oneworld Emerald status are among my favorites. I wanted to dedicate this post to why I love oneworld Emerald status so much,

Spoilers follow for Spider-Man: No Way Home and She-Hulk: Attorney at Law. Despite reports to the contrary, The Punisher isn't getting a Marvel TV series on Disney Plus. Over the weekend (August 5-6), it seemed that Jon Bernthal's Punisher would be emigrating to the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) from Netflix's Marvel TV universe. The individual behind this suprise revelation? Former Netflix Mar

said in June Enlarge / Elon Musk said in June that without autonomous driving technology, Tesla is "worth basically nothing." Tesla went into the weekend with a fresh pair of headaches. On Friday, the Associated Press reported that the federal government is investigating whether or not the company's Autopilot system can safely recognize motorcyclists after a pair of fatal crashes in July. And the

The packaging of any given cannabis-derived product will tell you a lot about what it’s supposedly good for—helping you relax and fall asleep, or taking the edge off of your anxiety, or pain relief, for example. But these are little more than generalizations. We genuinely know so little about the cannabis plant that… Read more...

Earnings season is slowing, with the largest U.S. tech companies already having reported second-quarter results. But oftentimes the most interesting results come not from your Amazons or Apples, but from smaller concerns — and even those that are not traditional tech companies. SoftBank, for example . Today, the Japanese conglomerate and startup investing powerhouse reported earnings that were mo

Gaming microphones are an essential tool for your rise to Twitch stardom. Whether you’re as big as Ninja or just starting out, capturing your unique voice is paramount if you plan on growing an audience. Aside from Twitch, gaming microphones are perfect for all manners of content creation, whether you’re recording a voice-over for a YouTube video, or the next big podcast. Even if e-stardom isn’t

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Imagine living in New Jersey (I know, such a thought sent shivers down my spine as well). So after spending a day listening to wannabe The Sopranos accents while trying to avoid both Philadelphia and the Jersey Shore, seeing a heart-melting story on GoFundMe over a homeless man’s good deed might make you more keen to… Read more...

After more than two years of remote work, many employees have no interest in returning to the office — at least not without good reason. Employers have responded in kind, more or less, with tech companies in particular offering generous work from home and hybrid work options. Not all businesses are behind the changes , but there’s no denying that the pandemic rewrote the rules around the workplac

If you’re looking for a super-affordable way to attend TechCrunch Disrupt in person on October 18–20 — or would love to go but just can’t get to our event in San Francisco — this announcement has your name all over it. We’ve added two new pass levels — Expo Only and Online Only — and you can buy them now . Here’s what each pass includes. The Expo Only pass: We have a very limited supply of these

Each year, millions of tourists flock to Washington, D.C. , to explore historic landmarks and immerse themselves in U.S. history. The National Mall, the Capitol Building, the network of Smithsonian museums and dozens of other famous sites draw long lines of out-of-towners. But D.C. isn’t just museums and memorials; it’s a vibrant city with plenty of lesser-known attractions also worth seeing. Aft

Editor’s note: This is a recurring post, regularly updated with new information and offers. One of the questions I’m often asked is, “How much is a point or mile worth?” The true answer varies from point to point and person to person and depends on your travel goals and how well you can maximize a particular loyalty currency. Still, some rewards are clearly worth more than others — my goal is to

Our current campaign to raise money for Rainbow Rainbow has been going strong since it launched during Pride Month. We partnered with Chase Sapphire to give away a grand prize trip worth 1 million Chase Ultimate Rewards points and a 1:1 planning session with The Points Guy himself, Brian Kelly, to help you spend your new points fortune. The rules are simple: Donate at least $10 to Rainbow Railroa

Editor’s note: This post has been updated with new information. If you are planning a dream getaway in the near future, now is a good time to determine your earning strategy and rack up those points and miles. As usual, one of the easiest ways to amass a large chunk of rewards is through credit card sign-up bonuses . United loyalists are in luck because Chase and United have teamed up to offer va

With a lower price but flagship specs, was OnePlus right to skip the Hasselblad magic on the new OnePlus 10T? We put its cameras to the test to find out.

