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Mashable / 13min
One day after Samsung launched its new foldable phones , the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Z Flip 4, Motorola is here to spoil the party — albeit only in China. On Thursday, the company launched the Motorola Razr 2022, a new clamshell smartphone with significantly upgraded specs compared to its predecessor, the Motorola Razr 5G . The new Razr now has a 6.7-inch inner, foldable OLED display with a 1

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Some of the world's biggest tech firms have laid out their aims to boost how they track cyberattacks through a new cyber-intel sharing standard. The Open Cybersecurity Schema Framework (OCSF), supported by the likes of Amazon Web Services (AWS), Splunk, IBM’s cybersecurity arm, together with a dozen other tech heavy-hitters, launched during the recent Black Hat USA conference. Once operatiaonal,

Engadget / 18min
While leaks meant there weren’t many surprises, Samsung officially revealed the latest evolution of its foldable phones and smartwatches. With the company’s fourth-generation foldables, each increasingly offers something a little different. The Galaxy Z Fold 4 continues the spirit of the Galaxy Note series, with a new taskbar to better manage multi-window apps, Samsung’s best mobile cameras and a

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Mashable / 32min
An arm that looks weirdly long. Buggy eyes that peer up at the camera. Legs for days. Tiny bodies. This is a new type of selfie, the 0.5 one, that doesn’t take itself too seriously. If the 0.5 selfie was a person, it would be the friend who is always on hand to lighten the mood with a joke, but knows when to be serious too. It's pronounced "point five," by the way. 24-year-old Aba is a designer a

The next bundle of games heading to PS Plus has been announced, but might disappoint Premium subscribers. A bumper crop of 10 games will be hitting PS Plus 's Premium and Extra libraries on August 16. As listed in a PlayStation blog post , they're headlined by a trio of Yakuza titles – Yakuza 0, Yakuza Kiwami, and Yakuza Kiwami 2. All three are beloved action RPGs, with Yakuza 0 arguably offering

Facebook has avoided the risk of being forced to shut its service down in Europe this summer as a result of the latest twist in a long-running data protection complaint saga that relates to a clash between EU privacy and US surveillance law. The delay — in what’s still widely expected to be a suspension order to Meta, Facebook’s parent company, to stop illegal data exports — follows objections to

Wired / 41min
The company says an expansion of privacy features in Messenger is unrelated to a high-profile Nebraska abortion case.

Wired / 41min
The underground excavation industry is exploring mini robots, plasma torches, and superheated gas to replace the massive boring machines now in use.

26Wired / 41min
The Raspberry Pi-powered device can scan for phones around you. If it keeps spotting the same one, it’ll send you an alert.

Wired / 41min
Users face increasingly impossible challenges to prove they are not bots.

22Wired / 41min
These ergonomic earbuds are like AirPods Pro for Android, but with better battery life.

The Android operating system has been around for a long time, and it’s used by millions and millions of people. Naturally, quite a few myths have cropped up over the years. Are any of these common myths actually true? Read This Article on How-To Geek ›

Last month I wrote about how Emirates has changed its caviar policy for first class passengers for the better. This is noteworthy for two reasons — both for the policy as such, and for how rare it is for an airline to make a genuinely positive yet potentially expensive soft product improvement. The airline is now publicizing this new policy, and I kind of love it. Emirates now promises that first

Mashable / 58min
Anyone who's seen Succession will know that Kieran Culkin and J Smith-Cameron's characters, Roman and Gerri, have something of an odd relationship — and it sounds like their IRL dynamic is almost as unusual. A few days ago, Smith-Cameron posted a tweet saying "I threw a drink in Kieran's face tonight," followed by "he had it coming" and then some important photo evidence . Of course, during his a

There's a big change coming to Splatoon 3's co-operative Salmon Run mode. One that'll make it a lot more accessible. Splatoon 3 isn't out until September 9, but a recent presentation showcased a deep dive on what we can expect from the Nintendo Switch multiplayer shooter. That included more info on the horde mode-esque Salmon Run which is returning from Splatoon 2. But Nintendo went one better wi

