Saturday, April 19, 2014

No Agenda Producers Letter

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This week you should be all amused by Senate Bill S-2195 and House Resolution 4357. Both are identical to each other (who wrote them?). Both  have passed unanimously. Not one dissenting vote. Both bills are illegal under the US Constitution as Bill of Attainders. This was pointed out by one of the No Agenda legal watchdogs, John Stec.

To remind you what a Bill of Attainder is, exactly, you should read the Wiki entry here.


British Justice by Decree

This is a type of law used extensively in England between 1300-1800. What it means insofar as the USA is concerned (in plain terms) is that the legislature cannot decree a person or organization guilty without  due process. This is exactly what is being done with the Iranian Ambassador to the UN, Hamid Abutalebi. Ted Cruz is the biggest loudmouth about this guy and sponsored the Senate version of the Bill.

Hamid Abutalebi  is ”believed” or is ”thought to” have “something” to do with the student uprising that resulted in the takeover of the US Embassy in Tehran in 1979. He was 22 at the time.

Now this guy may indeed be a massive creep and bad guy as suggested in this eye-opening biography. 


Make no mistake this is an illegal Bill of Attainder and also managed to set up the USA toviolate treaty obligations to the UN, which will be used to again embarrass the US in the eyes of the world community, almost as if Ted Cruz was the biggest sucker in an International  game of intrigue.

Of course the public is all in on this, whipped into a frenzy by Sean Hannity, Fox News, Rush Limbaugh and all these other “pro-Constitution” supposed  conservatives. All the Democrats were also waving the flag. Nobody showed any sign of backbone to point out the obvious. This is an illegal unconstitutional act. Of course if nobody in government speaks out about droning US citizens, who cares about this breach?

The question you should ask:  Was this Hamid Abutalebi ever indicted for anything to do with the Iran-hostage crises? Are there papers filed? If he is such a creep for something he did almost 40 years ago why are there no indictments or extradition orders? Why don’t we arrest him at the border?

 Instead, a law is passed declaring him guilty by extension, and all the right wing pundits, who are always talking up the Constitution, praise this legislation? These pundits are not your friends. You have to wonder how else are they chipping away at the Constitution.

All the usual creeps are on board too. Lindsay Graham co-sponsored the Senate bill. Democrat Chuck Schumer publicly said it was great as did John McCain. It passed the Senate by unanimous consent. Where were big talker constitutionalists Rand Paul and Marco Rubio in this debate? Or didn’t they not notice the unconstitutional aspect of this? Surely their large and awesome staffs should have noticed.


 Supporters of the house bill authored (sic) by Doug Lamborn of Colorado had chatterbox Louis Gomert on board.

Of course the public is all in on this too, not noticing the consequences and dangers of this sort of legislation. You can be sure the US public has no clue what a Bill of Attainder is or why it is so dangerous to their welfare.

 Read this article published on The Hill website.  In particular read the public comments at the bottom. It should both frighten and enlighten  all No Agenda producers, listeners and supporters
You should be glad you are not like these people.  Read the comments and you can easily sense the insanity in the crowd, all inspired by mainstream commercial media.

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John C, Dvorak
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