Wednesday, April 30, 2014

No Agenda Newsletter

No Agenda

Dear Producers,

Very few producers have bothered to contribute this week. We have only one producer-level contribution. This is not good.


Low donations? Bring out the sad kittens

Every year about this time support for you No Agenda Show wanes. Don’t let it happen this year. You are encouraged to at least take out the popular $33.33 sustaining subscription. This subscription leads to Knighthood or more. Click here.

And, of course, you can contribute any amount whatsoever by clicking on the open-ended link here. Please bring up the numbers for tomorrow's show. This your show to support.

Your No Agenda Show is indeed the Guardian of Reality and the Best Podcast in the Universe. The show is your lifeline to a view of the world’s events from a distinctive perspective that actually makes sense.

Most listeners see this perspective and how important it is in their lives when they witness the confusion of the public-at-large over simple news events. The public is naturally confused by government and corporate propaganda. They cannot recognize it for what it is and it often makes no logical sense. They are told one thing or another and it often contradicts what they know to be true.
 This is naturally confusing and unhealthy.

With the public, we get our way muthaf'ers

There is also a sense of manipulation that is confusing. This is only explained by the news deconstruction done by No Agenda. To do this work at all the show needs direct support from you, the producers  and supporters. It’s the only way it can be done, without any corrupting influence.

And remember the show does provide you with up to 25 hours a month of ad-free content. Compare that to your cable bill or to  an expensive visit to the local movie house to watch a two-hour film.

Contribute today to help the Show beat the summer downturn. Any amount helps.

Tomorrow’s show (Mayday) falls on the Nexus of the 6 week cycle. In the past that has been the show that precedes a weekend event. This aspect will be discussed tomorrow. Please listen.

We should be celebrating not lamenting low-contributions


Your hosts,
John C. Dvorak & Adam Curry
PS Visit the support page by clicking here.
PPS It does look as if Club 33 will reopen tomorrow.