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No Agenda Newsletter

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Pelosi Paper Shredding Company

Let her Rip!
Dear Producer,
This is the time of the year where your No Agenda Show is more important than ever because this is the election season and things heat up every which way. No Agenda only exists because of your support. We take no money from any advertiser or corporation with an agenda. Generally, the agenda is about them and their products. They do not care about serving the public with accurate news and analysis.

Watching the mainstream broadcast media try to cover stories about the pharmaceutical business is hilarious, for example.

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Tomorrow’s show.
Tomorrow’s show is loaded with what amounts to hilarious news from the impeachment vote, to the Iowa fiasco to Nancy Pelosi tearing up Trump’s speech at the State of the Union address. It was a fabulous couple of days.
Nancy Pelosi tears up speech
But it is not over yet! More primaries are ahead as the old school Democrats are coming to the realization that Bernie Sanders may get the nomination or prove to be a bigger threat than last time. Biden barely cleared the hurdle in Iowa coming in at a poor fourth place.

Can a new anti-Trump distraction appear? Yes, before the impeachment vote was even taken Jerry Nadler is opening a new hearing and scheduling John Bolton. This should be fabulous entertainment.
news item about Bolton
Jerry Nadler seems to be a psychopath.
And of course, the real news is overseas as the middle east is faltering with earthquakes and renewed war. Only No Agenda will cover that for you as it is a lot more important than Pelosi’s paper-tearing skills.

And let's not forget the Wuhan super-virus. Another report ensues.

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John C. Dvorak & Adam Curry
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Curiously Delusional Meme
funny tweet saying RIPGOP
An example of a dimensional rift.
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