Friday, April 20, 2007

You know you are a geek when Chris Pirillo's hate mail gives me the best laugh of the day

It never seems to amaze me how the Internet is wonderful for timing. Just when I was getting pretty depressed with reading about all the bad news in the world, up pops Chris Pirillo's latest blog where he posts a recent hate mail letter.

My thoughts after laughing about it was "hey Chris, if the shoe fits..." then laughed, ... awe Chris that's OK we still love you. But seriously, it is true you will never please them all, but just like podcasting where you can change the channel, or RSS where you can choose to unsubscribe, there will always be those that want to be heard, or written about and this idiot decided that was the way. You know Chris, we all think the same way this guy does and that is why we come to Gnomedex every year, so that we can enjoy laughing with you instead of at you from the other side of the computer screen.. :-) I know I am counting the .. well, months at this point, it is not days yet!

It is nice to see that both you and Adam Curry , who goes on holidays and leaves his laptop at home for Mark and the rest of his staff to do the podcasting, for his staff who make fun of those that apparently just phone in to be heard, but we know that is not true C.S.B we love you too!

It is no different then choosing to change the station if you were watching tv or listening to the radio, or just walking away from the computer altogether as Adam has done. But we know he still has the toys because he is still blogging! But then you already knew because you were already subscribed!