Wednesday, November 21, 2012

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Dear Producers and Supporters,
 How much does the No Agenda Show mean to you? Has it changed the way you look at things? Are you a better person because of the show?

If the answer is yes to any of these questions, you should do what you can to contribute to the future of the show with a Holiday Season donation by clicking here. You should do it now, before Thanksgiving and the inevitable slowdown. Your help is needed.

Surely you read and saw the stories about the “new” would be terrorists captured in Southern California. More boneheads talking a big game among themselves about Jihad. Of course, posting this on Facebook did them no good. No Agenda listeners like yourselves immediately see this as publicity grab by the FBI and will probably wonder how much of the story is actually true.

Meanwhile, people who have not become accustomed to deconstructing everything they see and read will be suckered into believing the reports as spoon fed to them. And now you can see those around you who will swallow any story hook, line and sinker. Is this show valuable to you? You bet it is.

Take International News. No Agenda listeners are on to the pipeline scams and odd Middle East politics. While supposedly on the brink of war there suddenly appears Morsi from Egypt again, to save the day. You know that something is fishy about the whole scene because you've been introduced to genuine analysis and now you can do it yourself. But you cannot spend all day watching C-Span and reading legislation and looking for angles and scams. We do it for you.

You have to support our efforts. Please go to the donation page and help us get through the Thanksgiving doldrums after a fairly slow Sunday.

In your debt and at your service,
John C. Dvorak & Adam Curry

PS Creative contributions that reflect upcoming anomalies such as 12-12-12 are especially welcome.

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