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Dear Producer,
Think about the comforting analysis on the Iran crises from last show and ask yourself how valuable this is to your mental health. Others are freaked out and will end up with health issues over this escapade.

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Tomorrow’s show.
Tomorrow the show further develops the thesis that the droning of Qasem Soleimani (also spelled Suleimani, do you recall the various spellings of Bin Laden?) was an inside/outside job condoned and perhaps demanded by the Iranian government. And it thus may lead to better negotiations with Iran.

The basic thesis was that the mullahs were unable to control and keep in check this General who was becoming too popular with certain factions of Iranian society. Thus, they had to get rid of him, but could not do it directly for fear of inciting a revolution.
wake for soleimani
Some western media outlets claim this outpouring for Soleimani were anti-government protests. How about looking at them as an indication of popularity?
It's possible that this guy was even more dangerous than the No Agenda analysis indicates. The US does the dirty work and takes the blame/credit. Iran feigns disgust and sends some missiles into Iraq aimed at American bases. As predicted, nobody is hurt by this theatrical attack. In fact, one news report said, “It seems as if the troops were alerted in advance of the attack.”

No Agenda producer sent pics of the purported debris from the missiles and it is obvious that these were not even explosive. And upon careful examination looks bogus.
Iranian missiles 1
Iraqi Missiles 2
This missiles look like discarded junk more than anything.These pics were supposedly taken by GI's in the area of the attacks. Looks like two shots of the same missile with pieces added as if this was a staged scene.
But to complicate matters it appears that a Ukrainian Airliner crashed upon takeoff from Tehran killing 176 people. This will be discussed on the show tomorrow.

You can also expect a further update on the moribund impeachment proceeding. There are a lot of speculative ideas regarding that process to be analyzed.
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John C. Dvorak & Adam Curry
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