Tuesday, February 07, 2012

[Rant] Going in circles? Sometimes I do feel that way!

On any given day, I will spend it consulting about technical issues, attempting to make your day a little easier by explaining how to do things a certain way,using the right tool for the right job. Whether that be with a specific software program or the right piece of tech hardware, there is really nothing quite as frustrating for me when I have spent the time initially only to find myself spending more time later on FIXING the problem. This was due to the fact that whatever I had initially explained as what I thought was the correct approach to handling the problem, was not the path chosen and the direct result was failure. For me, this isn't even the most frustrating part about it, since I had most likely already witnessed or experienced this type of failure first hand and was merely trying to avoid it happening again. But because this person choose to completely ignore my recommendations AND THEN proceed to blame me for the failure!
I am certainly not staying that it should ever be 'my way or the highway', but if you are asking for my professional opinion about something and then you decide to go a different route, why would you them wish to press my buttons by blaming me for your failure?  It is this sort if thing that truly makes one want to reevaluate how to spend each 24 hours of each day!