Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The BLOG--is it dead? Thank you Facebook?!

I recently decided I would do a random blog search by using the NEXT button at the top of this blog. It will take you to any random blog within the blogger community. I found it interesting when the first 6 were blogs that had not had any new activity since 2010. Does this mean they peaked back then and have drastically fallen off?  Maybe, or maybe just within the blogger community. The thing is since websites like Facebook have come along, it seems people would rather just share any current item with their 'friends' instead of having an actual "personal place" to write things--an actual online diary that is truly yours! 

Most people using Facebook have no idea they have given up all ownership of the pictures they post to their own page, not to mention the information you post. Sure you can delete "current" information that you have posted but essentially once it hits the Facebook Servers it is theirs and any and all writes to your words are no longer your property. Same as on Twitter

It appears Companies have jumped on the Blog Bandwagon back in the early days and have continued to maintain it however even that seems shadowed by the big Facebook presence by the simple fact you first need to SIGN IN to make any comments and that is done by clicking on the Facebook log in icon.  Pathetic really, since most people just don't think anything of this and go ahead and do just that. 

The other scary thing is how many people actually having a Facebook account simply stay logged in even after leaving the website to browse other sites. People MUST start realizing INTERNET SECURITY and treating this website like you would your online banking or credit card websites, or any financial/personal website that HAS YOUR INFORMATION and remember to SIGN OUT of the website before you close it.  The more websites you go to and SIGN IN using your Facebook sign in only mean they too will now follow you.  

Since it is my business to keep my clients computers free and clear from malware/spyware and spyware which are all essentially viruses, I find myself spending more time educating the masses than actually removing the real nasty things because I won't allow the computer to get to that point.  That is, unless you purposely do things like allow a complete stranger (typically with a thick East Indian Accent-who says they are calling from California--yeah right) to continue to scare the hell out of you that your computer is SERIOUSLY INFECTED. They purposely keep you on the phone until you give up and let them connect to your computer. Come on people, WAKE UP.. would you allow a complete stranger to rifle through your purse or wallet? Of course not!  

The purpose of my blog has always been to keep my existing friends, family and clients, all of which are considered my friends and family, educated to what is new in the world of Technology as well as any other issues I find may be pertinent to your computing lifestyle. I don't have the comments turned on because these are simply my thoughts and no need to comment on it. You can always contact me about anything I say here and I will gladly discuss it. The problem, I have found, with comments on a blog, have always been the first few are typically OK but then it becomes a slug fest of trash talk and unintelligible drivel, completely losing site of the original blog post.

There is no question that advertising has pretty much ruined most parts of the internet. Just as television has with the 20 min of content in an 30 min show or 40 min per hour. Thankfully you can record and then fast forward through those commercials but when it comes to surfing the web. The pages are littered with pop up advertisements or instant on video ads when you land on the page. I utilize RSS feeds and the Feedly new reader for all of my news and information on the web but even reading this and clicking on various stories will result in this 'crap'. The nice thing here is I can simply UNSUBSCRIBE from that news feed. When it comes to getting information, having to sit through any advertisement, even for a few seconds before you can click SKIP AD is so maddening and I will typically just close the window entirely and move on to the next result. Time you spend on your computer has certainly changed with the advent of high speed internet. I notice this when any client buys a new computer and is amazed at how fast it is. Instead of thinking how slow their old computer was. Just as the internet speeds themselves increase. You can bring life back to an older computer by simply upgrading your current internet plan to the next level. For example (no I don't get any kick-back), Shaw where I am offers the typical 10mbps for $30 for 6 months and then $55 after that but 25mbps for the same $30 for first six months and then $60 after that. So why, for $5 more per month, would you NOT go with this plan? You are getting 2 1/2 times the speed for $5/month more?   Yet you would be surprised how many people figure "saving a few dollars here and there make a big difference".. believe me.. the time you spend in front of a computer getting frustrated, you will appreciate NOT waiting for all the buffering you will be left with at the lower speeds. Not to mention adding other devices on the same internet connection. How many homes have a desktop, a laptop as well as a tablet and a phone? Probably more than you realize and so that extra $5 is a no-brainer.. in fact any home that has teen aged kids still at home, you will probably want to take the leap to the 50 mbps plan as it not only doubles the 25 plan but also doubles the data cap they have placed in each account. Since video is now a big part of the internet, some of these can take a serious chunk out of the monthly plan you currently have.  Again, more information can be had by simply asking me.. I'll be sure to point you in the right direction. 

After all, that is what this blog is here for.. no need to follow my Facebook Feed, I barely use it and in most cases that ends up being duplicate posts of what I put here anyway. At least here I own it!