As Google continues the great merger between its Duo and Meet video communications apps, the company today announced that it’s introducing new Apple SharePlay-like live-sharing features to Meet, making it easier for call-participants to engage with content together in real time. It’s worth noting that Google already introduced some live-sharing features (e.g. watching YouTube videos together) to

North Korea declared victory against covid-19 this week, claiming the isolated country eradicated the virus and heavily implying dictator Kim Jong Un had contracted the disease but recovered (he had a “high fever), according to a new report from North Korean state media. Kim Jong Un’s sister, Kim Yo Jong, also claimed… Read more...

Disney has announced plans to hike the price of a Disney Plus subscription in the US later this year. The move will coincide with the launch of the streamer’s new ad-supported subscription tier on December 8, which is set to cost $7.99 per month (i.e. the same as an existing Disney Plus subscription). The price of the ad-free version of the service will rise to $10.99 per month, or $109.99 per ye

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The UK’s Enterprise Investment Scheme has been a power-house for startups out of the UK because it allowed Angel investors to invest in a very tax-efficient manner. Launched in 1994, it was designed to encourage investments in small unquoted companies. As Wikipedia will tell you, by end of the 2014-15 tax year, a cumulative total of £14.2 billion had been invested under the scheme into approximat

It's 1988 in Seoul, the Summer Olympics are fast approaching, and a team of incredible drivers are casually driving slush fund money across the city. That's the set-up of Seoul Vibe , director Moon Hyun-sung's upcoming action thriller that's bringing some Fast and the Furious energy to Netflix . In the trailer, you'll meet the drivers of the Sanggye-dong Supreme Team: top drifter Dong-wook (Yoo A

The post appeared first on Popular Mechanics .

A drug lord, three mercenaries on the run, and a "cursed" area of Senegal that they need to hide out in are the starting ingredients for Shudder 's latest addition. Jean Luc Herbulot's thriller — which stars Yann Gael, Mentor Ba, and Roger Sallah — looks like an interesting blend of action, horror, and mystery, complete with western-style shootouts and swirling shadows that look straight out of a

Kenyan retail B2B and end-to-end distribution platform Marketforce laid off a chunk of its workforce in July, according to sources familiar with the matter. In an email sent from Marketforce CEO Tesh Mbaabu and obtained by TechCrunch, the layoffs were a part of a reorganization strategy in Kenya, one of its five markets which include Nigeria, Rwanda, Uganda and Tanzania. Mbaabu confirmed the news

Whether the pandemic afforded you more time to focus on a longtime passion, or helped you discover a new interest that sparked a business idea, having a side project seems more popular than ever. Time management remains key, though, to ensuring you’re maximizing the hours you put into your side hustle in order to grow the business, while not compromising your performance at your full-time job or

TL;DR: Through August 24, you can get the SMT Sling Bag (Navy) for just $29.99 instead of $83.99 — that's a 64% discount. You could be zooming from class to class or running between professional development training sessions. Either way, you probably want a secure place to keep your study materials that doesn’t take up too much space. Enter the SMT Sling Bag. This compact shoulder bag might be ju

Your desk tech could make all the difference when it comes to being productive. Whether you’re prepping for the fall semester or just getting ready for the next sprint at work, we have 11 deals that could enhance your workspace and help you get more done. During the Back to Education promo through August 24, every unit purchased gives 50 cents to a charity or school that you can vote on. UPERFECT

TL;DR: As of August 11, you can get the Snore Circle Electronic Muscle Stimulator for just $79.99 instead of $119 — that's a 32% discount. Snoring is frustrating, but it’s not like it’s an active choice you make every night. There are a variety of reasons people end up snoring , from sleep deprivation to mouth anatomy. Though it may not be your fault that you snore, there may be something you can

