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Wish John & Mimi A Happy 34th!

Biden Covid!
Dear Producer,

It’s time for you all to acknowledge the anniversary of the Buzzkill-Mimi Dvorak Marriage. When you listen to the meetup report you are listening to Mimi’s rundown that she provides voluntarily to the show. These two have been married for an outrageous 34 years as they were married on 8-8-88.

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Tomorrow’s Show
Cripes, Biden still has Covid and keeps testing positive (as of this writing, as of today).  Vax, vax, vax, boost, boost, boost. Will it ever end? If it turns out that inundating the immune system with this many shots within a year or so damages the immune system and the President is somehow harmed and maybe has to resign from office or worse, then that would be an inflection point for our pharma-controlled modern medical system, wouldn’t it?
Joe Biden
Super Spreader
Normlizing the No Agenda Show
The news pattern on the pre-Covid No Agenda Show focused a lot on how most modern news coverage was nothing more than faux native ads for Hollywood and show business. Welcome back. Click on the picture below to read a worst case example of a non-news bullcrap story about an upcoming movie. I like how they do a gratuitous slam against Steven Segal in the piece for good measure. This is not journalism. This is not news.
Tia Carrere
More covid, some Ukraine, “eat mo bugs,” and the Monkeypox update.
Screenshot of Burger
After that, Soylent Green
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John C. Dvorak
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