Wednesday, January 15, 2014

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Dear Producers,

Many of you have been writing and congratulating the show for blowing the lid off thecozy relationship between the DEA, Justice Dept., and the Sinaloa drug cartel. Apparently, the news media finally uncovered that Zambada-Niebla case in Chicago where this sketchy relationship was outlined in detail. Your No Agenda Showexclusively gave you that information beginning in July of 2012 in great detail. We even passed out copies of the Memorandum of Law that outlined the scam.
Keeping you far ahead of the curve is what the Show does and you will never be surprised by anything the mainstream media reports. This is one of the many values you receive from the No Agenda Show and this is one of the reasons you support the show. Please continue with your support by visiting the support page or the No AgendaPayPal site here.

There is a lot to discuss this week as the rubble-makers continue to subvert Turkey and various African Republics, many of which began as rubble. You’ll get some new insight on the upcoming show as you are kept up to speed on the Gulenists and what they are doing. One of your No Agenda producers is near the Fethullah Gulen compound in Pennsylvania and will be reporting in soon.

Meanwhile, on Tuesday of this week, Patrick Leahy continues his hearings ongovernment surveillance and continues to berate the NSA. He’s now on the warpath against the National Security Letter which is an abomination. Leahy specifically blamed the press for not complaining about the existence and use of these virtual gag orders. Unfortunately, Leahy has the same old stooges (Richard Clark, Cass Sunstein, etc.) testifying before Congress. All are adept at not answering questions, changing the subject or spewing nonsense.

Did you know that a National Security Letter makes you shut up for a minimum of 50 years before it expires? Apparently only Leahy cares about any of this.

Your No Agenda Show will be all over this.

Thank you for your continued support,
John C. Dvorak and Adam Curry
PS Your No Agenda Show has a post office box to which you can mail checks. It’s Box 339, El Cerrito, CA 94530.