TL;DR: As of August 11, you can get the Advanced Python Masterclass and Automation Training Bundle when you pay what you want (see below for details) instead of its retail value of $2800. Not every coding language is equal. That’s not to say some are outright better than others, but some do have more diverse applications. Python, for example, can be used to build desktop apps or as an automation

When I finally contracted COVID-19 for the first time, earlier this summer, I deluded myself into thinking I could work through the first few days of illness. After all, I perceived my symptoms to be impressively mild. I'd experienced worse colds and flus that laid me out for days. My version of COVID, which ultimately gripped my body for weeks, began with lethargy and barely noticeable congestio

How do you light a film that takes place almost entirely in a black out? That was one of the questions director Halina Reijn needed to answer before getting behind the camera for Bodies Bodies Bodies , a murder whodunnit with Gen Z flair. In the movie, a hurricane house party is the setting for major mayhem; to make matters worse, the power in the house goes down, leaving our leads to scramble fo

Few free resources will help you get a side-hustle off the ground like a podcast. The inspiration, insights, lessons, and exposure to new ways of thinking make a world of difference—and I can vouch for that. I spent three years and hundreds of hours listening to side-hustle podcasts while commuting to and from my full-time job. Some podcasts led me through the beginning stage of my travel-writing

A full decade has passed since Ellen Pao filed a sexual discrimination suit against her employer, the legendary Silicon Valley venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins. Two years later came the toxicity and misogyny of Gamergate, followed by #MeToo scandals and further revelations of powerful tech-business men behaving very badly. All catalyzed an overdue public reckoning over the industry’s endemic

Less than a day after the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 launch, Motorola has joined the clamshell foldable phone party by launching its equivalent: the Moto Razr 2022 . By 'clamshell' we mean a full-body phone that can be folded in half to be easily pocketable, something previous Z Flip and Razrs have done, but these two new entries to the popular folding phone form factor are even more similar than be

Building wealth is a long process and can be complex, but Farther is bringing both technology and advisors to the table to make these kinds of services more accessible. The wealth technology company was co-founded in 2019 by Taylor Matthews and Brad Genser, who say Farther is “a new kind of financial institution” catering to high-net-worth professionals building generational wealth but want the f

Motorola's last Razr was a nifty folding smartphone and $1,500 fashion statement, but the weak hardware kept it from flagship greatness . Now, the company has responded with the Razr 2022 that might live up to that promise and price, thanks to a true flagship-class Qualcomm Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 processor, Engadget Chinese has reported. The Razr 2022 carries a new design along with the new chip, wi

The timeless oral sex anthem, "My Neck, My Back" by rapper Khia, includes the renowned lyric: "Lick it good, suck this pussy just like you should." But those who are inexperienced or perhaps uneducated may ask: How should someone perform cunnilingus? The good news is, there's no one way you "should" go down on someone — but there are important steps. Three sex experts laid out how to best perform

Docker containers inherit their image’s filesystem upon initial creation. The container’s filesystem can diverge from the image’s content after creation if changes are made to the container’s writable layer. Read This Article on How-To Geek ›

Jiminny , a U.K.-based conversational intelligence platform that companies use to record, transcribe, and analyze communications from across sales and other customer-facing teams, today announced it has raised $16.5 million in a series A round of funding. Founded out of London in 2016, Jiminny offers companies the technology to gain insights into how well their sales or customer support teams are

The post appeared first on Popular Mechanics .

The post appeared first on Popular Mechanics .

When you search with certain queries on Google, the results will yield a featured snippet – a short paragraph giving you a quick explanation of whatever you were looking for. Sometimes it works great, and sometimes it misses the ball game completely, but now Google is employing its artificial intelligence smarts to improve the quality of the snippets. In a blog post Thursday, Google explained tha

Given a choice between settling for pathetically slow internet speeds from AT&T or paying Comcast $50,000 to expand to his rural home, Michigan resident Jared Mauch chose option "C": starting up his own fiber internet service provider. Now, he's expanding his service from about 70 customers to nearly 600 thanks to funding aimed at expanding access to broadband internet, Ars Technica has reported.

