Monday, February 05, 2007

The Superbowl, Email marketing and Chris Pirillo

Well if you like the Superbowl for the commercials then you are not alone. I am not a huge fan of "NFL" football but I am a huge fan of Chris Pirillo and his tactics at email marketing, especially when he admitted a few years ago at one of his Gnomedex conferences how email marketing is dead. But at that time he was marching to a new drum, called RSS and viola, now comes his email marketing through RSS and his Picks of the week. Below is the entire email that I received and I have not removed any links (as does anyone that subscribes to one of his feeds)as he should be entitled to help you as he can help me:

eGreetings!Well, I'm still recovering from the cavalcade of Super Bowl commercials. Can't say any one of 'em really had me reaching for the rewind button. Then again, I'm not much of a sports junkie - or a commercial junkie, for that matter. If you liked GoDaddy's set, then maybe you should take advantage of a few GoDaddy coupons we lined up for you:Save an additional $5 any order of $30 or more, use coupon CHRIS2: 10% on any new domain registration, use coupon CHRIS1: you'd rather look at links belonging to people who have already registered their own domains, let me oblige you once more...[OPENSOURCE] 3D modeling, animation and rendering system[RESOURCE] Convert any Web page to a feed[DIALUP] Modem Troubleshooting and Help[SAVE] Windows Clipboard Software Discount[CONTENT] The People's Media Company[LEGAL] Attorneys Hall of Shame[FREE] Open Source CD/DVD Burning for Windows[HELP] Vista on your Mac via Boot Camp[SECURITY] Super Bowl Stadium Site Hacked[PLAY] Live Flash Games Online can't believe that recommended Pirillo's Picks to all their readers recently. So did Brad Wilson at (the other day). Will you be next?Yours Digitally,Chris Your friends can email to join this list. Go to for the archives. Check if you'd like a live feed. If you really want to unsubscribe But what if you miss out on a link that totally makes your day?


Kudos to Chris for finding a way to get his Go Daddy code out to his loyal subscribers. After all, why should Go Daddy spend a few cool million dollars on commercials on the Superbowl telecast when you have huge subscriber fan base like Pirillo! By the way, as you read this, are you beginning to understand RSS and it's marketing capabilities yet?