Hovertrains were once a new and potentially promising technology being worked on by multiple countries before being scrapped. Here's why they never came to be.

Have you finally gotten your hands on an Xbox Series X or S? There’s a lot packed into this Microsoft gaming console, so let’s take a look at the features that will help you make the most of all your new console has to offer. Read This Article on How-To Geek ›

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Printers remain one of the most frustrating pieces of consumer electronics, but it turns out a thirst for pricey ink and occasionally chewing up and choking on paper aren’t the biggest challenges of using an Epson printer. As some users have discovered , the hardware might be programmed to simply stop working one day ,… Read more...

Is Apple preparing to shake up its lackluster smart home lineup? As first reported by Bloomberg analyst Mark Gurman in his latest Power On newsletter , the tech giant is supposedly working on “at least four” new smart home products – with a HomePod 2 , an updated HomePod mini and several never-before-seen devices expected to be among that number. Not all of the in-development devices will make it

LG has just unveiled its new flagship wireless earbuds, and if they’re as good as promised they could be some of the best wireless earbuds ever made. Last year’s LG Tone Free FP8 true wireless earbuds were a solid alternative to the Apple AirPods Pro and Sony WF-1000XM4 earbuds – albeit cheaper and not quite as impressive. This year LG has seemingly kicked its game up a notch with the Tone Free T

Following the release of Chrome 104, Microsoft is now rolling out the same update for its Edge browser. Edge 104 includes an important security change, a new import option for Chrome, and more. Read This Article on How-To Geek ›

Alex and Grace are back to cover the biggest and most interesting technology, startup and market news. This morning was a fun mix of stuff that we don’t always get to, so strap in for the following: Stocks and cryptos are mostly higher today, meaning that most listeners of the show are now richer than they were Friday. Congratulations! Coinbase earnings on the horizon, but we got word today from

Zillow’s artificial intelligence guided house hunting service is now here nationwide to make your home buying experience a little less painful. Zillow surfing 2.0 generates viewable floor plans using machine learning and seller photos, allowing buyers to effectively tour a house without stepping foot in it. Read more...

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Fans of the Predator franchise surely found lots of little winks and nods to the previous films in Hulu’s new prequel , Prey . A line of dialogue here. A piece of set dressing there. Then... that one big reveal at the end you were certainly not expecting . As cool as the one specific thing was, it’s actually even better … Read more...

Over the past two years, my work-from-home situation morphed from temporary to permanent, and I’ve had to reconfigure my home office as a result. I purchased a standing desk , a monitor , and spent countless hours rearranging my furniture. One of my primary concerns is that I have a relatively small space, and therefore prefer things that can pull double duty. So when I decided to update my desk

Two things are for certain: 1) There continues to be a lot of excitement around warehouse robotics and 2) Geek+ is extremely good at raising money based on that fact. The Beijing-based warehouse robotics firm just raised another $100 million in funding, labeled a “Series E1,” with participation from Intel Capital, Vertex Growth and Qingyue Capital Investment. The last time we wrote about the comp

Singapore-based cryptocurrency platform has acquired two startups in South Korea — payment service provider PnLink and virtual asset provider OK-BIT — for an undisclosed amount, said . The company also said Monday it has secured registrations under South Korea’s electronic financial transaction act and as a virtual asset service provider. “We are committed to working with re

The Citi Rewards+ ® Card ( review ) is a fantastic no annual fee card, particularly for those involved in the Citi ThankYou ecosystem . There are credit cards with all kinds of different bonus categories on spending, from dining , to groceries , to gas . In terms of bonuses on spending, the Citi Rewards+ has a unique feature whereby the points for each of your purchases will be “rounded up,” so I

The Station is a weekly newsletter dedicated to all things transportation. Sign up here — just click The Station — to receive it every weekend in your inbox . Welcome back to The Station, your central hub for all past, present and future means of moving people and packages from Point A to Point B. This week it’s a dual-hosted event with transportation editor Kirsten Korosec and transportation rep

CLEAR is currently trialing a curb-to-gate VIP escort called "CLEAR Premium" in Orlando at a $79 price point. Clear provides an "Ambassador" that assists passengers through check-in and baggage check, then security and then through the terminal to the gate. It's the kind of thing, at this price point, I'd consider for my in-laws at crowded airports. Continue reading ...

