Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Cold and Flu season?

As much as I try to take care of myself and not get the typical cold and flu that goes around all the time, knowing that I am always touching other keyboards and mice I do take the precautions and thoroughly rinse with antibacterial cleaner at least 5 times a day. But the problem isn't my own cleanliness, it is the fact that when you get on a plane, you are trapped inside a metal tube for hours, breathing in everyone else's sickness and so long as you keep yourself healthy, you should be okay. With recent issues with my dog whereas I was not getting the typical 4 to 5 hours of sleep each night, and the recent blitz to Texas, it now appears I have the doomed cold and flu! Yes, it pretty much wiped me out for the entire day. I have not responded to any mail and phone messages simply because I just don't have the strength. I am blogging about it only because I am hopeful this will reach the masses and if nothing else I can direct all correspondence to this blog so that I am not having to repeat myself. True I am away, but that usually doesn't stop me from being there 24/7 to help out remotely, but for now, please understand that it might be more like 18/5 for a little while.