Wednesday, April 11, 2018

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Introducing the Byte

Zucky Kicks Congressional Butt
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On tomorrow’s show it will be hard to ignore the mind-numbing Congressional  testimony of Mark Zuckerberg who sold himself out by wearing a suit and tie rather than a t-shirt.

Since those in Congress (there were two sessions with Zucky, one in the house and one in the Senate) have no training or deep knowledge of technology despite the fact that the personal computer revolution is 43-years old. So most questions appeared to be softballs or something a grandma would ask.
But there is more going on in the news with the dubious gas attacks in Syriathat just happened out-of-the-blue right after Trump said he was going to pull out. And it seems as if he may have taken the bait no thanks to war mongers like John Bolton who now works with Trump. This is peachy.
What changed??
And then there is the classic FBI raid on Trump’s attorney’s home and office.Nothing like this has ever been done in US History. The was part of the Mueller investigation of Russian meddling and was specifically going after Stormy Daniels documents because of uh…well, nobody can say. She must be a Russian.
Also tomorrow expect a unique report from Holland as Adam will have been an honored guest of the King and Queen of the Netherlands. He brings a full report.
And we have the continued liberal hand-wringing over just about everything which means show hilarity. In fact, tomorrow’s show has it all. But this show cannot be done without your help. Please contribute whatever you can afford to keep No Agenda producing the best podcast in the universe. Click here! Help produce this very special episode.
Adam Curry & John C. Dvorak
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Weird, Wacky, and Hilarious Album Covers V
Celebrity Edition
The best of? Looks like an excellent hoax to mock Shatner's actual recordings.
Look this one over carefully. The whole thing is an apparent parody. And slipped into the mix.
Another apparently bogus record cover. Where were these done?
Probably real.
Collector's item
Good example of someething too bad to be a hoax.
Oh brother.
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