Wednesday, April 23, 2014

No Agenda Newsletter

 No Agenda
Dear Producers,

Your No Agenda Show is back on live tomorrow without missing a beat. We need to get the show support back up to normal levels and encourage you to welcome the show back with a generous contribution by clicking here. And, remember, any amount helps.


Double credit!

Note double credits. Because we are picking up the slack for show 610, anyone contributing at the Executive of Associate Producer level to Show 610 or 611 will getdouble producer credits. In other words you can put down that you were the producer for 610 AND 611.

Things are a little backed up in the news cycle with Obama heading to Asia to “rebalance” the Pacific. This will come right after Michelle softened up the Chinese, apparently. None of these Asian meetings ever go well for either one of them.


The classic
You’ll hear a very specific analysis about how Asian racism is affecting all these so-called negotiations. This is something that no mainstream or alternative media will ever discuss. Instead they all choose to promote the notion that only White church-going Republicans are racist

Commercial media's imagined portrayal of church goers

On top of this you are about 10 days before the next 6-week cycle event takes place. The Show has been suggesting that the next one will be a real attention-getter. The last one was a simple entrapment scenario played with a dumfuk-loser as the victim. It goes on the ledger and before Congress as another nefarious plot thwarted by the FBI,but the G-men need something with real attention-getting power.
In and around Mayday is perfect timing for this. Hopefully no innocent people are hurt.

The Thursday show looks to be a winner. So tell us you are happy to see us return with a special belated $42 Easter contribution by clicking here.

You co-hosts,
John C. Dvorak & Adsam Curry
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