Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Security issues for Eight nations set to get $150 laptops

ZDNET reports that Eight nations are set to get $150 laptops.

This is wonderful, in my opinion, but as the report expresses concern over the obvious hacker/black market dealers will attempt to make this not such a good idea. It goes without saying that when you put a lock on something, people will be curious as to what is so important that it requires a lock and thus attempt to break the lock. Yes, security is important as your data must be protected but to what extent? I am still a firm believer in open hotspots for wifi as it becomes more and more critical for the individual computer to have the security features up to date. Such items like finger print recognition should be mandatory (I believe) when it comes to personal information but this would add more cost to the end product and when you are attempting to provide the minimum level of computer equipment to 3rd world countries for the sole purposes of getting those on the Internet and using a computer that normally would never be able to, this becomes a very strong point. Giving those that normally could not afford such things as a computer is one thing, but I believe it is the education that needs to go along with this.