Friday, November 16, 2012

Webshots-The end of an Era

Webshots was one of the first online photo storage/sharing website which has now been bought out. I signed up initially as they had a great screen saver and desktop background program. Although I had moved my photos to Flickr and now Picasa, I did keep my account active with a few public photos as I found it interesting to receive monthly statistics to viewers which declined greatly over the years. I just received the following email which I will share with you in case you have not received one and do have some photos on the website:

In case you hadn’t received notification yet, Webshots is closing on December 1.

The site became too expensive to maintain and was scheduled to be shut down. Under new ownership, we are introducing a new service called Smile by Webshots.

Please note that all photos and videos will be removed from Webshots as we prepare to launch the new service. If you do not want to transfer your photos to Smile, we encourage you to download and save your photos before December 1, when they will be deleted.

Your membership and your photos will automatically transfer to Smile by Webshots when you log in using your Webshots member name: mdacre (and password) to confirm your account.

Smile will be a paid subscription service, but is free until our official launch.

If you don’t have your original photo files, we encourage you to save your Webshots images today before they are deleted. For more information, see our transition page.


The Smile by Webshots Team

Smile by Webshots