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Wrapping  April or giving April a Bad Rap

Nothing to see here.
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Dear Producer,
April has not been a good month except for a good Easter. Do you ever consider what you get out of the No Agenda ShowWhat other news outlet delivers some of the most obscure news and trends that advertiser-controlled MSM news do not want associated with their ad brands. You need to be reminded that what you hear on No Agenda is not just better analysis but forbidden reporting that is not allowable elsewhere.

You only get that because of your direct support and your direct support has fallen off greatly throughout the month of April. Last year was better. Please find some reason to support the next show. Here are a few things to be celebrated tomorrow.

First of all, tomorrow is WIPO (World Intellectual Property Day) This year WIPO is promoting the women creatives specifically. Women this is your time to donate. Create a new class of donations with something creative by clicking here.

Then we have tomorrow listed as Hug an Australian Day.” Now is the time to exercise your right to unwanted hugging. And for you Australians it’s still time to get US Dollar credits for OZ money. Get your knighthood! Or just donate anything you can afford by clicking here.
It’s also take your daughter or son to work day, which is being suppressed it seems. And you can look over this list and come up with something creative and click here.

Please help, there is a lot of agony in April as taxes are usually paid, but some of you get refunds too. Help the show,
John C. Dvorak & Adam Curry
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