Saturday, January 25, 2014

No Agenda Producers Update

Dear Producers,
No Agenda had a poor showing insofar as support for show 585 was concerned. Very few new contributors. Please help the Sunday Show number 586 with a contribution of any amount by clicking here. The smallest amount helps
Many of you realize that today puts you smack in the middle of the next iteration of the 6 week cycle. Has anything triggered it already? This would include the odd Indianapolis event – the location of which was previously predicted. Or was it the more interesting Mall shooting that brought out plenty of SWAT folks and mimics the Kenya shootings, kind of. This is discussed in detail on the Sunday Show.


Also up for discussion is the new court case giving the FCC and the ISP's even more power than they already have. In fact it appears as if they are heading in the direction of regulating the Internet, as No Agenda has long since predicted. You should not miss the Sunday show. There are a lot of great topics lined up.

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You co-host

John C. Dvorak
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PPS Next week's regular newsletter will have the Whitepaper on Gay Rights in Russia as well as the stew recipe.