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War Monger's Dilemma

Sneaking out of Japan!
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1920's flappers
What will the NEW Roaring 20's bring?
Tomorrow’s show continues to follow what looks like a whopper of a year with the assassination of Iran’s top military man and perhaps the guy who orchestrated the attack on the US Embassy in Bagdad, Maj. Gen. Qassim Suleimani. Of course nobody ever heard of him or spoke of him before last Thursday, but so what?

This story has so many false starts, dead-ends, and mixed analysis that it will take a while to sort it out. But you can be sure you’ll get an honest analysis from your No Agenda Show. You will not be able to say that with the corporate and government controlled mainstream media outlets. Their goal is not to give you facts but to find ways to get rid of Trump. This clouds all the coverage of everything. It’s pathetic.
picture of Friedman column
Probable CIA Mockingbird, Friedman, does not know how to handle this, so an odd faint praise is in order. The column begins with this paragraph:

"One day they may name a street after President Trump in Tehran. Why? Because Trump just ordered the assassination of possibly the dumbest man in Iran and the most overrated strategist in the Middle East: Maj. Gen. Qassim Suleimani."
This follows his Dec. 19th column titled, “Impeach Trump. Save America.”
Tomorrow, you’ll also get some background and discussion about the crazy Mission Impossible escape from Japan of former Nissan Chairman Carlos Ghosn. His final destination is Lebanon where Interpol has since sent out a non-obligatory demand for his arrest. Everything about this escapade, from his obtaining bail, to his escape supposedly inside of a double bass instrument suitcase to his somehow flying through Istanbul undetected is straight out of a John le CarrĂ© spy novel.
Ghosn or Mr. Bean, superspy?
What is it he actually did to become so notorious? What got him arrested? You’ll hear about it on tomorrow’s show. And you can be assured there is plenty more to discuss.
Joe Biden and Gun
Forgotten Classic.
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