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Dear Producer,
The show is getting better and better as the election news cycle always benefits news analysis shows. It especially benefits the No Agenda Show as there is no outside influence in the form of corporate interests wanting to prevent any actually news tarnishing their brand by association.

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Today is Alexander Hamilton’s birthday, a founding father who was eventually shot dead by the British spy Aaron Burr in a questionable duel. There are celebratory statues of Burr in the UK. Hamilton was born in 1757 and had a fascinating life as outlined here. He was not that much of an influence on the Constitution, though, and his suggestion that there should be a President for life would have doomed the country. That probably means Jimmy Carter would still be President. Can you imagine?

His life culminated in the musical, Hamilton, on Broadway. Here’s a song I recall.

by George M Cohan

H-A-MILT-O-N spells Hamilton

For I'm just as proud of my name you see,
As an Emperor, Czar or a King, could be.
Who is the man helps a man every time he can?
Hamilton, That's Me!

I forget the rest. Go see the Broadway musical for more.
Tomorrow’s show we get to the finale of the WWIII fears, coasting back into debating about the impeachment. This includes my current prediction of who will be the VP pick if Biden is the chosen one, as it appears so far.

Also, we’re finally told who that killed contractor was who started the whole mess with Iran. He’s a Sacramento native working with some spooky operators as a translator.
Also you’ll hear more about the plane crash, which according to a number of Democrats was Trump’s fault. Hilarity ensued.
map compares size of Iran to USA
While Iran is large by Middle Easst standards, here is the relative size to the continental US. In fact, Iran is a shade smaller than Alaska.
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John C. Dvorak & Adam Curry
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Producer Mike's dog Brisco.
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