Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Another annoying Samsung Note review

I am really getting sick and tired of these extremely poor reviews that start by saying things like it is so good but in the end are stating it is no good. I have gone from an iPhone 3GS to this Samsung Note, buying it site-un-seen due to all the reviews from the Galaxy SII. Since this had not only a larger screen but faster processor, it just made sense. For me, the iPhone was simply too small since I found myself ALWAYS reaching for either one of my iPad to truly use whatever app I was looking for. I spend a lot of time reading news (RSS) feeds so REEDER for the iPad is still my favorite with FEEDLY being a close second. Now, with this Samsung Galaxy Note I can actually enjoy FEEDLY or even the Google reader. This Note smokes the iPhone in speed and as they all make mention of the Samsung touchwiz being so bloated, it didn't take me long to root the phone and find all the right apps to keep the system and battery life optimized. JUICE DEFENDER (ultimate-well worth paying for this upgrade as it gives you complete configuration once rooted). As for the battery life, although I might get over 8 hours of normal use, I am nowhere near normal when using this device but because you can pop the back off of it and toss a new battery in...(I picked up 3 replacement batteries with a charger for $18 through amazon) so I can quite easily go 24 hours without the need to plug in.

As for the size of this thing, yeah it is big but that is why I bought it. I have small chubby Man fingers but don't find it difficult to walk, read and scroll using one hand. When it comes to using the camera..seriously? How can you possibly have troubles with this? Look around at what others are doing when they use their smartphones whether it be an iPhone, android or blackberry, 90 % are using two hands because they are busy texting something. As I still own my old iPhone as well as an iPod touch, I find myself laughing when I pick it's like a toy small!

Finally, when making a call, the ear speaker at my ear and the microphone actually at my mouth, this is no different than using a normal phone on your desk or how things were with those original white motorola phones, but with the thickness less than an iPhone and half the weight...yes I loved the iPhone and the technology, but come on, this Samsung Galaxy Note is by far the best thing to come date.