Competitive gaming may soon be added to the Commonwealth Games programme, after a successful test event in Birmingham.

If you’ve spent any time paying attention to virtual reality news in the past year, you’d be excused for thinking the industry’s focusing its attention solely on uninspired games and expensive efforts to conduct office work in, (insert jazz hands) “the metaverse.” Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of the company once… Read more...

FundamentalVR , an immersive simulation platform for medical and health care professions, has raised $20 million in a round of funding to “accelerate skill-transfer and surgical proficiency” through virtual reality (VR) and mixed reality (MR) applications. Despite its decades-long promise, VR hasn’t traveled too far beyond gaming circles or niche industrial use-cases, though this is something tha

Load balancers are infrastructure components which distribute incoming network traffic between multiple backend servers. They improve capacity and add redundancy by keeping services accessible if one of your servers fails. Read This Article on How-To Geek ›

Splatoon 3 launches in September but Nintendo has revealed that it'll be giving Switch owners the chance to try out the game early. A Splatoon 3 demo will be available to download from the Nintendo eShop for free from August 18, Nintendo confirmed during a recent Direct presentation . While parts of the demo will become playable from August 25, things will really start to kick off on August 27 wi

TL;DR: The 2022 Advanced Cryptocurrency Trading Bundle is on sale for £28.96, saving you 97% on list price. Making money from cryptocurrency sounds simple, but may have a steeper learning curve than it appears from the outside. Though you may have heard of crypto investors losing their money, it may be less intimidating when you learn 90% of stock traders also lose money . Start learning the adva

A habit called “lateral reading” is a core part of any good fact-checking routine. It means opening up a bunch of tabs and doing multiple searches to verify the facts, source, or claims made in a piece of online information. So it seemed like great news when a new study from Poynter, YouGov, and Google indicated that Generation Z is adopting this technique more than any previous generation. The s

LG Display debuted its new 97-inch OLED.EX TV panel during the K-Display 2022 event in Seoul, South Korea and it's taking an unusual approach to audio on OLED displays. The OLED.EX screen sports LG's new Film CSO (Cinematic Sound OLED) feature that means the display itself will vibrate to generate audio without the need for dedicated speakers. Instead, a 5.1-channel sound system is embedded insid

Heads up Madden fans – the standard edition of Madden NFL 23 won’t include a free PS5 or Xbox Series X|S upgrade. If you pick up the standard version of Madden 23 on PS4 or Xbox One , you won’t be able to upgrade to its PS5 or Xbox Series X |S version later. According to an EA blog post , you’ll instead need to purchase the game a second time to get your hands on its next-gen version. Only those

You know that highlighted piece of text at the very top of a Google search results page when you look up a piece of information? That's called a "featured snippet," and it's meant to provide you with a quick answer to your query. Now, Google is making sure that the information it highlights is reliable and accurate by using its latest AI model, the Multitask Unified Model , so that Search can now

SAVE 49%: ExpressVPN is the best service for securely streaming sport. A one-year subscription to ExpressVPN is on sale for £85.25 and includes an extra three months for free — 49% off for a limited time. The NFL is scheduled to begin on Sept. 8, with the defending champions the Los Angeles Rams hosting the Buffalo Bills in the NFL Kickoff Game. The good news for UK-based fans of the NFL is that

Hong Kong-based drug discovery and development company Insilico has secured fresh capital at a time that its CEO described as a “biotech winter.” The firm has raised $35 million on the heels of its last tranche in June , bringing its total Series D investment to $95 million. The new round was “oversubscribed”, the firm’s founder and CEO Alex Zhavoronkov told TechCrunch, declining to disclose the

