Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Found two bugs in Vista today

While doing some training with a client working on the new Vista O/S (home premium edition) I discovered a bug. One in which I confirmed as soon as I got to another Vista machine. It seems when you click on the START button (not actually called that anymore I guess since it doesn't get a title, just a different looking logo, but I think they call that WOW don't they?) Anyway, from there, clicking on PICTURES opens the pictures, but then, if you point at one of the pictures without opening it, simply have it selected and then click on the ORGANIZE button it will crash the explorer-of course it restarts, thanks to a few years of getting it right with previous o/s crashes that would cause the entire system to reboot! Haven't started to investigate yet, but thought you should be the first to know.

The other bug, I haven't found the actual bug, but am still determining it, since Microsoft JUST released a few major critical patches today, it is after I restarted the computer that this bug seems to have disappeared. All-be-it, it was a major one! The problem: The laptop hard drive is a 120gb drive and it is about 4 weeks old therefore it is safe to say I have transferred about 20 gb of my own junk to the drive, so given the software installed, I should have used around 40gb meaning about 80gb remaining, however I happened to notice the other day when I clicked on "computer" to access a file folder, that drive C was showing RED and the fuel gage showed only 2gb remaining! It was only a day later that I got the drive full warning and sure enough, down to 400mb only! Yes, this was, what I had initially thought of as a potential virus/worm as it appeared it was propagating new files in some folder, causing my drive to fill up. But tonight was to be the night to determine this only when I went to do this, the updates had already installed and wanted me to reboot.. now I don't have this problem anymore.. but be sure I'll be keeping my eye on this one. I will be researching this one as well to see if anyone else has witnessed a sudden drive full notice and starting to wonder just what was involved in this latest set of updates that might have fixed it.