Wednesday, November 14, 2012

No Agenda Show Notes-Newsletter

Dear Producers,

A lot of new contributors joined the ranks of the No Agenda producer and the No Agenda Roundtable asfull-fledged Knights. Remember, at the end of 2012 we will be switching away from the No Agenda Signet ring to something new. So if you want a ring, fill out your account soon.

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Big Thursday Show.

All hell seems to be breaking loose in Washington DC, and while analysis is lacking, new screwball details are emerging by the hour. The mystery woman, Jill Kelley, has appeared and she now seems linked to another General, John Allen. The whole thing is now out of control as there seems to be a number of factions in Washington beginning to fight with each other. It appears as if the FBI is in one camp, the military in another, and perhaps two (or more) different CIA groups battling within the agency.

The worst part may be the effect on the Obama administration for apparently hiding this information from the public until after the election. This is a bonanza for the No Agenda Show and its listeners. A Watergate-like fiasco may be playing out. The media, of course, is making a fool of itself by commenting on the situation saying this all happens when men get involved with pretty young women. Did they not notice that they women are middle-aged? This is not Italy.

The entry of General Allen into the fray unfortunately looks to be turning the whole farce into a “Nothing to See Here” moment whereby the inexplicable situation in Benghazi gets left on the cutting room floor as a sex scandal takes over the chatter.

There are also other things going on, like the mad dash towards the fiscal cliff. The Democrats and the Republicans seem like Thelma and Louise as they look to drive over the cliff just to see what happens.

We'll discuss what happens on the Thursday show, along with other items and tidbits and analysis that you cannot find anywhere else. Stay tuned and keep listening.

John C. Dvorak & Adam Curry

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