Thursday, January 04, 2007

New Years Resolutions, Predictions and all that stuff

It seems that I can't go far without reading something about predictions for the year ahead or what resolutions have been made. I did want to blog about the year in review and actually started this on Dec 30 but one thing led to another and my blog ended up being half a book. Realizing as I was doing some proof-reading I realized this is not what a blog should be, especially not for the last one of the year or first one of the new year. Instead I scrubbed the entire entry and decided I would wait until things settled down a little. That is when I realized, sitting here at 4:29am, that things would really never settle down unless I decided to stop what I was working on and get to the blog!

Predictions... the computer will get used even more this year then it did last year. Communication is the key and it will get a big boost with more people switching over to VOIP systems. Integration of your cell phone to your home phone and vica versa will happen to the point that you will only use one device. Oh sure, maybe not completely in the following year, but then again, who knows for sure. When you see the impact such things as the IPOD or any one of the new video game systems have on life today...

I am very hopeful that more people will realize the importance of a blog and how it can only help the lines of communication. As I hope to fill my blog with tips and service helpers I am also going to be leaving a lot of it up to the input I receive from the jobs that I do and will continue to help fix and educate all at the same time!

Remember there are no problems, only solutions!