Burkholderia pseudomallei Enlarge / Burkholderia pseudomallei grown on sheep blood agar for 24 hours. B. pseudomallei is a Gram-negative aerobic bacteria, and it's the causative agent of melioidosis. (credit: Getty | CDC/Courtesy of Larry Stauffer, Oregon State Public Health Laboratory ) The fourth person affected by a bacterial outbreak linked to imported aromatherapy room sprays sold at Walmart

Well, well, well, Thursday again? That day of the week when you start feeling lighter because the weekend is coming, but everything starts getting a little more difficult, because...the weekend is coming. And that's true for Quordle in addition to work. So never fear! The answers are below. But first, maybe a few hints, and a little information about the puzzle, will help get your brain back to p

The Elon Musk-Twitter acquisition debacle continues on, and amid the turmoil comes news that Musk has sold another huge batch of Tesla shares.

Google is known for shuttering products and announcing confusing name changes, and its big Meet and Duo merge is no exception. Here's what you should know.

Samsung is back with a big update about its sustainability mission, including how its latest foldable smartphone models fit within the effort.

Auto-brightness on your Android phone has its merits, but you can also change the settings if they aren't working well for you.

Wordle answers come and go, some of them harder to figure out than others. Today's word shouldn't trip you up too badly as long as you have the right hints.

The new prototype doesn't think much of the company's CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, either.

We're almost through this week. It's Thursday. Everything is going fine, but the answer to today's Heardle is a song you can't quite pin down. There's no way you can finish out the workweek in this kind of suspense. Thankfully, we're here to help. The answer will be spoiled below, and you can even play the song. But first, here's some strategy, a few hints, and a little information about the game

The media giant is gaining subscribers as it details plans to launch an ad-supported service in December.

Nikhil Patel is the kind of founder who investors adore. He’s a brainiac who, before studying computer science at Yale, spent three years in high school working as a research associate at the University of Central Florida. “I started working there before I could drive, and it was the most embarrassing thing to get dropped off by my mom at the office,” he says with a laugh. Patel also has a person

200+Futurism / 11h
WELL, IT FINALLY HAPPENED . Court documents obtained by Motherboard have revealed that Facebook provided Nebraska police with private data that led to the arrest and prosecution of a teenage girl who underwent an illegal abortion. Consider it a watershed moment, one which confirmed widespread fears and uncertainty as to what the modern criminalization of abortion really looks like in a digital, d

The story of Vesper sounds intriguing—it’s about a teenaged girl who stumbles upon a way to save Earth’s ravaged ecosystem , though it’ll mean dealing with some terribly unscrupulous humans. But the main draw here is the look of the film. Check out the trailer and behold the untamed nature , grimy ruins, floating… Read more...

Thursday! What a concept! The weekend looms on the horizons and there's a brand new Wordle — what more could you want? Well, if what you want is a clue or two, our daily Wordle help is here for you. The answer to the August 11 Wordle, puzzle #418, can be found at the end of this article. Before you get there, though, there are a couple of subtle clues to help you narrow it down, and as you scroll

If you’ve ever had the misfortune of needing continuous EKG monitoring, you’ve probably used a Holter monitor . It’s like carrying a 1980s walkman made of metal with a bunch of wires going from it to your chest. If that sounds uncomfortable, and as if you won’t sleep or enjoy showers much for the two weeks you need to carry it around, you’ve neatly stumbled across the use case for the Mawi Heart

If you loved Insecure , we’re certain that you’ll love AllBlk ’s new freshman dramedy Send Help . The series stars Jean Elie who plays Fritz Jean-Baptiste, a first-generation Haitian American actor who feels unstoppable since landing a starring role on fictional hit TV show, This Can’t Be Us . While basking in his newfound success, Baptiste must also balance a demanding Haitian family, an unfortu

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After initially saying it had "no plans" for the palm-reading payment tech in Whole Foods stores, Amazon's getting ready to go all in. On Tuesday, the ecommerce giant announced it would be expanding Amazon One, its proprietary palm-recognition payment system, to 65 Whole Fo