Friday, April 06, 2007

Microsoft Updates-Good Patch/Bad Patch

It seems there is no quick solution to dealing with hackers that want to find holes in your system. Now the fact that hackers are out there trying to find holes is one thing but to be playing this cat and mouse game, attempting to patch a hole in the operating system that was found, only to find that the patch causes further problems for those with certain types of audio boards installed on their system leads me to believe the best solution is to TURN OFF the automatic updates altogether and deal with them on an individual basis when they are deemed 'serious enough' .

Personally for me, when I manage over 300 computers from various clients over the year, you can imagine what this is like, but when the email starts coming in with questions of 'what do I do now?" and it is not a simple 'restart your computer' problem and the system won't restart, then I must decide to take matters in to my own hands. Yes, the solution to upgrade to the latest Operating system would certainly help, since you would be dealing with the latest technology, but as you can see, most of these problems are still faced with windows XP issues. For those that don't even have windows xp, Microsoft has pretty much given up on you and expect that you will have at least windows xp installed. Therefore, if you are a client of mine and are wondering what is the best solution for you, now would be a good time to contact me on this matter. It's not going to get any better since that O/S is getting older and more insecure as time moves on.

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