Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Got a computer problem? I might be able to help remotely.

If your computer has ever hit my bench then odds are I have it set up to be connected remotely in the case of some 'emergency' where I can't get to you right away other then connecting remotely. This has now become not just for emergencies and I am hoping to educate all that this is something that should be done ANY TIME you have a question of something not working right! Take advantage of me, and the remote capabilities of your computer since you are connected to a highspeed connection. If I can connect then I can, in about 75% of the time, get you completely back up and running normally. The other 25% of the time I am finding certain things (mostly trojan horse related viruses) that have installed enough 'bad bugs' that require your computer to need to be worked on 'offline' (off the internet) and in most cases, a few trips in to 'safe mode' on your computer will fix it.

I guess this is where I see things being so frustrating now for me, is that people aren't taking advantage of the remote thing enough. Instead of waiting until you have ten or twenty things wrong, the moment you have a problem, send me an email question about it.. DON'T WAIT until you have so many problems or updates required that it becomes what could be construed as a major job. The problems I am seeing right now with the computers that I am getting connected to, in the most part, they require numerous updates which I don't get completed in one sitting and quite often I will need to connect a number of times. I also attempt to do this while you are not using your computer (typically late at night while you are sleeping), but this too has caused somewhat of a delay for some since they are either late night owls or very early morning birds that don't allow me the time needed to complete it in one shot. No problem as I can get to it the next night... or so I would hope, but then another 'emergency' case comes up and yours gets shuffled to a lower priority.. only because I know what is needed on yours and I know it is not a problem if it goes undone for another day.

This is also where I might add, if you want it fixed NOW then let me know as I can swap your computer out with a loaner and I can get the work done on my bench. Note that when it leaves my bench, you will have a DVD backup image of the entire computer the way it is when it leaves so that you can always restore it to that point in the future if necessary. If you have never had your system backed up then this is something you should seriously be doing as I know how important data is!

So, if you are one of the many that are taking advantage of the remote services all I can say is be patient as I am connecting to as many as I can, when I can. If you aren't one that has had anything done to your computer in the past 3 months, this can be anything from a simple update of your browser, then you should be contacting me and setting things up to be checked out. Don't leave it until your computer is no longer working.