Sunday, January 09, 2005

Remote PC connection requirements

Most of my clients already are quite aware of my remote connection service where I can help by diagnosing and repairing most problems online without the need to come and remove your computer for bench work. Of course this does require your computer to be 'online' and obviously available to connect to. The only other requirement which isn't as much a requirement but a necessity if you want to utilize my services and that is to get yourself connected to the HIGHSPEED SERVICE.. not the "lite" plan that both Shaw (broadband) and Telus (ADSL) offer. Yes, I am well aware of the $10-15 dollars a month more in their fee but compared to my fee... which would you rather pay? Yeah I know, I am pretty cheap aren't I? Well I want to remain that way but you have to understand when I can connect to a computer using highspeed, diagnose and in most cases, repair a problem within an hour whereas that same problem would take over 3 due to the speed that I "receive" the information back to my computer. Since this service has evolved from me simply answering an email by connecting and fixing the problem and then responding in the email that it was fixed, to actually setting time aside for "client repair email".. this means that becuase I am getting a good response, I am actually scheduling time (albeit is usually after 10 or 11pm [PST]) to complete these jobs. I truly believe if a computer can be maintained and got to soon after a problem has been spotted then the chances of the computer not having to leave the home and end up on the bench are much greater. This means the moment you see something isn't right or you simply can not figure something out.. that is the time to contact me..

The way I see it, quite simply, is if you wish for me to confirm things are working all you have to do is email me along with your pc anywhere ip address and I'll connect and make sure everything is working the way it should. If you want, you can also request that I create a new "backup image" which I would gladly do, knowing that this is prevention from potention disk corruption which could then be restored allowing for the lesser chance of losing important data.

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