Wednesday, January 22, 2014

No Agenda Newsletter

 No Agenda
Dear Producers,

Your No Agenda Show is off to a good 2014. Unlike last year, your support is steady and highly appreciated. Please continue to support the show with as much as you can afford. So click here to contribute to the show.  Many of you have never supported this show and you are encouraged to change your ways. Please join the family. Please look at the offers on the support page.

On the upcoming show your hosts will be discussing the fact that nothing you ever get from the media is free. If it is advertising supported, then it is either tricking you into buying something or wasting your time (20 minutes of advertising for every 60 minute show on TV) with advertising messaging.


The worst case scenario for this is something called Native Advertising. This is scandalous and you have heard it discussed briefly on No Agenda.

Native advertising is the inclusion of paid content slipped into the media product “natively” to trick the reader/viewer into thinking it is objective editorial reporting. This puts the advertiser into a better light and ends up better selling their product because the piece is slanted.

On the next show you will learn which PR/Advertising agency leads in this sort of advertising and what media properties are now routinely using it. This list includes the New York Times and CNN.
In fact there is a mechanism which acts as an ad-network that auto-distributes many of these bogus items into so-called “editorial wells” without any supervision by the media outlet. These news and broadcasting folks just let it happen and take the money.

This sort of information is why No Agenda is your show, paid for and operated by the listeners and producers. You get involved in all sort of ways as well as contributing to the show’s success with time and money. Your No Agenda Show is never swayed by anything but the truth.

There is no Sugar daddy advertiser demanding favorable coverage for either political or economic reasons. Advertising is the road to ruin that all the media outlets have taken.


Your No Agenda Show refuses all advertising. Advertising in today’s world of manipulation is not in your best interest. Keep No Agenda alive with continued andgenerous support.

Your co-hosts,
John C. Dvorak & Adam Curry
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