Thursday, November 08, 2012

Email Subscription Overload (RANT)

One of the most important products you should have on your computer is an off-site backup program. I recommend Backblaze for example, as it provides unlimited backup of your data for just $50 a year. As I like to put it another way.. for the price of a large Starbucks coffee once a month you can feel at ease knowing your data is safe.  If you haven't already got an off-site backup plan in place, click on this link or the  banner below and get yours now..

That being said, one thing I noticed and completely forgot to do as I was signing up each and every client of mine, is to turn off the subscription notices by 'unsubscribing' to these within your account settings and as a result I woke up today with a couple hundred email from Backblaze telling me all about the recent Hurricane Sandy Relief efforts... and how their hearts go out to those affected (as does mine), but the simple truth is, this is nothing more then a service call promoting their services.. and I see nothing wrong with this, other then the fact that they are barking up the wrong tree here since we already have the product. Not only that, but should people truly affected by the hurricane really want to be reminded of this?  Scrolling through the mailer, near the bottom of it I read, "Tell us your story".. oh great, so now they not only want to remind you of how great their service is but wish to built on it by those that happened to have had to use the service they already have by re-living it so that they can push more product.. I'm sorry but in my honest opinion this is done in bad taste.  My biggest beef is the fact that for the past number of minutes I have had to 'unsubscribe' from a couple hundred emails so that this doesn't flood my inbox when the next disaster strikes.. 

So maybe I made this in to a small rant for myself and maybe I too even pushed the services on you for reading this, but I like to think each post does have a silver lining or TIP in this case and that would be to be sure you go in to your account settings for any program you may purchase online and be sure to de-select any marketing emails that may be shoved in your face. That is, if you don't want to be inundated by ads pushing a service you already have, especially if you are trying to rebuild after a disaster!

Another note besides the off-site backup is to include on-site image backup and for this you should be using Paragon HDD Mgr, now with a Windows 8 version (free)!

FYI: 11/8/12   PSG-258-PEE-PL-049667712
WIN8-HDD MGR:  09965-BEC84-88CEA-CF836