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The Roaring 20's Ahead??

Dear Producer,
Let’s start off by announcing the initial and official $20.20 new subscription that you can choose to make a weekly subscription, a monthly subscription or just a one-time contribution.

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2020 looks to be a year designed for No Agenda fun. The impeachment, the primaries, the election, the squabbling, the Iranian trouble-makers, China, immigration, the stock market, Trump-hate, a new TV season extolling the virtues of the FBI. It’s fantastic
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Remember only No Agenda brings you unfettered news analysis without corporate influence. Corporations rightly promote their particular agendas and have wisely bought the channels of communication. And it is possible that while the corporations control the media, perhaps American and foreign Intelligence agencies control the corporations. It would help explain why Comcast CEO Brian Roberts and Comcast hate the President so much.
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That is what makes No Agenda so unique and popular, the show is completely out of that destructive milieu. No Agenda can bring you objective analysis that actually makes sense. It does require your support to do this. Start off 2020 by showing that support. Click here and donate today.

Let’s make 2020 the best year ever.
John C. Dvorak & Adam C. Curry
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