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thunderstruck9 : Jorge Tacla (Chilean, b. 1958), Señal de Abandono 22 [Sign of Abandonment 22], 2017. Oil and cold wax on canvas, 80 x 80 in.

Open redirects, a classic weakness found in many of the world’s biggest web pages, are reportedly being used to steal login credentials for Microsoft 365 accounts. According to experts from security firm Inky, the method was used to send more than 6,800 phishing emails from Google Workspace, posing as Snapchat, in the last two and a half months. As for American Express, the team identified more t

Tripod heads may not seem like the most important piece of a photographer’s kit, but the best ones help you get the perfect shot. From ball heads to geared heads and everything in between, here are the five best. Read This Article on How-To Geek ›

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For those of you worried about the Colin Farrell -led TV series, The Penguin , don’t be. For those of you worried about HBO’s Strange Adventures TV series, do be. We also have a sweet little teaser for new episodes of Cuphead on Netflix. Forth, spoilers! Read more...

Communications giant Twilio has confirmed hackers accessed customer data after successfully tricking employees into handing over their corporate login credentials. The San Francisco-based company, which allows users to build voice and SMS capabilities — such as two-factor authentication (2FA) — into applications, said in a blog post published Monday that it became aware that someone gained “unaut

Portable chargers are a great way to keep all your gadgets powered on when you’re enjoying the great outdoors or on the go. But once it runs out of battery or you go off the grid, you’re out of luck. That’s where the new Anker 515 Portable Solar Panel charger comes to save the day. Read This Article on Review Geek ›

Splatoon 3 will arrive on September 9th and Nintendo is setting the table with a dedicated Direct showcase. The stream will get underway at 9AM ET on August 10th and will contain around 30 minutes of updates. It's likely to be a deep dive into one of Nintendo's tentpole Switch releases for this year. You'll be able to watch the presentation on Nintendo's YouTube channel . Nintendo often holds ded

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Secrets Puerto Los Cabos Golf & Spa Resort is an adults-only, all-inclusive resort located about 30 minutes south of Los Cabos International Airport (SJD) in Puerto Los Cabos, Mexico. Part of AMResorts, Secrets’ portfolio of 22 resorts can be found in destinations like Costa Rica , the Dominican Republic, St. Martin, Jamaica and Spain , though more than half of the brand’s properties — including

Many classic fighting game series have a reasonably consistent stream of sequels , but not Fatal Fury — the last title ( Garou: Mark of the Wolves ) made its appearance on the Neo Geo in 1999. SNK is ready to make amends after 23 years, however. The developer has confirmed work on a new Fatal Fury game. The teaser trailer below reveals nothing about the gameplay, plot, platform support or release

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If you have a secret Twitter account, we've got some bad news for you. On Friday, Twitter disclosed information about a security vulnerability that allowed someone to find out whether a specific email address or phone number is tied to an existing Twitter accounts. "In January 2022, we received a report through our bug bounty program of a vulnerability in Twitter's systems. As a result of the vul


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Lucid Motors has revealed a new exterior design package for its all-electric Air, with the new Stealth Look option giving the luxury sedan a moodier twist.

It's hard to keep up with ever-changing technologies. But from urban legends to outright rubbish, it's time to stop believing these outdated technology myths.

