Saturday, November 15, 2014

No Agenda Saturday Memo

Note from John C. Dvorak

What the show is up against. They are winning.


Dear Producer,

Many of you have not been taking seriously our pleas for more consistent support. This has resulted in a very disappointing result for the past two Sundays.

Consider what you pay for a movie ticket to watch what is often government propaganda. You’ve heard the clips of the front organization where the guy brags about planting story  lines and memes within scripts. And you pay for this. I can assure you that contributing to the No Agenda effort is money better spent.

Here is the competition. Major mainstream media outlets having a massive corporate media meet-up in Dubai where they cannot be scrutinized as they discuss native advertising and other frauds.

Only No Agenda keeps an eye on these developments and delivers the real stories you need to know.

Is that worth anything to you?
We do not ask for a lot, we just ask for a value-for-value exchange.

Do you get anything out of the show? Then please support the show. We seriously need your help.

Click here to contribute any amount. Click here to review our support plans.
Your co-host,

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