In the past I’ve ranked what I consider to be the world’s best business class seats , and I’ve also shared what I consider to be the world’s best business class airlines . In this post I wanted to talk more broadly about the amenities, services, and features, that make a business class product great. While flying business class is just about always better than flying economy, there’s a huge amoun

Miferia , a Mexico-based business-to-business wholesale marketplace, bagged $7 million in seed funding to continue developing its curated website connecting independent retailers in Mexico with domestic brands in categories like cosmetics, food and beverage and home décor. In 2021, nearly 300 million people were shopping online in Latin America; Mexico accounted for 27% of that e-commerce activit

Ping Identity was in the news last week with a huge deal to sell itself to private equity investors after several years as a public company . Ping CEO Andre Durand launched his identity company way back in 2002, raising around $128 million in venture funding along the way. In a 2015 interview with TechCrunch, Durand talked about going public within a year or two. That didn’t happen, at least not

At the end of March, Marriott retired its award categories in favor of dynamic pricing. Shortly after the implementation of dynamic pricing, we conducted our own analysis on a cross-section of the portfolio we believe represents a wide range of properties across the 30 Marriott brands in countries around the world. Now, four months into dynamic pricing, we’ve refreshed our data on the same proper

When you shop for a mesh network, they usually come in packs of two or three, with the option to buy extra nodes if you need them. Can you just use a single mesh network node by itself, though? Read This Article on How-To Geek ›

From our picture files: “Pencil drawing by Ernest Born - Final Study for Library, Denison University - Gehron and Ross, Architects.” Pencil Points, July 1929.

Let’s just get this out of the way real fast: I’m not going to look like the best person in this story. One summer several years ago, my then-boyfriend (now husband) and I were flying back from Frankfurt, Germany. He had been on a work trip and had a business-class ticket while I, very much on a just-starting-out freelance writer’s budget and not exactly the world’s most experienced traveler, was

Now's a good time to pick up a new charger for your phone, tablet and other devices while a number of Anker's charging accessories are down to record-low prices for Amazon Prime members. Standouts among the discounts are Anker's 521 magnetic battery pack for MagSafe-compatible iPhones, which is 40 percent off and on sale for $30, and Anker's 511 2-in-1 power bank , which is 30 percent off and dow

This is today’s edition of The Download , our weekday newsletter that provides a daily dose of what’s going on in the world of technology. Corruption is sending shock waves through China’s chipmaking industry The news: China’s chipmaking industry has descended into chaos, with at least four top executives associated with a state-owned semiconductor fund recently arrested on corruption charges. It

The collapse of Three Arrow Capital and the counterparties wrapped in the crypto hedge fund’s troubles have drawn questions about the soundness of the heady digital asset investment space. For the industry’s survivors, watching their rivals fall to pieces overnight has been an alarming experience. To understand where the industry might be going after the market turmoil, we spoke with John Ge , ch

A flaw in Twitter’s code allowed threat actors to link accounts with the email addresses registered against them, potentially exposing the identities of their operators, the social network has confirmed. Late last week, the company disclosed the flaw in a blog post , in which it apologized for the inconvenience and explained the problem was fixed as soon as it was discovered. The exploit took adv

Micron has revealed that it is working on new super-fast GDDR6X video memory, which will be powering the upcoming next-generation Nvidia GPUs, including the rumored RTX 4090 . While GDDR6X has been included in the ultra-high-end RTX 3090 Ti GPU at 21Gbps, it looks like the RTX 4090, 4080, and 4070 will all use that speed of GDDR6X, with the amount and memory bus being different between models. So

Most of us have had days where we just don’t have the time we thought we had to cook. Whether you’re juggling a five course meal, or your train got delayed and you now have 30 minutes to make your famous split pea soup, it would be great to have a magic wand that would instantly render your sturdy cruciferous… Read more...

Google is suing Sonos (again) over patent infringement in what seems to be an unending legal fight series between two tech companies. The two new lawsuits filed Monday center around various patents involving keyword detection, charging using “technologies invented by Google” and deter